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Friday, October 31, 2008

Part Nineteen;; "Is this in my head? I don't know what to think."

Wednesday 3rd of August

"Halla mama..?" I said and went back to the livingroom.

"Fii present ew9alatlich elyoum mn Dana,76aiit'ha eb your room.." She said.

"Present? Shnu ehya?" I wondered for a sec.

"Wallah madri ya bnayti.." She said.

"Okay, thanks ana now arou7 ashouf.." I said "Te9be7een 3la khair" and went running upstairs.

Wednesday 3rd of August
my bedroom

I entered my room and saw a box placed on my bed. I quickly went and read the card; it said "I love you. -- Dana"

Why would D send me a present suddenly?
& When did she send it when i was with her the whole time!?

I picked up my phone and called D.

"Helloo loove!" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Heyy!" She said.

"Thanks for the present...!" I said.

"Ay present?!" She said, confused.

"Haw, you dazatli a present!" I explained.

"No i didn't." She said.

"Then who is it..." I wondered "Oh, i see, it's probably from Yousef then." I guessed.

"Awwh, he used my name, how sweeet!" She said.

"Yeah, that's a smart move!" I said. and giggled.

"Awwh, open it noow!" She yelled.

"Okay okay!" I said and opened the wrapping paper around the box.

"Soo what is it?!" She asked.

"I dont know waiiit.." I said.

I opened the box and it had 2 things; A piece of paper, which i assumed was a letter, and a Chanel box.

"It has a letter, and a Chanel box!" I said.

"Chanel!? Awwh, what is it?!" She asked.

I opened the box, and it had the cutest Chanel earrings.

"It's Chanel earrings!" I yelled.

"Awwh, You lucky ass!" She said.

"That is soo sweet of him!" I said. and blushed.

"I can see you blushing you know!?" She joked.

"Haha shut up, bye im going to thank him!" I said.

"Okay, tell him i said hi!" she said and laughed.

I called him. It rang 4 times before he answered.

"Aloo." He said

"Aloo, hiii!" I said.

"Halla wallah..." He said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Ghareeba dagga." He said. "Ha enshallah hadaiitay mn elsalfa?" He continued.

"No, bs i'll get over it. thanks 3l present." I said.

"Ay present?" He asked.

"You didnt send me a present?" I asked, so confused!

"No, laish wa9latlich present?" He asked.

"Yeah! and i thought it was from you, cos it says 'Dana' On the card, and i called dana and its not her." I explained

"Ohh, la wallah mu ana.." He said.

"Haw, ambay 3yal mnu?" I wonderd.

"Wallah madrii, what's the present?" He asked.

"A Chanel earrings and a piece of paper, wait a minute!" I said.

"Okay." He said.

I got out the paper and read it.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled.

"Shfeeeeech!!?" He asked.

"It's...The unknown caller!" I said.

"Na3am!!? Shyabii hatha!!" He yelled.

"Shdaranii, 3al paper katib a peom then akher shay katib 'Is this proof enough that i love you more than Yousef?' Let me know then katib his number" I said. i was shivering!


"Okay, yousef stop yelling, im not him you know!" I said.

"Im sorryy sweetie, wallah 7mar shyabi!" He said.

"I dont know! oh my god, wallah ga3da arjef" I said.

"Calm down, ma yegdar esawee feech shay w rasi eshem elhawa!" He said.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, worried.

"Ra7 etshoufeen shasawii, bs khal e6ee7 eb eedee!" He said.

"Yousef, please don't do something crazy!" I said.

"Crazy? Hahay! wallah la awareeh njyoum elgayla!" He said.

"Yousef!! Please!!" I begged.

"Enzain enzain.." He said.

"Yousef, im serious!!" I said.

"Enzain ya bnt el7alal, ma9ar shay al7een.." He said.

"Okay, allah yastir.." I said.

"La tkhafeen 3alay.." He said.

"Etha ma akhaf 3laik,3ayal akhaf 3la mnu?" I said.

