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Monday, September 29, 2008

3eedkum Mbaraaak! ;;*

3eedkum mbarak everyone, w enshallah mn el 3aydeen el fayzeen, w taqabal allah 6a3atkum w kel 3am w entaw ebkhaiiir, etc etc.

3ad excuse me etha i dont post new part soon, cos 3eed w i might not be able to post a new part bl story, bs wallah i'll try etha i had free time on my hands i'll post as soon as i can!

Enjoy 3eeed, w enshallaah testansoun!!


- S™

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Part Thirteen; "Your words are deadly weapons!"

Monday July 23rd

My bedroom


"Aloo?" He said.

"Aloo." I said back.

"Deema,adeg 3laich b3d shway okay?" He said.

"Okay,bye" I said and threw the phone on my bed.

Is he trying to kill me? ;s

I felt really hot and i was freezing. I went downstairs, and as i was going down the stairs, i almost fell. i don't know what's wrong with me. my legs suddenly can't hold me up. i fell on the couch of the livingroom. Mom was there.

"haw 7beebtii shfeeech?" She asked, worried.

"Ma feeni shay, bs 7asa eb ta3ab shwaya." I said and took a deep breath.

"La akeed feech shay, 6a3 wayhech a9faar." She said.

My face?? a9far? i didn't even know why!

"9ijjJ?" I said And got up to take a look at my face in the mirror.

wow, i looked horrible. i turned to my mom.

"Mom, i'm not feeling well.." I said and put my hands on my stomach, it ached, it was too painful to bare.

mom quickly got up and approached me, she felt my forehead, "Deema, 7beebtii, 7arartich mertaf3a, Emsakhna" She said.

"Bss im coold!" I said and shivered.

"Ne6ray bser3a ayeeb my bag w albes 3abati w awadeech el 6abeeb." She said and ran upstairs, she ran, literally.

I sat on the couch. i couldn't hold my head up, i felt like i was going to throw(w entaw eb karama) up any minute now..

Mom came down to see me laying on the couch; emotionless. I was passed out, mom quickly called the maid and they both held me up and took me to the hospital. my phone was in my room, on my bed. My father was outside of kuwait. so mom had to take me.

It turned out i passed out due to stress, not eating, lack of sleep, and a really high temperature.

I woke up and i saw mom on my left side, and D was on my right. they both jumped. "Deema!"

"Hii.." I said and smiled.

"7beebtii el7emdellah ya rab, shlounich al7een?" Mom asked as she placed her hand on my hand.

"Zainaa.." i said. D hugged me, out of no where, i laughed and hugged her back.

"Missed you,bgara!" She said and giggled.

Mom went to ask the doctor when i can leave.

I looked at D. "I called him, and he said he'd call me later. but later never happened, i passed out.." I said..

"Don't think about him right now, dont worry, just get better now and we'll see about that later." she said.

Tuesday July 24th
My bedroom

Me and D walked in my room, i quickly ran to look at my phone. i had 3 misscalls from yousef and a message that says "Waiiniich?"

I picked up the phone and called him.

"Alooo deeeema!" He said as soon as he picked up.

"Aloo, hala yousef." I said.

"Wainich ya bnaya, tewakalt 3laich." He said.

"Sorry, i was in the hospital." I said.

"Hospital!!?? whyyy 3sa mashaaar?!" He asked.

"La wallah shay, bs ta3abt shwaya.." I said.

"Deema, feech shay w khasha 3anii??" He said.

"No.." I said.

"Akeeed?" He said.

"Ee mafeeni shay, Yousef baghaiit shay?" I said.

"Ee, bs la7tha shda3wa etkalmeeni eb nafsiya?" He said.

"Wallah shay, bs ta3bana, w aby a3aref why did you want me to call you ASAP?" I asked.

"Eeh,ana ma a7eb el laf w eldawaran, entay chum wa7id etkalmeeen ghairi?" He asked.

"Na3aam?!!?" I asked, confused, dazed, lost. IS HE SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THIS!!!

"Jawbeeni w ray7eenii.." He said.

"Ent mn 9ejik tes2alni hl su2al?" I said.

"Deema, please jawbay su2alii!" He said.

"I cant believe you actually asked me that, you're questioning my loyalty?" I said.

"Elshai6an ma mat ya deema, bs jawbay elsu2al." He said.

My heart ached, i felt like he was holding a knife and stabbing my heart, literally.

"Thanks Yousef, etha hatha '9anik feeni, m3a elsalama." I said and turned off my phone!

As i was getting my anger by punching the crap out of the pillow, D left the bathroom and yelled, "WOAH, dude,WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??"

- S™

Friday, September 26, 2008

Part Twelve; "Sitting here turning minutes into hours to find the nerve just to call you on the telephone."

Two days passed and they were what some of us call "PERFECT" in every way. it was perfect between me and yousef. I was really happy where my life is heading to..

Monday July 23rd
Outside D's House

I was waiting for D to come out, we're going to Alraya complex to shop and then eat at Burger Boutique. i was wearing a black Alberta Ferretti accordion trapeze dress with my black Alexander McQueen elvie python tote and Christian Louboutin zouzou sandals with my hair half down, if you know what i mean. D came wearing Isaac Mizrahi tea cozy dress with her Marni textured leather east west bag and her Michael Kors needy flat sandals and her hair was down on one side. she looked GOOOOOD!

On our way to Alraya, The i-pod was playing on Shuffle and the song "My wish" - by rascal flatts was playing, we were singing along when my phone beeped, it was a text message from Yousef, "Deema, call me ASAP!" I raised an eyebrow and looked and D, totally confused.

"ASAP? What's the matter? My happiness never lasts. Just my luck." i muttered.

"Woah, that's creepy, the way he's all serious and call me asap!" D said.

I decided to call when i get back home. i don't want something to ruin my day. i'm happy; i would like to keep it that way as long as possible..

Monday July 23rd
Alraya Complex

We were shopping. just left Laundry and bought this really cute Maroon cocktail dress, it's really short; which made me like it even more. (hehe)

We went then to BCBG and other shops. we didn't buy anything, just the dress that i bought from Laundry. And the whole time we were shopping and as the time slowly passes by my stomache aches more. i don't want to leave, i don't want to go back home and listen to something that might make me pull an all nighter and make me wet my pillow with tears. I know i can be such a drama queen, but i'm a girl, and who can blame me?

Monday July 23rd
Burger Boutique

We got seated. i was holding my phone and getting so nervous; i don't know why. i almost had a panic attack!
We ordered and i was getting even more nervous when the food arrived. and as the time is ticking my stomache was killing me.

"I can't take this!!" I said.

"Whaat?" D said, completely unaware of what i'm going through.

"Yousef, you dumbass!!, i'm scared!" I said.

"Ohh, well don't. think positive." she said.

"You think? i don't know." I said.

"Yeah, maybe he's just playing with you." she said and took a sip from her diet coke.

"But i'm not feeling well, and my stomache is KILLING me!" I cried.

"Stop whining and eat!" she said and took one of the mini burgers.

I stopped, but did not eat. i was holding my phone and was waiting for him to send another message or something that would take the stress away.

Monday July 23rd
My car

3 minutes away from D's house, 10 minutes away to start my misery. I didn't talk at all the whole way to D's house, i was just listening to the music and watching the road. the song "Incomplete" By the backstreet boys was playing and i was feeling little by little empty.

Dropped D. And i was driving 60km/h i could go slower but i didn't want people swearing at me. i didn't want to reach my house...if only i could.

Monday July 23rd
My bedroom (or to be more accurate my misery room)

I pressed in his number....and my whole body went numb.

- S™

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Part Eleven; "This world will never be what i expected."

Thursday July 19th
Marina Mall
Water lemon


I didn't talk. i didn't say anything. I just froze.

"Deema!!?" Haya yelled.

"Sorry, ee mballah hatha yousef!" I said.

"Why is he calling you??" She asked.

"He probably needs something." I said.

"Shloun, i mean mn meta 3inda your number??" she asked. she was furious, and her eyes are filled with tears. I was speechless.

I managed to pull myself together. "It's a long story!" I said and looked at D.

"Haya, let's go to Deema's house, w we'll tell you everything, mu here jedam elawadim." D Suggested.

Thursday July 19th
My Bedroom

"Yalla, tell me the long story.." She said as soon as we entered my room.

