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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Part TwentyEight;; "I'm the best at ruining MY life."

Friday 20th of august
My bedroom

I read the new text message "Nayma..?" i read that it was from Yousef

"Home.. :) yalla call! ;)"
I replied.

"he" called. I looked at the number, it's an unkown number; i ignored.

He called again.
I ignored...again.
5 minutes later.

A new text message recieved, "Shfeeech ma tredeen?" he said.

I read the message twice.
And i was thinking.. "huh..?"

I quickly went and read the sent messages and i've noticed that the first message was not from Yousef, but instead it was from "khaled" i assumed.

"shtabii!!?" I replied.

"ABEEECH!!" He replied.

I felt grossed out and ignored his message.

I turned on my laptop and signed on msn.
I was waiting for it to sign in when i recieved yet another message.
"I said abeeech!!! ma tefhemeeeeeeen!?" Khaled said.

This was annoying me.
I want to tell yousef about him, but i can't....i just can't.
Not now...atleast.

I signed on.
a box appeared on the side, you have 45 new e-mails.
ugh, like i'm going to check them. pfft.

Yousef: Halla walla! Tawnii yay badig 3laiich! ;p

Me: Hehe, Halla feeek! ;D

Yousef: Ha 7ubbii shlounich?

Me: Zaina, you?

Yousef: Ana zain damich zaina ya galbii, ha wain re7taay after you left starbucks?

Me: D's house.

Yousef: Ya7lailha D, shlounha? ;p

Me: Zaina.

*BEEP* New text message.

I opened it, it was from Khaled.

"Laish ma tredeen? w gbl shway etgouleenli Call now!?"

"Sorry, i thought you were someone else." I replied.

Yousef: Deema, feech shay?

Me: No, laiish?

Yousef: Madrii, wayid hadya. :P

Me: Sorry i was checking my emails.

I lied.

Yousef: It's okay, ekhthay ra7tich.

Me: La khaalaa9t! :P

Yousef: Okay.

Me: Ent wain re7t?

*Beep* New message.
"So you were expecting someone..?"

"None of your business, bye!"
I replied.

Yousef: Re7t shraitli stuff i need gbl la asafer w then re7t eldowaniya.

Me: Cool.

Yousef: sweetie..

Me: halla..

Yousef: a7ebich.

Me: hehe, me too.

Yousef: You too what? :P

Me: You know what! ;$

Yousef: 3ayaaaraa;*

Me: hehehe (a)

Yousef: Wallah besmellah 3laich, elyoum wallah you were soo beautiful.

Me: Thank you. :$

Yousef: El3afoo, hatha el9ij!;P

Me: Wallah 7ta ent you were soo handsome.

Yousef: Ay handsome ya m3awda, haha. :P

Me: you're handsome; to me! ;$

Yousef: B3d galbii thanks;* I'm glad your mine, wallah a7mid rabii w ashkera.

Me: Yousef.. :$ bsss!!

Yousef: Ha!? Shgelt ana! :P

Me: a7rajtniii;$!

Yousef: Fedaiit elly testi7ii;*!

Me: <3 color="#ff6600">Yousef has sent you a wink "Kiss"

Me: hehehe;$.

*Beeep* New message.
"Never, w now that Yousef will be gone. you're all mine!"

I read the message a hundred times.
i couldn't believe my eyes.
& what the hell does he want from me!!!
I HAVE TO TELL YOUSEF! but i cant..

Yousef: Shaklich busy..

Me: no no, sorry, saraa7t! ;$

i pulled out another lie.

Yousef: Eb shnuu goulay shfeech? shga3da etfakreen fee?

Me: Nothing, bs sara7t! :P

Yousef: lol, okay! ;p

Me: ;;*

Friday 20th of august
My bedroom

I quickly called the unknown number.

"MNUUU ENTAA!!?" I yelled as soon as he picked up.

"Besmellah elra7man elra7eem, elnas esalmoun awal shay." He said. so fucking calmly.

"SALAM!! now tell who are you!?" I insisted.

"Im khaled, masra3 nesaiitay." He said.

"I know your name,Bs how do you know me!!! and how do you know YOUSEF!?" I yelled.

He laughed.

"It's not funny. i'm serious!" i yelled.

"I'm someone who's madly inlove with you." He said.

I stayed quiet.

"Aloo?" He said.

I didn't say a word, i was trying to catch my breath.

"Aloo?" he repeated, "Deema? shfeeech sweetie wain re7taay?" He continued.

Is he serious! :S

"I'm not your sweetie!" I finally managed to speak.

"yes you are!" He said.

"NO. i just want to know, who are you ?...REALLY!!" I said.

"give me a chance, get to know me, i might be better than Yousef." He said.

"NO. i love yousef, w mabi a7ad ghaira!" I said.

I have another person calling me.
I took a look at mobile screen.
it was Yousef calling!


"May9eer chithi, you have to give me a chance! be fair!" He said.
An attempt to make me feel guilty.
it didn't work.

I quickly took a look at the msn conversation.
ignoring what Khaled is saying.

Yousef: deema..?

Yousef: ???

Yousef: Wainich?

Yousef: 7ubii waiin re7tay? :/

Yousef: Waiting...?!! seriously...?!!!!!!!

Yousef: BYE. :)

Yousef: & don't bother to call, i won't pick up.

Yousef has signed out.

I can hardly breathe..
I'm choking....on AIR!

"Deemaa!!" Khaled said.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I cried and closed the line.


- S™

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Part TwentySeven;; "I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you.."

Friday 20th of august

I looked straight at his eyes.

"yes..?" I said.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have the most beautiful smile..?" I said.

"naa3aam..?" I blushed and covered my face.

"Shfeech??!" He laughed.

"Walla shay" I giggled, still covering my face.

"Yalla 3ad wakhray eedech bashouf wayhich w bashbaa3 minna gbl la asafer." He said.

"Enzain.." I said and uncovered my face..

"Shzeenich yal khaysaa." He said. "Besmellah 3laiich." He continued as he took a sip from his coffee.

"Thanks.." I blushed.

"I'm gonna miss you like hell.." He said.

"I'm gonna miss you too.." I said, and gave him a half smile.

"the7kay 3dl, i want to remember how beautiful your smile is." He said & smiled.

"Okay.." i blushed and smiled.

"Aaaakkh, ma abii arou7!" He said.

"It's okay, we'll get through it." I said.

"enshallah!" He said.

I took a look at my watch. "Oh, i have to go.." I said as i stood up.

"La yuba waiin ray7aa..!" he said and got up.

"bs yousef, i have to go.." I said.

"No, shda3wa, 7aram 3laich wallah b3d chum youm basafer, khaleeni arou7 w ana mestanis." He said.

"hmm....enzain." I hesistated.

"Mashkoura.." He said with the biggest smile across his face.

"El3afoo.." I said and smiled back.

"I can't believe i'm actually sitting with you here,talking.." He said.

"Me too.." I said and blushed.

"Ya bnt el7alal khalaa9, bass la testi7een, ana w entay wa7id, khalich normal." He said.

"I'm normal." I said.

"No, ebayen 7adich metwatra, your hands are shaking." he said and looked at them placed on the table. "& also, your cheeks are so red, they're soo cute." He continued.

I giggled.

"Can i hold your hands?" He said.

"Since you asked so nicely.." I said and smiled. "Yes you can.." I approved.

He placed his hands on mine; My heart started beating so fast, felt like it will break through my chest.

"Sweetie, your hands are freezing.." He said.

"There always like that.." I said and smiled.

He looked at me for a few seconds, admiring.

"I love you, Dayoumtii.." He said breaking the silence and smiled.