"B3d 3umrii,la bs ana chithi hawant mara7 asawee shay, bs etha sawa shay marra thania, mouta 3la eedee!" He said.

"3ayal mara7 agoulek etha sawa shay!" I said.

"La yuba, gouleenlii, mara7 asawee shay!" he said.

"La, adrii feek!" I said.

"enshouf.." He said.

and then we talked for a couple of hours more before i went to bed.

Thursday 4th of august
My bedroom

I woke up to find a message from yousef that said "Good morning sunshine!:*"

I called D and told her about the unknown caller.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! FREAK!!" She yelled.

"I know! yuma! wallah khayfa!" I said.

"Khayfa mn shnu?" She asked.

"Madrii, akhaf Yousef e9eer feeh shay!" I said.

"La besmellah 3laih, laishh etfakreen chithi!" She said.

"Wallah madri, i just have a bad feeling around this!" I said.

"La dont be scared, Yousef rayal, he can take care of himself, take care of yourself!" She said.

"Take care of me? Whyyyy la tkhar3eeni!!" I yelled.

"Madrii, dont answer unknown numbers, o just ignore him! he'll give up!" She said.

"I hope he does give up w leave me alone!!" I said.

- S™

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Part Eighteen;; "The heart won't lie, even though her face may try..!"

Tuesday 2nd of August
D's room

"You are the most beautiful girl i ever layed eyes on;* besmellah 3laiiich!" D said.

"Whatever! that doesnt mean im not mad at him!" I said, "But really he said that?" I blushed.

"Awwh, that's cute! Deems 7aram!!" She said.

"Okay, bs shnu you blame me for being mad?!!" i asked.

"No, but reply to him with something." D said.

"NO!! i want him to sense that what he did was wrong, i don't want to tell him!" I said.

"3neeeeeeeeeeeeeeda!!!" She said and threw the pillow at me.

Wednesday 3rd of August
D's bedroom

"Deems goumay yalla basich noum!" D yelled.

" MABI!!!! aby anaaam 7aram 3laich!" I yelled back.

"NO, up! noww!" She yelled and pulled the cover.

"Uff, enzain." I said.

Checked my phone, i had a misscall from yousef and a message that says "Oh, i guess your sleeping, noum el3awafii;*"

Wednesday 3rd of August
D's car

On our way to Nino avenues Singing along to Rashed Almajed's mix.


"Yousef is calling!" I yelled.

"So? Answer!" D said.

"Mabii! im mad, REMEMBER!" I said.

"Okay, ya 7mara 3n eldala3, just pick up!" She said.

I picked up "Aloo..?" I said.

"Alo, hala deema!" He said.

"Halla feek." I said.

"Shlounich after el party?" He asked.

"3adi zaina." I said.

"Dayoum! feech shay?!" He asked.

"No, ma feeni ella el3afya!" I said.

"3ayal shfeech chinich malich khelg etkalmeeni?" He asked.

"I'm just mad, ok!!!" I yelled, kind of.

"Mad? Minnii?" He asked.

"Eee!" I said.

"Afa, laish shsawaiit ana?" He said.

"Ya3ni enta 3indek elly swaiita ams 3adii?" I asked.

"Deema, 7beebti, wa'97ay kalamich, shsawaiit bl'9ab6?" He asked, so innocently.

"Enek yayeb Hayoun el party!!!" i snapped.

"Waiih, wallah 8a9ib re'9aiit,ma kan 3indaha a7ad ewadeeha!" He said.

"I dont care!! you did it anyway!" I said.

"Deema, hadday, wallah mala da3i etkabreen elsalfa, ehya dagat 3la mom etgoulaha 3adi ana awadeeha elparty,cos her driver omha kanat makhtheta." He said.

"W ana shku feeha! Maku sheghil etwadeeha! ma 3endaha ekhwan!!!" I said.

"La 3ad wallah 6al3een el shalaiih kelhum." He said.

"Kaifha, la teyee elparty, bs mu ent etwadeeeha!!" I yelled.

