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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part FiftyOne;; "Untitled."


Previously on "Across The Universe":

- I had a very romantic yet weird dream about Mishary.
- Waleedan, Mishary, and i were gonna go out, but it was postponed.
- Yousef is getting sick of ilghurba and wants to come back to Kuwait.
- Uncle Khaled is travelling to Dubai for a few days.
- I felt dizzy and my broken arms hurted me from the pillow fight i had with Mishary.
- Haya left several messages on msn, she wanted something.
- Someone was calling me.


3rd of September

"Aloo..?" I picked the phone.
It was an unknown caller.

"Aloo hala dayouma!" Haya said.

"Ohh, haya, hii!" I said.

"Shlounich?" She said.

"Tmam, you shlounich?" I said.

"Zaina, shfeech ma tredeen 3lay bilmsn?" She said. "Mnu sa3ed il7ath illy shaqil balich w shaqlich 3anii?" She continued.

Ugh, please dont start! i thought.

"No one, knt 7a6a away a9lan w ga3da bil9ala." I said. "Who's number is this?" I asked.

"Ohh, that's my new number, i thought i sent it to you in a message!" She said.

"Ohh, cool!" I said.

"Yeah, so how are things with you and Yousef?" She said.

"Come on Haya, are you really going to start this again?" I said.

"Start what?! it was a simple question." She said.

"No, we both know it wasnt just a simple question, me and Yousef are over, khalaaaa9 leave me alone, stop meddling in my life!" I said.

"I never meddled!" she said.

"Yeah right!" I said.

"Because i care, and ask about you and your life 9ert meddling?" She said.

"It's more than that hayoo!" I said.

"What's more dayouma!? laish you hold grudges!?" she said.

"I dont hold grudges, bs you're doing it again now! y3ni why are you asking about Yousef when you know we are no longer together!?" I snapped.

"Haw? I only asked to know are you guys still friends or no, i just wanted to know how you guys ended it, on good terms or not!" She explained.

"I don't think that's relevant to you, you dont need to know that." I said.

"Okay, sorryy i asked." She said. "I just called to say hi and know hwo you're feeling after the accident and your parents going away, and how are you handeling things." She said.

I felt shwaya bad, but it's HAYA!

"Okay, thanks for checking, im doing fine il7emdellah." I said.

"Il7emdellah, you know if you need anything you know where to find me.." She said.

"Thanks, ma tga9reen." I said.

"Akalmich later, take care!" She said.

We ended the phonecall.

I left my room and went to the living room upstaiirs.

No one was in the house, i was home alone.
I felt hungry and went downstairs to the kitchen to eat something.

I walked into the kitchen, i opened the fridge and took out Kraft cheese and fresh tomatoes.
I decided to make tomato cheese sandwich.

I was applying cheese on the sandwich when i heard a door shut.

"Misharyyy?" I yelled.
"Waleeedan?" I yelled again, There was no answer.

I got scared.
My phone was upstairs, i couldn't call any of them, and i dont memorize their number, so i cant call them from the house phone.

I was scared to leave the kitchen.
I finished making my tomato cheese sandwich and sat on the chair and ate it, in the kitchen with chocolate milk to drink.

I finished my sandwich and my chocolate milk, cleaned after me, and stood there in near the kitchen door.
I was scared.

"Misharyy?? Waleeeeeedaaan?? Janouyaa?? anyone there?" I yelled.

Still, no answer.
I didnt hearthe elevator working.
but i was pretty sure someone entered the house.
That means who ever is in the house with me....might be downstairs, or he/she/it actually went up the stairs.
'ma3qoula mishary forgot to lock the door behind him?' i thought.

I held a broom from the kitchen and left the kitchen and into the dining room.
I was taking baby steps, to the elevator while holding tight on the broomstick, my hands were sweating a bit, and my lips felt dry.

I was really getting scared, and i felt like i was in some kind of a scary movie.
and i also remembered Mishary's comment on being home alone, that i should go to the supermarket and get me some tuff to do traps.
That might've movies, but reality is so much CRUELER!:P

I held the broomstick very tightly and walked into the two connected rooms, the elevator was there.

"MISHAARYY?" I yelled, my voice was very shakey. i was terrified.

There was a bit of mud scattered near the main house doorway.

I got really scared i walked and sat on one of the connected livingroom couches and picked up the phone, dailed in D's number and waited for an answer.

"Alooo??" D answered.

"D! Le7gaay!!" I said.

"DAYOUM!?" She said.

"Yesss dayoum!" I said.

"Shfeech!?" She said.

"I'm scared, i'm not home alone....i think!" I said.

"Haa? shelsalfa?? i dont understand." She said.

"Well, mishary and waleedan left and im home alone, i was sure they left, w knt bilma6bakh asaweeli a snack to eat wela i hear the door shut. The main door!!" I said.

"OMG SCARY!!" She said.

"I know! shasawee?" I said.

"Hmm, talk to me here 3la ma a7ad eyeee, dam you are safe where you are." She said.

"No D khaayfa, i cant sit like that, i'm holding a broom in my hand!" I said.

She cracked up.

"Whaaat? What's funnyy?" I said.

"HAHA, a broom? mn 9ijich?? Take a weapon!! like a knife since u were in the kitchen!" She said

"Ee wallah, why didn't i take a knife?" I said and laughed.

"cos ghabeya besmellah 3la 3aqlich, rou7aay bring a knife w reday here, khalay ilsama 3shan asma3 etha 9ar feech shay!" She said

"chub ya 7mara la tkhar3eeni mani ray7a!" I said and looking around the room.

"haha, rou7aay shfeech! a broomstcik wont help you with anything!" She said.

"emballah it helps shda3wa!" I said.

"Okay, what is it, steel or wood?" she asked.

"Wood." I said.

"hmm, still, maku fayda, tenkeser!" She said.

"Danoo shasaweeE! hatha illy 6ala3 m3aaii!" I said.

"ghabeyaa, 6oul 3umrech ghabeya!" She said mocking me. "Geltlich go get a knife now, ebser3a!" She said.

"3ad shda3wa i have the strength to stab someone!" I said.

"3adiii mn ilkhar3a you will stab him!" She said.

"no, ya m3awda zain ma i stab myself bilqalaa6, la la khalaaa9 khaleena 3al broomstick a7san" I said.

"HAHA stab yourself, takhayelaaaay!" She laughed.

"D shut up, you're not helping!" Isaid.

"Enzain call Mishary or Waleed or khalich." She said.

"I cant, my phone foug, w i dont memorize their number, w khali emsafer!" I said.

"Wee, wain safar?" She asked.

"Dubai, a business trip!" I said.

"Oh, bilsalama enshallah," She said.

"Allah esalmich, al7een shasawee!?" I said.

"Madrii, u have to wait here till someone gets back mn ilguys!" She said.

"Noo, tawhum 6al3een, they're not coming any time soon!" I said.

"hmm, tbeen ayeech?" She said,

"YESSSSS!" I yelled.

"Okay waiit as2al my mom." She said.

I heard her asking her mom;
D; "Mama can i go to Dayouma's house?"
D's mom; "Sh7agaa..?"
D; "Yuma shnu esh7aga, b3d bazourha ga3da ebrou7ha bilbaiit."
D's mom; "noo maku rou7a, ge3day bilbaiit shwaya, kila hayta!"
D; "Yuma bs now barou7 bait mu 6al3a! 7ram ilbnt brou7ha w daga 3laai."
D's mom; "Gelna laa2 y3nii la22, w salmaai 3laiihaa!"
D; "enshallah, allaah esalmich

"Aloo, ma rethat." D said.

"I know, i heard." I said.

"Sorryy, shasawee.." she said.

"It's okay, ill wait here." I said.
I heard something bilma6baakh yenkeser!

"SHITTT!" I said.

"WHAAT?!" D yelled.

"Did u hear that?" I said.

"Hear what?" She said.

"The sound of something breaking..?" I said.

"No, where!?" She said.

"Bilma6baaakh! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shasaweeeeeee!" I yelled.
Shway w i piss my pants.

"HAHA, 7yatiiii!! akeed tetwahemain shda3wa something breaks bilma6baakh, you were there." She said, trying t0 calm me down.

"No nooo, i'm positive i heard a voice!" I said.

"Enzain, me and ghazi are getting really close." She said.

"GREAT WY TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT!! reallyyyy how?" I said, trying not to think about the situation i'm in.

"I talk to him constantly on msn, he's 7da gargaa, ye9laa7lii!" She said and giggled.

"Awwh, aham shay ye9la7lii, haha cuuute!" I said.

"Yeah, i like him shwaya.." She said.

"What do u mean shwaya?" I said.

"Ya3ni i like him b3d shnuu la tagfeleen 3laaayyy wala asaker ilphone w akhaleech brou7ich!" She said.

"Chub!" I cried.

"Haha, relax, dont think, just talk!" She said.

"Enshallah, kamlaayyy, you and ghazii" I said.

"Yeah, we became close very soon, he shares same interest and he loves to eat, waaai zouqa!" She said.

"haha, aham shay loves to eat! th3eef il9bay wain ilakil erou7?" I said, saracastically.

"Goulay mashallah, he goes to the gym, bs 9ij mashallaaah yakil wayed." She said.

"Hehe, nice." I said.

"Al7een shbetsaween?" She asked.

"I dont know!" i said.

"Khala9 dayoum khalich ba6ala w 9e3day foug your room w geflay 3laich ilbab!" She said.

"Bsss what if he's in my room?" I asked.

"No, mu ma3qoula, cos you just heard il9out bilma6baakh." she made a point.

"9aa7, khalaaa9 yallaa basaker ilphone w barke'9 foug, to my room." I said.

"Ee yalla 3afya, w call me as soon as you get in your room, okay?" D said.

"Enshallah, yalla bye." I said. "Ed3eeelyy" I closed the phone.

I got up and held the broomstick in my hands very tight and was ready to hit anything that suddenly appears to attack me!

I was shaking, scared and terrifed.
I quickly ran towards the stairs ela this shadey man 6ala3 mn jedaamiii w i yelled and punched his face.
I didn't use the broomstick.
I dont know why, i was scared..

"AHHHHHHHH" I kept yelling when i punched the 'Human Being'

- S™

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part Fifty;; "I don't want this moment to ever end."

Wow, 50!:P
so yeah sorry, i actually wrote this part yesterday around 2:30AM, but while writing it i fell asleep, so i didnt get to complete it, and now i did, again sorry for the delay.
One more thing, i will no longer use colors for conversations because it's time consuming and sometimes when im done with the coloring at the end, they say some html error.. :/
But if you guys insist on the color let me know 3shan i use it next time,

Previously on "Across the Universe":
- Mishary's ex-Gf is a lunatic who i feel bad for.
- Mishary and i are pretending to be 'lovers'
- I'm not feeling good about this whole pretending.
- Does Mishary even like me?