At this right moment i understood what the killers were talking about when they sang "Smile like you mean it.."
I was falling in love all over again.

I sat there. motionless.

"Dayoumtii.." He said.

"halla.." I said.

"Ma yeswaach 3indii ensaaan, walllaaah." He said.

I blushed. "Yousef, don't make me cryy." I said and looked at the table.

"I'm sorry, i just want you to know how much you really mean to me.." He said.

"Thank you." I said, "I love you too." I said and turned to a huge tomato.

"Ya ba3ad chabdii wallaahh.." He said.

"yousef, yalla bs let's go." I said.

"Okay, 3la ra7tich, w thanks a lot! you have no idea how much this means to me." He said.

"Your welcome." I smiled as he was walking me to my car.

He opened the car door for me, i got in and he shut the door behind me.

I opened my windowm "Thanks!" I said and wore my sunglasses.

"Yalla 3ad la7thaa." He said and took off my sunglasses.

"Haa shnuu!?" I said and giggled.

"Let me take a look at your eyes shwayaa." He said.

"Enzain.." I smiled.

"Will you be there at the airport the day i leave?" He said.

"Uh..i don't know. i'll see if i can." I said.

"Okay, but you do know it'll be hard to say goodbye right?" He said.

"I know, that's what makes me dont want to come.." I said.

He held my hand and kissed it.

I was crashing inside.
I wanted to scream my heart out.
I wanted to yell 'DONT GO' but i didn't want to be selfish.

I quickly wore my sunglasses. "sorry, yalla i have to go." I said as soon as i felt tears are about to come down.

"Wain waiiin shfeeech?!" He said.

"Khala9 yousef, please let me go!" I said with a shaky voice.

"Dayoum shfeeech!?" I said.

"I'm going to miss you!" I cried behind my rayban sunglasses.

"Afa, galbii la tabcheeen!" He said.

"Im sorry." I said and wiped my tears behind the sunglasses.

He places his arm on my shoulder, "Khala9 sweetie, wallah al7een amshii, la tabcheen! wallah ga6a3tay galbii..." He said.

"It's okay, i will cry sooner or later, mo beedii." I said.

"a7ebich a7ebich a7ebich!" He said.

"I love you too!" I said.

"Yalla 7ubii byee! take care, w deerbalich bl6ereeej,w akalmich elyoum belail okay?" He said.

"Enshallah. 7ta enta take care." I said.

"Enzain yalla '9e7kay." He said.

"Yousef, it's not funny..!" I said and cried more.

"7yaatii khalaa9, you're the one who's suppose to be strong to make me feel better leaving you behind." He said.

"Okay okay khalaa9, im sorry!" I said and took a tissue to wipe my tears.

"3afya 3la 7abeebtii, yalla please smile....for me?" He said and pouted.

How could i ever say no to that face? i thought.

I smiled. "There.." i said.

"Ya 7latich, rabii ya7fe'9ich w ekhaleech lee enshallah!" He said and smiled.

"Enshallah, w ekhaleek lee." I said.

"Yalla m3a elsalama yal ghalyaa." He said.

"M3a elsalama honey.." I said and closed the window.

changed the gear to "R" waved to Yousef and drove off.

I saw him standing there from the rearview mirror, he stood there until i was out of his sight.

Friday 20th of august
My car

With the song "Boston" playing in the background i called D and weaped.

"7beeebtiii waiinich now!?" She said.

"I'm on my way home.." I said.

"No no, correction; you're on your way to my house, now!" She said.

"Laa D, i need to go home." I said.

"Chub, and come, i'll be waiting." She said and closed the phone.

I drove around his area for 10 minutes.
Just passing by his house seeing his car parked in there.

I stopped the car next to his house, i wrote "I love you;;*" on a stick-it note pad, and stuck it on the door handle of the car.

I got in my car and drove to D's house.

I got in her room & spilled my heart out.

"Oh my god!" D said.

"i knoww." I said and cried.

"b3d galbii come here!" she said and hugged me.

I hugged her back, "D you're my only chance of surviving without him.." I said.

"Chub, i dont want to cry!" She said.

"Okay." i stayed silent.

Friday 20th of august
My bedroom

I was laying on my bed with my Ipod tuned on Shuffle.

"The luckiest" By Ben fold five was playing and it was the lyrics;

"What if I'd been born fifty years before you,
In a house on a street where you lived?
Maybe I'd be outside as you passed on your bike
Would I know?"

New text message recieved.

- S™

Friday, December 19, 2008

Part TwentySix;; "When i'm With you; I can barely catch my breath.."

Friday 13th of august
Al-Ameeri Hospital

"Shfeeeeh!?" D asked.

"I have to talk to him!!" I said.

"But you dont remember his number..?" She said.

"No i do, give me your phone.." I said.

I took her phone and dailed his number.

"Aloo Yousef!." I said as soon as i heard him pick up the phone.

"Ee,halla....Deema!?" he asked, just making sure.

"eee." I said.

"Ra8am mnuu hatha!?" He asked.

"Dana." I said.

"Enzain, 7ubii wainich? 9arlii elyoum kella adig 3laich ma tredeen! khara3teeni ya m3awda!" He said as his voice got higher.

"I'm sorry, i didnt wake up until around almaghrib w dana came to wake me up wela i have a very high fever so she brought me to the hospital, my phone is swtiched offf, sorryyy." I said.

"ouuf ouuf,Ma tshoufeen shar 7yatii, salamtich, yraiiit feeni wala feeech.." He said.

"La latgoul chithi, besmellah 3laiiik." I said.

"Enzain al7een shlounich?" He asked.

"I'm okay, but im still in the hospital, yemkin b3d shway a6la3 i dont know." I said.

"Ya ba3ad chabdii walllah tadreen tawnii artaa7 mn el9ub7 w ana ga3da a7atee, a39abii ra7at!" He said.

"Im sorry sweetie." I said.

"It's okay, aham shay enich you're okay." He said.

"Ent shlounik?" I asked.

"Zain dam sema3t 9outich.." He said.

"Thanks, enzain i have to go now, i'll talk to you lama i go back home okay? la t7atii.." I said.

"Okay, take care ha 7ubii?" He said.

"Enshallah, you too." I said.

"I will, yalla erta7aay, bye, i love you." He said.

"Okay, bye.." I giggled.

"Ha now you're feeling better?" D asked.

"Yes, maskeen he was worried." I said.

"Ofcourse, enzain how are you feeling now?" She asked.

"I feel fine." I said.

"Elsalam w 3laiikumm." Mom said as she came next to my bed & kissed me on my forehead.

"Wa3alaykum elsalaam." I said.

"Ha 7beebtii shlounichh?" She asked.

"El7emdellah bkhaiir." I said and smiled.

"El7emdellah." she said and looked at D, "Shlounich ya bnaytii? mashkoura wayid.." Mom said.

"Bkhair khaltii, el3afo shda3wa,ma swaiit ella elwajib" She said and smiled.

"7beebtii wallah, enzain mu chena ta2akhar elwagt, mta betrou7een elbaiit?" Mom asked.

"La khaltii dgait 3la omi w geltlaha eni banam 3nd dayoum." D said.

"Ee okay, 7ayach allah." She said and smiled.

Saturday 14th of August
My bedroom

I texted Yousef telling him i've arrived home.
when i turned my phone on, i saw that i had 20 MissU and 5 text messages, 10 missed calls from Yousef, 2 from mom, 4 mn D and the rest from the unknown Khaled.
the messages were from yousef, and 2 from d, one of D's messages were blank, haha made me laugh.

"D, you idiot!" I said.

"Whyy?" she asked.