"Enzain, khala9 hadday, 7a9al khaiir." He said. so calmly!!

"Khala9 okay, bye!" I said. & the phone call ended.

Wednesday 3rd of August
Nino avenues

2 messages from yousef after the phone call, one that said

"Plz call me lama tehdaiiin"


"Bs deeema tara beyee el youm elly emel men dala3ich w ehedich!" D said.

"Ay dala3!? dano, wallah ayshay shnu ya3ni ewadee his cousin party?" I said.

"Okay, bs 7aram ohwa galich ena makan 3indaha a7ad eyeebha, khala9 6awfay elsalfa" D said.

"I will...eventually, bs 3shan he knows enna it's wrong, i dont want to tell him everytime he's wrong! he should know that!" I said.

"Okay....." she said. "Dalou3a!" She coughed.

"I heard that!" I said.

"I know.."
She said and called the waiter for the cheque.

Wednesday 3rd of August

Tawni dasha elbait, mom was sitting in the livingroom watching Desperate housewives, haha.
"Elsalam mama!" I said and kissed her forehead.

"Halla bnaytii.. ha shloun el party ams?" She asked.

"Amazing! i had so much fun, bs now 7dii daykha,barou7 anam.." I said.

"okay 7abeebti, te9be7een 3la khair" She said.

And just when i was going upstairs she called out for me.

"ee 9a7!! Dayoum...."

- S™

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Part seventeen; "It's gonna be me,you & the dancefloor."


Tuesday 1st of August
D's bedroom.

"Omg, i'm so excited!" D yelled in enthusiasm.

"Me too!" I yelled.

"My B-day is going to be the talk of the YEAR!" she yelled.

"Haha, maybe!" I said.

we just got back from Party land & we bought the coolest hollywood theme stuff. cos that's her party theme, we already sent birthday invitaions and the card invitation is amazing, it says on it "What goes on in the party, stays in the party!"

I decided to wear T-bags's One-shoulder dress with my wavy hair put one side. & D on the other hand decided to wear her Hervé Léger's Bandage dress. with her hair up in a slik ponytail.

Tuesday 1st of August
D's basement

We were setting up the theme, the basement is really big, and with a pool on the side. we rolled up a red carpet at the entery with people as "paparazzi" taking photos of every girl that enters the party. we also set up green laser lights. it felt like an actual hollywood party.

we went back to D's room to get ready, the party starts at 7 PM and lasts till midnight.

Tuesday 1st of August
D's Basement

We were ready and just putting the last touches to the party. we started the Dj, and got everything ready.

10 minutes later the first girl arrived, it was Lulu, our friend, we greeted her after the "paparazzi" took her pictures, she got scared at first, then she was like take another photo of me, and she posed. haha.

we were talking and girl by girl starting showing up, the party has started, and the dancefloor was FULL!

"Deems, you look gorgeous!" Rawan said when she entered the party.

"Thanks honey, look who's talking!" I said. we kissed cheeks.

"Rawooon! Hii sweetie!" D said as she approached us.

"Hey, D, Happ birthday!" Rawan said.

"Thank you! enjoy your time!" D said and led her to the seats.

My phone was on vibrate, it vibrated, and it was "Haya" calling me. I answered.

"Alooo..?" I said.

"Hii dayoum, entay blparty 9aa7?" She asked.

"uhh, yes, where are you? aren't you coming?" I asked.

"Mballah, im outside, bs please come outside for a minute i need help with D's present." She said.

"Uhh, okay, i'll be right out." I said.

Tuesday 1st of August
Outside D's house

I got out, i had my scarf around my shoulders. There is no sign of Haya.

'is this another prank..?' i wondered.

I grabbed my phone and called Haya.

"Helloo, waiinch??" I asked as soon as she answered.

"Kani coming." She said.

"Okay, im waiting outside, bye!" I said.

Something feels wrong.

