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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Part ThirtyOne;; "Scared to death to face reality..!"

Saturday 22nd of august

I got out of the bathroom after taking a quick shower.
I went to my phone and i saw a missed call from D.

i called her back.

"Hii love, ha sh9aaar with you and Yousef?" she said.

"Ohh, i totally forgot to tell you, it was a silly misunderstanding.." I said.

"Oh, ashwa il7amdellah, yay, yalla 3yal we should celebrate!" She said.

"haha, Celebrate what?" I asked.

"I don't know, anything, let's just go out, tra i miss you ya shagoul!" She said.

"I miss you too wallah, okay, where do you want to go?" I asked.

"umm, how about Chocolate bar albedi3..?" She said.

"Mmm, yeah cool, okay, what time?" I said.

"shwaya early cos be9eer 7ail za7ma.." She said.

"Okay sure, i'll pick you up around 6?" I said.

"Yeah, 6 is perfect!" She said.

"Okay, see you then." I said, "Ohh waiit, what are you going to wear?" I asked.

"Madri, i was just gonna ask you!" She said.

"Madri, la nekshaakh cos mali khelg ka3ab!" I said.

"Okay, flats all the way, yalla bye love, barou7 i take a shower!" She said.

"Okay, na3eeman mu8aadaman" I said.

"Allah yen3am eb7alich mu8adaman, yalla ciao ciao!" she said and closed the line.

Saturday 22nd of august

While the i-pod was playing on shuffle, and the song "Who knew?" By pink was on, i got out my phone and opened a new text message to send to Yousef.
"Hii babe, i'm going to Choco bar with D @ 6, okay?;p" and i went downstairs to tell mom that i'm going.

As i was walking down the stairs i heard mom and dad talking and laughing.

I entered the living room, they were drinking Tea and watching "Rgaya w Sbeecha" On funoon

"ilsalaaam!" I said as i walked in the living room and went to kiss both mom and dad on their forehead.

"wa3alaykum ilsalam" both said.

"im going with D to chocolate bar, okay?" I said.

"Okay, 7beebtii w salmay 3laiha, mn zeman ma shefnaha." she said.

"Meta betrou7oun?" dad asked.

"at 6" I said.

"Ee zain, embacher, a7san." Dad said.

"ee, gabil il za7ma." I said.

"3afya 3la ebnaytii, deerbalich 3la nafsich, w la tet'hawerain bl sewaga, i know you!" Dad said.

"Enshallah baba." i said and smiled.

I sat with them watching "Rgaya w Sbeecha" until it finished then i went upstairs.

Saturday 22nd of august

I had one new message from Yousef.

"Okay sweetie, have fun, bs ay choco bar?"

"thanks;*, Choco Bar ilbedi3"
I replied.

"Okay, i might pass by after the Gym!" He replied after several minutes.

"Yay, i'll look for you!:$" i replied.

I got up and opened the closet,
i got out my black skinny jeans and a white "Romones" t-shirt and a black vest.

I wore them with black gladiator flats, and i put my hair up in a loose bun.

I looked myself at the mirror and thought i'm good to go.

I applied eyeliner and a little blush and a lipgloss and texted D.


I got my black Miu Miu bag w i put the stuff i need inside it and waited for D to reply.

Saturday 22nd of august

*BEEP* new text message.

"Yes im ready, get your ass here already!" was the message from D.

I laughed as i wore my bag on my shoulder and took a final look at my room before leaving, just making sure i didn't forget something.

I turned off the lights and went downstairs.

I got in my car and started the engine.
I got my I-pod and I-trip out of my bag and plugged it, and turned on the radio.

I let it play on shuffle, as always, and changed the Gear to "R" to get out of the Garage.

Changed the gear to "D" and drove off.

Saturday 22nd of august
My car
@ D's house


i missed call her 3shan she knows im outside.
I was singing along to the song "My heart is in your hands" by Feeling left out when i saw D getting out of their main gate wearing a long black leggings and a long off-white shirt with bright red bag. she looked so cuute with her red bold flats.

she got in the car.
"Hiii!!" she said and gave me a kiss.