3rd of September

"Who is it?" I said.

"Mishary." He said.

"Come in." I said.

"Dayouma, yalla basich noum goumay." He said.

"Haa? Shtabii?" I said.

"Aby akalmich eb mawthou3!" He said.

Another mawthou3?
now what?:/

"What mawthou3?" I said.

"Goumay awal ghaslay wayhich w badlay, ana an6erech bilserdaab." He said.

Mishary was serious.

"Inzaiiin." I said and got out of bed.

"An6erich, la t6awleen." He said.

"Ok, bs shme3na bil basement..?" I asked.

"Waiih dayoum, la ta7regeen ilsalfa, i'll wait downstairs." He said and left the room.

I was getting really really curious!

I quickly got into the bathroom and washed up.

Got out changed into a black shorts and a white Gap shirt.
I put my hair up in a messy bun and left the room.

Upstairs was so quiet.
where is everybody?
i wondered.

I got into the elevator and went to the basement.

The elevator door opened and my jaw dropped on the floor!!

"" I said as i left the elevator.

There were roses on the floor and on the pool floating.
And candels and the smell was amazing.

"Do you like it?" Mishary said.

"What is this??" I asked.

"It's for you, do you like it!?" He said.

" this because im your fake girlfriend?" I said, "But that's too much for pretending." I said.

"Who said anything about pretending, awal shay tell me, do you like it?" He said.

"Yes, it's amazing!" I said.

"Good, this is my way of telling you that yesterday what was between us, it wasn't pretending.." He said.

"Uhh..." I was speechless.


"Shh, dont say a word, let me continue.." He said as he places his finger on my lips.


I was freaking out.

"Okay." I whispered.

"I did all of this yesterday when i walked you to your room, this is just my way of telling you that i love you..." He said.

"Are you still pretending??" I said.

"NO! this is all real! I love you, no wait.....AMOUT FEEECH!" He said.

My eyes popped out.
my lips were soo dry and my heart was beating so fast!

"What...?" is all i managed to say.

"Shfeeech?" He said.

"Nothing, it's just....WOW!" I said.

"And i know you have feelings for me.." He said.

"How do you know?" I said.

"From your eyes, the way you look at me." He said.

"uhh.....ARE YOU REALLY MISHARY!?" I said.

"YES, shfeech!!?" He said.

"It's hard to believe that you.....YOU MISHARY is opening up for me, you're expressing your feelings, that never happened before." I said.

"Believe it! It's true, a7ebich w mesti3id asawee elly tabeena to prove it! i think about you like crazy." He said and held my hands.
I felt chills all over my body!

I looked at his hands and mine holding.

"How come you're telling me now!?" I said.

"I've been falling for you ever since we were kids, we used to fight like crazy, but i was doing it only to spend time with you." He said.

"Oh.." I said.

"Dayouma.....wallah a7ebich!" He said, "A7ebich, a7ebich, a7ebich!" He repeated.

I blushed.

"Say something..?" He said.

"Mishary...." I said.


Oh crap!
I was dreaming!!!! :(
Why are dreams soo much better than reality?

I woke up, still feeling a rush from the dream.

"Mnuuuu?" I said in my sleepy voice.

"Ana waleedan!" He said.

"Waleeed! come in!" I said.

"Halla dayouma.." He said as he entered my room.

"Halla feek, wainik ma tbayen?" I said.

"Kanii, bs ams knt m3a 9a7bii tawa rad mn ilsufar w the whole day knt 6ali3 weyaah!" He said.

"awwh, cool, wallah fegadtik" I said.

"7alatich wallah, sh3endich elyoum?" He said.

"Nothing." I said.

"Cool, 3yal ne6laa3?" I said.

"Sure, ma agoul la2!" i said.

"Khala9 elyoum ana weyach, w mnu tbeen ba3ad eyee?" He said.

"Madrii, akeed mishary berez wayha." I said.

"Ee 9aa7, khala9 ana weyach w Mishary." He said.

"Okay, enshallah." I said.

"Ohh ta3alay, ana yay akalmich eb salfaa w nesaiiit!" He said.

I was a bit scared, did mishary tell him ?
Or did he sense something?

"Ay salfa?" I said.

"Entai sajaltay eb jam3a?" He said.
i felt relieved.

"Yeah." I said.

"Ay jam3a...?" He said.

"KU." I said.

"Waiin ay koliya?" He said.

"CBA." I said.

"9ij, w qbalouch?" He asked.

"Ee il7emdellah, ana w my bestfriend danoo!" I said.

"Cool, wallah ana ams faj2a refeejii ga3d egouli 3an iljam3a, ohwa yadres bara, fa fakart feech, gelt wain qademat w chithi, fa gelt as2al 3shan etha mu emqadmaa ebser3a cos soon esakroun iltasjeel w 3ad lazem tan6ereen ilcourse ilyay." He said.

"hehe, ee la qadamt il7emdellah." I said.

"Emwafeqa enshallah, khala9 yalla ashoufich later 3shan ne6la3, w sorry ga3adtich." He said.

"La 3adii it's no problem, ana already bagoum." I lied.

"Okay, yalla see you later." He said w he left the room and shut the door behind him.

I layed my head back on the pillow.
I totally forgot about uni, and not that it's getting close, im getting nervous shwaya.
I stayed on my bed thinking of what to wear lma a6la3 with waleedan and mishary because i couldn't go back to sleep.

I opened my laptop and signed on msn.
Yousef was on.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Hiiii! miss u!!:*

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Hii, i miss you too.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Waiinch ma tbayneen?

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Mawjouda, bs madri, i dont like msn that much.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Afaa, enzain 3al aqal dezay msg se2lay 3anii eb ghurbetii ma7aad daraa 3anii:(!

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Sorrryy wallah, How is uni?

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
its alright, bss waii3 dayoum wallah mu gader 3al ghurba!:/

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Awwh, whyy?

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Madrii wallah 7dii mu mertaa7, m3ana rab3ii m3ay, bs ham madrii a7es aby arid ilq8, 7ta ams kalamt omi ena bas7ab awraagii mn iljam3a w ared ilkuwaiit.

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Yousef, you just started, give yourself some time to adopt.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Madrii dayouma, wallah a7es bs maqmout, abii arid wallah, nafseeti ta3bana.

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
sweetie, madri shagoulik bs la testaa3yel, give yourself a time.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Madri wallah kelish mu mertaa7, ga3ed a7awel age9 3la 3umrii,bs i cant anymore! ams lma kalamt omi te'9ayegat shway cos ehya kanat mu rathya mn ilasas ena adres bara bs 7naiit 3laiiha w frait raas'ha, w now arid, kelish my 7elwa, bs wallah dayoum 9ij 9ij ta3ban!

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
I really dont know what to say, w etha rdaiit betdish KU?

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
EE ya KU or GUST yemkin, bs elmuhim bil deera!

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Ohh, i dont know, i hope you pick the right choice!

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Thank you. ;*

kesar kha6rii shwaya..
We ended the convo and i changed my status to "Away" and left the laptop on my bed and went to the living room upstairs.

I was sitting watching T.v when i saw Khali getting out of his room with a suitcase and a small travelling bag.

"Khalii, betsafer?" I said.

"Ee wallah ya bnaytii i have to go to dubai, it's a business trip, bs enshallah mani em6awel, 4 days bilkitheer." He said.

"Oh, okay, allah ya36eek il3afyah khalii, w tred bilsalama inshallah." I said and kissed his cheeks and hugged him before he leaves.

"Take care bnaytii okay." He said and gave me an envelope.

"What's that?" I said.

"It's money, for you, if you need anything." He said.

"No..khalii i cant accept this." I said.

"Yalla 3ad, you're gonna take it, and you'll use it, w 7ta law rdaiit w you didnt use them, they're yours." He said.

"Thanks alot khali." I said and kissed his forehead.

"Yalla 7beebti, estawda3taki lillah althi la ta'9ee3 wada3ehu." He said and got into the elevator.

I left the envelope in my room, in the drawers and went back to the living room.

3rd of September

I heard mishary's room door open, and then close and then i heard his footsteps.

"9baa7 ilkhaiir." He said as he got into the living room.

He looked like a total mess, in cute way.
His shaggy hair was...kesha! which made him look super cute.
And he was wearing a black khaki pants and a gray shirt.

"9baa7 ilnour." I said.

I was trying not to laugh when i first saw him.
all i could think of was the dream i had.

"Shlounich?" He said as he got seated on the couch next to me.

"Zaina you?" I said.

"tmaam." He said.

"Khali besafer now.." I said.

"I know, ams he told me." He said.

"Oh, does that happen alot?" I said.

"What, him travelling? Yeah, lazem atleat once bilshahar esafer." He said.

"Olaa.." I said.

"Yeah, bs 3adi we got used to it." He said.

"W jana wainha?" I said. "Minzeman ma sheft'ha" I continued.

"Nayma eb bait khaltii mn ams." He said.

"Oh okay, ee t3al tra eb ne6la3 elyoum, me you w waleedan." I said.

"Cool, meta?" He said.

"Madri wallah." I said.

"Inzain, waiin benrou7?" He said.

"Ham madrii." I said.

"Haa? 3yal shnu tadreeen!!?" He mocked me.

"Shdaranii, it was waleedan's idea to go out." I said.

"Waiih, etha waleed, ya3ni bewadeena mukan khayes!" He said.

"Laiish?" I said.

"L2ana ma e3aref yekhtar amakin, anyways ana mu akeed ayee, yemkin a6la3 m3a rab3ii." He said.

"Ohh okay." I said.

Waleedan came out of the elevator.

"Dayouma, sorry but can we postpone il6al3a to tomorrow?" He said.

"Uhh, sure, mishary already might not come." I said.

"Okay, good, im so soorryy bs soemthing came up with my friend w i have to help him." He said.

"It's okay." I said.

Waleedan went to his room.

"I'm gonna be home alone!" I said.

"Yeah, it's fun tra!" He said.

"Not really, i get scared, w i imagine things." I said.

"Haha, '9a7akteenii, imagine things?? like what?" He asked.

"Madriii ya3ni 3adii etha eb dark room, i imagine scary faces staring at me!" I said.

He was laughing at me.

"Chub!" I said and poked him.

"Enzain, rou7ai iljam3eya w eshteray aghraath mithil home alone, 3shan you do traps!" He said and laughed.

"Chub It's not funny!" I said.

"Wedi a7e6 camera that follows your move w entai alone, 3shan lma arid ashoufa!" He said.