I was waiting, and i saw a car came to the gate, i got out without actually paying attention to who's in it, i assumed it would be Haya, and when i looked i saw Yousef driving!
i was shocked, shtabii haya! what's up with that move?! ;/

"Deema??" Yousef said.

Ana tana7t. Why is yousef dropping her off? he's not her BROTHER!!

She came out of the car, and she looked really pretty.

"Deema, come shfeech!" Haya yelled when she left the car.

"Mabii, you come!" I said behind the gate.

"Yousef call her!" Haya said.

"Khala9 khaleeha 3la ra7at'ha!" Yousef said.

"Okay." Haya said.

She came to the gate and she yelled "Byee yousef, thank you!" And waved.

She came in and said, "hiii giiirl!" And she hugged me. Hypocrite much? ;@

I decided not to ruin D's party and ignored her, i just played along like there is nothing wrong.

"Hii sweetie!" I said and hugged her back. "Waiin your present that you need help with?" I asked.

"Haha, i was just kidding! mabi adish elparty brou7ii!" She said and laughed.

"okaaaay!" I said, and walked downstairs to the basement thinking what the hell was on haya's mind? did she want me to get jealous that Yousef dropped her? or did she want to look prettier than me infront of Yousef? BITCH!

Tuesday 1st of August
D's party

9:30 PM

"7araka baykhaa!!" I yelled.

"7adha, ambaay etqith!" D said.

"She looked really pretty coming out of the car!" I said and pouted.

"Deems, ya bgara, you're way prettier!" She said.

"You're just saying that, did you see her Chloe's dress! and her hair style! she looks prettier!!" I cried.

"No she doesn't, your hair is amazing, trust me, You look better!" D said, "Now let us get back to the party and enjoy my night instead of talking about haya and ruining our fun!" She continued and pulled me.

Tuesday 1st of August
D's party

Me and D were dancing in the middle of the dancefloor. and the green laser looked amazing with the lights turned off.

Suddenly we heard a girl screaming "AHHHH!!!" then splash! D quickly ran to turn on the lights.

Jouri was in the pool, she was pushed by Ghezlan. We all laughed, and Jouri got out of the pool and went chasing Ghezlan to get revenge!

We all picked up Ghezlan and threw her in the pool as a pay back, so it's even!

Then we went to the Bouffet to eat dinner, the party included up to 100 girls. it was amazing. by far the best party i attended, and i bet everyone had as much fun as we did. everyone danced, and after dinner, around 11:30pm i went to the Dj player and took the microphone and said "Happy birthday D! i love you forever times infinity! This is a dedication from me to you, 3sa allah la efaregna!!" then Marlyn "The maid" came in with a big box that was covered with our pictures and some sayings that only me and her know about, the box looked really cool.

she screamed "I LOVE YOU!!" and went straight to Marlyn to take the box.

"That's not it; Phlomeena!" I said on the microphone, phlomeena is the other maid, she came in with a birthday cake that had her picture when she was a little kid and around it was small coloured cupcakes from chocolate bar.

She ran towards me and gave me a hug! "How did you manage to do all of this when you were with me the whole time!!?" She asked.

"I have my ways!" I said and winked.

"I love you wallaah!" She said and gave me a kiss.

Then a special request song from me to D started, the song was "Hadiya" By Rashed Al-Majed.

We all got up to dance and it was soo much fun!

Tuesday 2nd of August
D's room

"I had the best time ever today!" D said after done with the party.

"Me too, and everyone enjoyed your party, looks like it i going to be the TALK of the year!" I said.

"Yeah, hehe" She said.

My mobile vibrated, it was Yousef calling.

"Shyabii?" I complained to D.

"I dont know, answer and find out!" D said.

"No, im mad at him! el9ara7a makan la da3ii eyeebha elparty, shda3wa, i think she has a driver!!" I said.

"Okay, bs dont blame him, Don't you know Haya?" D said.

"I guess.. but im not answering!" I said. and threw my phone on the bed and went to the bathroom to change.