"you sent a blank message to me." I laughed.

"Haha, ee blghalaa6!" she said.

"idiot, enzain tadreen Yousef will give me a necklace!!?" I said.

"9ijj, awwh, what necklace?" She asked.

"I dont know, he bought a new necklace for me gbl la esafer eb ya36eeni eyaha." I blushed.

"Awwh, that is soo sweet of him!" She said.

"I know, and im giving him my GAP oversized Pullover!" I said.

"The red one?" She asked.

"Eee." I said.

"Nicee." she said.

we talked until we fell asleep.

Friday 20th of august
My car

I was in my car going to starbucks which is located near laila galleria.
I reached there and he was already there waiting, i parked my car and entered Starbucks, he was sitting at a table near the window, i walked towards him with my heart beating so fast. he looked so handsome in his white shirt and three-quarter baij pants. i was wearing a navy knee high dress.

He was holding a Swarvoski bag, which i assumed the necklace was inside it.

He stood up when i approached the table, he had the biggest smile on his cheeks and the cutest dimples you could see, my heart melted literally.

I was shaking, it was obvious.

"Besmellah 3laich, You look nice." He said.

"Thanks!" I said & stood there as the blood rush to my face and i turn to a red tomato.

"Shfeeech khayfa ge3day.." he said.

"Ma feeni shay.." I said and gave him the bag i was holding & got seated.

"Mashkoura, w hach your necklace, 3ad mithil ma w9aiitich never take it off.." He said and smiled.

"Enshallah, thanks." I said and smiled back.

I was so nervous. my heart was racing. & my hands started sweating.

"Ha shtabeen a6leblich?" He said as he stood up.

"Nothing, mashkour.." I said.

"Yalla 3ad 3an elmala8a, tell me wallah.." He said.

"Wallah mu meshtahya.." I said & smiled, "But thank you." I continued.

"3la ra7tich.." He said and went up to the cashier.

i quickly got my phone out of my bag and texted D,
"S.O.S!! I'm having a nervous attaaack."

I heard him ordering, "One white moca, Grande, please" he then looked at me and flashed another gorgeous smile. My heart smiled.
I smiled back.

New text message recieved, it was from D. "WHYY!?"

"Im at starbucks with yousef, exchanging gifts!" I replied.

He went to the round counter where he can get his order.

New message; "Ohh, you slut! call me as soon as you finish and tell me everything, P.S Be cool!"

I giggled and slipped my phone back in my bag.

He came after taking a tissue from the counter.

"Shlounich?" He said as he sat himself down.

"Zaina,you?" I said. i tried as much as i can to not make eye contact.

"Tmam!" he said. "wlain, ya bnt elnas 6al3eena!" He joked.

I looked at him and I felt my cheeks were burning from embarrassment.

"Gelna el7aya 7elu bs mu chithi.." He joked.

I giggled, "Enzaiin." I said.

"ee khaleech chithi.." He said and smiled.

I smiled back.

He looked straight at me and said, "Dayoumtii, bagoulich shay.."

- S™

Monday, December 15, 2008

Part TwentyFive;; "As she cries out here voice dies out.."

Sorry, i know i took a long break, but i really needed that break.

Sunday 8th of august
My bedroom

"I love you.." message recieved from Yousef.

I smiled and went to bed.

Thursday 12th of august
My room

"D, Time is running and Yousef will be gone before i know it!" I said to D on the phone.

"I'll be right here sweetie, it's okay, you'll get through it, i promise!" D said.

"I was talking to him yesterday on the phone and i wished the phonecall would never end." I said.

"9adgeeni when he's away, ra7 tet3awedain w e9eer elwa'93 3adii.." D explained.

"I hope you're right!" I said.

Thursday 12th of august

My room

I was talking to Yousef on msn.

Yousef: Agoul 7ubii ba36eech a necklace gbl la asafer okay?

Me: What necklace?

Yousef: I've bought a necklace for you. but promise me to never take it off unless you're taking a shower.

Me: Awwh, you shouldn't have! okay i promise.

Yousef: I know, but i want to.

Me: You know i was thinking of giving you my huge pullover so you can wear it there, and if you're feeling cold, this will warm you up! ;P

Yousef: Ohhh, thank you 7yatii. :D

Me: No problem.

Yousef: When will we exchange our stuff?

Me: I don't know. what time is good for you?

Yousef: Anytime you want.

Me: Okay then, on the 20th.

Yousef: hehe, okay, bs shme3na?

Me: I don't know, it was random.

Yousef: Haha, okay ;;*

Thursday 12th of august
My room

I was just going to lay my head on the bed when my phone rang.
It was on my desk, charging.

I picked up without looking at the Caller's ID.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Aloo Hala wallah, shlounich?" A manly voice said.

"I'm sorry, menu ma3ay?" I said.

"Afa masra3 nesaiiteenii,," He said.

"This is not funny, mnu ma3ay?" I said.

"I'm khaled." He said.

Khaled? Do i know any Khaled? Hmm, no.

"Ay Khaled?" I said.

"Shda3wa, Khaled 7abeebich.." He said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, nas fathya wallah, m3a elsalama!" I said and closed the phone.

He called again, and again....& again.
I turned off my phone and went to bed.

friday 13th of august
My room

My mom entered my room.
"Dayouma yalla goumay!!" she said and poke me.

"Enzaiin," I said, still asleep.

"Yalla 7beebtii 6a3ay el sa3a chaam!" She said.

"Okay yuma okaaay!!" I yelled.

"Shfeeech ta3bana?" she asked.

"La ma feeni shay." I said.

"3yal shfeech lama al7een nayma?" She asked.

"Madrii." I said. "Khala9 al7een agoum." I continued.

"Okay 7beebtii.." She said and left the room.

I went back to sleep.

Friday 13th of august
My room

D entered my room and she's mad,
"Yal kalba, ya 7mara, ya bgara!!" she yelled.

I didnt reply.

"DEEMOO!!!" she yelled and pulled the cover off.

"Haa..?" I said.

"GOUMAY YA BGARA!!" she yelled. "Tadreen i went nuts trying to call your cellphone, w kela switched off, w your house phone ma7ad erid!!" She continued.

"Haaa..?" I said.

"Way3a!! goumaay!" she yelled.

"D....i'm -- i can't pick myself..i feel..." I said.

"Shfeeech!!!?" she said, and placed her hand on my forehead. "OH MY GOD, you're boiling!! Get up ebser3a awadeech el 6beeeb!" She said.

"I cant!" I cried.

"Okay,i'm gonna help you up, bs help me, ma agdar i pick you up brou7ii." she said.

"D,i cant!!" I cried more.

"Khala9 wait, i'll call Phlomeena to help me.." She said.

she went out of my room and started calling phlomeena.

"Come hurry up, deema's room..!" She said and came back in the room.

"khala9 sweetie dont cry.." she said.

"D, im soo tired, i feel so sick." I weeped.

"I know sweetie, khala9 al7een i'll take you to the hospital." she said & took out a t-shirt and pants to change me.

Phlomeena came and they changed me into a tshirt and a jeans pants and they took me to d's car.

"I'm going to call your mom now, agoulaha enna bawadeech el hospital." She said.

"Ok.." i said and wore the seatbelts.

"Aloo, hala khalti, shlounich shakhbarich?" D said talking to mom on the phone.

"el7emdellah bkhair, agoul khalti ana now bakhith Dayouma elhospital, 7ararat'ha wayid mertaf3a..." She said.

"La la tkhafeen khalti, enshallah maku shay, ana adeg 3laich etha gal el6beeb shay." she said.

"Enshallah, m3a elsalama.." she said.