I took a long breathe & told her everything, from the moment we met, to how we run into each other everywhere we go, & to how i really like him just as much as he likes me.

Then it was quiet for 10 minutes if not more.

"Haya, say something!" I cried.

"Shagoul!!?" Haya cried.

"Anything, just dont be quiet." I said.

"I don't know what to say, 7dii ma9doma!" She said.

D was staring at both of us, it was kind of funny how she was all quiet.

"I know, i understand. i tried to avoid yousef, bs wallah mu beedii.." i cried even more.

"I have to go now. I can't say anything, i need to think and try to understand what's going on." She said and she head to the door.

"Please call me later!" I said as i walked her to the door.

I went back to my room and looked at D.

"Oh my god!!" I fell on the bed.

"Honey.." D said and trying not to cry with me.

"My heart is aching.....ACHING!" i weeped.

"Stop crying! don't jump into conclusions. you don't know what will happen.." She said and gave me a hug.

Ring ring. Yousef. I'm definitely not in the mood!

"Answer!" D yelled.

"Mabbiii!!" i cried.

"Answer ya almaynouna, maybe he'll make you feel better!!" She said, "I'm going home now, see you later, call me....whenever!" D continued.

"Okay, bye." I said.

The phone kept ringing. i kept staring at the phone, refusing to answer.

"Aloo?" I said behind my crying voice.

"Aloo, Deema Shfeech!!?" He yelled.

"Ma feeni shay." I said.

"Etge9een 3la mnu? gouleeli shfeeech?" he said.

"Ta3bana.." I said.

"ya galbi,Mn shnu?" He asked.

"Madrii, yousef mumkin akalmik ba3daiiin?" I asked.

"La Mu mumkin, Lama tgouleenli shnu or mnu em'9aygech!" He insisted.

"M7ad '9ayagni, bs this whole situation between,me you and haya." i said.

"Laish, 9aar shay elyoum?" he asked.

"Ee, she knew everything! i told her everything!" I said.

"w Shagalt?" He asked.

"Nothing. that's what's killing me!, she said nothing!! she just left when i told her, galat barid elbait afaker w astaw3ib elwa'93 b3dain akalmich." I said.

"Enzain, la tabcheen bs, ga6a3tay galbi.." He said.

"Mu beedi yousef, wallah mu beedi." I said.

"Allah kareeem, Bs khala9 elbachii mara7 efeed, etha entay mn ne9eebi, la haya wallah alf wa7da mithelha tegdar etfaregna." He said.

My heart smiled. YES my heart. Bs Hal kelmetain raya7ouni.

"Yousef, Mashkour w ma tga9er." I said.

"Laish ana me sawait shay...?" He said.

"Adri, bs Kalamtnii w erta7t, w that's something." I said.

"I'm always here if you need someone to talk to." He said.

We talked for 3 hours. until i fell asleep on the phone, While he was still talking..

Friday July 20th
My bedroom

I woke up to my phone ringing. it was haya.

"Aloo?" I said.

"Alo, hala deema, wee asfa ga3adtech?" She said.

"Ee, bs 3adi shda3wa, shlounich?" I asked.

"Mashi al7al, entay shlounich?" she asked.

"Ana zaina el7emdellah.."

"Deema..?" She said.

"Hala haya..?" I said.

"Entay t7ebeeena?" She asked.

I froze there for a second. "Haa?" was all i could say.

"Shfeech tebal3amtay, Entay t7ebeen yousef?" She said.

"" I said.

"3ayal ana mara7 ogaf eb 6ereejkum dam hm ohwa e7ebich, w enshallah allah ewafegkum." She said.

"9ij? bs Haya you like him too?" I said.

"Ee, bs shelfayda etha ohwa ma e7ebni, 7ub mn 6araf wa7id ma yenfa3." She said in a sad tone.

She broke my heart to pieces.. :(

"b3d 3umrii, Bs etha e'9aygech enni ana refeejtich w a7eba, gouleeli, wallah ma akalma 3ashanich, wallaah!" I said.

"La la, Deema, Ma abee lich ellah el khair, w enshallah elly allah katba be9eer, Ma tadreen yemkin alga wa7id a7san mn yousef, wa7id e7ebni w a7eba." She said.

"Ee wallah ma tadreen laish la2, mashkoura Haya.." I said.

"El3afo, ma swait shay ana. Akalmich b3dain bye." She said.

The phone call ended. & i was happy, i felt good.

I looked at my phone and i had a message from Yousef, "Noum el3awafii;*" I giggled.

Called D. and told her everything.

- S™

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Part Ten; "It's like a bullet through the heart.."

Thursday July 19th
D's bedroom

I've been down for two days, barely eating, barely sleeping. i didn't think it would be that hard. i slept over at D yesterday because i wanted someone to be with me through this, and plus i want to be away from home for a while.

"Deems, how are you sweetie?" D said as she was putting her hair up in a ponytail.

"I'm...uh..i don't know. i will be ok, eventually." I answered & looked at my phone.

I had 6 misscalls from Yousef. yes i'm still ignoring, and he kept calling. i have 4 misscalls from the unknown caller. and 2 misscalls from haya. I ignored all.

"D, let's go eat lunch @ nino." I suggested.

"Okay, why not!" she said.

We got up and got ready. i wore a mini beige skirt and a white shirt with a gold necklace and a cute hairband with a bow. D wore a long white shirt with a brown wide high-waisted belt.

Just when i was ready to wear my gladiator flats, my phone rang. it was haya. i decided to answer and just get it over with.

"Alooo." I said.

"Aloo, Hala Deema, shlounich?" Haya said.

"El7emdellah ebkhair, entay shlounich?" I said.

"Zaina, enzain deema, waiinich 9arli youmain adeg 3laich ma tredeen, khara3teeni ya m3awda." She said.

"Ha, la bs knt mashghoula, sorry.." I stuttered.

"Aha, enzain mara7 a8bil a3thar, khane6la3 netghada bara?" she said.

"3ad tawni ana w Dana ebne6la3,we're going to nino, enshoufich menak enshallah." I said.

"WHYYY!!?" D yelled as soon as i closed the line.

"Shdaranii, okay, i keep avoiding her, she's gonna notice!" I said.

"Uff, okay, enshallah et3adi 3la khair." D said as she was wearing her shoes.

[beep] a text message from yousef "Reday 3alay deema, walla bayen!!! redaaay, law 9ij le ma3aza eb galbich reday 3alay lama adeg after 5 minutes, atrajaach!" i took a deep breathe and my heart ached. badly.

Thursday July 19th
D's car

Ring ring. Yousef was calling. i hesitated. but i managed to answer.

"Aloo?" I said.

"Deema!" Yousef said.

"Hala.." I said.

"Wainich, 7aram 3laich wallah 3athabteenii.." He said.

"Im sorry.." I said trying not to lose it and cry.

"La it's okay, i understand. bs mu chithi elnas ya7geroun. wallah kheft e9eer feech shay!" he said.

"La mafeeni shay, kani el7emdellah bkhair.." I said.

"3sa doum ya rab, Deema, law sama7tay la ta7gereeni chithi mara thania, 3l a8al msg, bs adrii enich 3aysha.." He said.

"Enshallah, im sorryy yousef.." I said.

"Allah ya Dayouma, law tadren shkither erta7t now that i talked to you.." He said.

I giggled. didn't have anything better to say.

"Allah e7af'9ich yal 7elwa,Wain ray7a?" He said.

"Nino. with my friend dana, w haya is going to meet us there.." I said.

"Haya?" He said.

"Ee, allah yastir.." I said.

"Laish laish, la latkhafeen, shda3wa,mara7 e9er shay enshallah." He said.

"Enshallah, yalla we9alna nino, bye yousef." I said.

"Bye deema, bs ma awa9eech, la ta7gereen wayid,sam3aa?" He joked.

"Bye yousef, bye!" I said and laughed.

I actually laughed. i felt good. I felt good.

Thursday july 19th.

We just entered nino, Haya wasn't there yet. we got seated. and waited for her. 5 minutes later, she came.

"Hii girls." Haya said as she approached us. we got up and greeted her.

We ordered then it was silence for like 10 minutes. it was so awkward. In those 10 minutes i was hoping haya won't mention anything about Yousef.

"So deema, did you talk to Yousef after the other day bl invite convo?" Haya said. breaking the silence.

"Uhh, no i didn't." i said and looked at D.