"Can i answer?" D said just before the phone stops vibrating.

"I guess not!" I said and locked the bathroom door.

5 minutes later, i got out of the bathroom to see D holding my phone.


"Wallah shay.. just reading the text message that yousef just sent." D yelled.

"What does it say?" I asked.

- S™

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Part Sixteen; "Once a whore, you're nothing more, I'm sorry that'll never change!"

Saturday july 29th
My bedroom

Woke up to my phone ringing, it was Yousef.

With nothing on my mind, i answered.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Aloo, zain ashwa 9ertay etredeen 3alay." he said

"Haa?" I said. i was still kind of sleepy..

"haha, La wallah shay, ga3adnaach ?" He said.

"ee.." I said.

"enzain Sh9aaar 3laikum?? 3araftaw menu the guy?" He asked.

"Yousef mu mn 9ejik, dag 3alay emga3edni mn elnoum 3shan tes2alni hl so2al!?" i said.

"Shda3wa 3ad basech noum! aby a3aref mnu el9bay!" He asked.

"Shdaranii mnu!" I lied. :)

"ya3nii ma t3arfeen hl9bay? 3yal shloun em6ali3 3anich 7achii? w el mushkela e3arif 3anich wayid ashya2!" he said.

"Wallah ma a3arfa, bs ohwa 9arla muda edeg 3alay hlra8am.." I said.

"Ya3ni et3arfeeena!?" He said.

"La2 wallah ma a3arfa." I said.

"Ya3ni faj2a gam edeg 3laiich?" He asked.

"Eee!!" I said.

"Shloun e3arif ra8mich?" He asked.

"Madrii wallah madrii!" i yelled.

"Okay okay, la t3a9been." He said.

"Ma 3a9abt! bs 9j ma a3arfaa!" I said.

"Enzain, wallah em9adgech!" he said and let out a laugh.

"She'9a7ek?" I said.

"Wala shay, salamtech, ana akhaleech etredeen etnameen now!" he said.

"6a3 hatha! ba3ad ma 6ayart elnouma mn 3aini etgouli reday namay!" I said.

He just laughed.

"Ma e'9a7ek!" I said.

"Kaifi ba'97ak!" He said.

"Whatever!" I said.

"Yalla goumay terayegay!" He said.

"Mabi." I said.

"Laish?? yalla goumay 3n el kesal!" He said.

"Shku kesal? mu you3ana, ana a9lan ma atrayaag!" I said.

"La bs al7een beterayegain okay!?" He said.

"La mu okay!" I said.

"3naad!?" He said.

"No, bs mu meshtahya, maku shay bel8a9ib." I said.

"Enzain,3la ra7tich, ana al7een bagoum atrayag.." He said.

"Okay, bel3afya mu8adaman." I said.

"Allah e3afeech, shrayech teyeen etwakleeni?" He said.

"Maku shighil!! Agoul goum ekel a7sanlik." I said.

"Yal 3aneeeeeeeeeda!!! Yalla fman allah!" He said.

"m3a alsalama.." I giggled.

Saturday july 29th
My bedroom

I was signed on msn. and 5 contacts were on, D, Haya, lulu, 7e9a & Jouri.
I was talking to D. when haya talked to me.

Haya: Hey you!

Hey you?! tekalemaay 3dl!

Me: Hey.

Haya: Shlounich??

Me: Zaina, you shlounich?

Haya: Tmam.

Me: Okay..

Haya: Enzain ta3alay el unknown caller lail7een edeg?

wait a second... How did she know about him?! I never told her. & THE TRUTH SLIPPED OUT!

Me: Ay unknown caller?

Haya: Haw laish chum unknown caller 3indech? :P

Me: None.

Haya: Haw emballah, shfeeech!?

Me: Ma feeni shay, bs ana ma geltlich ena i have an unknown caller.

Haya: ee, 9aa7, bs i heard, mu shar6 entay etgouleenli. ;)

Me: Heard from who? The unknown caller perhaps!?!!!