"Maleee8!!!" I said.

"6ali3 3laich." He said.

He was back to the old Mishary, not the sweet talker that i was out with yesterday, and definitely not the romantic one that i dreamt about.

"I dreamt about you!" I said.
I just wanted to play around with him, i will not tell him what's the dream.

"9ijj..?! Shnuu?!" He said.

"Eee 9ij!" I said.

"Enzain shnu kan il7elm?" He asked.

"I'm not saying!" I said.

"GOULAY!" He said.

"NOPE!" I said.

"YAL MALEE8A!! jad goulay!" He said.

"Mabii!!" I said and smiled.

"Waii3 waii3, yal sakheefa!!" He said.

I laughed.

He took the couch pillow and hit me with it.

"Ayyy!!" I said covering my head.

"A7san!!" He said.

"Ambaiih yahil yahil!?" I said.

"Chubaai!" He said and kept hitting me.

I managed to pull a pillow and hit him.

I gotta admit, it was fun, felt like the old days when we constantly fought.
I was enjoying the fight.

"Bs bss!!" I said placing my hand on my head.

"Shfeech!?" He said.

"I'm feeling dizzy." I said.

"Are you okay? sit down!! i'm soo soorryy nsaiit about the accident!!" He said, his voice was scared.

"It's okay." I said and sat on the couch.

"dayouma, 7acheenii, are you okay?!" He said.

"I'm fine.." I said.

"Tbeen shay? ayeeblich maay something!?" He said.

"No, i'm okay." I said and layed on the couch.

"Khala9 just rest, asif wallah asif!" He said.

"Shfeek khayef!?" I asked.

"Madri ya m3awda khara3teeni, kheft wallah, tra ma 9arlich muda mn ilaccident, w you had a mild concussion ya3ni what i did was wrong!" He said.

"it's okay, i just feel dizzy now, but i'll be fine." I said.

"Akeed?" He said.

"Yes, w my arm is hurting too!" I said.

"9ij?! dayouma, goumay goumaay, awadeech il hospital!" He said.

"La it's okay!" I said.

"La yuba, goumay yalla awadeech ilhospital!" He said.

"Mishary...relax....breathe...i'll be fine." I said.

"Akeed?" He said.

"Yess, stop worrying!" I said.

"Okay." He said. "Khala9 mani 6ali3 ilyoum." He said.

"What? whyy?" I said.

"Bs, akhaaf akhaleech eb rou7ich w entay 3la hal 7ala." He said.

"Shda3waa, ambaiih mishary, im okay, goo!" I said.

"enzain, bs if you need anything CALL me!" He said.

"Enshallah." I said and got up to go to my room.

"Take care!" He said as he walked me to my room and went back to his room.

I sat on the bed.
I looked at the laptop screen, Haya talked to me, she left a few messages.
i read them;

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:
Dayouma wainich??

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:
Shfeech 7agratniii?

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:
Khala9 3la ra7tich, i'll talk to you later.

What's next?
Akeed she's up to something!
Ya3ni me and Yousef are over, What does she want!!?
She keeps meddling in my life
I'm gonna kick her out of my life, once and for all!

"Ashouf ilnas fi 3younii w mn bedhum ashoufak ghaiiir.."
My phone was ringing..

- S™

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Part FortyNine;; "Its an illusion, nothing is real this way."

Sorry for the delay, but i was helping a friend with her booth at an Exibition, so i didn't have time to log on, enjoyy;*!

Oh and sorry guys, this post won't be colorful, i'm sleepy and tired, and you guys already waited for this part, and i dont want to keep you guys any longer;*!

Previously on "Across The Universe":
- Haya is well Haya, she didn't change one bit.
- Yousef and i are officially just 'friends'
- There is definitely something going on between Ghazi & D, and i'm happy for them.
- Fajoura is throwing a DJ party, Me & D are invited!
- Mishary and i had a sweet moment then he went to his room and ditched me for...????


2nd of of September
My bedroom

I woke up to the sound of heavy machinary working.

Ughh, not a good way to start the day.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth.
I got out and changed into a black capri and a yellow spongebob tshirt with my hair up in a messy kuba and left the room.

No one was in the livingroom upstairs.
i was going to press the elevator button when i heard Mishary's voice talking on the phone.
"Khalaa9,i'll see etha fa'9ii ilyoum w a36eech khabar." i heard him say.

Hatha shnu salfeta? I wondered.
I pressed the button and was waiting for the elevator when Mishary left his room and saw me.
I was looking at his room when he opened it so i guess he sensed i heard something, his face expression was metwaheg.

without any word i got into the elevator and went down, i didn't wait for him.
It was so awkward, and i'm still pissed off how he stood me up lastnight.

I got into the dining room and to my luck, no one was on the table, but the breakfast was still there.

I gave the door my back and got seated.

I was puting cheese in a toasted bread when Mishary sneaks up behind me and scares me.

"BOO!" He said and placed his hands on my shoulder from the back.

I wasn't scared, instead i gave him a look and got back to applying cheese on the bread.

"Shfeeech?" He asked.

"Nothing!" I said.
ya3ni you don't realise ena you did something wrong?

"La akeed feech shay!?" He said.

"I said ma feeni shay, khala9!" I said.

"enzain enzain." He said and got seated.

I ate my breakfast silently.
He kept staring.

"La, dayoum, mu 6abee3ya shfeech?!" He said.

"Waaaai!! Mishary, ya3ni ilwa7ed ma yegdar yakil ryoug 3la ra7ta!?" I said and got up to leave the dining room.

"Haa? waiinn waiin ray7a?" He asked.

"My room!" I said and walked to the exit door.

"La7tha la7tha..!" He yelled.
I ignored and left the dining room and went upstairs.

I got into my room and closed the door behind me.

i was so pissed of from Mishary being COLD and careless!

I sat on the bed and switched on my laptop
I turned on some music and suddenly felt like going out.

I got up and opened the closet to look for an outfit to wear.

I didnt reply,i knew it was Mishary.

"Dayoum?" He said and knocked again.

I kept ignoring, he opened the door holding a tray with taosted bread and a glass of milk with tea.

"Shfeech ma tredeen!?" He asked as he saw me standing near my closet.

"sorry, ma sema3t." I said, carelessly.

"Hach, i brought you your breakfast, ma klaiitai shay!" He said and put the tray on the desk.

"Mu you3ana." I said.

"Dayouma, ana swaiit shay?" He said.

"No....nothing." I said.

"3yal shfeech chithi 3lay!?" He said.

"Mafeeeni shay" I said.

I was responding in a very dry esloub, i was as gold as he was.

"DAYOUM gouleelii shfeeech la a9ekich kaaf al7een!!?" He snapped.

My eyes popped out.
"Na3am?" I said.

"Sem3ateenii!" He said.

"Ma tegdar etmid eedik 3lay!" I said.

"Laa agdaar!! gouleeli shfeech ya bnaya!" He said.

"Yesterday!? doesn't it ring a bell?" I said.

"Yesterday?? shnuuu?" He said, innocently.

"MISHARYY! you said you were going to get a movie and you never came back!! i was waiting!" I said.

"Really you waited? I didn't think it was that important, ena bs chithi!" He said. "B3dain knt akalim 9a7bii jassoum, 9ayra salfa 6weela w i was helping him." He said.

"Laaa?? ok." I said.

"Shnuu!?" He asked.

"Nothing, please leave me alone!" I said.

"Mabi." He said and closed the door and sat on my bed.

I looked at him, shyaabiii?!

"Ok." I said and turned to the closet to look for the outfit to wear.

"Wain betrou7een?" He asked.

"Madrii, anywhere!" I said.

"Can i come?" He said.

"No, ma 3endik shiqil ghair enik et2atheeni?" I said.

"7ram 3laich, 3shan salfat ams galabtaii mra wa7da 3lay" He said.

"No." I said.

"Noo? 3la shnu ? shsawaiit ana b3d?" He asked.

"uhh, nothing." I said.

shit, what was i thinking, ya3ni bagoula i heard you talking to a girl..? enzain kaifa let him talk ana shku feeh right? :/

"Haa? goulayy." He insisted.

"La wallah shay." I said. "Bs mu 7elwa ena you ditched me ams." i continued.

"I'm sorry okay? now can i come with you? wedi asoulif weyach." He said.

"Etsoulif? 3an shnu?" I asked. curiously.

"madrii, suwalif 3adiya." He said.

"Hmm, okay, i guess you can come." I said.

"Thanks, now t3alay eklaay your breakfast." He said.

"Okay, thanks" I said.

"Tawech mu you3ana." He said.

"Chub!" I said and ate the breakfast after he left the room.

I was eating my breakfast and listening to music on shuffle while thinking of what Mishary wants to talk about.
for some reason my stomache started hurting, i was getting nervous.

2nd of of September
My bedroom

I wore my white short jeans and my Ralph Lauren blue polo with italy flag.

I was applying a little blush on my cheeks when Mishary knocked on my door.

"Hala..?" I said.

"Badaltay?" He said.

"Ee" I said.

He opened the door.

"Yalla 3yal emshay.." He said.

"Okay dgeega." I said.

"Laish make-up? 7g mnu tetzayenain?" He asked.

"No one, im only putting blusher, thats it!" I said.

I applied lipgloss.

"Bs blusher haa?" He said.

"Mishary, en6erni eb your car plz!" I said.

"Haha, enzain, yalla la et6awleen." He said.

"Okay, kanii now anzil waraak" I said.

I got out my wide hairband and wore it, wore my black gladiator and got out a black LV cross bag and left the room.

I got into Mishary's Silverado and it was quarter to six.

He started the engine and we drove.

"Ha waiin enrou7?" He said.

"I dont know." I said.

"ha? mu entai elly kentai tbeen te6le3een?" He said.

"Ee bs i told you madrii wain, bs wedi a6la3 w aghayer jaw." I said.

"Tabeen enfur bilcar bs ?" He suggested.

"Yeah sure, b3dain enmur Mcdonald's ilba7ar drive thru w nakhithlena dinner." I said.

"Okay." He said.

He turned on his ipod.

The song "Aghla 7abeeba" by Rashed al-majed started playing.

"Allaah!" I said.

"Afa 3laiiich." He said.

We sang along.

"Dayoum..?" He said.

"Halla.." I said.

"Wedii akalmich eb mawthou3." He said.

"What is it?" I said.
I was a little bit scared, i don't know why.

"I used to be with this girl, she loves me, infact she's crazy about me, she's really really crazy.." He said.

"What's the problem? used to be?" I said.

"Yeah, i couldn't handle her! wallah dayoum ma agdar 3laiiiha!" He said.

"Shloun ya3ni?" I asked.
Trying to pretend this all conversation is not bothering me.