"hii, ya 7mara you look so cuute!" I said.

"Thanks my love, yalla emshaay 3shan nou9al gbl ilza7ma!" She said.

I drove off.

Saturday 22nd of august
My car

On our way to ilbedi3.

"Yousef might come to Choco bar!" I said.

"LIAAR!!?" She yelled.

"Wallah he said he might pass by." I said.

"Awwh, that's cool, good thing you wore something black, it's hot on you!" She said.

"Really? thanks!" I said.

"Yeah, ha what are you going to order?" She said.

"I don't know, i'm thinking Pasta in Pink sauce, you?" I said.

"Same! and of course french fries to share!" she said.

"No question about that, shrayich we order one pasta and fries to share? 3shan then we eat dessert!" I suggested.

"yeah, nice idea!" she agreed.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

It was full outside, we put our name in the waiting list, there two people above our name, but tehy both were a party of 4.

We stood near tumbleweed and the flower store waiting for our table.

We were standing and talking, when i noticed 2 guys sitting in one of the tables, they were staring a lot, it was a bit iritatting.
Ii felt like there was something wrong with how i looked or something was on my face.

"Waii3, could they stop staring!" I whispered.

"ee 7daa!" She whispered back.

We appraoched the guy taking the list to ask him if we're close to getting our table after seeing two groups leaving.

He lead us to our tabel, to our luck it was next to those 2 creepy staring guys.
Even though one of the guys was So attractive, he was tanned, and has thick eyebrows and a piercing eyes, WOW, but who am i kidding? I've got Yousef, i thought.

We got seated, and the waiter brought us the menu.

"We're ready to order!" I said before she hands me the menu.

"Okay ma'am." she said as she got out her small notepad and pen.

"I'll have one french fries, and one pink pasta, please." I said.

"Okay, that's it?" She said.

"Yeah, oh and 2 diet coke please." I said.

"NO NO! only one Diet coke, i'll have sprite" D said.

"Okay ma'am." She laughed and went inside.

"Sprite? really?" I said.

"Yeah, im trying to cut down on coke!" She said.

"Haha, since when?" I asked.

"Since a week ago." She said.

"OMG! you mean you didnt drink coke for a whole week? how can you survive?" I said.

"I'm struggling, but it's going good for me so far." she said.

"Oh wow, that's impressive." I said.

I was facing those 2 guys' table, while D gave them her back.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

*BEEP* New text message recieved.

"Ha 7ubii, shloun Choco bar? ;D" From yousef.

"Zain, where r u?" I replied.

"Was that yousef?" D asked.

"Yeah." I said and smiled.

The guy behind D thought i was smiling to him, he smiled back. ugh!!

I lowered my head shwaya and whispered "D, the guy behind you is getting on my nerves!"

"Laish, what is he doing? and which one exactly? the attractive one?" She asked.

"No, the other guy, with the dark green shirt." I said.

"Oh, wai3..shyabiii!" She said.

"I don't know, i was smiling at you, and he thought i was smiling at him!" I said.

"Ohh, shoot! al7een be7anich!" She said.

"7da!" I said.

"The other guy with him is not staring wayed 9aa7?" she asked.

"Eee, he's barely staring at anyone a9lan." I said.

"I liked him." she said.

I giggled.

*BEEP* *BEEP* two new text messages.

Why two? i wondered.

I checked the first one, it was from Yousef.

"I'm on my way to choco bar, tawni 6ali3 mn il Gym."

"I can't wait to see you!" I replied.

I opened the other new message and it was from KHALID!

"SHIT!" I said.

"Shfeech!!!?" D yelled.

"It's Khalid." I said.

"Waiina?" she asked.

"He texted me saying looking good tonight!" I said and shrugged.

"Ew, omg waiinaa!!" She said.