"D, what about yousef..?" I said.

"What about him?" She said.

"I dont know, he's probably trying to call me now, go back i want my phone!" I said.

"6a3 hathy, noway, you're sick, your phone can wait!" she said.

"Bs 7raam he'll be worried." I said.

"Take my phone, call him." She said.

"I dont remember his phone number.." I said.

"haha, seriously?" She said.

"I know it, bs right now i cant memorize it!" I said.

"Oh, it's okay, i'm sure he'll understand, why is your phone switched off anyways?" she asked.

"Because some random number keeps calling.." I said.

"The same unknown caller?" she said.

"I don't think so, his name is khaled." I said.

"Ohh, 3yal zain sawaiitay." she said.

"Ayyy rasii e3awernii D!!!" I cried.

"Khala9 we're almost there." She said.

"I feel soo hoot!!" I said. "And so weak!" I continued.

"It's okay, al7een e7e6ounlich edrib and you'll be fine enshallah.."

Friday 13th of august
Al-Ameeri Hospital

I was fast asleep on the bed with the Drip on me and D was sitting next to my bed talking to her mom on the phone.

"Yuma, i cant leave her here!" She said.

"Khala9 etha bet6awel banam 3indaha 3adi yuma, al7een omha ebteyee b3d." She continued arguing.

"Okay, thanks mama, love you, bye" She said.

20 minutes later. i woke up.

"D, shemga3dich?" I said.

"You! shda3wa bakhaleech." she said.

"awwh, enzain wain mama?" I said.

"She's on her way." She said.

"Etha tbeen trou7een, tra you can go." i said.

"La mabii, i want to stay.." She said.

"Okay, i love you." I said.

"Love you too." D said.

"AMBAAAAY!" I yelled.

"SHFEECH?!" D said.

"YOUSEF!" I got up quickly.

- S™

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Part TwentyFour;; "He's the drug & She's Addicted."

Sunday 7th of august
My car

"ooohh, There is an unknown number dazlich a message.." Haya said.

I stuttered, "Shnuu?" I said.

"An unknown number sent you a kiss!" She said.

"WHAT? shku" I said.

"Shdaranii,who is that?" She asked.

"i dont know.." I lied. It's probably Yousef.

"Oh.." she said.

wow, she actually bought it. Phew.

"Yeah.." I said and asked for my phone.

I took it and kept it on my lap while driving.

"So where do you want to go?" I said as we reached Gulf street.

"I don't know. anywhere." she said.

"Don't say that. yalla choose!" I said.

"Hmm, i dont know, im not that hungry really.." she suggested.

"Okay, then anything to drink?" I said.

"Yeah, go to star juice, im craving some bruce willis." she said.

"Haha, that sounded so wrong, okay." I said.

"Haha, really it's delicious!" She said.

"I know, but i like cindy crowford more!" I said & turned on my ipod on shuffle.

"I hate that i love you" By Ne-yo and Rihanna started playing.

"Allaah this song reminds me of Yousef!" Haya said.

I almost got in an accident hearing that.

"Whaat?!" I asked to make sure.

"Yousef, my cousin, shfeeech?" she said.

"Oh, w why does it remind you of him?" I said.

"L2ana i hate how much i love him, really.." she said.

"Oh, you love him still?.." I said.

"Yes.." She said and turned her face away.
i thought she was going to cry any minute now.

I felt bad. for some reason.
we both stayed quiet till we reached Star juice.
the waiter approached our car as we parked.

"One cindy crowford and one Bruce willis, please." I said.

"Do you still talk to yousef?" She asked.

"Yeah.." I said.

"did you know he's going to the US to study?" She said.

"Yeah i heard." I said.

"I'm sure going to miss him.." she said.

This made me feel uncomfortable.

"Won't you miss him?" She asked.

"I dont know.." I said.
Because i really didn't know what to say.

The order arrived we paid, and drove off.

"Aren't you close with him?" She asked.

"Yeah i am.." I said.

"How close?" she asked.

"Could we not talk about him?" I said.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because i don't like to.." I said.

"But i know that he loves you, it's okay.." She said.

"Okay, but still i dont want to." I said.

"Okay, as you like.." she said.

"Now where do you want to go?" I asked.

"Let's just drive around the city w b3dain enred" She said.

"Good idea." I said.

Sunday 7th of august
My bedroom

I called D.

"OMG! Haya is unbelieveable!" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Haha, i take it that you didnt have fun today.." she said.

"YOU THINKKK!!?" I yelled.

"What happened?" She said.

"Every now and then she keeps talking about Yousef." I muttered.

"Haha, laish shetgoul?" she asked.

"shdarani etha 6la3at song etogul that reminds me of yousef, w b3dain she asks me about him, etha we're close w madri shnu, w b3dain while we were driving around she kept saying how she fell inlove with yousef and how that she never felt this way about someone.." I said.

"Haha, Poor thing!" D said.

"Bs 9ij qathatnii!" I said.

"Don't let her get to you, cos that's what she wants.." She said.

"HOW can i?! she's irritating!" I said.

"Haha, chillaax sweetie." D said.

"Enzain. im bored." I said.

"Im not yalla bye im watching Grey's anatomy,love you!" She said and closed the line.

I took a shower and went to bed.

Sunday 8th of august
My bedroom

My phone rang. It was Yousef.

"Aloo.." I said.

"Alo halla 7ubi, 9baa7 elkhaiir.." He said.

"Halla feek, 9baa7 elnour." I said.

"Shlounich?" He asked.

"Fine, you?" I said.

"bkhair damich bkhaiir." he said, "ee ta3alay ams ga3id akalim Haya on msn, w galatli kalam ghareeeb..." He continued.

"Ghareeb? what did she say?" I said.

"Etgoul ena tekalamtaw 3anni, bs you said you dont like me that much shay chithii.." He said.

"SHE SAID WHAAT!? ebkaifha hathyy!" I yelled.

"I didnt believe her dont worry, but i dont understand why would she say that?" He asked.

"Because she loves you!" I said.

"Sh'hal 7aath, i dont like her!" He said.

"I want to know what is she trying to do exactly.." I said.

"Yeah, mala da3i hal 7arakat!" he said.

"7da, ya3ni betkharib baina.. " I said.

"ee, bs you know no one can come between us!" He said.

"Really? You believe in that?" I said.

"Definitely! i love you means forever!" He said.

I giggled.

"A7ebich 7yatii" He said.

"hehe, thank you.." I said.

"a7eb 3ayartich.." He said.

"I love you too.." I said.

"akheeeeeeeran you said it!" He said.

"hehe, are you getting ready to travel?" I said.

"Im trying. bs i will never be ready to leave you.." He said.

"Dont think about that much." I said.

"It's hard no to.." He said.

"Awwh, but it's okay, we'll be talking to each other while you're there." I said.

"I know, but it's different.." He said.

"Ofcourse it is, but it's alright, we'll get used to it.." I said.

"I hope so." He said.

We stayed for the longest 5 minutes i've went through without speaking.
Just hearing eachother breathing..

"a7ebich.." He said. there was this tone in his voice that broke my heart to bits.

"I'm going to miss you sooo much!" I said.

"9adgeeni mu kithriii..!" He said.

We talked for several more hours.

Sunday 8th of august
D's house

"D, i don't know what to do if Yousef is gone.." I said.

"It's going to be hard but it's okay, he's worth waiting for..isn't he?" She asked.

"Definitely! I really love him D!" I said and blushed.

"Awwh, i'm soo happy for you.." She said.

"Sometimes i picture us walking and holding hands with our first little child.." I said and i got so emotional, i had tears in my eyes.