"Takhayelay etmur 3nd baitna w etha ma legat sayaartii etdezli msg wain 6ali3? m3a mnu? meta betrd?" He said.

"W that's a problem?" I said.

"Yeah, shnu y3ni teyee baitna? wain ga3deen! maynouna wallah mu 9a7yah, maskena wallah." He said.

"Tra im sorry bs you are being an ass!" I said.

"Laiiish?" He said.

"The girl is obviously inlove with you, laish you broke up with her?? because she's crazy inlove with you?" I asked.

"dayouma, entay mu mestaw3eba shkither she's crazyy" He said.

"Okay, fahemnii shloun!" I said.

"Dayoum, min kither ma et7ebnii wallaah wallaaah et6egnii mrat! w ana ma a7eb amid eedee 3laiiha!" He said

"Haa? et6egik?" I asked.

"EEE takhayelay!" He said.

"Ayshay" I said.

"ee wallah, w mra eb 3ers weld khaltii kan eb 9alat afraa7 Al-Flanii w yat w dagat 3lay etgouli e6la3 bashoufik w ent labes ghetra!! geltlaha ya bnaya ma agdaar kela reyayeel, etgouli e6laa3 aw adesh il9ala!!" He said.

"Wee wee ya 7asretyy!" I said.

He laughed to my respond. "Shfeech chenich mama 3ouda!" He said.

I giggled. "Ambaiih 7ram misharyy" I said.

"Ee agoulich takser kha6rii wallah, ma3ana i like her bs i dont love her, shasawee" He said.

"Bs you said you broke up with her 9a7?" i asked.

"Ee, bs she never gives up, she still calls w et7en wayed, w she stalks me!" He said.

"Yumaa" I said.

"Ee wallah, 7ta lma wdaiitich il6beeb w then baitkum 3shan takhtheen your stuff kanat la7gatni w lma nazaltich ilbaiit dagat 3lai etgouli mnu hathyy!" He said.

"That's creepy." I said.

"Ee wallah, ana il9ara7a ma agdar at7amalha." He said.

"B mishary 7raaam" I said.

"Okay, bs 3al aqal i was honest, ma ga3adt weyaha out of pitty fahamtay? cos i was trying to give her a chance to change, bs she only got crazier." He said.

"Ohh.." I said.

"EE w ehya elly ams dagat, elly geltlik jassom." He said.

"Ohh..!" I said.

"EE, wallah madri shasawee metwaaheg feeha, i don't want to hurt her, w ma abee asaweelaha shay tendaam 3laiih, na mu nafs ilshabaab!" He said.

"Yeah, 7raam." I said.

"Yeah, bs do you have any suggestions?" He said.

"I don't know..i never had a guy crazy enough to hit me!" I said.

"tet6anezain!?" He said.

"No, im serious!" I said.

"Ohh, hmmm.." He said.

The song "Ma wa7ashtik" by a9eel.

"Ma wa7ashtek ya 7beeebiii ba3d hal ghaiiba il6weeelaa" I sang along.

"Legaiit'ha!" He said.

"What..?" I asked.

"Shrayech, you pretend to be my girlfriend for a while, 3la ma tehda ilaaw'9aaa3!" He said.

"Huh..? that's stupid." I said.

"Ha laiiish..?" He asked.

"Because im scared, akhaf etsawee feeni shay." I said.

"Etkhasee, ma etjeesich!" He said.

"Hmm, i dont know.." I said.

"Wallah 7adha a good idea, you'll be doing me a big favor!" He said.

"Umm....okay..?" I said after hesitating.

"YES!! thank you!!" He said.

"Haha." I said.

"I'm glad i told you, knt shway metradid." He said.

"I'm glad i could help." I said.

"W azeedich mn ilshe3er bait, mu mn muwakheethna, ya3ni 7ram akhaleeha tet3alaaq akthar mn chithi w there is no future ahead." He added.

"Ohh, maskeena." I said.

"Yalla lets pretend we're together." He said.

"Okaay? shloun y3nii?" I said.

"7beebtii you3ana?" He asked.

hearing that word tickled my heart.

"Yes 7yatii" I said.

"Shnu tbeen sweetie, amraaii tedalelaay." He said.

I laughed. "She's not here now, ya3ni shdaraahaaa, why should we pretend now?" I said.

"Waiih, kharabteeha khalaa9, ya3ni 3adii 3shan net3awaad, en3eesh iljaw." He said.

"ohh, okayy, elly ent tabeeh ya galbii, shnu meshtehee?" I said.

"3la thouqich, love." He said.

"Mcdonalds?" I said.

"ya 7alaatich w 7alaaat thouqich!" He said.

I blushed, it was real.

I blushed and smiled.

"Hey heyy, la et9adegeen nafsich wayed." He said.

kesar feeni.

"Chub" I said. "Ga3da amashee ilfilm shfeek" I said, aragi3.

"Haha okay." He said.

We got into Mcdonald's drive thru, it was almost 9.

2nd of of September
Mcdonald's drive thru

We approached the 'order here' window.

"Good evening sir." She said.

"Good evening, Can i have one Mc Spicey Meal with extra mayo inside, and i'll have one addition cheese burger sandwich." He said.

"That's it sir?" she asked.

He turned to me, "Shnu tbeen?" He said.

"Umm...Happy meal cheese burger." I said.

"6a3 hathy, laa yuba, aby mcdonalds w b3dain ta6lebeen happy meal? ghal6ana, yalla goulay shnu tbeen?" He said.

"Ummm, Big Mac" I said.

"Ee chtihi" He said and turned to the Mcdonald's employee, "And one Big mac meal....Large size!" He said.

"Okay sir, that'll be 4.400KD" She said.

He paid and we passed that window.

"Ebkaifik large size?" I said.

"Osh malich shiqil." He said.

"Enzaiiiin." I said.

"Ana abyy my girlfriend shwaya et9eer emtabteba!" He said.

"Eskit, la t3eesh ildour wayed!" I said.

"Haha, kaifii!" He said. "Mu entai 7beebtii?" He said.

"No.." I said.

"Haa? Mu bkaiifich, e7na swaiina deal!" He said.

"Enzain." I said.

"3afyah 3la 7beebti illy tesma3 ilkalam." He said.

We appraoched the next window and we took our order and drove home.

We arrived home.

He was holding our orders, he didn't even let me hold the pepsi holder, he said enty 7beebtii w you dont carry anything.
I wish it was all REAL.

I was walking to the elevator.

"hey hey, waiin ray7a?" He said.

"My room?" I said.

"La la t3aalii nakil m3a ba3a'9, tadreen b3d ma tenfeti7 shaheetii ella etha jabal wayhich il7eluu." He said.

"Enshallah." I said and blushed, badly.

"Ya 7laiilich dayoum." He said as we got seated in the dining room.

"6alib a large size meal, and an additional cheese burger? mn 9ijik?" I said.

"Ee 3adii ma feeha shay." He said.

"Olaa wayed!" I said. "Mashallah." I added.

"La mu wayed, ya doub ekafeeni a9lan." He said.

"Waaii, mashallah!" I said and opened Big Mac's box.

"Haha, thekray allah." He said.

"Ha? w ana shgelt?" I said.

"Entai thekray allah w bs!" He said, beginning to enarfeznii.


"Adrii, a6afrech shwaay shfeeech!" he said. "7abeebech, ma amoun?" He said.

"emballah ya 7yatii emtoun!" I said.

"3afyah" He said and winked.

Even though it was all pretend, i was feeling happy...but i know i was lying to myself that i was 'OK' with this whole pretending, cos i know what it leads to, and i dont want to be crushed and turned down by Mishary.
I was pretty sure if we kept this act for a long time, i will fall for him, and fall hard.

"Mishary.." I said.

He was taking a bite out of his Burger.
"3youna..?" He said.

"I dont think we should keep doing this, pretending." I said.

"Besmellah tawna badeen." He said.

"I know, bs i dont, its wierd." I said.

"Why? Do you want me to promise that no one will get hurt?" He said.

"Yes.." I whispered.

"I promise...okay?" He said.

"Okay." I said.

I didn't want to argue more about this.
I finished my dinner.

"don't get up, khaleeni akhali9." He said. "wait for me." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"3shan i walk you to your room, lazem en9eer gentleman 3araftaai?" He said.

"Hehe, okay." I said.

He finished Dinner and walked me to my room.
He gave me a pat on the head before going to his room.
typical Mishary.

Well because they say "Always wear cute pajamas, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams!"

I changed into a cute Pajamas and dozzed of to sleep.

- S™

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Part FortyEight;; "Somebody's gonna hurt someone before the night is through."

Previously on "Across the Universe":
- Mishary is getting jealous.
- Mishary also has a girl in his life, but i dont know who....yet.
- Yousef and i are going to be "Friends", this should be interesting.
- I was in the car with D, on the way to Maki to meet with Ghazi and Fajoura.


1st of September
Khaleej street

We just passed Friday's.

"Whatever happened to Haya?" D asked.

"DON'T MENTION HER, everytime we mention her name, she pops back into my life!" I said.

"Haha i know, it's scary!" She said.

"Tell me about it!" I said.

"But seriously, where did she disappear?" She asked.

"I don't know, and i dont care!" I said.

"How is the situation with Mishary and you?" she asked.

"I don't know,i really dont know, he's clearly jealous, yet he didn't open up for me yet, plus the fact that he has a girl in his life!" I said. "It's too complicated, i dont think i can deal with it right now!" I said.

"But you do like him right?" She said. Curiously.

"I think i do, but it's hard to wait for something i know may never happen but it's even harder when you know it's everything you want!" I said.

"OMG!" She said.

"What?" I said and turned to her.

"Do you realise what you just said?" She said.

"" I said.

"NO!! you love him!" She said.

"I do?" I said. Confused.

"Yess! obviously, you have strong feelings for him, you cant give up Dayoum!" She said.

"Who said anything about giving up? do you not know me at all? i rather fail knowing i tried my best, than give up and live with not knowing what might've happened." I said.

"Awwhh, Dayouma, you're a grown up!" She said.

"Shqa9dech!?" I said.

"I mean you finally think straight!" She said.

"Haa? Shqa9dech!?" I repeated.

"Haha nothing, i'm just admiring your new way of thinking!" She said.

"Hmm...okay" I said.

We gave the car to the Valet parking and entered Maki.

Ghazi and fajoura were already there, Ghazi looked handsome, Fajoura was pretty.

They stood up as we approached them and exchanged formalities.

We got seated and took about 5 minutes to check the menues, well Fajoura needed the 5 minutes apparently me, ghazi and D were ready to order.