"Haya, what's up with you and yousef?" D said.

she giggled and then said "it's complicated shwaya, cos i dont know if he likes me too, bs i have a feeling he likes deema.."

I let out a nervous laugh.
"Did he tell you he likes deema?" D asked.

"Well, No, not really, but i think he does." She said.

"How come?" D asked. I love D.

"Well, cos he asked for her email, so i assumed he liked her." She said.

"Aha, maybe, what if he does?" D asked, interesed to know the answer. here i was all ears, i want to know the answer to that question!

"I don't know.." she said & looked at me. I smiled.

WHY DID I SMILE!!? i have no clue.

"well you need to ask him, mu chithi tet3alegain bl9bay w ohwa ma e7ebich" D said.

"Ee, ana fakart as2ela bs akhaf asma3 shay e'9ayeg khelgii.." she said.

"Look, do it, it's like pulling off a Bandage!" D said.

"I will enshallah." Haya said and smiled.

i looked at D with half a smile.

Thursday July 19th
D's car

Me and D were in her car singing along to the song on the radio, and Haya was in her car behind us. My phone rang. It was yousef. i ignored. he called again. and i ignored.
It rang again, this time it was Haya.

"Emshaw nrou7 Marina neg3ad eb cafe or something? enkamil el 6al3a mara wa7da.." She said.

"Ha wallah madri.." I looked at D. D nodded as in 'okay'. "Okay. Yalla al7een nakhith el U turn w enrou7 marina, see you there." I said

Thursday July 19th
Marina Mall
Water lemon

We shopped shwaya gbl la neg3ad eb water lemon. We were talking and enjoying our time when my phone started ringing, it was Yousef, i looked, then ignored. i did not save his number, so it was just a number. he called again & Haya took a peek.

"la7tha,Isn't that Yousef's number?" She asked.


- S™

Friday, September 19, 2008

Part Nine; "It's a shame that it had to be this way.."

Tuesday july 17th

I woke up. Checked my phone, 6 misscalls from the unknown caller. he kept calling these days. he's really annoying. i ignored. Called D.

"The unknown caller Keeps calling." I muttered.

"Ignore, sweetie." D replied.

"I did, but do you know how many miss calls i got from him overall?" I said.

"haha, how many?" she asked.

"34 misscalls, NO KIDDING!" I yelled.

"What the fuck!? what's wrong with him?" She laughed.

"Ambaaay, shdaraaaniii.." I laughed.

"Wa7id fathii ma 3inda shighil.." She exclaimed.

"Yeah, D, i told him everyything!!" I yelled.

"Who? what?? When??" she yelled back.

"Two days ago." i said.

"And..?" she said.

"I don't know, im confused, bs he told me all those stuff like who's haya to choose who to like and stuff, bs still i feel bad about it!" i said.

"Don't sweetie, 7ata law like you dont talk to him, i dont think he'll talk to haya.." she explained.

"I guess, oh, and i told him i love him." I said.

"YOU DID NOT!!!" she yelled, "OH MY GOD, what did he say??"

"Well, he said im pretty sure not even close to how much i love you.." i giggled.

"Awwwhhh,, deeems!" she giggled.

Tuesday July 17th

Just signed on msn.


Yousef: Taw ma nawar el msn.. ;p

Me: Hehe, Eb wejoudek.. (:

Yousef: Shlounich?

Me: El7emdellah bkhair, you?

Yousef: Hm ana bkhaiir w al7amd lillah..

Haya has been addded to the conversation..

Haya: Ahlaaaaaaaaan! ;p

Apparentley she made this invite convo.

Me: Halaw hayoun.. ;p

Yousef: Halaw banaaat;p

Haya: 7da malal, fa gelt asawee invite 7g my two favorite people online;p

Favorite people? Me? Since when..?

Yousef: Haha, ya 7lailich hayoun.

Me: hehe. thanks? ;p

Haya: Hehe, enzain, dayouma, eb themitich yasouf mu 7eloo??

WHAT!!? Why is she doing this? :S i'm furious.

Me: hehe, 3adii he's cute, laiish? ;p

Haya: Eee gouleelah, mo ra'9ii e9adeg!

Yousef: hehe la khala9 9adagt. ;$

Haya: 3ishtaw al7een 9adagt haa? ;p

Me: hehe.

Yousef: ee :$

Haya: Shme3naA? ;p Deema rayha ohwa el9a7 ya3nii?


Yousef: Rayha muhim 3indii ee;p

Me: hehe;p

Haya: Laish y3nii??;p bag3ad 3la rasek ella ba3arif

Me: Hayoun bss.. ;s

Yousef: Ee wallah bss, fashaltay el bnt.

Haya: No shda3waa, hathy dayoum, w ana amoun.. ;p

Yousef: Sh'hal the8a? ;p

Haya: 9aa7 deema amoun?? ;p

2 minutes passed.

Yousef: ??

Haya: Deema?

Me: Wee soorryy, sara7t, ee akeed;p hehe.

Haya: Sheft!!

Yousef: okay. ma gelna shay.

Haya: enzain yousef laish chithi shfeek emnasef 3alay?? ;p

Yousef: Shku? shgelt ana? ;/

Haya: madrii, et7asis elwa7id enek emnafis.

Yousef: La yuba, mu emnafes.. ;p

Haya: Ashwa, cos may9eer etkoun emnafes w ana mawjouda, afa 3laik bs! ;p

Yousef: Teslemeeen.

Haya: Deeema?? Shfeeech sakta?

Yousef: Deema?

I signed out.

uffff. i can't take this. Haya is crazy about him. i can't.

I sent a text message to Yousef, MY FIRST TEXT MESSAGE TO HIM...ever.

"Hi yousef,I'm deema, in case you were wondering, bs knt bagoulik ena i can't do it, haya is absolutely inlove with you. i can't do this to her...i can't do this to any girl! im sorry, i really like you, bs i can't. i'm not the kind of girl who chooses boys over friends, to me; friends come first."

I sent.

5 minutes later.

[BEEP] A reply, "Deema, mn 9ejich?! shfeeech, me and haya are never going to happen, you need to understand that, entay sheftay the way she's annoying me? im not being mean or rude, bs el9ara7a etnarfiz, w 7arakat'ha shway childish, she is definitely not my type of girl. don't give up on me...! ;/"

I typed "I'm sorry, as long as im friends with haya, you and me are never happening.." & sent.

[BEEP] "Deemaa! what about the other day, what about "i love you"? ;/"

I typed "I do, bs i can live with not having you around if it means my friend is not getting hurt because of me, im sorry, im willing to face the pain of not talking to you for her, even though she can be a pain in the asss, but she IS still my friend." I sent.

He called. I ignored. He called again. i ignored.
& again....& i ignored.
Turned off my mobile.

Picked up my home phone; called D and weeped.


- S™

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part Eight; "The heart never lies.."

Sunday July 15th
My bedroom

Phone rings. i picked up and it was haya.

"Hi Dayoum, shlounich?" She said

"Hala hayoun, el7emdellah tmam, entay shlounich?" I said as i was thinking now what!!

"Busy today wela la2?" She asked.

"Wallah madri, ana ga3da an6er Dana et2akedlii 3l 6al3a," I said.

"Aha, enzain etha mentay 6al3a, shrayich ana weyach ne6la3?"
She said.

Since when me and haya would go out alone. i wondered.

"Ee sure, a36eech khabaar" I said, Ugh, i hate that i can't say "no" to someone!! ;/

Phone call ended.

I called D immediately.

"D, Haya is being wierd!" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Uhh...hi?" she said.

"Hii, did you hear what i just said?" i said

"Yes, laish what did she do?" She asked.

"She said if i'm free today, she wants to go out!" I said.

"She did not!!! liaar!!! omg!" D yelled.

"What? whyyY?" i said.

"Oh, i see what she's trying to do, she's trying to befriend you, look sweetie, you're not going!" She said.

"Haha, why not?" i said.

"Because she's the DEVIL!! look, just make up any excuse!" D explained.

"Well i did tell her that i might go out with you, which was a lie.." i said, and giggled.

"Haha, that's my girl, well, if you want to feel better, we'll go out, why not, that way you won't be lying" She said.

"Okay, Johhny rockets avenues @ 8PM! See ya!" i said and closed the line.

I love unplanned dinner!!

Sunday July 15th
My car
Outside d's house.