"Awwh, Dayoum ya bgara that's soo cute!" She said

"He makes me want to be better.." I said.

"Does he know that..?" She said.

"No." I said.

"Why not?" She asked.

"I don't know" I said.

"You should tell him, he should know how you exactly feel.." she said.

"I don't want to tell him all of that before he leaves, because then he will feel more and more sad to leave me, i want him to go there with no worries.." I explained.

"You're fucking sweet, and i love you!" She said and gave me a hug that i almost barely could breathe.

"I love you too..!" I said and hugged her back.

"Let's go and watch F.r.i.e.n.d.s!" D said.

"Yeah,okay, we haven't done that in a loong time." I said.

We made popcorn and each got a diet coke and we watched friends season 7 and laughed our asses off.

Sunday 8th of august
My bedroom

Just made a wish. (I cant say so i wont jinx it. sorry guys!:P)

"Beeep" New message recieved..

- S™

Monday, November 24, 2008

Part TwentyThree;; "A lesson learned is a picture burned."

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I opened the new text message that i recieved; it said. "Never!"
I felt this strange feeling when i read it. how desperate is he?

I kept following D and ignored his message.

Saturday 6th of august
My bedroom

I turned on my laptop and signed on msn.

Yousef was on.

A message box apeared," Q8****** wants to add you."

I hesitated, but accepeted the request.

Yousef: Hala Walla. :D

Me: Halla Feeek. ;p

Yousef: Shlounich sweetie?

Me: Zaina el7emdellah, you?

Yousef: Ana zain damich zainaa.. ;p ha shloun el avenues?:P

Me: zaiin.

Should i?? or no? I decided on "No".

Yousef: Good. (:

Me:Ent waiin re7t today?

Yousef: No where wallah ga3id blbaiit.

5 minutes of an awkward silence.

Me: yousef..?

Yousef: Halla galbiii..?

Me: Sh9ar 3ala safretik?

Yousef: Ya bnt elnas, laish chithi etkadreenii al7een?

Me: Im sorry, bs im just concerned, ba3aref sh9aar?

Yousef: Wallah khala9t kel my papers, bs an6er el Visa etkhali9.

Me: Are we going to talk when you're there?

i felt like crying. i felt i couldn't breathe for a while.

Yousef: akeeed!!! mn9ejich ba3eesh mn dounich ya3nii??

Me: I dont know, gaa3d as2al bs.

Yousef: Hatha shay akeed 7ubbi, dont worry, we're going to keep in touch enshallah.

Me: Promise?

Yousef: Enshallah, i promise.

Me: <3>

Yousef: :*

The person who just requeasted to add me talked to me.

Him: Gowa..

Me: Allah egaweek, mnu ma3ay?

Him: Awal shay shlounich?

Me: Zaina, now mnu ma3ay please?

Him: Someone you know.

Me: Okaaaaay? who?

Him: Afa bs afa, masra3 nesaiiiteenii..

Me: I dont know who you are..!

Him: Fakray 3adil w bet3arfeen.

Me: Tra mali khelg, mn9iji who are you?

Him: Khala9 yuba la t3a9been, ana elly elyoum bl avenues.


Him: Besmellah shfeeech?


Him: I have my ways.

Me: Right, okay, bye.

And i blocked him.

I turned off my laptop and went to sleep

Sunday 7th of august
My bedroom

"Yalla goumay goumay!!" D yelled as she entered my room.

I opened one eye, "Whaaat!?" I said.

"Yalla goumay, benrou7 netrayaag eb Lenotre." She said.

"Na3aaam?!" I said, still kind of sleeping.

"Yalla goumay ufff!!" She yelled and pulled the blanket off of me.

"Wlaiiiiiin!!" I said and picked up my head off the pillow.

"Anything new with the stalker?" D asked.

"Yes, he added me on msn yesterday!!" I said.

"WTF!! shloun!?" she asked.

"Madri, gali i have my ways chan akhteri3 w i blocked him!" I said.

"That's scaryy. You think Haya is involved?" She said.

"I really dont know!" I said and went in the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth.

"Enzain, you still won't tell yousef?" She asked.

"Yeah, i dont want to." I said behind the bathroom door.

"Why not? tra etha he found out mn nafsa ra7 e3a9ib!" She said.

"Shloun he finds out mn nafsa?" I asked.

"I dont know, kelshay jayez, maybe Haya?" She said.

"La i dont think so!" I said.

"Okay, kaifich, i warned you!" She said.

"Okay!" I said and got out of the bathroom.

I changed into a black knee-length skirt and a yellow lacoste polo shirt & left the house with D.

Sunday 7th of august
D's Car


Singing along to every song that plays on the I-pod. and having fun.

I sent a text message to yousef telling him that i'm going with D to eat breakfast at lenotre.

"Call haya right now!" D suggested.

"Uhh....why?" I asked.

"Just talk." D said.

"uh, i dont see any point in that." I said.

"Just call w se2lay 3anha w bs." She said.

"Mabi, you call!" I said.

"No, ana shku, you call yallah!" She said.

"okay, i still dont see the point though." I said and got out her number and called.

"Aloo?" she said.

"Aloo, hala haya shlounich?" I said.

"Hala feech,El7emdellah bkhaiir, entay shlounich? shakhbarich?" Haya said.

"Ana tmam el7emdellah." I said.

"Ha lail7een edeg 3laich el unknown caller?" she said.

"Uhh...No." I said.

"9ij? zaiin ashwaaa." she said,

"Yeah, what are you up to?" I asked.

"nothing much wallah, ya eb bait yadity ya blshalaiih." She said.

"Nice, enzain agoulich when are you free?" I said and looked at D thinking WHAT AM I SAYING!!!

"Wallah madrii, im free tonight." she said.

"Tonight...hmm, okay, i'll see you tonight at 7:30 okay?" I said.

"Okay, sure!" She said.

"Bye hayouna!" I said.

"Bye sweetie." She said and the phone call ended.

"WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!?" D yelled as soon as i closed the line.

"I dont know, i dont know!" I paniced.

"Haha, don't even think that im coming with you tonight!" She said.

"D please come!!! yal sakheefa you made me call her!!!!" I yelled.

"I'll think about it!" She said and laughed.

"Thank you!!" I said.

Sunday 7th of august
My Bedroom

I was getting ready to go out with Haya, D ditched me! i'm going to kill her later!!!

I was soo nervous, i don't what we're going to talk about & i'm afraid i'll slip something that i shouldn't tell her.

I wore a simple black dress and applied eyeliner and a red bold lipstick and got in my car.

I called Haya.

"Aloo, hiiiiiii!" she said.

"Hiii, hayouna, ha ready?" I said.

"Almost, where are you!?" She asked.

"I just got in my car, 10 mins w akoun 3indech, be ready!" I said and closed the line

I text messaged Yousef telling him im going out with Haya.

10 minutes later, he called.

"Aloo, hiii" I said.

"Hala, Waiin betrou7een with haya?" He asked.

"I don't know. anywhere." I said.

"Ehya e3zemtich?" He asked.

"No, i did." I said.

"W shel6arii?" he said.

"Menziman 3anha, gelt ne6la3 w we catch up." I said.

"B3d 3umrii wallah galbich Abyaa'9!" He said.

I giggled.

"A7ebich wallaah!" He said.

"Thank you.." I said.

"Shnu thank you ya bnaya!" He said.

"Hehe, shtbeeni agoul?" I said.

"Ha? Goulay i love you too b3d ma yabeelaha tafkeer!" He said.

"Bs you know it already, mala da3i i say it." i said.

"3ayaraa!" He said.

I giggled "Yousef i'll talk to you later, im almost reaching Haya's House okay?" I said.

