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Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Gossip Girl"

What more do i say? I'm pretty sure im just one in a million if not trillion addicts to this HIT tv show. The show is sooo tense, it's amazing, and it's hard to stop once you started watching ! The second season's first episode premiered, but i haven't watch it..YET!! but i willl, i will!!! the first season was awesome! I'm getting the rush just talking about it, my god!
The cast are so hot & fabulous. it is by far the best NEW tv series Not only is the script and events are great, but the clothes are even better!! Their clothes are amazing, i wish to own all the wonderful outfits they wear on the show. They inspire me with their fashion-forward styles!

If you watch this show you're my friend!!! if you don't...then...WATCH IT!!! WATCH IT!! WATCH IT!! and be my friend... (: rofl.



Anonymous said...

one word...

dreamGIRL said...

Haha, i know, Tell me about it!

Anonymous said...

wallah your stories are just as addictive bdoon mojamala ! =*

and i love gg downloadin the 2nd seasonn right now!

dreamGIRL said...

Desertpalms: haha, awwh, thank you:*

Season two is amazing!! i saw the first two episodes! cant wait to see the third episode.