Each ordered the dish they preferred, and we chatted, i saw Ghazi giving D a few glances, and they weren't normal ones, there was something, something he's hiding, he's afraid to show his feelings, why do most guys - if not all - hide their true feelings? are they afraid of commitment? or are they just afraid of love?

I quickly excused myself to go to the bathroom after i saw Khaled entering Maki.

I texted D,
"Shit, Khaled is here!" I sent.

I waited in the bathroom for a reply.
"Oh, that's bad, he noticed me, he remembers my face!" she replied.

"GREAT!...OH SHIT! He knows Ghazi too!!!" I sent
I read;
"Oh, that's like.. Double bad, well, you need to come back, because fajoura is asking about you!"

I pushed some confidence in me and a little of strenght and exited the bathroom, to head to our table.
I thought;
'why should i care?'
'what can he do?'
'what will he do?'

I enetered Maki, since the bathroom is located outside.
Khaled turned to look at me, i gave him the coldest stare and sat back in my seat.

Each ordered their own edemame spicey, except for Ghazi, he oredered the spicey and the salty one.
Who can blame him? he's a guy.

We finished the evening, and it was really really fun, i have a great time, so did everyone.
Khaled was staring too much, and Ghazi noticed, and to my luck he remembers khaled.

"Isn't he the guy that.." He said.

"Yes yes, it's him!" I said.

"Do you know him?" He asked.

and here i was trying to swallow and i hoped the moment pass quickly.

"No, he's been bothering and following Dayouma ever since we first saw him, in albedi3" D said, covering my ass.

"Oh.." He said.

"Thank you!" I whispered to D.

We walked 3al ba7ar shwaya enha'9im what we ate, even though Maki never made me feel soo FULL, i absolutely love that about it!

It was 9 and i ended the night.

"D we should go back home, i promised Khali that i'll be back early, and im assuming early to him is when he gets back home, im there, he usualy is back around 10." I said.

"Ohh, okay!" D said, dissapointed, she was having a great time with Ghazi...& fajoura.

"Yalla ma 3laiih, ilyayat akthar enshallah." Ghazi said.

"Enshallah" I said and smiled.

"It was really nice seeing you and catching up, dayoum, we shoud do this more often!" Fajoura said.

"Yeah it really was, definitely." I said.

"Inshallah inshoufich, w tra i'm holding a DJ party next week, you and D are the first to come, and you dont get to say no!" She said.

"We never say no to parties!" D said.
I nodded, agreeing.

We said goodbye and each got into their ride and went back home.
We got into D's car and headed back to my second home.
I couldn't wait to get back home, i want to see if Mishary will be curious about our evening dinner.

1st of September
Second home

I entered the house and there was no one in the livingroom downstairs, the house wa pretty empty.
ma3qoula no one is home?
Not even Janouya?

I went upstairs and got in my room.
I was home alone.

I opened my laptop and signed on msn.
as soon as i signed on, i saw the name "Hayouna - Methlik Geleel;*" Starting a conversation with me.

GREAT, you just had to mention her D!!

Haya: Heyyy;p!

Me: What do you want?

Haya: excuse me?

Me: Haya, deshay bilmawthou3, what do you want?

Haya: nothing.

Me: I cant remember the last time you talked to me!

Haya: Hence why i'm talking now.

Me: No, i mean you don't talk to me at all, unless you're up to something.

Haya: Why don't you believe that people can change?

Me: Because i don't believe bullshit.

Haya: Well, believe it or not, i was thinking about you today, and i wanetd to know how you're doing with the whole break-up thing with Yousef.


Me: I'm sorry, what?

Haya: what? did i say something wrong? you did break up with him right?

Me: He's all yours Haya, goodbye!

I blocked her, temporarily.

I opened my inbox since i had 50 new emails.
I was checking my emails when a new msn message box appeared, "Yousef - USA." Has signed on.

I clicked on the box appeared and opened the conversation.

Me: How could you tell Haya about our break up!? you're actually over me that quick!?

Yousef: What?

Me: I was pretty clear.

Yousef: I don't know what you're talking about, i'm still trying to cope with the fact that you and i are no longer together, i'm having hard time believing that!

Me: Then how did haya know about it?

Yousef: I honestly don't know.

Me: Hmm okay.

Yousef: Dayouma can we talk about what we talked about earlier on the phone?

Me: What's there to talk about?

Yousef: Are you sure you're doing the right thing? us being friends only?

Me: I'm not sure it's the right thing, but i know i can't be with you anymore.

Yousef: Give me a good reason!

Me: Well, I can't pretend you didn't break my heart!

Yousef: Because i'm being jealous and missing you like crazy suddenly i broke your heart?

Me: No, you know what i'm talking about!

Yousef: no, tell me!

Me: I gave you a chance before, when you first did it, and i thought you actually deserved a second chance, now i have no idea what the hell i was thinking about, because apparently you're not the type that learn from their mistakes.

Yousef: You're making me sound like a really bad person, i'm not that bad!

Me: I know you're not a bad person, i know that, i can forgive you for what you did, and that's what i'm doing right now, but i cannot forget!

Yousef: But i really like you, still, Don't you?

Me: I liked you, past tense, i dont regret telling you i like you, i only regret not knowing what you thought of me!

Yousef: What do you mean?

Me: you know exactly what i mean.

Yousef: What can i do to make you understand that i'm regreting every second of my life i spent thinking that you might have a relationship with another guy! but one can't do anything about it, it's in the past.

Me: Yousef, you're making it soo hard for me! stop it please!

I pressed enter and i felt my heart feeling pressured.

Yousef: I'm sorry, is it wrong that i'm trying to fix things between us?

Me: There is nothing to fix!

Yousef: Yes there is, every problem can be solved.

Me: Not ours.

Yousef: Well i'm not convinced, i believe there is a sulotion to our situation, and i'm not gonna stop looking for it!

Me: Don't bother yourself, i'm saving you the time! don't look for a new sulotion, we did agree on being friends, don't make change my idea.

Yousef: (U) [for those who are not familiar with Msn emoticons, it's a broken heart]

Me: I'm sorry for something i didn't do.

Yousef: You're an amazing person, and any man is more than lucky to have you, i'm lucky enough to have known you!

Me: Thank you.

Yousef: wallah, honestly, you're the best thing that happened to me in my entire life, and i mean it, and no matter what, lovers, friends or nothing at all, i will always be grateful for the person you made me be. Even though i would love to be with you, but i rather to be friends with you than nobody to you.

Me: I changed you? and you will always be someone to me. Always.

Yousef: Are you kidding me? you turned me into whole new person. and i'm glad to know that.

Me: That's nice to know.

Yousef: :)

Me: Yousef, you're a great guy too, but sometimes you do stupid things, no offence.

Yousef: Well, i should do stupid things in order to learn.

Me: You're right, i'm glad you know that.

Yousef: Ofcourse.

Me: I'll talk to you later okay? i'm going to bed.

Yousef: Okay dayouma, take care.

Me: Enshallah, you too, goodnight.

Yousef: Goodnight.

i sighed out.

I turned off my laptop and layed in bed with only the nightlight on, i was thinking.

Are my feelings to Mishary effecting my judgements about Yousef?
Or am i actually a very strong person after all?

It was midnight and i still didn't sleep.

*knock knock*

"Who is it?" i said.

"Mishary" He said.

"Come in" I said and got my head off the pillow.

"Ohh sorry kntay nayma?" He said as he entered the room.

"No it's okay, i was trying to sleep!" I said.

"Ghareeba, it's too early!" He said.

"I know, but i was feeling tired." I said.

"Shfeech?! Are you okay?" He asked. Concered.

"I'm fine." I said.

"Are you sure?" He asked to confirm.

"I'm pretty sure!" I said.

I asked him to sit on the bed instead of standing near the door.

"Good, How is il6al3a?" He said as he sat on the edge of the bed.

"It was very nice, i had a nice time." I said.

"That's good, How is Ghazi?" He asked.

"He's alright." I said.

"W how is Fajoura? Is she still not that pretty?" He asked.

"She was always pretty." I said.

"Come one seriously, beever teeth?" He said.

"7aram 3laik, she's really pretty!" I said.

"Well, Braces do wonders!" He said.

"7ram 3laik!" I said.

"What? ma gelt shay ghala6, they are magical!" He continued his saracasm.

"Okay." I gave up argueing.

*Ring ring*
His phone was ringing.

"Sorry, i just.." He said and pressed the ignore button.

"You can take the call." I said.
more like i WANT you to take the call really, was it "THE" girl? i wondered.

"No it's okay, he can wait." He said.

Oh, it's a he.

"Okay." I said.

*Ring Ring*
His phone was ringing....again.

"Seriously, take the call!" I said.

"Okaay!" He said and picked the phone.
He seems like he really didn't want to.

"Halla shlounik? shloun ilahal? 3asaak ebkhaiir?"
"Laa, khosh, khalaa9 ana akalmik b3d shway okay, masghoul shway"
"Khala9, inshallah, faman illaah"
He said and closed the phone.

I felt curious.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Haa? it was....9a7bii jassoum!" He said, nervously.
Why soo scared mishary?
i wondered.

"Oh...okay, if its important tra 3adi, our conversation can wait." I said.

"Nope, i'm having fun talking to you." He said & winked.

I wanted to smile, but i knew he was lying about the phonecall.

"Don't wink." I said.

"Afa, laiish?" He said.

"Bs it's weird!" I said.

"How is it weird?" He asked.

"well, madry, it makes me feel like you're hitting on me!" I said. so innocently.

"What if i was?" He said.

"WhaT?!" I said. Surprised.

"I said 'WHAT IF'!" He said.

"Nothing, i was just saying it's weird!" I said.

"Okay." He said.

"Let's watch a movie!" I said.

"Yalla, ay movie?" He said.

"Madri, what do you have?" I said.

"What are you in the mood to watch? Action? horror?" He said.

"Action." I said.

"Really? I thought you might say romance and drama!" He said.

"Well, believe me when i say, i'm not like any girl." I said.

"Ohh, shay ydeed hatha!" He said.

"No, it's old news, but you just found out, i'm not shallow, i'm just confident" I said.

"You're also cool." He said.

"Thank you, you're not bad yourself." I said.

"Not bad? what does that suppose to mean?" he said.

"it means not bad!" I said.

"yumma minich" He said and poked me.

I giggled.

"Let me go get an action movie from my room." He said and got up and went to his room.

"Okay." I said. "Better be good." I added.

I was waiting for him to come back.
I layed my head on the pillow.

What's taking him so long? I thought.
He better be not ditching me for his friend "jassoum"!

