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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Part two; "But my god,it's so beautiful when the boy smiles."

Sunday june 24th
My car

"In the Caddilac, dumbass!" D said mocking me.

i was shivering while trying to hold still of the steering wheel. I was thinking why am i feeling this way? What's gotten into me? I didn't know what was that feeling i've felt.

"Do you think he remembers us?" I asked D innocently.

"I bet he does!" D said.

He couldn't see us as he was infront of the car that was infront of us. D said "go to the next lane and let's pass by, see if he remembers you." I hesitated then i drove to the other lane and speed-up a little so i could pass him, i was going 100km/h. i passed by him and i was driving with my head looking straight.

"Awwwh, Deems, he remembers!" D yelled!

"Are you serious!?" i said with a grin on my face.

"Yes I'm serious,he's speeding up to catch up with us!" D said while giggling.

I smiled even though i don't know anything about the guy except he owns a black Caddilac. But i think i'm falling for him....wait, what am i saying,? God, I'm a nutcase!

Sunday june 24th
My car
Nino's parking


We got out of the car and as we were walking to the entery, we heard a car parking, for some reason both, me and D turned our heads and saw him, YES him parking with two of his friends. i was in a complete shock, D had to literally pull me in Nino.

We got seated in 'our' spot and we ordered,one rottini, one premavera con pollo, & one barbequed potatoes, 2 diet coke.
We were eating and talking and trying not to do something stupid while the Caddilac guy was watching. it was pretty uncomfortable having someone staring at you the whole time you're eating.

Sunday june 24th
My car
Nino's parking

I was in my car applying lipgloss before driving off, and D was fixing her hair.
I jumped up to the one&only guy knocking on my window. i was staring at him in a total shock.

"OMG!!" D said.

"Thanks, you're not helping!!" i said screaming.

He knocked again and mimmed me to open the window. i refused. 76ait 3l "R" and i was just about to release my foot off the brake, when he ran and stood behind my car!!!

i stepped on the brake quickly thinking that this dude is absuloutely a maniac!

"Deems, do something!!" D yelled.

"Ok..ok!" i said trying to find something to do.....or say.

I opened the window and said "MAYNOUN?"And he smiled and said "Yes,Maynoun feech!" i was so shocked that i got tongue tied, and then i managed to say "Please, wakher w khalni amshii!" And he said "No, ekhthay ra8mi w awakher!" I was so scared. "NO! please wakher!" I yelled, and then he said "Mithil ma entay 3needa! ana ba9eer 3need, yalla emshay w de3meeni!" he said while smiling. Boy did he have a beautiful smile.

"Deems,just take it already!" D said yelling at me.

"Uff, okay!" I said to him.

He approached my window. w i was looking down. i didnt have the power to actually look into his eyes. "Ana Yousif, Entay shesmich?" i didnt reply. "Her name is Deema!" D said. He wrote down his number and gave it to me. i was still looking down. I drove away and i saw him from the rearview mirror, he had the biggest smile across his face.

Sunday june 24th
My bedroom

Sitting in my bed thinking of how weird this day was. i'm not gonna text him nor give him a call. i don't want to. i just took his number so he would let us go. i don't know what he'll do when i see him next time. i better not be alone when that happens!

Fate is torturing me, that's for sure.



sugar said...

7e6ay balich;P maybe neyita zaina oo maybe not... i guess if u see him next time be strong and tell him one thing:

if he says again "ana maynoon feech"

reply: "etha enta fe3lan maynoon feeni desh min il baab mu il shbaak oo i guess u knw wain baitna"

jo7a edil baitkom he can easily know who u are laish yel7igich oo ya36eech his #???

p.s remove the word verification thnx

dreamGIRL said...

Hehe, i dont know, maybe he wanted to know if i wanted him too? and he might think now that i have his number; it means i want him. We'll see.. ;p

Anonymous said...

can't wait !!
yula nabi part 3 ;p

dreamGIRL said...

Enshallah, im writing part 3 right now! ;p

Anonymous said...

heyy i love your story.. bas 7abait as'aal is it true?..