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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Part Three; "Am I crazy or falling in love?"

2 days later.

Tuesday june 26th
Living room

Flipping through channels, bored out of my head. Tv is boring. Home is boring. i want to leave. go somewhere, mom walked in.

"Deema,trou7een elshalaih?" YESSS!!...wait was i thinking out loud? who cares, ba7ar here i come!

I jumped out of my seat & said "Eee!" and hugged my mother. haha, wait....why did i hug her? that's something i'll never know, moving on...

I ran up to my room and started making my bag. mom said We're going to sleep there for a whole week. yay a whole week escaping from fate.....From Yousif.

Tuesday june 26th
My car
On the way to shalaih


Driving 130km/h behind my red Ray ban Wayfarer, i was wearing Short jeans and an orange A&F polo shirt and blue crocs, lol Targee3 much? anyways, i was singing along with the song playing on my Ipod touch "Elvis ain't dead" by Scouting for girls and i was pretty happy. i sent a text message earlier saying to D that i'm going to miss her, since im going to sleep the whole week there. she replied with "i won't miss you...much;*" Hah, i love my girl!


Wednesday july 4th
My bedroom

Ringg ringg, i picked up, it was none other than D.

"y0, elyoum we're going to Maki, okay? i want some Essa!!" she said

"Ew, that sounded soo so many levels!" i joked

"Plus i miss you....but not much" she said while laughing.

"Hmm, im not laughing..." i said.

"Well, atleast one of us is!" she said.

call ended.

Wed. July 4th

We9alna maki marina, 36aina the car to the Valet parking w dshaina. The waiter welcomed us and guided us to our reserved table. Ga3adna ana w D wela enshouf fajour(second cousin) with her mother, gemna bensalim wela ashouf "the guy" ee, ma ghairah elly fate is setting us up to meet everywhere i go!

en9edamnt, salamt 3ala fajour w her mom, w re7t ag3d eb our table, chan agoul 7g D "Ambaay the Caddilac guy mawjoud!!" Chan etgouli "CHATHABA!! Wain?!" Geltlaha wain.

ya el waiter 3shan he takes the order, geltla "2 Essa Maki, 2 edemame one is salt, and the other is spicey,one chicken plum sauce, and one marine salad, w two diet coke." ga3adna ensoulif.

ana ma gdar ashouf "the guy" ana ma36eetah my back, D tegdar etshoufa, w etgouli ena lail7een ma shafna. ga3adna ensoulif 3ala ma you9al el akel, klaina w sheb3ana el7emdellah, chan arfa3 eedee w agoul "Excuse me!" chan elif wayha "the guy"(i don't know why i keep referring to him as the guy and not yousif,but whatever) at me, chan alif wayhi ebser3a, chan D etgoulii "Deems, he saw us!" Chan agoulaha "nadee el waiter now!" Chan etgoulii "okay, excuse me cheque please!" defa3na w gemna, the whole way to the door he was staring at me, i gave him a few glances w 6ala3t, 36aina el valet parkig the card rekabnaha w lama meshaina shefta 6ala3 ebser3a w 3a6a elvalet parking elcard 3shan eyeboun his car.

Wed. July 4th
D's car

gelt 7g D "Dano! please drive fast! maly khelg yel7agna!" Chan etgouli "Okay, bs entay shfeech 3laiih?" Chan agoulaha "Mardrii, bs mu merta7atlah!" fa gamat etdous 7ail i was afraid ena e9eer feena 7adith, he managed to follow us though and he was pointing at us like slow down and stuff. Bs e7na ma36eena 6af w dayseen. we were almost in accident, twice actually, bs el7emdellah allah setar.

we managed to get him lost. D betgi6ni my house, fa kna 3ind esharat jesir elrou'9a, w ana alif ashouf etha la7egna lail7een, bs ashwa he wasnt. we9alt my house chan ashouf his car wagfa eb3eed mn baitna! chan atani7!! Chan eshoufni w yebtisem, Chan adig 3ala mom w geltlaha barou7 anam bait D, w gelt 7g D "Go to your house, now! mani nazla mn elcar w that lunatic wagif bara!" Chan te'97aak w tgoul "Waaay, Deems 7adkym etshawgoun entay weyaah!" chan agoulaha "Chub,w emshaay" meshaina chan yel7agnaa w kan 7ada mistaghrib.

Re7na her house BlNuzha w wegafna ba6alat eb the remote the electric garage, and then we parked and just as she was closing the garage ana knt nazla mn elcar, we saw him drive away after saying "walla bs knt bat6aman 3laich enich tou9leen elbait" w then raa7! Waaay fakka ma bagha! Chan D etgoulii "Ya 7mara 7araam 3laiiiich, entay shemsawyatlaa!! waay ya7laila, neyeta zainnaa!" chan agoulaha "whatever." w dshaina her house.

Thursday July 5th
D's bedroom

"ambay, ma abi arou7 ay mukaaan, cos kl ma arou7 mukan he's there, it's unbelievable!!" i said to D.

"It's fate honey, you cant run away.." D said. I threw the pillow at her. missed.

"Wallah shfeech, face it Deems!! he's crazyy enough to follow you everywhere!" she explained.

"Walla madri, bs lama ashoufa galbi ma yertaa7!" i said honestly.

"Yemkin it's a good thing! yemkin because you have feelings for him!?" She said.

"I don't know. but if those are the feelings i have for him then they aren't good" I said with a sigh "I think.."



sugar said...

follow ur feelings;P

p.s sheelay il word verification thnx

dreamGIRL said...

I'll follow! ;p

What word verification? ;s

dreamGIRL said...

Nevermind, i took the word verification off. :P

Anonymous said...

loved this part :)

dreamGIRL said...

Hehe, good! ;p
More better parts are yet to come.. ;p

sourire said...

i love D haha! she's funnyy

dreamGIRL said...

Haha, yeah she is, I love her too!

Anonymous said...

mita bitkamleeenha?

dreamGIRL said...

I've completed it till part 26 and im right now writing part 27! ;D

Anonymous said...

You say chan ALOOOOT !! ;P