I was wearing a knee high navy dress from French connection, with bright red heels, and my Choe's red bag too. my hair was up in a loose bun. i was switching through radio channels, when my phone started ringing. i looked at the number and it was an unknown caller, i usually don't really pick up,but i don't know why i did.

"aloo?" I said.

"aloo, gowa!" A guy's voice said on the other end.

"Allah egaweek, mnu ma3ay?" I asked.

"Shlounich?" he said, and totally ignored my question.

"3afwan, mnu ma3ay?" i asked, again.

"Ana, 7mood, entay mnu?" He asked.

"Ay 7mood, ent elly dag, w tes2al ana mnu, el'9aher nemra ghala6." I said.

"La la, mngal el nemra ghala6, abeeech entay shfeech!" He said.

i freaked out and closed the line,just when D got in the car.

"Ooooh, who where you talking to..?" She asked.

"I don't know, some guy called 7mood, possibly wrong number." I said.

"I hate that when it happens!" D said.

I swtiched to "D" w tewakalt 3l allah.

Sun. july 15th
My car

We were listening to music and singing along to the song "Ya ebn adam" By Hussien aljasmi, when my phone interrupted us, ring ring.

"Oh greeat! the unknown caller again!" I said, "wai3 now e3alig!" I continued.

"That's why i hate answering unknown numbers" She said.

I ignored.

Sun. July 15th
Johnny rockets

I Ordered #12 & diet coke. D ordered Original cheese burger, & Orange fanta.
& ofcourse the cheese fries to share.

We sitting enjoying our lovely sweaty burgers, when the unknown caller calls again....& again..7 again. ugh.

"beep" "You got a message royal sexyness!" my message tone. it was from him "Shda3wa ma tredeen, wela tetghalaiiin? ;p" Ugh, is he serious!! i deleted the message and continued eating my burger, i will not let some stranger ruin my delicious moment with my favorite burger!

Sun. July 15th
My bedroom

signed on msn, and Yousef was on, I decided to tell him everything, and just get it over with!

Me: hii yousef.

Yousef: Oh, ghareeba, entay dasha 3alay? :P

Me: hehe, shlounik?

Yousef: Tmam as long as im talking to you.

Me: hehe,good, madri shloun adish bl maw'9ou3..

Yousef: Oookhh, ay maw'9ou3?

Me: La tefhamni ghala6 yousef, bs ana mabi adish bain ahal w akharib 3elagatkum eb ba3a'9.

Yousef: Deema shfeech, fahmeeni, wallah khara3teeni!!

Me: Sorry, bs wallah I know that haya likes you, w i cant do this to her, she's a friend.

Yousef: Haya likes me? :S since when?

Me: Shdarani 3anha, bs she said along time ago, but she never told you.

Yousef: Enzain w ana shaku feeha, khaleeha et7ebni lama tgoul bs, ana ma abeeha, entay adra ana mnu abee.

Me: Wallah yousef madri shagoul, bs wallah me7tara, Haya galatli la tetgarebain mn yousef, ma abeeh he likes you.

Yousef: Na3am hathy shtabii!!!? ehya shku, mn 9ijha galatlich hl 7achii!? ;/

Me: Eee ;/ w ma tadrii shkether te'9ayagt wallah, 7sait eldenya tesakarat eb wayhii, ehya refeejti, i can't betray her!

Yousef: Deema 7yati, hatha mu betrayal, ana abeeech, w entay tadreen eb hlshay, ehya shku etnagi who likes who!!?

Me: Madrii wallah madrii.. :'/

Yousef: Deema, wallah Galbich Thahaab:* Bs mu kl ensan yesti7ig hl mu3amala, may9eer chithi, entay tetkhalain 3n nas for the pleasure of others, you only get to live once.

Me: Yousef..

Yousef: Hala galbii...

Me: i love you! ;$


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Part Seven; "I am torn to do what I have to!"

Saturday July 14th
My bedroom

"Deems..?" D said, "Deeems w 9umakh, goumay!!!" she yelled.

"HAAA shtabeeen?" i said.

"Goumay, ana mn el 10 ga3da,mlaiit!" she exclaimed.

"enzaaaiiin." i said and yawned.

"T3alay, what are you going to do 3n yousef now?" D asked.

"Madri Danoo, wallah madriii!" I said, "Kl ma athker elsalfa, galbi e3awernii." i continued.

"7beebtii, shoufay, Kalmay yousef blwam'9ou3, hear his side of the story, im pretty sure you'll feel better after that." She said.

"Okay, e9eer khair." i said.

Sat. July 14th
Dining room

Sitting me and D eating machbous deyay and marag bu6a6, we were soo hungry we totally finished our plates, not one piece of rice was left, haha, bl3afya 3laina. W the whole time we were talking about what i'll be doing and how im going to handle this situation.

Sat. July 14th
My room

I opened my Macbook, typed in my password, and msn was signing on...


I was searching for him, SPOTTED HIM, he was online but his status was 'away'

"Say hi!" D said.

"No, he's away, desperate much?" I said.

"Okay whatever!" she said.

Ring ring, i picked up my phone and it was "haya"

"Hii dayouma!" she said.

"Hey hayoun!" I said.

"He's online on msn, but his status is away,is he really away?" She asked.

"I don't know, i'm not talking to him.." I said.

"Oh, i don't know, i thought he might changed his status to away just so he could talk to you.." She said.

"Mee..?" i said, pretending like i don't know what she was talking about.

"Yeah, it looks like he likes you. Bs please la ta36eenah wayh wayid, cos as i told you ams i like him." she said.

"uhh...ok, i gotta go, i'll talk to you later, bye" I said and closed the line.

"shit shit shit shit!!!" i said. "WHAT!!?" D yelled!

"" i stuttered. "DEEMS, TELL MEE!!!" D said.

"Etgouli la ta36eenah wayh cos she likes him, w ma tabeeh he likes me!" i cried!

"na3am?! shtabii hathyy, ambaaay tqith!!!" D yelled, "Chan geltleeha he already likes me!!" she continued.

"La mabii" I said, "Khala9 kaifhum, i don't care anymore!!" i said, trying to lie to myself.

"You do care honey, kaifich, do what you feel is best!" D said and hugged me.

"Beep" Msn.

Yousef: Hii, shabka w ana madrii? :P

Me: Hi.

Yousef: Shlounich?

Me: Zaina, you?

ZAINA? YEAH RIGHT!!! who am i kidding!? :S

Yousef: Ana tmam. Ha waiin re7taay elyoum or betrou7een mukan?:P

Me: Ma re7t mukan, w i don't think ba6la3 elyoum.

Yousef: Aha, okay, Deema, feech shay?

Me: No.

Yousef: akeeed?

Me: Eeee.

Yousef: Okay, bs ana 7as enna feech shay.

Me: e7sasek mu eb ma7alah. ;p

Which actually was IN ma7alaaah!!! ;/

Yousef: Ada, khannii e7sasii.. :P

Me: Hehe, ee, shwaya.

Yousef: Haha :P

Me: Ana ba6la3 now, taamer 3la shay?

Yousef: Waiin, tawich mentay 6al3a?

Me: Ee mani 6al3a bs baf9il cos rfeejtii 3indi w fashal akhaleeha etjabilni w ana shabka.

Yousef: Ee 3adel, fashla, enzain salmay 3laiiha, ;p w have fun.

Me: Allah esalmik you9al, byee;p

I signed out.

D slapped me, "7maraa entay 7mara!!!?" She yelled.

I was still shocked from the slap i just got, "Shtabeeen!!!?" i slapped her back.

"Laish ma gelteeelah!!!?" She yelled.

"Madriii! i just felt like it's not the right time ok!!!?" i said.

"Not the right time?? then when is?" She asked.

"I don't know...!" i answered.


Monday, September 15, 2008

"Remember when.."

A break from the story!
part seven is coming up soon,promise.


Getting high meant swinging at the playground.
The problem with boys were cooties.
Mom was your HERO & Dad was SUPER MAN!
Your worst enemies where your sibilings.
Race issues were about who ran the fastest.
War was just a Card game.

But what i remember the most was....

Now i just want to be a kid again; where my worries are finishing my bowl of cornflakes to please mom and not missing my favorite cartoons.

I miss those days.. :(


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Part Six; "All the dreams we held so close seem to all go up in smoke.."

