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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Part Thirteen; "Your words are deadly weapons!"

Monday July 23rd

My bedroom


"Aloo?" He said.

"Aloo." I said back.

"Deema,adeg 3laich b3d shway okay?" He said.

"Okay,bye" I said and threw the phone on my bed.

Is he trying to kill me? ;s

I felt really hot and i was freezing. I went downstairs, and as i was going down the stairs, i almost fell. i don't know what's wrong with me. my legs suddenly can't hold me up. i fell on the couch of the livingroom. Mom was there.

"haw 7beebtii shfeeech?" She asked, worried.

"Ma feeni shay, bs 7asa eb ta3ab shwaya." I said and took a deep breath.

"La akeed feech shay, 6a3 wayhech a9faar." She said.

My face?? a9far? i didn't even know why!

"9ijjJ?" I said And got up to take a look at my face in the mirror.

wow, i looked horrible. i turned to my mom.

"Mom, i'm not feeling well.." I said and put my hands on my stomach, it ached, it was too painful to bare.

mom quickly got up and approached me, she felt my forehead, "Deema, 7beebtii, 7arartich mertaf3a, Emsakhna" She said.

"Bss im coold!" I said and shivered.

"Ne6ray bser3a ayeeb my bag w albes 3abati w awadeech el 6abeeb." She said and ran upstairs, she ran, literally.

I sat on the couch. i couldn't hold my head up, i felt like i was going to throw(w entaw eb karama) up any minute now..

Mom came down to see me laying on the couch; emotionless. I was passed out, mom quickly called the maid and they both held me up and took me to the hospital. my phone was in my room, on my bed. My father was outside of kuwait. so mom had to take me.

It turned out i passed out due to stress, not eating, lack of sleep, and a really high temperature.

I woke up and i saw mom on my left side, and D was on my right. they both jumped. "Deema!"

"Hii.." I said and smiled.

"7beebtii el7emdellah ya rab, shlounich al7een?" Mom asked as she placed her hand on my hand.

"Zainaa.." i said. D hugged me, out of no where, i laughed and hugged her back.

"Missed you,bgara!" She said and giggled.

Mom went to ask the doctor when i can leave.

I looked at D. "I called him, and he said he'd call me later. but later never happened, i passed out.." I said..

"Don't think about him right now, dont worry, just get better now and we'll see about that later." she said.

Tuesday July 24th
My bedroom

Me and D walked in my room, i quickly ran to look at my phone. i had 3 misscalls from yousef and a message that says "Waiiniich?"

I picked up the phone and called him.

"Alooo deeeema!" He said as soon as he picked up.

"Aloo, hala yousef." I said.

"Wainich ya bnaya, tewakalt 3laich." He said.

"Sorry, i was in the hospital." I said.

"Hospital!!?? whyyy 3sa mashaaar?!" He asked.

"La wallah shay, bs ta3abt shwaya.." I said.

"Deema, feech shay w khasha 3anii??" He said.

"No.." I said.

"Akeeed?" He said.

"Ee mafeeni shay, Yousef baghaiit shay?" I said.

"Ee, bs la7tha shda3wa etkalmeeni eb nafsiya?" He said.

"Wallah shay, bs ta3bana, w aby a3aref why did you want me to call you ASAP?" I asked.

"Eeh,ana ma a7eb el laf w eldawaran, entay chum wa7id etkalmeeen ghairi?" He asked.

"Na3aam?!!?" I asked, confused, dazed, lost. IS HE SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THIS!!!

"Jawbeeni w ray7eenii.." He said.

"Ent mn 9ejik tes2alni hl su2al?" I said.

"Deema, please jawbay su2alii!" He said.

"I cant believe you actually asked me that, you're questioning my loyalty?" I said.

"Elshai6an ma mat ya deema, bs jawbay elsu2al." He said.

My heart ached, i felt like he was holding a knife and stabbing my heart, literally.

"Thanks Yousef, etha hatha '9anik feeni, m3a elsalama." I said and turned off my phone!

As i was getting my anger by punching the crap out of the pillow, D left the bathroom and yelled, "WOAH, dude,WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??"

- S™


Charmbracelet said...

I think its that jerk anonymous caller!

desertpalms said...

ooofff what an idiot!!

ee wallah its probably the private number!

Nora said...

i just read the whole thing! amazing story bs il parts really short .. and haya AWW she broke my heart too! cant wait for the next part, i think 7amood is the reason for yousif Q.

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: I think not. I didn't even tell Yousef about the unknown caller. You'll see. ;p

DesertPalms: I know,e7irrr;/ We'll see who did that.. ;p

Nora: Awwh, thank you. Yeah haya takser elkha6ir. i don't know, maybe! :S

Anonymous said...

waaaay waaaaay laaa laaa shino hatha dream girl intay 7adiiich mal etsween GOSSIP GIRL bs q8tiii mashalla 3leeech ....

agoool t3alaaay al7een shlon tgolen i didnt even tell yousf y3nii entay 9eej etklmenaa shino hatha dw5tay rasna oo ethaa 9eej 9eej ana ra7 afr7liich la2na 9ej bayen 3lekom 7bayb 3saaa allah la yfrgkom oo 3zmena 3al 3ers haa ma aw9eech 7boba ;)

adree gragt foog rasech bs hatha la2na im loyal reader

Ur number one fan ;*

dreamGIRL said...

Anonymous: Haha, shda3wa;$ thanks sweetie, Kelich thouq!;*
The story is real. i didn't tell Yousef about the unknown caller, cos i don't think it's "THAT" big of a deal. Ofcourse the names are fabricated, and some other little things too, but it's REAL. (:
I'm glad to have you as a fan! ;*

lola said...

:o omg...faj'aaaaa??

dreamGIRL said...

7da faj2aaa :S

Music, Happiness, Love said...

thats so annoying!

next plz ;)

Anonymous said...

i miss you i was waiting the whole day for the next part .. 7ada 3lgtena waay alah ehadah yosef shino mo watheq feech 1?? men sejah ?! oo entay el mafro'6 tgolelah kel shay oo tft7en galbich 7aga m5alef akeed a7ad far rasa aw same3 klam men nas ma y5afon rabhom !

dreamGIRL said...

Music, Happiness, Love: I know, enshallah!

Anonymous: hehe, eshtagatlich el3afia;* Ee akeed a7ad gayela kalam, bs elmafrou'9 ma e9adeg!

sugar said...

i wonder who put that idea in his mind!!!

dreamGIRL said...

The wondering will end when i post part fourteen! ;)