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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Part Six; "All the dreams we held so close seem to all go up in smoke.."

Friday July 13th
Living room

I had my Macbook on my lap as i was watching tv. i didn't sign on msn yet, just logged in my account and was paying attention to MTV's "Made", haha, it was a tomboy wanting to be a model. Fun drama stuff.

I typed in my password and msn was singing in...


"Bu****** wants to add you. ACCEPT?? or BLOCK?? "

Hmm, i was really bored so i said why not since it's my second email that i don't reveal or put My own pictures on dp. i ACCEPTED.

My nickname was "Deems(tm) -- Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much.. ;'/" And his nickname was "Y.H.G ... Wa7dek Etha El7ub Ghaab Entay Terideenah..! " But for shorts i'm going to say me and The guy,k? ;p

The guy: Gowa! ;p

Me: Allah egaweek, who is this?

The guy: B3dain et3arfeen, Shlounich?

Me: La may9eer, i have to know now! w im zaina, you?:P

The guy: La e9eeer;p Doum enshallah, ana tmam damich zaina.

Hmm,...i hate waiting...!

Me: hehe, Teslam, now back to who you are??

The guy: La yuba, ne6ray, shda3wa!

Me: Ma feeni 9aber, tell me now!

The guy: Ok, i'll give you a hint.

Me: Oh, so you're someone i know?

The guy: Ee, sort of! :P

Me: Okay, what's the hint?

The guy: Let's just say i saw you running into a chair the other night.

I froze!! this really happening?? Is that YOUSIF??!! MY YOUSIF? The one&only YOUSIF?! but how?! :/

Me: I need a better hint than that im pretty sure every guy in there saw me running into that stupid chair! ;$

The guy: Well i guess i was the only guy who took your attention, and most probably i was the reason you ran into that chair in the first place. :P

I was shaking and biting my nails and my vision became some-what blurr. i tried to get back to the "REAL" world.

The guy: alooo,wain re7taay??

Me: sorry, yousif?

The guy: Oui my lady. :D

My lady?? i laughed out loud for some reason.

Me: Your lady?

The guy: Akeeed! ;p

Me: Enzain shloun you took my email?

The guy: Simple, i asked Haya for it.

Me: WHAT!!? ambaay, what did you say? :s

The guy: Geltlaha minu refeejtich elly dashat blkersee? chan etgouli hathy Deema, laish? chan agoulaha 36eeni her email, chan etgoul haw laish? chan agoulaha, yuba 36eeni her email w bala hl as2ela elbaykha. w bs, 3a6atni eyah.

Me: WHYY did you say that!!!:S

The guy: Laish? shda3wa?

Me: Madri, now it's going to be really awkward between me and her!! thank you!!

The guy: la shda3wa, hayouna is open minded,w 7adha cool. :P

Me: hmm, Okay.

I signed out.

Picked up the phone and called D immediately.

"Haallloooo my love!" D said.

"Heeeellloooow, come over?" I said.

"Laish?" She asked.

"Come over, you won't regret it!" i said.

"Hmm,are you trying to seduce me?" She said.

"Why? are you seduce-able?" i said saracastically.

"Crap, yes i am, 10 minutes and im at your bed, light up candels" She joked.

Sometimes she scares me.

Friday july 13th
My bedroom

"NO way!! he did that!!?? omg!" D yelled.

"I know, it's really wierd, ambay, what's haya gonna think? i said.

"You need to stop caring about haya, sweetie, what is the worst thing she can to do anyways??" D asked.

"I don't know, but i have a weird-sort-of-not-good feeling about this!" i answered.

"Okay, sign on msn!!!" she said, and jumped on the bed.
Woah women! hyper much?

I signed on msn.

He wasn't online, but i had an offline message from him, "Elnas egouloun bye gabil la ye6li3oun, besmellah alra7man elra7eem, mu chithi! :P"

"hmm, ooookaaay!" i said not caring about what he said.