"Okay baby, Take care!" He said.

"You too, love you, bye!" I said.

"Ha shgeltaaay?" He said.

i giggled, "Bye yousef" I said & closed the line.

I called Haya to let her know i'm outside her house.

She came out and got in the car. we kissed cheeks and i drove away.

She took my phone to see the mobile's wallpaper. it was an image of me and D.

"Allah the pic etshaweg!" She said.

"Thank youu!" I said.

"Sha3rich here wayid 7eloo!" She said, "Actually shaklich eb party D kan wayid 7elu mashallah" She continued.

"Thank you, 3younich el7elwa!" I said.

"Waay et9adgeen fegadtich yal khaysa!" She said.

"Ma tafgedeen ghalyy.." I said

"Shloun Dano!?" She asked.

"el7emdellah zaina." I said.

"Laish mara7 teyee weyana?" She asked.

"She has other plans" I said.

"3ad i miss her ba3ad!" She said.

I smiled "Im sure she misses you too.." I said.

"BEEEP" i recieved a message & guess where my phone is? HAYA'S HAND! :)

- S™

Monday, November 17, 2008

Part TwentyTwo;; "You said hello; little did i know.."

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I kept walking without letting him sense that i noticed his stalking. I went in Vavavoom and bought Guerlain bronzer, YSL Touche Blush & An Oh! De Moschino perfume.

I saw him waiting outside at one of the exit doors. i decided to go to the other exit of Vavavoom to get him lost.

I got out and kept walking, i took a glance back and he wasn't there. i was relieved.

I went to Krispy Kreme to get a dozen of Orginal Glaze. I was addicted.
While i was waiting for KK's lady to put the donuts in the box my phone rang.

it was an unknown number. OOPS!

My heart started beating so fast while the phone is ringing and vibrating in my hand. i was scared shitless. i don't know why!

I ignored of course and took the KK's bag and decided to just get away from the avenues as soon as possible.

"BEEEP" Text message recieved. "Wain en7eshtaay?" From the same unknown number. LEAVE ME ALONEEE!! ugh.

I went down to the parking lot and FROZE!

He was in his car waiting behind my parked car! WTF!!! IS HE CRAZY!!? I stood there looking in a total shock!

He mimmed for me to come. that made me piss my pants a little.
I quickly went back up to the mall and hid in one of the ladies restroom.

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues restroom

I called D.
I thought if i called Yousef; it's going to be a HUGE problem, and i wasn't in the mood.

"D!!! S.O.S!!!" I yelled as soon as she answered.

"WHAAT? WHAAAT!!?" She yelled back.


"HUH? HOW? WHY!?" She asked.


"WHO'S THE JERK!?" she yelled.


"OMG! HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S HIM!?" she asked.

"That's not important! What can i do?!" I said.

"Is he hot?" D asked.

"HOE!!! Rakzay PLZ!! and yes he is!" I said.

"OH wow, you lucky bitch!" She said.

"TAKE MY PLACE!! wallah ma abeeh! im scared d!!!" I yelled.

"Enzain where is waiting?" She asked.

"Next to my car!" I yelled.

"WTF!! YUMAA!" She yelled.

"Honey, you're not helping!" I said.

"Im sorry, do you want me to come?" She said.

"YESSS PLEASE!!" I said.

"Okay, 10 minutes w akoun 3indech,bye!" She said.

"HAHAHA, Yeah right! byeee" I said.

I thought i should just stay in the bathroom until D get here.

"Beeep" Another text message from him; "Shfeeech wain re7tayy?" I ignored.
I waited for almost 20 minutes before D decided to show up.

"Hiii..!" D said when she entered the restroom.

"Hey, shdaraach enna i was in this restroom?" I asked.

"Cos you like this one?" She said.

"Did you see him outside?" I asked.

"Idiot, w ana shdaranii 3annah!?" She said.

"Oh am i glad to see you!!" I said with a sigh of relief.

"hehe, Okay now what?" D said.

"I dont know, im just glad someone is with me!" I said.

"Okay, then let's go and eat because im starving!" She said.

Saturday 6th of august
Johnny Rocket's Avenues

"Enzain laish ma tgouleeen 7ag yousef yet9araf ma3ah?" D suggested and took a bite out of her Orginal cheeseburger.

"NOWAY!! maynouna!! Yousef is crazy, esawee elly ebrasa!!" I said & took a bite out of my #12 Burger.

"ee 9aa7, bs may9eer ya3ni shbetsaween!?" she said.

"I dont know! i really dont!" I said.

"W lama Yousef erou7 USA, now 9ij shnu betsaweeen?" She asked.

"I dont know, please don't make me think ahead, kelshay eb wagtaa!" I said.

"Okay, allah ekoun eb 3ounich sweetie! bs you know im always here for you!" She said.

"I know, i love you!" I said.

"I love you too!" She said.

My phone rings and interrupt our delicious moment. It's the unknown caller.

"Uff, meta emel!!?" I said.

"Let me answer!" D yelled and took my phone.

"Aloo" she said.

"Na3am?" "Mballah.." "No, It's me!" "Okay BYE!" & she gave me back the phone.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He said Deema? La hatha mu 9outich, entay yemkin her friend ekhtara3t w sakarta!" she said.

"OMG, Obsessed much!" I said.

"Yeah, he's really desperate!" She said.

"Haya mu mn 9ijha!" I said.

"Well, i think Haya just gave him your number, but he actually fell inlove with you!" She said.

"What? i dont think so! ambaay, we never had a proper talk for him to fall in love with me! that's silly!" I said.

"Well, Yousef fell inlove with you before even speaking to you, didn't he?" She asked.

"uhh..." I stoped talking for a while.. "I guess.." I continued.

"This is too complicated!" She said.

"7daa!" I said and took a sip from my diet coke.

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

We were walking from Johnny to the parking lots.

"What if he's still waiting there?" I said to D, worried.

"La shda3wa i don't think so!" She said.

"He's crazy, esaweeha wallah!" I said.

"La i don't think he'd wait that long 3ad! e9eer 9ij desperate!" D said.

We got to the parking lots and thank god he wasn't there.

"Ashwaa!" I said as soon as i noticed no one was around my car.

"Yalla enmashi ba3a'9 lai share3 demashq!" D said and walked to her car.

"Okay, ciao!" I said and walked to my car.

Just before i get in my car i saw a piece of paper on the door handle.

"what's that i wondered.."

it read "Call me please. you know who i am!"

I ripped the paper and threw it away.
He's starting to get on my nerve!

Phone rings. None other than the unknown caller. I ignored.
He sent a text. "Please say anything..?"

I replied with; "Leave me alone,please!"

I started the car engines and followed D.

5 minutes later. BEEP.
A new text message.

- S™

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Part TwentyOne;; "I'd still be right here waiting.."

Saturday 6th of august
My bedroom

Woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked and it was Yousef calling. I picked up.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Aloo, deema!" He said.

"Yousef shfeeek?" I asked.

"Dayouma, 7da '9aayeg khelgii.." He said with the saddest tone i ever heard.

"SHFEEK?"I said and got up.

"Wallah madri shagoul, '9ayeg khelgi enni basafer barra w akhaleech.." He said.

"It's okay, i'll wait for you..!" I said.

"I can't let you hold on to me w ana bara adris." he said.

"Yousef, dont make it hard, i want to wait for you!" I said.

"B3d 3umri wallah 9a3ba 3alay asaweeha.." he said.

"It's ok yousef, wallah la tfaker feeni, 7ati derastik lamma etsafer." i said.

"Ya 7abeebti shloun ma afaker feech w entay 3umrii?" He said.

