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Monday, September 8, 2008

Part One; " The butterflies are creeping through my spine."

The journey

Sunday june 24th
My bedroom
6:00 p.m.

I was sitting reading Elle Magazine, when my Phone beeped, "You have a message royal sexyness!" I checked the message and it was my friend Dana, "D jr.* free?" i let out a giggle as i replied to her message, "Oui D, im free,what do you have in mind?" 3 seconds later she called, "DAYOUM,Badlay and let us go out!!" , "ok,bs waiin?" i answered, then we both said at the same time "NINO!" and then both again said "JINXX!". We make ourselves laugh.

Sunday june 24th
My car

"Oh my god! Deems^ THE CADDILAC GUY!" Dana screamed!

Wednesday June 18th
My bedroom


"I can't believe we're graduating!" i cried hugging D.

"I know, it seems like yesterday we were playing in the playground in Kindergarten." She cried hugging me back.

"Elyoum youmna! only a couple of hours seperates us from the big day we've been waiting for 12 years!" i said as i was trying on my Graduation gown.
We were getting excited more and more by the second. Since D is sleeping over at my house so we can get ready toghether and head for our Graduation Ceremony in Al-Raya Ballroom, we got everything ready, our dresses that we're going to wear under the Graduation gown, so after the graduation we'll be heading for dinner, most of the seniors that is. The Ceremony Starts at 6 and ends at 9. Then all the girls are heading to Maki Marina for Senior dinner. I decided to wear a navy knee high dress and bright red heels that matches my Balanciaga bag & a slik ponytail. D on the other hand decided to wear a white long dress and with her Gladiator Brown sandals and her brown Miu Miu bag with her natural curly hair up in a bun.

Thursday June 19th
My car
Gulf street


Me, Dana, Ghanouma & Farou7 were heading to Maki, on our way we were listening to "Friends forever" by Vitamin C and we were sobbing like babies! For all the memories we had, and all the memories we shared. Reached Make marina @ 9:30PM. i gave my car to the valet parking and hopped out of the car.
We got in and as usual we were the "late" ones, everyone was there. we said hi and got seated. The night was awesome, possibly the best day of my life. we had so much fun.
Me & D rekabna my Black Range Rover Sport which dad gave to me for my 18th birthday since im his only child, it was specially customized with black leather seats,anyways we got in the car and left maki. Farou7 & Ghanouma decided to go back home with Jouri.

Thursday June 19th
My car

"When will he stop following us, ufff!" D said pointing to the guy who was following us since Marina waves. he kept waving and beeping the horn.
We finally decided to turn our head to him, and he was pointing to the tire. i parked on the side of the road and he parked behind me.he was driving Cadillac SUV black. Nazalt ana w ohwa nezal, he was tall w he was really cute w shakla san3 ya7laila, chan egouli "Enzain ashwa lafaitay wayhich." chan agoula "hehe,sorry,3ala bali.." chan egoul "ee adrii, enshallah ma a6awil, al7een asawee eltayer, 3indich spare?" chan agoula "Mashkour ma tga9ir, la etkalif 3umrek,al7een i'll call my dad w eyee." chan egoul "La shda3wa, al7een ana wegaft, bs ba6lay eldaba khal a6ali3 el spare.." chan agoula "Enshallah.." ba6alt eldaba w 6ala3 elspare w sawa my car 6ab3an me and D were standing on the side while ebadil el tayer,chan i call mom w geltlaha ena la t7ati bs banchar w now wa7id ma ga9ar is changing the tayer. khalaa9,chan egouli "elwagt met2akhir, taboun amasheekum?" chan abtesim w agoul "La shda3wa, ma ga9art, mashkour." chan egouli "Walla mn 9iji, elshari3 ekhari3 hl7aza, w ma3alay kalafa tara." chan agoula "La walla mala da3ii mashkour wayid." chan egoul "La ana mu9er amasheekum." Chan agoula "3ala ra7tik." rekabt elcar ana w D chan etgoul D "OMG, waaay eyanin Deems ya 7mara, ya bakhtich, shaklaa en3ajab feeech" Chan a'97ak w agoulaha "La shda3wa, bs ya7lailha khosh wa7id" meshait w la7agni lai we9alt my house eb Qurtoba. he waved w mesha. w i was really surprised ena mashana ya7laila, w the whole time bl 6ereej D etgoul wayy ya 7alata, Dayoum tezawejeeh!! mo 9a7ya hlbnt.

Sunday june 24th
My car

"WHERE!!!?" I yelled back and i felt my heart was racing and my tummy aching..

* D jr. : My nickname, Since me and my bestfriend's first letter of our name is "D", i call her D, she calls me D jr. due to the fact that she's older than me in 2 months.
^ Deems: Just another nickname for me.


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hmm thats weird:p the black Alberta Ferretti accordion trapeze dress wasn't out until this season and ur story bel summer:P hmmmm...:P