"I don't know, tra i don't know his face 3adil!" I said.

"OMG, could he be the creepy staring guy?" she said.

"NO NO! i don't think so. he wasn't that white." I said.

"But it might be him, cos he's staring way too much." She said.

"Ew, bs i doubt that's him, sh'hal 7ath!! you know Yousef is on his way here?!" I said.

"OMG!! what are you going to do?" She said.

"I don't know, and thanks, you're making me feel a lot better!" I snapped.

"Chillaax, sweetie, shbe9eer ya3ni?" She said.

"I don't know, bs Khalid knows about Yousef, and Yousef doesn't know about Khalid!" I said.

"Oh shit, and does he know how he looks?" She asked.

"I don't know, im hoping he doesnt, or i'll be dead meat today!" I said.

I ingored his message obviously, and made myself as if i didn't recieved any message from him, and tried not to look around too much.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

We were eating our pasta and the french fries.

*BEEP* new text message recieved, it was from Yousef.

"I just parked,i'll be in your sight soon! ;)"

OOPS! :')

- S™

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Part Thirty;; "You never will!"

Friday 21th of august

"Are you awake?" Was the new text messaeg i recieved. it was from YOUSEF!!

"Yes, i am!" I replied.

10 minutes later.

*RING RING* Soulmate calling.

I had this weird feeling. my heart started beating too fast.

I picked up.

"Aloo" I said with a shakey voice.

"Aloo.." he said with this sad tone.

then it was quiet for a while. I can hear him breathing at the other end.

"Yousef?" I said.

"3younaah.." He said.

"Teslam 3younik, shfeek sakit?" I said.

"Madri shagoul..." He said.

"well you did call, so lazem fee shay you need to talk to me about.." I said with the shakey voice, still.

"Ya3ni may9eer i called just to hear your voice?" He said.

"Emballah.." I whispered.

"Shlounich?" he said.

"Zaina, you?" I said.

"Zain damich zaina.." He said.

"Yousef, can we talk about yesterday?" I said. "Can i clear things up?" I said.

"No need, i was just upset that you didn't tell me you were talking on the phone w emsakba feeni on msn." He said.

"Let me make it clear for you.." I said. "I was --" I stopedd.

"Khala9 Dayouma, ensay ilsalfa." He interrupted me.

UGH!! i wanted to tell him about Khalid! but now i hesitated.

"Okay, 3la ra7tik." I said.

"Wain re7tay ilyoum?" He asked.

"I went ilba7ar at around 7AM" I said.

"Na3am?" He said. "LAISH!?" He half yelled.

"Because i was upset, and i needed the fresh air." I said.

"Upset? mn salfat ams?" He said.

"EE akeed, w a9lan mu nayma ana mn ams!" I said.

"Olaaa, dayoum mu chethyy 3ad." He said.

"Shasawii, you signed off msn, and you switched your phone off, what was i suppose to do?" I said.

"Sweetie, every couple goes through these stuff, you need to lighten up shwaya.." He said.

"Ya3ni you're saying i over reacted?" I said.

"A little bit.." He laughed.

"It's not funny.." I said.

"I'm sorry, bs wallah sweetie makan la da3i chethy, chan nemtay!" He said.

"I couldn't! i actually thought i lost you there for a second, which was terrifying!" I said. i felt my heart stopped when i said those words.

"ola ola,ba3ad galbi entay, you never will! atleast mu eb hal sehoula, ga3id 3la galbich." He said.

"Hehe,eg3ad w teraba3 b3d. & I'm sorry i didnt tell you i was talking on the phone." I said.

"It's okay.." He said.

"I love you.." I said.

"I love you more." He said.

"HAH! you wish." I said.

"I do, and that's final, yalla rou7ay khemday" He said.

"Inshallah, 3ad im so tired." I said.

"Salamtich mn ilta3ab, yalla galbi 3afya 3al sha6ra rou7ay namay erta7ay." He said.

"Okay, good night." I said.