I was laying in bed thinking of any reason that he's not back yet, anything
Bathroom maybe?
He fell and broke his leg?
He passed out?
...ANYTHING but the fact that he's talking to another girl as i'm waiting for him.
I failed to believe one other than that.

I tried to sleep while the song "complicated" by Carolyn Dawn Johnson was playing over and over in my head.

I'm so scared that the way that I feel
Is written all over my face
When you walk into the room
I want to find a hiding place
We used to laugh, we used to hug
The way that old friends do
But now a smile and a touch 'a your hand
Just makes me come unglued
It's such a contradiction
Do I lie or tell the truth
Is it fact or fiction
Oh, the way I feel for you

It's so complicated
I'm so frustrated
I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you away
I wanna make you go, I wanna make you stay
Should I say itShould I tell you how I feel
Oh, I want you to know
But then again I don't
It's so complicated (oh)

Just when I think I'm under control
I think I finally got a grip
Another friend tells me that
My name is always on your lips
They say I'm more than just a friend
They say I must be blind
Well, I admit that I've seen you watch me
From the corner of your eye
Oh, it's so confusing
Yeah, I wish you'd just confess
But think of what I'd be losing
If your answer wasn't yes

I hate it'
Cause I've waited
So long for someone like you
Oh, what do I do

Why should I say it
Should I tell you how I feel
Oh, I want you to know
But then again I don't
It's so complicated (complicated)
So complicated (complicated)
It's so complicated, oh
I dozzed of to sleep.

- S™

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Part FortySeven;;"I'm so scared that the way that I feel is written all over my face."

I just realised it has been one whole year for my blog!
That's soo cool!!

Happy anniversary to my blog! :D
& i love you all for being the best followers!!;***

Oh, one more thing, no cliffhanger on this post.

Previously on "Across the Universe":
- My parents's farewell dinner was awesome.
- Mishary has another side of him that i never knew.
- Yousef is waiting for me; to sort things out.
- I'm going out with the attractive Jara7, Mishary and D, that's gotta be fun!
- I received a new text message while i was brushing my teeth.


1st of September

I got out of the bathroom and went to check the new text message i received.
It was from Ghazi; "Hii, shlounich? shakhbarich? Baiih minzeman 3anich, waiin ekhtefaaiitaii? ;P"

"Halla walla, il7emdillah bkhair, ent shlounik? wallah lhaiit shway with my parents leaving and the whole moving to my uncle's house." I replied.

I was wearing a pink and white striped Pajama pants and a white T-shirt, i took my pink Juicy couture Tracksuit Jacket and wore it because i was going downstairs to eat breakfast and my White T-shirt can be see-through at times.
I slipped my phone in the jacket pocket and left the room.

I was walking down the hall when i heared Mishary talking on the phone in his room, he was yelling, so his voice was kind of clear to hear.
I was pretty sure he was talking to a girl because i heard him say "w b3dain ma3ach".

I couldn't stand hearing anymore so i pressed the elevator button and went downstairs.
Who was he talking to?
Was it his Cousin?
Or was it his girlfriend?
I wondered while i got into the elevator and went to the ground floor.

I got into the dining room and Waleed was there with Janouya.
"9ba7 ilkhaiir" I said as i got myself seated next to Janouya.

"9ba7 ilnour" Waleedan replied.

"3yal wain khalii?" I asked.

"He had to go to work early." Waleed said.

"Oh, allah ya36eeh il3afyah, Janouya shlounich 7yatii?" I said as i kissed her cheeks.

"Zaina!" She said.

I was putting Labnah and za3tar in my plate when Mishary walked in the dining room and sat next to Waleedan, his face was a bit red, Probably from the phonecall.

I looked at him then i turned to Waleed,
"Can you please hand me the olive oil?" I said.

"Sure." He said.

I poured some Olive oil on the labnah and Za3tar.

"Mishary, please pass me the bread." I said.

I don't think he was listening.

"Mishary?" I said.

"Khali ewalii, Haach." Waleedan said.

"Thank you" I said.

I was getting really curious about the Phonecall.

Mishary was eating silently.

I finished my Labnah and drank orange juice and got up.
There was only Mishary in the table.
Just before i was leave the dining room, i rememmbered il6al3a.

"Ohh, mishary nsaiit la agoul 7g friend 3an il6al3a.." I said.

"Dont tell her, ana mali nafs a6la3, barou7 ildowaniya." He said.

"Ha? why?" I asked.

"Bs mali khelg, w i called Jara7 and cancelled." He said.

"Oookay!" I said and left the room before he could say anything else.

I went upstairs to my room.
I got in the bathroom to wash my hands.

I left the bathroom and checked my phone, i had 2 new text messages.

D; "Ha waiin eb ne6la3?;p miss you!"
Ghazi; "Cool, Sh3endich elyoum?;p"

I replied to both messages.
D; "Anywhere you want baby;)"
Ghazi; "I'm going out with Dana!"

I opened my laptop and let music play through Itunes.

I was looking for my Orange knee high dress with 3 quarter sleeve but i couldn't find it.
I must've left it at home, i wanted to wear it for the 6al3a, and because everyone told me i looked totally gorgeous in that dress, i wanted Mishary to see me wearing it!

A little change of plan; My plan now is to get Mishary jealous!

*BEEP* New Text message.

It was from Ghazi;

"Oh that's awesome, Can i come?(A)"

while i was reading his message i got another message, it was from D;
"I'm hungry, Johnny Avenues?"

I replied to D; "Hey, can i bring some company with me?"

I called uncle to ask him about the Spare key of my house.


"Alo." Khali said.

"Aloo hala khali" I said.

"Halla feech bnaytii." He said.

"Agoul khali where is the Spare key of my house?" I asked.

"3ind Mishary." He said.


"Ohh laish?" I said.

"I was gonna leave it in my room, bs ana nou3i agfil my room etha 6ala3t w gelt akhaf te7tajain ilkey w ana mu mawjoud." He said.

"Oh okay, thank you w khali tra ba6la3 m3a my friend w my cousin, ok?" I said.

"Okay, have fun, w take care w la tet2akhrain wayed, ok?" He said.

"Enshallah khali, thank you!" I said.

and closed the phone.

While i was talking on the phone with uncle i recieved a text message from D.
I checked the message;

"It depends, who is it?;P"

I replied.

5 minutes later.
*BEEP* new text message; D.
"HELL YEAH, he can come;$! bs change of plans, mu johhny! :P"

"How come?"
I replied.

It was D.

"Heyyy!" i said.

"Heyy there lover, lazem akhshaakh!" she said.

"Haha, awwh, you're pretty no matter what you're wearing." I said.

"That's sweet, but i need an opinion, albes my red Cady Chinoise Roberto Cavalli Dress or albes skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with my Thomas Wylde blazer?" She said.

"Hmm, I think the second outfit is better, I love blazers on you!" I said.

"Hmm, ok,. what are you wearing?" She said.

"My orange dress!" I said.

"HEY! no!!" She said.

"Huh? whyy?" I said.

"Because then you'll look prettier!" She said.

"Awwh shut up, i'm wearing it because im trying to get Mishary jealous shwaya!" I said.

"How come?" She asked.

"Because i heard him talking to a girl on the phone!" I said.

"Awwh sweetie, okay, yalla i'll pick you up at 7, ok?" she said.

"Okay, Where are we going?" I said.

"I dont know, Maki?" She said.

"YES!! i love you, yalla bye, i need to go home and get my dress and some other stuff." I said.

"Okay, ciao love, take care!" She said.

"You too, Ciao!" I said. and the phone call ended.

I replied to Ghazi's message;
"Yes, you're more than welcome to come;)"

I changed into a short jeans and a liverpool Jersey with Gerrard on the back.
I put my hair up in a ponytail and got my sunglasses and my phone and left my room.

I saw Waleedan and Mishary in the livingroom upstairs.

"ilsalaam." I said.

"Wa3alaykum ilsalam." Both said.

Apparently Mishary is a Manchester United fan, so he gave me a dirty look because of my Liverpool Tshirt.

"Mishary, wain Spare key mal my house?" I said.

"Laish?" He asked.

"I need to get some stuff." I said.

"Shnu hal stuff??" He said.

"Ha? ta7qeeq ohu? i need some stuff w khala9." I said.

"Shgelt ana, i was just asking." He said. "Ne6ray i'll get it from my room." He said.

"Wain betrou7een?" Waleedan asked me 3la ma Mishary gets the spare key.

"Ba6la3 with my friend and my cousin." I said.

"Ohh, nice, ay cousin?" He asked.

"Ghazi Wld khalti '9eyah." I said.

"Ohh, w ma3aach refeejtich?" He said.

"Ee 3adi they know each other." I said.

"Oh cool, have fun!" Waleed said.

"Thanks" I smiled.

"Here." Mishary said and handed me my key.

"Thanks." I said and pressed the elevator button.

"Did i hear right? ebte6le3een weya Ghazi?" Mishary asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"Shkuu?" He said.

"Shnu shkuu?" I said.

"Shku wain ga3deen te6le3een m3ah?" He said.

"Ayshay 9aa7? w it was 3adii when me, you and Jara7 were going to out 9aa7?" I said.

"that's different!" He said.


"Because ana akoun weyach, mu brou7ich" He said.

"So? I'm not alone, ana weya my friend w ohwa w yemkin ekhta fajoura teyee b3d" I said. "Beside, i dont need your permission to go out, i asked khali w he approved!" I continued.

"Ok, rou7ay, allah weyach, w enjoy!" He said eb nafsiyah khaysa.

"Thank you!" I said.

"Deerbalich mn il6ereej now, don't forget you have a broken arm." Waleedan said.

"Okay, i will, i didn't forget." I said.

I got into the elevator and went to the ground floor.
I went to the Garage and got into my car and headed home.

I was listening to my I-pod on shuffle, "3azat 3lay nafsi" by Rashed Al-Majed was playing.

"3azat 3alay nafsiii mn gaswat zemannii w ana el lethi mn gaswa el ayam layen" I sang along.

*RING RING* It was Ghazi.

"Heyyy!" I picked the phone.

"Heyy, Fajoura is coming, and she's asking wain benrou7?" He said.

"9ij? wanasa! benrou7 Maki Marina" I said.

"Ohh nice, minzimaan 3anna 3ad, meta ilmaw3id enshallah?" He asked.

"Danou betmurni at 7 inshallah." I said.

"Cool 3yal ana w fajoura will meet you there!" He said.

"Enshallah, Ghazi i have to close the phone because i'm driving w ma bega wa7ed ma 3raiiit 3laiih!" I laughed.

"Wee ya m3awda khala9 bye, w deerbaalich!" He said.

"Enshallah, bye!" I said.

"Bye!" He said and closed the phone.