Friday July 13th
Living room

I had my Macbook on my lap as i was watching tv. i didn't sign on msn yet, just logged in my account and was paying attention to MTV's "Made", haha, it was a tomboy wanting to be a model. Fun drama stuff.

I typed in my password and msn was singing in...


"Bu****** wants to add you. ACCEPT?? or BLOCK?? "

Hmm, i was really bored so i said why not since it's my second email that i don't reveal or put My own pictures on dp. i ACCEPTED.

My nickname was "Deems(tm) -- Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much.. ;'/" And his nickname was "Y.H.G ... Wa7dek Etha El7ub Ghaab Entay Terideenah..! " But for shorts i'm going to say me and The guy,k? ;p

The guy: Gowa! ;p

Me: Allah egaweek, who is this?

The guy: B3dain et3arfeen, Shlounich?

Me: La may9eer, i have to know now! w im zaina, you?:P

The guy: La e9eeer;p Doum enshallah, ana tmam damich zaina.

Hmm,...i hate waiting...!

Me: hehe, Teslam, now back to who you are??

The guy: La yuba, ne6ray, shda3wa!

Me: Ma feeni 9aber, tell me now!

The guy: Ok, i'll give you a hint.

Me: Oh, so you're someone i know?

The guy: Ee, sort of! :P

Me: Okay, what's the hint?

The guy: Let's just say i saw you running into a chair the other night.

I froze!! this really happening?? Is that YOUSIF??!! MY YOUSIF? The one&only YOUSIF?! but how?! :/

Me: I need a better hint than that im pretty sure every guy in there saw me running into that stupid chair! ;$

The guy: Well i guess i was the only guy who took your attention, and most probably i was the reason you ran into that chair in the first place. :P

I was shaking and biting my nails and my vision became some-what blurr. i tried to get back to the "REAL" world.

The guy: alooo,wain re7taay??

Me: sorry, yousif?

The guy: Oui my lady. :D

My lady?? i laughed out loud for some reason.

Me: Your lady?

The guy: Akeeed! ;p

Me: Enzain shloun you took my email?

The guy: Simple, i asked Haya for it.

Me: WHAT!!? ambaay, what did you say? :s

The guy: Geltlaha minu refeejtich elly dashat blkersee? chan etgouli hathy Deema, laish? chan agoulaha 36eeni her email, chan etgoul haw laish? chan agoulaha, yuba 36eeni her email w bala hl as2ela elbaykha. w bs, 3a6atni eyah.

Me: WHYY did you say that!!!:S

The guy: Laish? shda3wa?

Me: Madri, now it's going to be really awkward between me and her!! thank you!!

The guy: la shda3wa, hayouna is open minded,w 7adha cool. :P

Me: hmm, Okay.

I signed out.

Picked up the phone and called D immediately.

"Haallloooo my love!" D said.

"Heeeellloooow, come over?" I said.

"Laish?" She asked.

"Come over, you won't regret it!" i said.

"Hmm,are you trying to seduce me?" She said.

"Why? are you seduce-able?" i said saracastically.

"Crap, yes i am, 10 minutes and im at your bed, light up candels" She joked.

Sometimes she scares me.

Friday july 13th
My bedroom

"NO way!! he did that!!?? omg!" D yelled.

"I know, it's really wierd, ambay, what's haya gonna think? i said.

"You need to stop caring about haya, sweetie, what is the worst thing she can to do anyways??" D asked.

"I don't know, but i have a weird-sort-of-not-good feeling about this!" i answered.

"Okay, sign on msn!!!" she said, and jumped on the bed.
Woah women! hyper much?

I signed on msn.

He wasn't online, but i had an offline message from him, "Elnas egouloun bye gabil la ye6li3oun, besmellah alra7man elra7eem, mu chithi! :P"

"hmm, ooookaaay!" i said not caring about what he said.

"Haha, omg, typical D jr.!" D said "I don't get why you dont say bye before leaving msn, seriously, you're weird!" She continued.

"Shku? shda3waa?? it's not like im going to say bye to like the 15 people that im talking to, seriously!" i said.

I changed my status to "Busy" and started taking stupid and retarded photos of me and D, we applied crazyy make-up and took a bunch of other photos, and then we decided to watch Gossip girl. I got up to put the gossip girl DVD into the DVD player and i heard the msn tune "BEEP" i raced back to see that "Haya" has just signed on.

"Oh, grrreaat!!" i said. and went back to put the DVD in the DVD player. i grabbed the remote and went back to my bed.

We started watching Gossip girl, we were 'Awwhing' on the romantic scenes, and commenting on Blair's amazing clothes! When the msn tune disturbed our fantasy, with "beep"

I looked and it was haya.

Haya: Hi, i know your status is busy, bs can we talk shwaya??

I looked at D, "SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!" I exclaimed.

"Don't jump into conclusions, Talk to her" D said.

Me: Sure, What's up?

Haya: Did My cousin add you?

Me: From the other night?

Haya: Yes!

Me: Yes he did.

Haya: did he talk to you?

Me: Yes, for a bit.

Haya: Shgaal??

Me: nothing, normal talk, hi,shlounich and stuff.

Haya: did he mention me?

'Where is she getting to??' i wondered! D was sitting next to me, and she has the "what the fuck is up with her" look on her face.

Me: Yeah,he did.

Haya: ReallyY?? what did he say??

Me: That you gave him my email.

Haya: that's it? :/

Me: Yes, why the :/?

Please don't tell me this is getting to where my thoughts are!!!

Haya: La khala9 nevermind..

Me: Shda3wa hayoun, shfeech, goulay?

Haya: well i kind of like him, for a long time, but he never knew, he sees me as his sister, it really hurts, w i can't find a way to tell him!

I felt like the earth opened up and swallowed me whole! I froze, i couldn't breathe, it was hard to breathe, my heart was beating so fast, my cheeks were burning up, i felt light headed and my lips became so dry. i was in a COMPLETE shock.

Haya: You're probably busy, i'll talk to you later. bye;*

Haya has signed offline.

"I did not see that coming" D said.

she poked me, "Deems!!!" she yelled! "TALK TO ME!!!!" She yelled again. She shoke me. i finally pulled myself together and took a deep breath, and then bursts into tears!

"I TOLD YOU I HAD A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS!" I cried, "I knew it, i knew it!!"

"Sweetie, it's okay, you don't know what's going to happen!"
she said and hugged me so tight.

I hugged her back and cried even more. "D don't leave me tonight!!!" i weeped.

"I won't,love, i'll be here wiping your tears!" she said.

I really felt my heart broke, literally. my chest ached! my whole body was shivering,i felt cold even though D was wearing short sleeves and a short shorts. i was wearing a jacket and covered myself with a blanket. i threw my laptop on the floor and D tried to calm me as much as she could. but it didn't work, she felt helpless, i did too. i just stayed on my bed while D is talking.

I just wished i never knew Yousif.


Part Five; "Tonight I'm dreaming of all the things that we've been through.."

Tuesday July 10th

Ring ring, I picked up, and it was my cousin 7e9ouh..

"Halaww, agoul feech 6al3a?" She said.

"Chenich Tegrain afkarii, 7ada '9ayeg khelgii." I said.

"Khala9 okay, Mureena ana w jassoum @ 5pm w enrou7 The avenues, cos 7ata ohwa weda ye6la3."

"Okay, see you" i said and closed the phone.

Jassoum kubri, 7e9ouh akbar mini eb 2 years.

Tuesday July 10th
My car.

I wore Black skinny jeans and "little miss chatterbox" T-shirt. i had my hair down, it's wavy and it's messy.

Just picked up Jasson and 7e9ouh w on our way to the avenues we were talking and catching up.

Tue. July 10th

We were sitting talking and having fun. 7e9ouh excused herself to go to the bathroom, so me and jasson were sitting alone talking and laughing and yet again fate had to bring him to me, Yousif was walking by and he saw me sitting with jassoum and he just stood there shocked.
i was staring at him too, which made jassoum egouli "Hey, Deema, waiin we9altay?! ga3id a7acheech!" chan agoula "Sorryy."

He kept standing there looking at me, and just..looking.
The way he was staring at me with no emotions in his face broke my heart to pieces, i had an idea, i excused myself to goto the bathroom too. I stood up and walked w he followed me, i wanted him to follow me, i wanted to explain! i walked in river island, we he walked in behind me.

"It's not what you think!" i said.

No reply, he just kept staring at me.

"Yousif?" I said.

