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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part Eight; "The heart never lies.."

Sunday July 15th
My bedroom

Phone rings. i picked up and it was haya.

"Hi Dayoum, shlounich?" She said

"Hala hayoun, el7emdellah tmam, entay shlounich?" I said as i was thinking now what!!

"Busy today wela la2?" She asked.

"Wallah madri, ana ga3da an6er Dana et2akedlii 3l 6al3a," I said.

"Aha, enzain etha mentay 6al3a, shrayich ana weyach ne6la3?"
She said.

Since when me and haya would go out alone. i wondered.

"Ee sure, a36eech khabaar" I said, Ugh, i hate that i can't say "no" to someone!! ;/

Phone call ended.

I called D immediately.

"D, Haya is being wierd!" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Uhh...hi?" she said.

"Hii, did you hear what i just said?" i said

"Yes, laish what did she do?" She asked.

"She said if i'm free today, she wants to go out!" I said.

"She did not!!! liaar!!! omg!" D yelled.

"What? whyyY?" i said.

"Oh, i see what she's trying to do, she's trying to befriend you, look sweetie, you're not going!" She said.

"Haha, why not?" i said.

"Because she's the DEVIL!! look, just make up any excuse!" D explained.

"Well i did tell her that i might go out with you, which was a lie.." i said, and giggled.

"Haha, that's my girl, well, if you want to feel better, we'll go out, why not, that way you won't be lying" She said.

"Okay, Johhny rockets avenues @ 8PM! See ya!" i said and closed the line.

I love unplanned dinner!!

Sunday July 15th
My car
Outside d's house.

I was wearing a knee high navy dress from French connection, with bright red heels, and my Choe's red bag too. my hair was up in a loose bun. i was switching through radio channels, when my phone started ringing. i looked at the number and it was an unknown caller, i usually don't really pick up,but i don't know why i did.

"aloo?" I said.

"aloo, gowa!" A guy's voice said on the other end.

"Allah egaweek, mnu ma3ay?" I asked.

"Shlounich?" he said, and totally ignored my question.

"3afwan, mnu ma3ay?" i asked, again.

"Ana, 7mood, entay mnu?" He asked.

"Ay 7mood, ent elly dag, w tes2al ana mnu, el'9aher nemra ghala6." I said.

"La la, mngal el nemra ghala6, abeeech entay shfeech!" He said.

i freaked out and closed the line,just when D got in the car.

"Ooooh, who where you talking to..?" She asked.

"I don't know, some guy called 7mood, possibly wrong number." I said.

"I hate that when it happens!" D said.

I swtiched to "D" w tewakalt 3l allah.

Sun. july 15th
My car

We were listening to music and singing along to the song "Ya ebn adam" By Hussien aljasmi, when my phone interrupted us, ring ring.

"Oh greeat! the unknown caller again!" I said, "wai3 now e3alig!" I continued.

"That's why i hate answering unknown numbers" She said.

I ignored.

Sun. July 15th
Johnny rockets

I Ordered #12 & diet coke. D ordered Original cheese burger, & Orange fanta.
& ofcourse the cheese fries to share.

We sitting enjoying our lovely sweaty burgers, when the unknown caller calls again....& again..7 again. ugh.

"beep" "You got a message royal sexyness!" my message tone. it was from him "Shda3wa ma tredeen, wela tetghalaiiin? ;p" Ugh, is he serious!! i deleted the message and continued eating my burger, i will not let some stranger ruin my delicious moment with my favorite burger!

Sun. July 15th
My bedroom

signed on msn, and Yousef was on, I decided to tell him everything, and just get it over with!

Me: hii yousef.

Yousef: Oh, ghareeba, entay dasha 3alay? :P

Me: hehe, shlounik?

Yousef: Tmam as long as im talking to you.

Me: hehe,good, madri shloun adish bl maw'9ou3..

Yousef: Oookhh, ay maw'9ou3?

Me: La tefhamni ghala6 yousef, bs ana mabi adish bain ahal w akharib 3elagatkum eb ba3a'9.

Yousef: Deema shfeech, fahmeeni, wallah khara3teeni!!

Me: Sorry, bs wallah I know that haya likes you, w i cant do this to her, she's a friend.

Yousef: Haya likes me? :S since when?

Me: Shdarani 3anha, bs she said along time ago, but she never told you.

Yousef: Enzain w ana shaku feeha, khaleeha et7ebni lama tgoul bs, ana ma abeeha, entay adra ana mnu abee.

Me: Wallah yousef madri shagoul, bs wallah me7tara, Haya galatli la tetgarebain mn yousef, ma abeeh he likes you.

Yousef: Na3am hathy shtabii!!!? ehya shku, mn 9ijha galatlich hl 7achii!? ;/

Me: Eee ;/ w ma tadrii shkether te'9ayagt wallah, 7sait eldenya tesakarat eb wayhii, ehya refeejti, i can't betray her!

Yousef: Deema 7yati, hatha mu betrayal, ana abeeech, w entay tadreen eb hlshay, ehya shku etnagi who likes who!!?

Me: Madrii wallah madrii.. :'/

Yousef: Deema, wallah Galbich Thahaab:* Bs mu kl ensan yesti7ig hl mu3amala, may9eer chithi, entay tetkhalain 3n nas for the pleasure of others, you only get to live once.

Me: Yousef..

Yousef: Hala galbii...

Me: i love you! ;$



sugar said...

oooooooooooooo5 yal7lailich jaree2a;P bsir3a i love u:)

Charmbracelet said...


Anonymous said...

aywaaaaaaaaaaa :D !!

sourire said...

NEVER till a guy you love him first haha :p

bas 7aram Haya;/

dreamGIRL said...

Sugar: It was on msn, which is much easier.

Charmbracelet: hehe, thanks;$

Anonymous: haha. :D

Sourire: I don't know what happened, i just poured everything out of my heart. I know, 7aram haya, bs did you read what yousef said? he doesn't like her, i might've dont a favor for her not to have a broken heart. anyways, you'll see.. ;p