The continued listening to the song by Rashed;
"e7tart fi denya re'9atli hawanii w ana law '9agat 3alay ma abayen
Ma ar'9a 3ala ghairi e3anii w elyoum 7alli 3addah el ghaiir hayyen"

Akhaiiih Rashed, i wondered.

1st of September
My home sweet home

I got into my house and took a look around, i miss it here!:(
I headed upstairs to my room.

I got into my room and got out a Bag to fill it with some clothes.
I put mostly Casuals in the bag and i got 3 dresses but i didnt put them in the bag because they might get ruined so i put them in the hanger and left the house.

I hanged the dresses in the backsteats of the car and put my bag in and got in my car and drove to my second home.

I arrived home and called Marlyn to help me with the bag cos my arm started hurting me.
I got in and i went upstairs and Mishary was still up in the living room and he was holding his phone, i think he was texting someone, or maybe....her.

I went to my room and started unpacking the bag and put the clothes in the closet.

I unpaused the music on my laptop and i remembered!!! YOUSEF!

I got yousef's american number and pressed call.
I locked
my bedroom and raised the Volume of the music a bit.

It rang 4 times before he picked it up.

"Aloo?" I heard his voice.
I felt weak!
My legs could barely hold me, i sat on the bed.

"Aloo." I whispered.

"Dayoumaa!!" He said.

"Halla yousef, Shlounik?" I said.

"Tmam, entai shlounich?" He said.

"I'm okay, il7emdellah." I said,

"il7emdellah, how is everything with you after the accident?" He said.

"Alright i guess im living with my uncle now and my parents elyoum ra7aw america." I said.

"Ohh, allah e3eenich sweetie," He said.

"w e3een iljamee3" I said.

and then it was an awkward silence.

"7yatii..?" He said.
My heart ached.

"Yes..?" I said.
tears filled my eyes, but i didn't want to cry.

"Where are we now?" He said.

"I dont know." I said.

"We need to sort it out, i really miss you soo much, and i dont know what to do, all i know i still want to be with you!" He said.

"I.." I got tongue tied.

"You what? dayouma kamlaay.." He said.

"I dont know what to say." I said.

"Say anything!" He said.

"I miss you too and i love you!" I said. "But.." I continued.

"No buts" He said. "I hate buts!" He said.

"No, you have to know this, i need to be honest with you, i dont feel the same way about you the way i did before you left Kuwait!" I said.

He didn't reply, there was another awkward silence.
I hate awkward silence.

"Yousef..?" I said.

"3youna!" He said.

"uhh...How is University?" I wanted anything to talk about,

"Ohh, it's good, thanks for asking." He said.

"I'm glad, emwafaq inshallah." I said,

"Thanks, bs please be with me!" He said.

"Be with you?" I asked.

"Yes, 7ta law we're not lovers, i just need Dayouma in my life, wallah, even if only friends!" He said.

"Okay Yousef, i'll be here, with you, as friends." I said.

"Thank you." He said, very softly.

"You're welcome." I said.

"Take care 7yatii." He said.

"You too." I said.

"I'll talk to you later." He said.

"Goodbye." I said and closed the phone.

I cried listening to Michelle Branch's song "Goodbye to you"

"Of all the things I've believed in
I just want to get it over with
Tears form behind my eyes
But I do not cry
Counting the days that pass me by

I've been searching deep down in my soul
Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old
It feels like I'm starting all over again
The last three years were just pretend
And I said,

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

I still get lost in your eyes
And it seems that I can't live a day without you
Closing my eyes and you chase my thoughts away
To a place where I am blinded by the light
But it's not right

And it hurts to want everything and nothing at the same time
I want what's yours
and I want what's mine
I want you
But I'm not giving in this time

Goodbye to you
Goodbye to everything I thought I knew
You were the one I loved
The one thing that I tried to hold on to

And when the stars fall
I will lie awake
You're my shooting star"

I wiped my tears away and got in the shower before changing for Maki.
I got out and wore my Orange dress that i bought from an Exibition that was held in some women's house.
and i wore a gold necklace that had the letter "D" on it.
It was a gift from my friend from lebanon.
I absolutely love it. It's a round gold with the letter "D" Carved in it,

I applied Mascara and ruby lipstick and a little blush and i was ready to go.
I let my hair down with my natural wavy hair.

I wore my Orange Jimmy Choo Brasil espadrille wedges and left my room.

I waited for D in the upstairs livingroom watching Al-Watan tv.
I heard Mishary's voice in his room, talking on the phone, i couldn't hear what he was talking about or if it was a guy or a girl.

I was watching Tv when i heard his door open.

"Ohh, entai Hnii!" He said.
He looked stressed.

"Yeah." I said.

"Laish lai7een ma ret7aay?" He asked.

"I'm waiting for Danou" I said.

"You look good." He said.

"Thank you." I said.

"Kashkha 7g mnu haa?" He said.

"No one." I said.

"3laiina?" He said. "Mnu sa3eed il7ath!?" He continued.

"NO ONE!" I said.

"Okay okay." He said.

My phone, it was D.

"Yalla hoe, i'm outside!" She said as soon as i picked up.

"Oh halla ghazii." I said. and looked at Mishary.

"Ay ghazi yal hablaa!?" She said.

"El7emdellah bkhair, ent shlounik?" I said.

"Haa!? 9a7yaah Dayoum?" She asked.

"Eee kani na6ra danou tmurnii ent 6ala3T?" I said.

"DUDE!!!? SH9AYER? et7acheen mnu entaai?" D said.

"Okay good, i'll see you there." I said.

"yalla ana bara yal maynouna!" She said.

I closed the phone.
Mishary was standing there wearing a Beige pants and a white polo qmee9 and a Lacoste cap worn backwards.
He looked hot with his shaggy hair under the cap.
He didn't say anthing, just looked at me then he went back to his room.
He looked pissed.

Jealous much?
i guess so.

I got in the elevator and went to the ground floor.
I got out to D and we drove off to Maki Marina.
I explained to D why i talked to her as Ghazi.

"OMG, that is sooo sneaaky!" She said.

"I know!! he was soo jealous!" I said.

"Haha, you're soo evil!" She said.

"He had it coming! shku he made me think he liked me w b3dain asma3a yetkalam to a girl on the phone!" I complained.

"Hmm, madrii, maybe it's a misunderstanding, yemkin it was nafs your situation with Yousef? on the edge of breakup? or maybe it's only his cousin?" She said.

"I dont know, but he didn't seem normal today, all day, he was nervous and stressed the whole time!" I said.

"Okaay, just be careful, dont get your heart broken." She said.

"Inshallah." I said.

The song "Can't hold us down" By Christina Aguilera.
This song is amazing.
It defines women power!

"Never can, never will, can't hold us down." Me and D sang along.

- S™

Friday, July 31, 2009

Part FortySix;; "Is it all? Or are we just friends?"

Sorry guys 3ala il cliffhangers, bs i'd like to keep you guys interested for the next part! :D

Previously on "Across The Universe":

- The family of uncle's wife are really sweet.
- Lolwa has a crush on Mishary!
- Jarra7 is attractive.
- Mishary is still Malgouf!
- My parent are leaving on Wed.
- My uncle planned to throw a Farewell dinner for my parents.
- Does Mishary like me? or is he really being a pain in the ass brother!?


Tuesday 31th of August

I didnt get a message from Yousef, so how did Mishary know about him?
He must've looked through the sent messages, UGH, how could he!!?

"It's Mishary, can i come in?" He said.

"Oh, now you know how to knock!?" I said, "Come in!" I continued.

He opened the door,
"I just wanted to tell you im not dropping this, we'll talk about it later after the dinner." He said.

"Talk about what!? I'm not talking about it with you!" I said.

"You don't get to choose! we'll talk about it, i just came to inform you that!" He said.

"Whatever!" I said.

He left the room.

Seriously, SHYABIIII!!? :/

I replied to D's message, "Ghazii! :P" I said.

I layed in bed thinking how the conversation will go between me and Mishary after the dinner, What a great way to end the day! i thought.

*Beep* a new text message.
I giggled when i read it,
"I'm not sure, but he's asking about you, may be he does!" I replied.

Tuesday 31th of August

I was watching Grey's anatomy on DVD, when someone knocks on the door.

"Who is it?" I said.

"Ana khalich!" He said.

"7ayyak khali tefa'9al." I said.

He opened the door.

"Halla bnaytii shlounich?" He said as he entered the room.

"Tmam khali il7emdellah." I said.

"Did you inform your mother about the dinner?" He asked.

"Ee khali, i called her gbl few hours and told her, she said she's coming but around 7 because dad is going to be realsed at 5PM!" I said.

"Oh okay, 3la ra7at'hum e7na ma warana shay, w the Buffet will arrive at 6 3la ma e7e6ouna w chithi ella 9arat 7 inshallah." He said.

"Enshallah, thanks khali, i really appreciate it!" I said.

"il3afu 7yatii entaii!" He said.

I hugged him and kissed him before he left the room.

I continued watching a few more episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

I got out a white knee high dress, and i got out a navy scarf with beige and white designs on it to wear it with the dress.
I put them on the bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I got out of the shower and wore the dress and and went to the maze to apply make-up.

I was applying eye liner when i heared another knock on the door.

"Mnuu?" I said.

"Waleedan!" he said.

"T3aaaal 7ayaak" i said.

"Halla dayouma, shlounich?" He said.

"Zaina, you?" I said.

"ill7emdellah bkhaiir" He said. "Haa ashouf badaltaay..?" He said.

"Ee" I said and got up. "Shraayek?" I showed him what i was wearing.

"Ashouf furaaay!" He said.

I gave him a spin.

"Niice, you look beautiful." He said and smiled.

"Thank you!" I said and blushed.

"Allah ya7fithich inshallah." He said.

"Teslam waleedan!" I said and smiled.

"Yalla ana akhaleech now, tamreen 3la shay?" He said.

"Salamtik." I said.

"Allah esalmich, yalla ashoufich bil dinner." He said.

"Enshallah, take care" I said.

"You too, faman illaah." He said.

"Fi aman ilkareem" I said.

He left the room.

Tuesday 31th of August

I continued applying the eyeliner and a little blush with a Ruby lipstick and put my hair up in a loose bun, i looked very simple and neat.

I was wearing my christian louboutin white heels when my phone rang.
"Aghla ilbashar;*" Mom was calling.

"Aloo halla yumaa" I said.

"Halla 7beebti, Shlounkum?" She asked.

"Tmam il7emdellah, shloun baba?" I said.

"Il7emdellah 3la kil 7al, bs knt bagoulich ena ta36eech khalich khabar ena yemkin neyee abchar mn 7 okay 7yatii?" She said.