"Good night." He said.

"Bye.." I said and closed the phone.

I felt this huge wieght was lefted off of my chest.
I finally could breathe easily without choking with every breath of air i inhale.

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth and changed into my PJ.

I jumped into my bed like i was a little kid who just came from the playground.

Just as soon as i layed my head on the pillow.

*BEEEP* new message recieved.

I opened it and it was from Yousef. "I love you ya a7la ma fii ilkoon!:*"

I blushed as if he was infront of me and said those warm hearting words.

I replied with "But never as much as i love you.."

I turned of my nightlight and closed my eyes.

about 10 minutes later.

I got up from my phone vibrating notifying me with a new text message.

I opened it and with one eye reading the message

"Wainich mu embayna?"

It was from none other that Khaled.
Just my luck!! uff.

I slipped my phone back under my pillow and shut my eyes to finally go to sleep!

Saturday 22nd of august

I woke up and pulled my phone from under the pillow to see 4 new text messages
2 from yousef, and 2 from khalid.

I read the first two which were from khalid.
"Shda3wa ma treedeen??"
"Nemtaay? :P"

I ignord and went to read yousef's messages.
"9baa7 ilkhaiiir;*"
"Olaa, lail7een nayma? gelna namay bs mu chethyy! shalakhtay ilmukhaadaa teshilikh!:P"

I gigled, and replied with
"hehe, shasawii youm kamil mu nayma.. :$ 3alay bil3afyaa(A)!" i sent it and got up to wash my face and brush my teeth and pee.

I was in the bathroom when i heart my phone rings.

I ran out of the bathroom and it was Khalid.
ugh, shyabi, i was running for...well nothing!
I pressed on Mute and went back to the bathroom.

- S™

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part TwentyNine;; "I'm officially missing you.."


No more breaks inshallah, not anytime soon atleast!!

missed every single one of you! :**

Friday 21th of august

My bedroom


I've tried calling Yousef countless times, his phone was switched off. and he signed out of Msn, how can i reach him? :S

I need to explain to him!!
I didn't tell him about Khaled, shit i'm in trouble, i thought.

My mind was too tired to function, and to think of a way..

I thought i should sleep and things will sort out tomorrow.

Friday 21th of august
My bedroom

Several Hours passed and i still can't sleep..

i made an attempt to count till i fall asleep; i failed.

I was still staring at the cieling of my room.
and all i could think about is "Shda3wa Yousef chethi 3a9aab!" i just dont get it.
What if someone just happen to call when you called? ever think about that before turning away from me?
I wanted to punch someone so bad....someone like KHALED!!

Friday 21th of august
My bedroom

Suddenly, i saw the sun shine creeping from my window.
And i was still in the same position, with my I-pod turned on shuffle.
I did not move.

I looked at the time, i still can't sleep, i guess i'm not sleeping today.

I got up, washed my face, put my hair up in a loose bun and got in my black sweatpants and over-sized Oxford jersey and yellow crocs and got into my car.

Friday 21th of august
My car

I plugged in the I-trip and played songs on shuffle.

"Breathe" By Anna Nalick started playing.

I was singing along behind my rayban sunglasses.

The streets were empty.
i got out of Qurtoba and took the firtst U-turn. i'm going to Al-ba7ar.

I was driving 200kl/h in the Gulf road.
There was hardly any cars around me.
I was singing and speeding and i didn't care about anything.

i felt good....for a while.

I parked in the Scientific centre parking lots and got out of my car.
I sat on the rock bench and stared at the sea.
Few people were passing by, but i felt so lonely.
I felt soo tiny infront of the sea.
I took a deep breath and got out my mobile out of my pocket.
No misscalls, no new messages.

I wanted to try and call Yousef but it was too early.
instead i got into my car and decided to eat something.

Friday 21th of august
McDonald's Drive thru

"Good morning, Ma'am." Mcdonald's Salesmen said as soon as i reached the 'order here' window.