I giggled.

"wallah bs lama sema3t 9outich nesaiit hammi.." He said.

"Yala 3ad, 9outi ekhari3." I said and giggled.

"Mn ga9 3laiiiich!?" He said.

"Ma7ad, im just saying." I said.

"Gelbay wayhich, 9outich sh7alata ma feeh shay, ana artaa7 etha sema3ta!" He said.

"Thank you?" I said

"thanks 3la shnu? Ma gelt shay ana." He said.

"Okay, 3yal mu thank you." I said.

"Haha, a7ebich." He said.

"Me too." I said.

"You too shnu?" He said, teasing.

"Me too w khala9 3ad!" I said.

"Enzain goulay elkelma..?" He said.

"Ma abi." I said.

"Laish y3ni?" He asked.

"bs mabii, me too takfii." I said.

"3ayaraa!" He said.

"Lail7een '9ayeg khelgik?" I asked.

"La ya 3umrii, allah ekhaleech ley wallah enech raya7teenii.." He said.

I giggled. "enzain ana barou7 Avenues abi ashteri chum shaghla." I said.

"Tabeen ayee weyach?" He asked.

"La wain teyee, khalek ga3id blbait, mala da3ii." I said.

"Akhaf a7ad yet7arash feech!" He said.

"Waiih,la ma7ad eb yet7arash balbes training w barfa3 sha3ri w arou7, w now maku wayid nas." I said.

"Ya 7alatich wentay labsa el training" He said.

"N9aaab! Shdaraak?" I asked.

"I can picture it!" He said.

"khala9 ana akhaleek now, 3ad ma awa9eek la e'9eeg khelgik, okay?" I said.

"Enshallah 7yatii" He said.

"W etha '9ag khelgik, you know where to find me, yalla byee" I said w the phonecall ended.

Saturday 6th of august
My car
1 PM

On my way to the avenues, i wanted some beauty products from vavavoom and i wanted to shop in some certain stores. I was listening to my i-pod on shuffle, and the song "Breathe" By Anna Nalick was playing and i was singing along.

i was 5 minutes away from the avenues. i saw a guy in a tayota Prado and he was around 20 or 21 years old i assumed,he has really dark hair and he's tanned, he looked good, he's been following me for almost 3 minutes and when i go to a different lane, he would drive to the same lane,is he following me, or his destination is the avenues too?

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I was walking to an escalator after finishing shopping in Gap & topshop when i saw the Prado guy behind me and he wanted to get on the escalator too,
coincidence much?
Or am i thinking way too much into this?

- S™

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part twenty;; "Why do you have to go?"

Friday 5th of august
The roof of my house

I was tanning and listening to music when my phone rang.

"An unknown number" appeared on screen, i decided to ignore.

He/she/it Called again. & again. I kept ignoring.

Then i recieved a text message from that same number that said "reday 3aib 3laich ta7gereen.." That scared me. I ignored his text as well.

Friday 5th of august

Still on the roof

Yet another different unknown number called, and i answered without thinking.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Alo, hala, zain rdaiitay." A manly voiced said at the other end.

"I'm sorry, mnu ma3ay?" I asked.

"Ana wa7id mutayam feech." He said.

"Na3am?" I said.

"Agoul ana mutayam feech!" He repeated.

"You dont even know me, shloun mutayam?" I asked.

"La tes2eleeni shloun, ana ma adriii.." He said. "Elmohim e3jebtich elhadiya?" He said.

"YOU'RE THE SENDER!!!?" I yelled.

"Eee." He said.

"OH MY GOD! BYE!" I said and closed the line.

He called again. i ignored.
He sent a text message 5 minutes later, "Fdaiiit elly ya7geroun!"

Friday 5th of august

I was sleeping on the couch when dad came in the house.

"Deema..?" He said. "Deema!" He called out again.

"Deema" he said and poked me.

"Na3aam..?" I said half asleep.

"Goumay 7beebti, 7azzat el maghrib mu zain tnameen." He said.

"Enzain.." I said and yawned.

He went upstairs and i went back to sleep.

about 20 minutes later my phone rang.

It was Yousef.

"Aloo..?" I said

"Aloo,halla dayouma." He said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Shlounich? shakhbarich?" He asked.

"El7emdellah bkhair, ent shlounek?" I asked.

"Tmam el7emdellah, are you busy!" He said.

"No,why?" I asked.

"Bakalmich eb maw'9ou3." he said.

"What?" I asked, worried.

"I don't know how to say this,bs i'm going away 3 weeks from now and i might not be back for more than 2 years." He said.

"WHAT?! GO WHERE?" I yelled and got up and quickly went up to my room.

"USA. I'm going to study there." He explained.

"Oh.." I said and stayed quiet for a while.

"Deema?" He said.

"Hala.." I said.

"La tasketeen.." He said.

"Uh..meta 8arart enek ebtadris barra?" I said.

"Menziman, bs ma geltlich l2ana ma knt met2akid mn el maw'9ou3." He said.

"Oh, bs elmafrou'9 etgouli 7ta law ma knt met2akid!" I said.

"Asif, ma knt adri shasawee, ma knt aby akhserech!" He said.

"Meta betoru7?" I said. Trying not to shed a tear.

"25th of august." He said.

"W you mit2akid?" I asked.

"Ee, 7ajaztli ticket w a rented a place there w everything is ready." He said.

"W ehoun 3laik etkhaleeni hnee brou7ii a7ateeek?" I asked,

"Wallah la2, hatha a93ab shay, knt shway w ahawin 3lsalfa." He said.

"Enzain, allah ewafgek enshallah.." I said.

"Mashkoura 7yatii, you'll be fine without me, bs la tkhafeen im going to keep in touch with you a lot." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Dayoum! la t'9aygeen khelgi, please!" He said.

"Okay." I said, again.

"Dayoum!!!" He yelled, "a7ebich!" He said.

"Thank you." I said.

"el3afo" He said.

"akalmek b3dain, ciao." I said w sakart el phone.

I called D & weeped.

- S™

Friday, October 31, 2008

Part Nineteen;; "Is this in my head? I don't know what to think."

Wednesday 3rd of August

"Halla mama..?" I said and went back to the livingroom.

"Fii present ew9alatlich elyoum mn Dana,76aiit'ha eb your room.." She said.

"Present? Shnu ehya?" I wondered for a sec.

"Wallah madri ya bnayti.." She said.

"Okay, thanks ana now arou7 ashouf.." I said "Te9be7een 3la khair" and went running upstairs.

Wednesday 3rd of August
my bedroom

I entered my room and saw a box placed on my bed. I quickly went and read the card; it said "I love you. -- Dana"

Why would D send me a present suddenly?
& When did she send it when i was with her the whole time!?

I picked up my phone and called D.

"Helloo loove!" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Heyy!" She said.

"Thanks for the present...!" I said.

"Ay present?!" She said, confused.

"Haw, you dazatli a present!" I explained.

"No i didn't." She said.

"Then who is it..." I wondered "Oh, i see, it's probably from Yousef then." I guessed.

"Awwh, he used my name, how sweeet!" She said.

"Yeah, that's a smart move!" I said. and giggled.

"Awwh, open it noow!" She yelled.

"Okay okay!" I said and opened the wrapping paper around the box.

"Soo what is it?!" She asked.

"I dont know waiiit.." I said.

I opened the box and it had 2 things; A piece of paper, which i assumed was a letter, and a Chanel box.

"It has a letter, and a Chanel box!" I said.

"Chanel!? Awwh, what is it?!" She asked.

I opened the box, and it had the cutest Chanel earrings.