"Haha, omg, typical D jr.!" D said "I don't get why you dont say bye before leaving msn, seriously, you're weird!" She continued.

"Shku? shda3waa?? it's not like im going to say bye to like the 15 people that im talking to, seriously!" i said.

I changed my status to "Busy" and started taking stupid and retarded photos of me and D, we applied crazyy make-up and took a bunch of other photos, and then we decided to watch Gossip girl. I got up to put the gossip girl DVD into the DVD player and i heard the msn tune "BEEP" i raced back to see that "Haya" has just signed on.

"Oh, grrreaat!!" i said. and went back to put the DVD in the DVD player. i grabbed the remote and went back to my bed.

We started watching Gossip girl, we were 'Awwhing' on the romantic scenes, and commenting on Blair's amazing clothes! When the msn tune disturbed our fantasy, with "beep"

I looked and it was haya.

Haya: Hi, i know your status is busy, bs can we talk shwaya??

I looked at D, "SEE WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!" I exclaimed.

"Don't jump into conclusions, Talk to her" D said.

Me: Sure, What's up?

Haya: Did My cousin add you?

Me: From the other night?

Haya: Yes!

Me: Yes he did.

Haya: did he talk to you?

Me: Yes, for a bit.

Haya: Shgaal??

Me: nothing, normal talk, hi,shlounich and stuff.

Haya: did he mention me?

'Where is she getting to??' i wondered! D was sitting next to me, and she has the "what the fuck is up with her" look on her face.

Me: Yeah,he did.

Haya: ReallyY?? what did he say??

Me: That you gave him my email.

Haya: that's it? :/

Me: Yes, why the :/?

Please don't tell me this is getting to where my thoughts are!!!

Haya: La khala9 nevermind..

Me: Shda3wa hayoun, shfeech, goulay?

Haya: well i kind of like him, for a long time, but he never knew, he sees me as his sister, it really hurts, w i can't find a way to tell him!

I felt like the earth opened up and swallowed me whole! I froze, i couldn't breathe, it was hard to breathe, my heart was beating so fast, my cheeks were burning up, i felt light headed and my lips became so dry. i was in a COMPLETE shock.

Haya: You're probably busy, i'll talk to you later. bye;*

Haya has signed offline.

"I did not see that coming" D said.

she poked me, "Deems!!!" she yelled! "TALK TO ME!!!!" She yelled again. She shoke me. i finally pulled myself together and took a deep breath, and then bursts into tears!

"I TOLD YOU I HAD A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS!" I cried, "I knew it, i knew it!!"

"Sweetie, it's okay, you don't know what's going to happen!"
she said and hugged me so tight.

I hugged her back and cried even more. "D don't leave me tonight!!!" i weeped.

"I won't,love, i'll be here wiping your tears!" she said.

I really felt my heart broke, literally. my chest ached! my whole body was shivering,i felt cold even though D was wearing short sleeves and a short shorts. i was wearing a jacket and covered myself with a blanket. i threw my laptop on the floor and D tried to calm me as much as she could. but it didn't work, she felt helpless, i did too. i just stayed on my bed while D is talking.

I just wished i never knew Yousif.



sourire said...

AWWWHHH;/ bas mala shiqil yousif 7aram!

dreamGIRL said...

I dont know.
At that moment you just wish you never knew the person!

Charmbracelet said...

aaaww..! Yea yousef mala sh'3l =p..I love ur story btw !!=)

Anonymous said...

u don't hear a beep if ur status is busy:p

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: I don't know. hehe thanks.:P

Anonymous: look, i either heard it,or D told me someone is talking to you, this or that, you get the point! :P

sugar said...

madreee:/ yalla part 7 LOL!!! manabee breaks;P

sugar said...

madreee:/ yalla part 7 LOL!!! manabee breaks;P

dreamGIRL said...


Lazim break shwaya, lazim new different stuff bl blog! :P

Bs enshallah today im posting part 7! ;p