"awal mara a7es ena esmi 7eloo..." he said.

"hehe,enzain, la erou7 balik eb3eed hatha weld 3amiti bs, w ma3ah ekhta bs ra7at el7amam" i tried to explain.

"Ok.." he said while staring in a weird way.

"Stop staring..!" i said.

"Mo eb eedee wallah!" He said with the most gorgeous smile across his face.

i giggled and walked away. he followed.

I went back to jasson and 7e9ouh was back already, we stayed there for a couple of minutes more then we decided to go and eat early dinner at Alferno. The night was fun. Ofcourse Yousif decided to eat at Alferno too. He was staring at me way too much, Jasson sensed something.

"hatha shfeeh ekhiz wayid!?" Jassom said.

"I don't know, kaifa khala." i said nervously..

We left Alferno. and head home.

Wednesday July 11th
My bedroom

Before i sleep i was thinking how he didn't ask me why i didn't call or why i didn't send him a msg, since i have his number. i thought that was really sweet of him that he's giving me my own space and time to think.

Wednesday July 11th
My bedroom

I called D, no answer, i called again, still no answer, i left her a voice message,
"Ya shagoul, goumaay!! we're going to the univ!!, REMEMBER!!!? goumay goumay!!yallaaaaaa!!!!" I thought of annoying her a bit.

I changed into short jeans and Lacoste red polo shirt, and got in my car.

Wednesday July 11th
My car
Outside D's house

She got in & gave me a hug.

Wednesday July 11th
My car

bl6ereeej ga3da agoulaha elsalfa elly ams, chan et9arikh! "OMG OMG OMG!!! Ya bgara laish tawich etgouleenli!!!! OMG Deems!!! awwwh!" Chan agoulaha "Entay meta sheftich 3shan agoulich! bs waay D kesar kha6rii 7ada lama tana7 shafni ga3da ma3a jassoum,chithi laish gmt!" chan etgouli "Yousef & Deema sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" chan a6egha w agoulaha "CHUB!" Chan a3er blghala6 3l sayara elly yamnii, wela 9baaay shefnah bljam3a 3nd eltasjeel,chan ebser3a adous, w madri laish bs ga3adt a'97aak, chan edous ohwa b3d, 3ala bala dash racing! chan akhafif, w ohwa hm khafaf, w ga3id e2asher w 7ala w e7na 7agreena, ml chan yamshii, a7saan ma bagha!

We decided to go to the cinema, so we went to Laila And reserved 2 seats in list "g" the movie starts @ 5PM "Get smart"

Wed. july 11th
Laila Cinema

2 guys walked in w g3adaw yamna, ana shefta chan agoul YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! It's YOUSEF!!! ana ebser3a lfait wayhi chan agoul to D "omg look who's next to us!" ohwa ma shafni ashwa, his friend ga3id yami w ohwa yama, chan etgoul D "7elfaay DEEMS?!" eb 9out 3ali el7mara 3shan yesma3, chan e6il w ana lfait wayhii 3ala D, w geltlaha "HAYEN!!!" chan egoul 7g refeejah, "Badil el amaakin,plz" chan yeg3ad yami, my heart was racing soo fast, i was scared,nervous and....i dont know.
w ohwa bs ga3id w e6ali3ni, chan egoul "Deema,,?" w ana lail7een lafa wayhi 3la D, chan egoul "Shda3wa,lefay wayhich!" Chan agoula "Hala, sh'hal 9edfaa?" and let out a nervous laugh, chan egoul "ee wallah a7la 9edfa!" Chan yabdi elfilm; da3ayat, chan egouli "yalla shh, beda elfilm." w '9a7ak.

lfait wayhii. elmovie kan 7ada 3jeeb, '9a7akt '9e7ek! w lama khala9 gmt ana w D ohwa lail7een ga3id,chan agoula "Law sama7t" Chan egoul "Oh,oh sorry" wakhar his legs w gal "muraay." Chan agoul "mashkour!" Chan alif w agoul 7g D "emshay ne6la3 elside elthani" chan egoul "la khala9 walla sorry, al7een Agoum" Chan adiz D ya3ni yalla emshay w re7t the other side 3naad!

Chan yarki'9 elside elthani w yan6ernii, chan egoul "yalla muraay" chan a6al3a w amshee. w ebser3a 6ala3t w rekabt el car.
chan D etgoul "waaaay deema 7ada ZouQa!!" Chan agoulaha "Uff ghathnii!" chan etgoul "ohwa ga3id yet7arash in a cute way, walla ya7lailah!" Chan agoulaha "Whatever." chan amshii,

w e7na wagfeen bleshara, wela fii wa7id wagif yam our car ga3id yet7arash ya3ni jedama mako cars bs ihwa wagif 7agna, w kan warah Yousif chan eba6il el3ali w e6eg hernaaat 3shan yamshi, cos e7taar! w elly jedama 3nad ma mesha, chan agoul 7g D,"ambay akhaf esawii shay!?" chan etgoul "La shda3wa al7een et9eer eleshara green." w lail7een e6eg hernat w emba6il el3ali, 9arat kha'9ra w meshait w hathak lail7een la7egna,Yousif 7ada em3a9ib gam ebatwin w edous bs 3shan ohwa e9eer yamii mo the other guy, w la7agna as usual lai elbait, D yat baiti betnam 3indii. elmohim nezalt chan amshee lai his car, ohwa estaghrab w kayaf b3d, chan yanzil, chan a6ega 3ala ghashmara eb shatfa w agoula "Dont ever do that again!" chan egoul "Laish!? ma ar'9a a7ad thani yet7arash feech!!" chan agoula "Okay, bs mo chithi et9eer maynoon w etdous!" Chan egoul "La7tha la7tha, kheftay 3alaay!!?" Chan agoula "ha,, laa2, bs zain ma9ar feek shay!!" chan egouli "b3d 3umri.." chan agoula "Red elbait w ya wailek etha dest!" Chan amshii chan egoul "Fdaiitech!" Chan adish elbait ana w D w re7na my room.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Part Four; "A Fragil soul caught in the hands of fate."

Saturday July 7th
My bathroom

I was applying make-up. oh sorry, i didn't mention why, well 5 of my friends decided to go to dinner all toghether to catch up and stuff. so yeah back to where i was, applying make-up. and this song keeps playing in my head, "See you again" by Miley Cyrus. I was applying the eyeliner when i got a text msg from Haya(one of the girls im going with), 'Can't wait to see you, who's going with you?' i replied with 'Dana, and that's all i know! :P' then she replied 'oh, well then pick me up too'

My make-up was really simple. Just eyeliner,and a little blush with bright red lipstick. it was neat.

Saturday July 7th
My bedroom

I turned on the iPod player to shuffle, "Piece of me" by Britney Spears started playing. i sang along as i was looking through my closet and picking what i'll be wearing. I got out my Chloé Studded floral dress & my red Christian Louboutin Satin platform sandals & Zac Posen Paula clutch. I left my hair natural waves, just gathered it all in one side. i was ready to hit the streets!...or whatever.

Saturday July 7th
My car

Just picked up D, and she looked absolutely fabulous in her black Burberry Prorsum Italian lace dress and her Leppard Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps. her hair is short, kind of like 'The victoria Beckham' haircut.

"What's up grogeous!?" I said when she got in the car.

"Nothing, just amazed of how you look pretty sexy!" She said with a wink.

"Wink?? really?? why D why!!!?" i joked.

"Shut up & drive!" She said and laughed out loud.

She laughs at her own jokes......but i still love her.

Saturday July 7th
Outside Haya's house

Haya came wearing Matthew Williamson Tapestry scarf dress, she got in the car.

"Hey girlss!" she said and she blew a kiss to both of us.

"Hey Hayouna!" me & D said and blew back kisses,as well.

I wore my seatbelt and drove.

Sat. july 7th

Again we were the 'late' ones. we got in and the waiter took us to our reserved table of 5.

We were sitting,talking and having so much fun when all of the sudden, who walks in with his family? YES, yousif walked in with what i assumed was his mother and his little sister and brother. I was so shocked i quickly turned my head to D.

"FUCK! it's Yousif!" I whispered.

"Oh my god, how cute, family dinner!" She whispered back.

To add to my surprise, Haya actually knows Yousif. she stood up and walked to them "Halla khalti..!" she said greeting them. Yousif looked at me in total bewilderment. and i tried to hide my face, but that never seems to work for me in any case! so why do i even bother? hell if i know.