"Enshallah mama, 7ayyakum allah." I said.

"Allah e7ayeech." She said.

The phone call ended.

I took a quick look at myself in the mirror before leaving my room.

I was walking down the hall and i saw Mishary, he was walking on the other end of the hall, he just left his room, wearing a dishdasha, he looked handome in the dishdasha and qetra.

I tried not to make eye contact and i sat on the livingroom upstairs.

"Shfeech emnafsa?" Mishary asked.

"Mafeeni shay" i said still not making eye contact.

"Tra ana mu em3a9eb 3la elly shefta.." He said.

"Ok." I said still avoiding making eye contact.

"Shfeech ma et7e6een 3ainch eb 3aini!?" He asked.

"Ma feeni shay." I said.

"3yal 6al3eeni!!" He said.

I turned to him and looked him right into his eyes.

He stood there looking back at me.

"Happy now?" I said.

"ee!" He said.

"enzain" i said and turned to the tv.

"we'll talk again after dinner." He said.

i ignored him and kept my eyes on the tv screen.

He sighed and went down the elevator.
I didnt want to go downstairs after him, we might be alone in the living room downstairs and i dont want him to start another conversation, so i waited for waleedan to finish.
I informed khali that mom might come earlier than 7.

I heard a door closed, it was Waleedan.

"Hala dayouma.." Waleed said.

"Halla feek." I said.

"Haw shemga3dech here?" He asked.

"An6erik" I said.

"oh, yalla 3yal emshay." He said and pressed the elevator button.

I got up and walked into the elevator after him.

Tuesday 31th of August
The two connected living room

We were enjoying the evening, me, dad, waleedan, janouya, mishary and khali.

"Ha 3sa Dayouma ma la3wezatkum?" Dad said.

god, he makes me feel like i'm a little kid.

"La sh7alatna, ma nesmaa3 7es'ha ilbait." Khali said.

"Zain ashwa." Mom said.

"Akeed ma la3wezatkum, goul mn al7een 3shan enge6ha 3nd a7ad thani..?" Dad said. Joking.

"Baba! Shda3wa ala3wezhum, im not a kid!" I said.

"Adrii babatii, en6afrech shway." Dad said.

Waleedan & mom were laughing at me.

I almost forgot Mishary was in the same room.
He was so quiet and just staring.
It was scarying me a little bit.

Waleedan got up and approached me.

"Dayouma, come with me." He whispered.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"Come with me!" He said and pulled me with him.

I walked after him and we left the living room.

"Shfeeek!?" I said as soon as we left the room.

"Entai shfeech weya MisharY? sh9ayer?" He asked.

"Mu 9ayer shay!" I said.

"Akeed 9ayer shay, mu 3awayda Mishary yeg3ad eb yam3a w sakit 6oul ilwagt w bs ekhezich." He said.

"Mu 9ayer shay waleedan, shdarani 3ana why don't you ask him?!" I said.

"Ok i will ask him, you go inside 3shan they dont sense anything." He said.

"Ok." I said and went back to the livingroom and sat next to my dad.

I saw waleedan from outside the livingroom calling Mishary.
Mishary got up and left after he gave me a few cold glances.

I managed to stay calm and not nervous.
I tried as much as i can to block these thoughts, even for a while.

The whole time i was talking with dad and mom and laughing.

I'll miss them so much.

Mishary and Waleed walked back in and Mishary looks pissed, but not as pissed as Waleedan.

Did he tell him?
i wondered.
Waleedan didn't look at me, he sat next to uncle and Mishary sat in a couch alone.

"Yalla ya jama3 it's dinner time." Uncle said.

We all got up and followed my uncle as he led us to the Garden outside where the Buffet was set.
The Buffet was amazing, all kind of dishes, italian, Chinese, Thai, French and Japanese.

We all had a wonderful time, except for Mishary who was really quiet and barely there.

It was almost 11PM, Dad and mom had to leave now because their flight tomorrow is really early, i don't even get to take them to the airport and say goodbye.

I was sobbing like a little baby while hugging both mom and dad.

"7yatii khalaa9, we'll be fine and we'll call you as soon as we land, and we can stay connected at all times!" mom said, comforting me.

"Mabiii mabiii!" I cried.

"Haw, Dayouma, tawich etgoul you're not a kid!" Dad said kissing my forehead.

"That's different baba!" I said, sobbing.

"Khalaa9 7beebti ga6a3tai galbii." Mom said.

"Okay okay!" I said and wiped my tears.

"3afyah 3la bnaytii." Dad said, "Take care ma awa9eech ha babatii?" He said.

"Enshallah Baba." I said.

"W 3an ilshe6ana la tla3wezeen khalich w 3yala." He joked.

"Yubaa! i'll miss you!!" I said and hugged him.

I hugged mom and kissed both their forehead before they left the house.

"Dayouma, if you need anything let us know." Khali said, trying to make me feel better.

"Enshallah khali." I said. "Mashkour." I walked out of the livingroom.

good thing Mishary wasn't in the livingroom or he mocked me laii youm ildeeen!
Waleedan was in the room, and he felt sorry for me.

i went up on the elevator.
My eyes were red and puffy.

Tuesday 31th of August
Upstairs livingroom

The elevator opened and Mishary was sitting in the living room watching Tv. He was wearing his dishdasha bs ilqetra fe9akh'ha.

He looked at me quietly.
I looked at him behind my teary eyes.

"Dayouma, shfeech?" Mishary managed to say after a while.

"Nothing." I said.

"Ha? Testa3be6ain? goulay shfeech!?" He said.

"My parents ra7aw." I said.

"okay, bs entay tadreen ena they're going to leave, laish kil hal bachi?" He said.

"I'm just gonna miss them, that's all." I said.

"Okay, mes7ay dmou3ich, chenich yahil." He said.

"KAIFI! ok!!! Shtabii!!! WHY ARE YOU SOO CRUEL TO ME!?" I snapped.

He stared at me in a total shock of what i just burst out.

"Shgelt ana!?" He said.


"HA!!?" He said.

I ignored him and pressed the elevator button.

"Wain ray7a? tawech 9a3da!?" He said.

"Malik shiqil!" I said, trying not to burst into tears.

"HaA!? besmellah shfeech faj2a galabtaii?" He said.


I got into the elevator and pressed the 'B' Button, i was going to the basement.
I thought this was my only escape, since i dont even get my own privacy in my room!

I sat next to the pool with my legs in the water.

I was crying my eyes out and thinking how this year was very eventful, i felt like it was a period of 10 years all piled in one.

I was lost in thoughts that i didn't realise Mishary walking in.

"Deema?" He said, very softly.

I jumped to his voice.

"What..?" I said, i didn't turn to look at him.

"Shfeech? don't be sad." He said.

"I cant." I said.

I saw him walking closer to me and he sat next to me.

"Dayouma, bs la tabcheen.." He said.

"khalni abchiii, i'm letting everything out, i'm feeling better." I said.

"Tell me shfeech? I'll be a good listener." He said.

I turned to him, "You? a good listener? Hah i doubt it." I said.

"Try me." He said.

"Thanks for offering but i rather keeping it to myself." I said.

"3la ra7tich, bs know that when i'm serious, im a total diffent Mishary, You never saw my serious side, I'll surprise you." He said.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes really, behind all the joking and mocking side of me, i'm actually a decent guy,i can be sweet." He said.

"How come i never saw the other side of you?" I said.

"I don't know, i dont show it to anyone really" he said.

"But you're being sweet now, therefore you're showing me." I said.

"Well, you're not anyone." he said and messed my hair with his hands.

"Heyy!" I said and blushed.

He laughed, "I'm sorry about today, i don't know what's gotten into me." He said.

"It's okay, consider it forgotten." I said.

"Really? you're awesome!" He said.

"ah, i try my best!" I said.

He smiled and i smiled back.

"ee t3al, sh9ar with you and waleedan earlier this evening?" I asked.

"Waiih, nothing, raga3t ilsalfa." He said.

"Oh zain ashwa, malik khilg suwalif." I said.

"I know, don't worry." He said. "And i dont want to know about it anymore." He said.

"How come?" I asked.

"Because fakart feeha, i don't need to, since you said ena it used to be someone." He said.

"Oh.." I said.

"Yeah so i decided to start a new page with you starting tonight." He said.

"Oh, that's cool." I said and smiled.

He walked me up to my room after a really nice conversation between us.

we said goodnight and each went to the bedroom.

I was soo tired and feeling sleepy that i didn't have the energy to change into my PJ's so i took off my earings,bracelet and shoes and got in my bed and dozzed of to sleep.

1st of Septmenber

I woke up to my phone vibrating under my pillow.
I checked and it was message from Yousef;
I read the message with one eye open;
"When will you call me? i'm dying here."

I slipped the phone back under the pillow, and went back to sleep, Carelessly.

I didn't even feel anything reading that message.
I guess my feelings for Mishary are getting stronger now.

It's YOUSEF, and i was really careless.

30 Mins later i woke up to Mishary knocking on the door.

"WHAT..?!" I said in my sleepy voice.

"Can i come in?" Mishary said.

"Yes come!" I said.

He opened the door and walked in.

"Sha3rech ya m3awda!" He said.
He's back to the old mocking Mishary.

"Y3ni wa7da nayma, shloun tbi sha3arha ekoun!?" I said.

"Haha, enzain 3indech shay elyoum?" He said.

"No, what do you have in mind?" I said.

"Jara7 called me egoul khane6laa3 fa gelt ta3alay weyana." He said.

"Did you tell Jara7 ena i'm coming?" I asked.

"yeah, ohwa gali yami3 shela w khane6la3 cos he's bored." He said.

"Nice, WEE! la7tha, i promised my bestfriend that i'm seeing her today!" I said.

"Khaleeha teyee weyana..?" He suggested.

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah really, let her come, you'll have fun!" He said.

"Okay, i'll call her b3d shway w let her know." I said.

"w laish b3d shway y3ni?" He said.

"Bagoum aghasil awal b3dain adeg." I said.

"Laish tra mara7 etshem ekhyaasich!" He said.

"Waii3 yal wasekh! shku!" I said.

"Shfeech, qa9di mara7 etshem ree7at 7aljich ya3ni etha ma ghasaltay!" He said.

"Chub, Mishary, e6la3!" I said.

He laughed, "afa ta6redeeni ana?" He said.

"Yes, get out!" I said.

"Ohh ohh, shfeech om ree7a!" He said.

"WAAAY! BARRA!" I said.

"enzain enzain" He laughed. "Bs 3a6eeni khabar 3an il6al3a when you talk to your friend 3shan agoul 7g jara7oo!" He said before leaving the room.

I got up and got into the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth.

New text message.

- S™