"Good morning, Can i have one McMuffin meal please..?" I said.

"Sure, anything else?" He said.

"Oh yeah, the orange juice with extra ice please." I added.

"Sure, that'll be 950fils." he said.

"Okay.." I said and got a 1KD out of my wallet and handed it to him.

"Thank you ma'am" He said and handed me 50 fils change and the receipt

I drove to the next window to get my order.

I took my order and drove off.

I parked in one of the parking lots near the sea and ate my breakfast, peacefully.

Friday 21th of august
On the road

I decided to go back home, i was in the traffic light of Al-mansouriyah and Qadsiyah one.

I dialed in Yousef's number and pressed on call.

"The mobile has been switched off or is out of the coverage area, please try later."

The lights turned green, i put my phone down and drove.
The next traffic light that caught me, i held my phone and thought that i can probably text him and he'll answer me sooner or later.

"Hii Yousef, Don't get mad without knowing what's going on, please, call me asap." I pressed on send and drove home.

Friday 21th of august

Still no sign of any messages, is it me? or is he making it a REALLY BIG deal? :/

I called D.

"D!!!!" I yelled.

"Heyy dayoum!! shfeech!?" she said.

"Long story! i need your help. come over?" I said.

"Okay, give me an hour or two, i'll finish what i'm doing and then i'll come." she said.

"Okay, love you, ciao!" I said and closed the line.

I opened my laptop and signed on msn bu appreared to be "Offline."

5 poeple were online.
None i was interested in talking to.
Instead i opened the internet explorer and opened Youtube page.

I watched random funny vidoes while eating Skittles.
I almost choked on one.

Friday 21th of august

D is finally here and i told her everthing.
still nothing from Yousef.

"Ayshay, shda3wa!" D said.

"I know, ufff!" I said, "ilmushkela he's travelling in 4 days!!! 4 days!! shasawii!!" I yelled.

"Calm down, im pretty sure he'll figure that he's being a drama-king w he'll get over himself!" She said.

"I don't blame him for getting mad, bs atleast give me a chance to explain!" I complained.

"Yeah, he should!" She said.

"CALL HIM!" I jumped.

"what?!" she said.

"CALL HIM, maybe mn your phone he'll pick up?" I said.

"I thought you said his phone was turned off?" She asked.

"Yeah, thats what they tell me when i call him, bs maybe he used the divert calls?" I assumed.

"Maybe, okay i'll call." She said.

I gave her his number and she called. Mobile is switched off.

COME ON!! :/

"You know what, i give up, im not gonna try to call him, im pretty sure he got mor than 10 missU from me!" I said.

"Yeah, i think you shouldn't call anymore, give him time hal dalou3!" She joked.

"Wallah 9ij, narfaznii, ya3ni okay 3a9ib, bs atleast esma3 ilsalfa minni..!" I said.

"EE wallah khala9 entay sawaiitay elly 3laich, lama ohwa he gets over himself ra7 eyee crawling back to you." she said.

"Thanks sweetie!" I said.

"what are bestfriends for?" She said and winked.

"You're the best, wallaah!" I said.

"I try to be!" She joked. "I have to go now, i'll see you later, let me know what happens!" She said.
I walked her to the door, and she blew a kiss at me on her way to her car.

Friday 21th of august

Sitting in my room, feeling so empty.
there is something missing.
I seriously need to sleep.
I have a huge haedache but i can't shut my eyes without knowing what will happen next..
And i can't waste any time because i have not much time to fix this. and i'm out of chances to do so!

*BEEEP!* New text message.

- S™

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Please; bare with me.

I don't know what to say.
I have this huuuge pile of work to finish within 2 weeks.
So i don't have time to be on here and update.
I will be busy finishing college work, So I have to ask you all to wait for the new part in a week or two. but i'll try my best to update as soon as i can.
I'm sorry.
but im soo stressed with work, i'm barely catching up.
I'm going to miss you guys, and miss blogging!

Love you all;*!

- S™