"It's Chanel earrings!" I yelled.

"Awwh, You lucky ass!" She said.

"That is soo sweet of him!" I said. and blushed.

"I can see you blushing you know!?" She joked.

"Haha shut up, bye im going to thank him!" I said.

"Okay, tell him i said hi!" she said and laughed.

I called him. It rang 4 times before he answered.

"Aloo." He said

"Aloo, hiii!" I said.

"Halla wallah..." He said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Ghareeba dagga." He said. "Ha enshallah hadaiitay mn elsalfa?" He continued.

"No, bs i'll get over it. thanks 3l present." I said.

"Ay present?" He asked.

"You didnt send me a present?" I asked, so confused!

"No, laish wa9latlich present?" He asked.

"Yeah! and i thought it was from you, cos it says 'Dana' On the card, and i called dana and its not her." I explained

"Ohh, la wallah mu ana.." He said.

"Haw, ambay 3yal mnu?" I wonderd.

"Wallah madrii, what's the present?" He asked.

"A Chanel earrings and a piece of paper, wait a minute!" I said.

"Okay." He said.

I got out the paper and read it.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled.

"Shfeeeeech!!?" He asked.

"It's...The unknown caller!" I said.

"Na3am!!? Shyabii hatha!!" He yelled.

"Shdaranii, 3al paper katib a peom then akher shay katib 'Is this proof enough that i love you more than Yousef?' Let me know then katib his number" I said. i was shivering!


"Okay, yousef stop yelling, im not him you know!" I said.

"Im sorryy sweetie, wallah 7mar shyabi!" He said.

"I dont know! oh my god, wallah ga3da arjef" I said.

"Calm down, ma yegdar esawee feech shay w rasi eshem elhawa!" He said.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, worried.

"Ra7 etshoufeen shasawii, bs khal e6ee7 eb eedee!" He said.

"Yousef, please don't do something crazy!" I said.

"Crazy? Hahay! wallah la awareeh njyoum elgayla!" He said.

"Yousef!! Please!!" I begged.

"Enzain enzain.." He said.

"Yousef, im serious!!" I said.

"Enzain ya bnt el7alal, ma9ar shay al7een.." He said.

"Okay, allah yastir.." I said.

"La tkhafeen 3alay.." He said.

"Etha ma akhaf 3laik,3ayal akhaf 3la mnu?" I said.

"B3d 3umrii,la bs ana chithi hawant mara7 asawee shay, bs etha sawa shay marra thania, mouta 3la eedee!" He said.

"3ayal mara7 agoulek etha sawa shay!" I said.

"La yuba, gouleenlii, mara7 asawee shay!" he said.

"La, adrii feek!" I said.

"enshouf.." He said.

and then we talked for a couple of hours more before i went to bed.

Thursday 4th of august
My bedroom

I woke up to find a message from yousef that said "Good morning sunshine!:*"

I called D and told her about the unknown caller.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! FREAK!!" She yelled.

"I know! yuma! wallah khayfa!" I said.

"Khayfa mn shnu?" She asked.

"Madrii, akhaf Yousef e9eer feeh shay!" I said.

"La besmellah 3laih, laishh etfakreen chithi!" She said.

"Wallah madri, i just have a bad feeling around this!" I said.

"La dont be scared, Yousef rayal, he can take care of himself, take care of yourself!" She said.

"Take care of me? Whyyyy la tkhar3eeni!!" I yelled.

"Madrii, dont answer unknown numbers, o just ignore him! he'll give up!" She said.

"I hope he does give up w leave me alone!!" I said.

- S™

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Part Eighteen;; "The heart won't lie, even though her face may try..!"

Tuesday 2nd of August
D's room

"You are the most beautiful girl i ever layed eyes on;* besmellah 3laiiich!" D said.

"Whatever! that doesnt mean im not mad at him!" I said, "But really he said that?" I blushed.

"Awwh, that's cute! Deems 7aram!!" She said.

"Okay, bs shnu you blame me for being mad?!!" i asked.

"No, but reply to him with something." D said.

"NO!! i want him to sense that what he did was wrong, i don't want to tell him!" I said.

"3neeeeeeeeeeeeeeda!!!" She said and threw the pillow at me.

Wednesday 3rd of August
D's bedroom

"Deems goumay yalla basich noum!" D yelled.

" MABI!!!! aby anaaam 7aram 3laich!" I yelled back.

"NO, up! noww!" She yelled and pulled the cover.

"Uff, enzain." I said.

Checked my phone, i had a misscall from yousef and a message that says "Oh, i guess your sleeping, noum el3awafii;*"

Wednesday 3rd of August
D's car

On our way to Nino avenues Singing along to Rashed Almajed's mix.


"Yousef is calling!" I yelled.

"So? Answer!" D said.

"Mabii! im mad, REMEMBER!" I said.

"Okay, ya 7mara 3n eldala3, just pick up!" She said.

I picked up "Aloo..?" I said.

"Alo, hala deema!" He said.

"Halla feek." I said.

"Shlounich after el party?" He asked.

"3adi zaina." I said.

"Dayoum! feech shay?!" He asked.

"No, ma feeni ella el3afya!" I said.

"3ayal shfeech chinich malich khelg etkalmeeni?" He asked.

"I'm just mad, ok!!!" I yelled, kind of.

"Mad? Minnii?" He asked.

"Eee!" I said.

"Afa, laish shsawaiit ana?" He said.

"Ya3ni enta 3indek elly swaiita ams 3adii?" I asked.

"Deema, 7beebti, wa'97ay kalamich, shsawaiit bl'9ab6?" He asked, so innocently.

"Enek yayeb Hayoun el party!!!" i snapped.

"Waiih, wallah 8a9ib re'9aiit,ma kan 3indaha a7ad ewadeeha!" He said.

"I dont care!! you did it anyway!" I said.

"Deema, hadday, wallah mala da3i etkabreen elsalfa, ehya dagat 3la mom etgoulaha 3adi ana awadeeha elparty,cos her driver omha kanat makhtheta." He said.

"W ana shku feeha! Maku sheghil etwadeeha! ma 3endaha ekhwan!!!" I said.

"La 3ad wallah 6al3een el shalaiih kelhum." He said.

"Kaifha, la teyee elparty, bs mu ent etwadeeeha!!" I yelled.

"Enzain, khala9 hadday, 7a9al khaiir." He said. so calmly!!

"Khala9 okay, bye!" I said. & the phone call ended.

Wednesday 3rd of August
Nino avenues

2 messages from yousef after the phone call, one that said

"Plz call me lama tehdaiiin"


"Bs deeema tara beyee el youm elly emel men dala3ich w ehedich!" D said.

"Ay dala3!? dano, wallah ayshay shnu ya3ni ewadee his cousin party?" I said.

"Okay, bs 7aram ohwa galich ena makan 3indaha a7ad eyeebha, khala9 6awfay elsalfa" D said.

"I will...eventually, bs 3shan he knows enna it's wrong, i dont want to tell him everytime he's wrong! he should know that!" I said.

"Okay....." she said. "Dalou3a!" She coughed.

"I heard that!" I said.

"I know.."
She said and called the waiter for the cheque.

Wednesday 3rd of August

Tawni dasha elbait, mom was sitting in the livingroom watching Desperate housewives, haha.
"Elsalam mama!" I said and kissed her forehead.

"Halla bnaytii.. ha shloun el party ams?" She asked.

"Amazing! i had so much fun, bs now 7dii daykha,barou7 anam.." I said.

"okay 7abeebti, te9be7een 3la khair" She said.

And just when i was going upstairs she called out for me.

"ee 9a7!! Dayoum...."

- S™