Haya came back and everyone was asking who that was, and that 'yousif' was hot! ugh, don't they know he's taken, i mean....eer..

"He's not that bad, he's ok, cute, i think" i stuttered.

"Not that bad? cute? you think!? min 9ejich entay? he's a total hottness!" Jouri said.

"He's kind of cute" D said trying to agree with me, in a way..

Why suddenly our talk became about him?? it's bothering me too much.

I grabbed D and went straight to the bathroom.

"Oh my god, oh my god, Haya knows him, it's her cousin!!" I cried.

"It's okay, why is it so bad?" She said, confused.

"I don't know, it's wierd, it's bad...!" I yelled.

"Okay, first, chillax dear, it's not like anything happened between you two!" She said "Plus, maybe that might turn to be a good thing?" she explained.

"I don't know, but i have a bad feeling about this!" i said, totally annoyed.

"Put a smile on that pretty face and let's get back to the girls before they sense something!" She said and pulled me.

I was walking to the table and i was trying to spot where he and his family sat. it was kind of far from our table, but i was looking at him while walking to our table, and he was kind of looking too, i was totally not aware of anyone around me but HIM. i kept staring till i ran into this empty chair. OWw that hurt!! i tried to hide my pain by smiling awkwardly to my friends who were laughing at my dorkiness! good thing they didn't see what i was looking at. i turned my head and he was laughing too. BASTARD!

I got seated and tried not to weap out of embarassement. My heart was beating soo fast, i think it skipped a beat, or two.

Sunday July 8th
My bedroom

Laying on my bed with thousands of thoughts running through my head.

'Should i care that Haya is Yousif's cousin'
'Or should i ignore that fact?'
'Do i really care anyway?'
'What's next..?' :)

then this thought popped in my head, WAIT!!!
'Did i look good tonight!?' :/


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Part Three; "Am I crazy or falling in love?"

2 days later.

Tuesday june 26th
Living room

Flipping through channels, bored out of my head. Tv is boring. Home is boring. i want to leave. go somewhere, mom walked in.

"Deema,trou7een elshalaih?" YESSS!!...wait was i thinking out loud? who cares, ba7ar here i come!

I jumped out of my seat & said "Eee!" and hugged my mother. haha, wait....why did i hug her? that's something i'll never know, moving on...

I ran up to my room and started making my bag. mom said We're going to sleep there for a whole week. yay a whole week escaping from fate.....From Yousif.

Tuesday june 26th
My car
On the way to shalaih


Driving 130km/h behind my red Ray ban Wayfarer, i was wearing Short jeans and an orange A&F polo shirt and blue crocs, lol Targee3 much? anyways, i was singing along with the song playing on my Ipod touch "Elvis ain't dead" by Scouting for girls and i was pretty happy. i sent a text message earlier saying to D that i'm going to miss her, since im going to sleep the whole week there. she replied with "i won't miss you...much;*" Hah, i love my girl!


Wednesday july 4th
My bedroom

Ringg ringg, i picked up, it was none other than D.

"y0, elyoum we're going to Maki, okay? i want some Essa!!" she said

"Ew, that sounded soo so many levels!" i joked

"Plus i miss you....but not much" she said while laughing.

"Hmm, im not laughing..." i said.

"Well, atleast one of us is!" she said.

call ended.

Wed. July 4th

We9alna maki marina, 36aina the car to the Valet parking w dshaina. The waiter welcomed us and guided us to our reserved table. Ga3adna ana w D wela enshouf fajour(second cousin) with her mother, gemna bensalim wela ashouf "the guy" ee, ma ghairah elly fate is setting us up to meet everywhere i go!

en9edamnt, salamt 3ala fajour w her mom, w re7t ag3d eb our table, chan agoul 7g D "Ambaay the Caddilac guy mawjoud!!" Chan etgouli "CHATHABA!! Wain?!" Geltlaha wain.

ya el waiter 3shan he takes the order, geltla "2 Essa Maki, 2 edemame one is salt, and the other is spicey,one chicken plum sauce, and one marine salad, w two diet coke." ga3adna ensoulif.

ana ma gdar ashouf "the guy" ana ma36eetah my back, D tegdar etshoufa, w etgouli ena lail7een ma shafna. ga3adna ensoulif 3ala ma you9al el akel, klaina w sheb3ana el7emdellah, chan arfa3 eedee w agoul "Excuse me!" chan elif wayha "the guy"(i don't know why i keep referring to him as the guy and not yousif,but whatever) at me, chan alif wayhi ebser3a, chan D etgoulii "Deems, he saw us!" Chan agoulaha "nadee el waiter now!" Chan etgoulii "okay, excuse me cheque please!" defa3na w gemna, the whole way to the door he was staring at me, i gave him a few glances w 6ala3t, 36aina el valet parkig the card rekabnaha w lama meshaina shefta 6ala3 ebser3a w 3a6a elvalet parking elcard 3shan eyeboun his car.

Wed. July 4th
D's car

gelt 7g D "Dano! please drive fast! maly khelg yel7agna!" Chan etgouli "Okay, bs entay shfeech 3laiih?" Chan agoulaha "Mardrii, bs mu merta7atlah!" fa gamat etdous 7ail i was afraid ena e9eer feena 7adith, he managed to follow us though and he was pointing at us like slow down and stuff. Bs e7na ma36eena 6af w dayseen. we were almost in accident, twice actually, bs el7emdellah allah setar.

we managed to get him lost. D betgi6ni my house, fa kna 3ind esharat jesir elrou'9a, w ana alif ashouf etha la7egna lail7een, bs ashwa he wasnt. we9alt my house chan ashouf his car wagfa eb3eed mn baitna! chan atani7!! Chan eshoufni w yebtisem, Chan adig 3ala mom w geltlaha barou7 anam bait D, w gelt 7g D "Go to your house, now! mani nazla mn elcar w that lunatic wagif bara!" Chan te'97aak w tgoul "Waaay, Deems 7adkym etshawgoun entay weyaah!" chan agoulaha "Chub,w emshaay" meshaina chan yel7agnaa w kan 7ada mistaghrib.

Re7na her house BlNuzha w wegafna ba6alat eb the remote the electric garage, and then we parked and just as she was closing the garage ana knt nazla mn elcar, we saw him drive away after saying "walla bs knt bat6aman 3laich enich tou9leen elbait" w then raa7! Waaay fakka ma bagha! Chan D etgoulii "Ya 7mara 7araam 3laiiiich, entay shemsawyatlaa!! waay ya7laila, neyeta zainnaa!" chan agoulaha "whatever." w dshaina her house.

Thursday July 5th
D's bedroom

"ambay, ma abi arou7 ay mukaaan, cos kl ma arou7 mukan he's there, it's unbelievable!!" i said to D.

"It's fate honey, you cant run away.." D said. I threw the pillow at her. missed.

"Wallah shfeech, face it Deems!! he's crazyy enough to follow you everywhere!" she explained.

"Walla madri, bs lama ashoufa galbi ma yertaa7!" i said honestly.

"Yemkin it's a good thing! yemkin because you have feelings for him!?" She said.

"I don't know. but if those are the feelings i have for him then they aren't good" I said with a sigh "I think.."


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hervé Léger = LOVE!

[[A break from the story, part 3 is coming up soon!]]

Do you have the body to pull of a Hervé Léger bandage dress??
Im absuloutely inlove with them!

V Beckham looks absolutely Glamorous in Herve Leger's dresses!

Rachel Bilson GLOWS!

Enjoy. (:


Part two; "But my god,it's so beautiful when the boy smiles."

Sunday june 24th
My car

"In the Caddilac, dumbass!" D said mocking me.

i was shivering while trying to hold still of the steering wheel. I was thinking why am i feeling this way? What's gotten into me? I didn't know what was that feeling i've felt.

"Do you think he remembers us?" I asked D innocently.

"I bet he does!" D said.

He couldn't see us as he was infront of the car that was infront of us. D said "go to the next lane and let's pass by, see if he remembers you." I hesitated then i drove to the other lane and speed-up a little so i could pass him, i was going 100km/h. i passed by him and i was driving with my head looking straight.

"Awwwh, Deems, he remembers!" D yelled!

"Are you serious!?" i said with a grin on my face.

"Yes I'm serious,he's speeding up to catch up with us!" D said while giggling.

I smiled even though i don't know anything about the guy except he owns a black Caddilac. But i think i'm falling for him....wait, what am i saying,? God, I'm a nutcase!

Sunday june 24th
My car
Nino's parking


We got out of the car and as we were walking to the entery, we heard a car parking, for some reason both, me and D turned our heads and saw him, YES him parking with two of his friends. i was in a complete shock, D had to literally pull me in Nino.

We got seated in 'our' spot and we ordered,one rottini, one premavera con pollo, & one barbequed potatoes, 2 diet coke.
We were eating and talking and trying not to do something stupid while the Caddilac guy was watching. it was pretty uncomfortable having someone staring at you the whole time you're eating.

Sunday june 24th
My car
Nino's parking

I was in my car applying lipgloss before driving off, and D was fixing her hair.
I jumped up to the one&only guy knocking on my window. i was staring at him in a total shock.

"OMG!!" D said.

"Thanks, you're not helping!!" i said screaming.

He knocked again and mimmed me to open the window. i refused. 76ait 3l "R" and i was just about to release my foot off the brake, when he ran and stood behind my car!!!

i stepped on the brake quickly thinking that this dude is absuloutely a maniac!

"Deems, do something!!" D yelled.

"Ok..ok!" i said trying to find something to do.....or say.

I opened the window and said "MAYNOUN?"And he smiled and said "Yes,Maynoun feech!" i was so shocked that i got tongue tied, and then i managed to say "Please, wakher w khalni amshii!" And he said "No, ekhthay ra8mi w awakher!" I was so scared. "NO! please wakher!" I yelled, and then he said "Mithil ma entay 3needa! ana ba9eer 3need, yalla emshay w de3meeni!" he said while smiling. Boy did he have a beautiful smile.

"Deems,just take it already!" D said yelling at me.

"Uff, okay!" I said to him.

He approached my window. w i was looking down. i didnt have the power to actually look into his eyes. "Ana Yousif, Entay shesmich?" i didnt reply. "Her name is Deema!" D said. He wrote down his number and gave it to me. i was still looking down. I drove away and i saw him from the rearview mirror, he had the biggest smile across his face.

Sunday june 24th
My bedroom

Sitting in my bed thinking of how weird this day was. i'm not gonna text him nor give him a call. i don't want to. i just took his number so he would let us go. i don't know what he'll do when i see him next time. i better not be alone when that happens!

Fate is torturing me, that's for sure.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Part One; " The butterflies are creeping through my spine."

The journey

Sunday june 24th
My bedroom
6:00 p.m.

I was sitting reading Elle Magazine, when my Phone beeped, "You have a message royal sexyness!" I checked the message and it was my friend Dana, "D jr.* free?" i let out a giggle as i replied to her message, "Oui D, im free,what do you have in mind?" 3 seconds later she called, "DAYOUM,Badlay and let us go out!!" , "ok,bs waiin?" i answered, then we both said at the same time "NINO!" and then both again said "JINXX!". We make ourselves laugh.

Sunday june 24th
My car

"Oh my god! Deems^ THE CADDILAC GUY!" Dana screamed!

Wednesday June 18th
My bedroom


"I can't believe we're graduating!" i cried hugging D.

"I know, it seems like yesterday we were playing in the playground in Kindergarten." She cried hugging me back.

"Elyoum youmna! only a couple of hours seperates us from the big day we've been waiting for 12 years!" i said as i was trying on my Graduation gown.
We were getting excited more and more by the second. Since D is sleeping over at my house so we can get ready toghether and head for our Graduation Ceremony in Al-Raya Ballroom, we got everything ready, our dresses that we're going to wear under the Graduation gown, so after the graduation we'll be heading for dinner, most of the seniors that is. The Ceremony Starts at 6 and ends at 9. Then all the girls are heading to Maki Marina for Senior dinner. I decided to wear a navy knee high dress and bright red heels that matches my Balanciaga bag & a slik ponytail. D on the other hand decided to wear a white long dress and with her Gladiator Brown sandals and her brown Miu Miu bag with her natural curly hair up in a bun.

Thursday June 19th
My car
Gulf street


Me, Dana, Ghanouma & Farou7 were heading to Maki, on our way we were listening to "Friends forever" by Vitamin C and we were sobbing like babies! For all the memories we had, and all the memories we shared. Reached Make marina @ 9:30PM. i gave my car to the valet parking and hopped out of the car.
We got in and as usual we were the "late" ones, everyone was there. we said hi and got seated. The night was awesome, possibly the best day of my life. we had so much fun.
Me & D rekabna my Black Range Rover Sport which dad gave to me for my 18th birthday since im his only child, it was specially customized with black leather seats,anyways we got in the car and left maki. Farou7 & Ghanouma decided to go back home with Jouri.

Thursday June 19th
My car

"When will he stop following us, ufff!" D said pointing to the guy who was following us since Marina waves. he kept waving and beeping the horn.
We finally decided to turn our head to him, and he was pointing to the tire. i parked on the side of the road and he parked behind me.he was driving Cadillac SUV black. Nazalt ana w ohwa nezal, he was tall w he was really cute w shakla san3 ya7laila, chan egouli "Enzain ashwa lafaitay wayhich." chan agoula "hehe,sorry,3ala bali.." chan egoul "ee adrii, enshallah ma a6awil, al7een asawee eltayer, 3indich spare?" chan agoula "Mashkour ma tga9ir, la etkalif 3umrek,al7een i'll call my dad w eyee." chan egoul "La shda3wa, al7een ana wegaft, bs ba6lay eldaba khal a6ali3 el spare.." chan agoula "Enshallah.." ba6alt eldaba w 6ala3 elspare w sawa my car 6ab3an me and D were standing on the side while ebadil el tayer,chan i call mom w geltlaha ena la t7ati bs banchar w now wa7id ma ga9ar is changing the tayer. khalaa9,chan egouli "elwagt met2akhir, taboun amasheekum?" chan abtesim w agoul "La shda3wa, ma ga9art, mashkour." chan egouli "Walla mn 9iji, elshari3 ekhari3 hl7aza, w ma3alay kalafa tara." chan agoula "La walla mala da3ii mashkour wayid." chan egoul "La ana mu9er amasheekum." Chan agoula "3ala ra7tik." rekabt elcar ana w D chan etgoul D "OMG, waaay eyanin Deems ya 7mara, ya bakhtich, shaklaa en3ajab feeech" Chan a'97ak w agoulaha "La shda3wa, bs ya7lailha khosh wa7id" meshait w la7agni lai we9alt my house eb Qurtoba. he waved w mesha. w i was really surprised ena mashana ya7laila, w the whole time bl 6ereej D etgoul wayy ya 7alata, Dayoum tezawejeeh!! mo 9a7ya hlbnt.

Sunday june 24th
My car

"WHERE!!!?" I yelled back and i felt my heart was racing and my tummy aching..

* D jr. : My nickname, Since me and my bestfriend's first letter of our name is "D", i call her D, she calls me D jr. due to the fact that she's older than me in 2 months.
^ Deems: Just another nickname for me.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

These heels are definitely not made for walking!

Seriously who would wear these heels? they look painful to wear!!!

 no comment on those heels, the color is amazing though!!
but i think it's really hard to walk on them!
Would you wear it?! you're literally standing on your toes! it's insane!



I warned you, don't say i didn't, cos in my defense i did!

ok ok, omg omg omg!!! the first episode of the second season was JAW-DROPPING!!!  i saw it today at my cousin's!!! LIKE omg!

a) I hate dan!!!!! he's a bastard!!
b) BLAIR IS GORGE!!!!!!!!
c) Chace should stop this relationship with his "rebound" girl!!
d) blair & chuck are the cutest couple everrr!!
f) I hate how Serena simply forgave dan!!! ugh!! she deserves someone better!
g) Marcus is charming!
h) I love LILLYY!! she is so classy!
j) Serena's white party dress is amazing!! but blair looked way better! :P
k) Eric is the SWEETEST!!
l) i really really dont think it's a good idea that Serena forgave dan that easily, omg i wanted to punch his guts when he was telling her how she always making excuses after seeing her making out with Chace and he was mad but when the two girls approached them she didnt get that mad! blah blah!
m) Seriously How cool is blair!!! omg, i love how she waas using Marcus just to make chuck jealous, and how she was sooo honest with him and told him he was boring! i laughed out loud!