Haya: Shkuu? Ana sh3arafni feeh?

Me: La salamtich.

Haya: Haw shfeech, la tetbalain 3alay!

Me: Mu ga3da atbala 3laiich, i simply assumed.

Haya: Okay, then don't assume, im your friend, why would i do such thing?

Me: Shdaranii.

Haya: Okay, mashkoura etha hatha '9anich feeenii ;/

Me: Hayoun ana ma gelt shaaay!!

Haya: Emballah, et'9eneen feeni hl shay!? asaweeha lich?!

Me: I didn't say anything, la tkabreen elsalfa, 3yal what was the point when you sent me elmsg ams.

Haya: Waiiih, i was just kidding, la t9adgeen everything!!:P

Me: Kidding? min9ejich?! :S

Haya: Hahahaha, e.

Me: um..okaaay?

Haya: haha shfeeech?

Me: Ma feeni shay, brb.

I changed my status to Brb and quickly copied and pasted the convo to D.

D: Ahaaaaam shay, a7laa targee3a!

Me: 7adha ayshay!!

D: Ya m3awda khal twaalii, ashkara tewahegat!

Me: Eee 7adha, la w elmushkela etsawee rou7ha baree2a!!

D: Eee, Murt ebleeeeeeees!!! <_<

Me: haha, uff! etqith!

D: La etqitheeen 3umrich 3ashanhaa, chillaax;*!

Me: ;;*

Saturday july 29th.
My bedroom

Laying on my bed trying to figure out what's on haya's mind. what is she trying to do, or where is she getting to. I'm actually now doubting if Yousef is worth going through all of this messed up situation for.

- S™

Monday, October 6, 2008

Part Fifteen; "Disturbia."

I hope this is long enough for all of you. (:

Thursday july 26th

My bedroom

"Haya is such a hypocrite!" D yelled as soon as we entered my room.

"WHYY? Just tell me!!!" I yelled back.

"She messed up with Yousef's brain!!" She said.

"NO WAY!!! How did you know?" I asked. curiously.

"Yousef told me." She said.

"Yousef?? How!?" I asked.

"I added him on msn and asked him who told him." She said.

"Okay, & Who is that someone you don't know?" I asked.

"Someone i don't know!" She said.

"DANOOO!!! WHO IS IT!?" I yelled.

"I DONT KNOW!! i really don't. He's probably someone who knows you.." She said.

"He?? Haw menuuu?" I wondered.

"I don't know, but I know someone who might know!" She said and took my phone.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Just wait and see..!" She said.

Ring ring, "the person she's calling picked up"

"Hii yousef!" D said.

My jaw dropped to the floor! "DAANNOOOO!!!" I yelled. My heart skipped two beats just from the sound of his name.

"No im not deema, im dano" She said.

She pushed me away. "Who's the guy that told you about deema?" She asked.

She nodded. "Right, okay, thanks!" And she closed the line.

She gave me the phone and she saved the number that Yousef gave her on her mobile.

"That's our guy!" She pointed at her mobile.

"Let me see i might recognize the number.." I said and took the phone.

I took a look and it was THE UNKNOWN CALLER!!!! I couldn't believe it, i checked my logs on my phone, and there his number was. I cannot believe it, How does he even know yousef?

"OMG D, It's the UNKNOWN CALLER!!" I yelled.

"Seriously!!!? LIAAAR!!" She said.

"I swear, But how? ugh, this is so messed up!" I said and took a sip from the bottled water.

"Well he doesn't know yousef, because yousef would've known his number, so he probably knows Haya." She analyzed.

"Probably, but omg, what a small world!" I said. "How could the unknown caller be someone a friend of mine knows!" I continued.

"Look, Haya is satan's wife! so maybe she gave him your number and made him call you, because she sensed that Yousef might like you, and that maybe you'll talk to the unknown caller, and leave yousef for her.." D said.

"That's......WOW! If what you're saying is right, Haya doesnt exist to me anymore, That's before i make her SOORRYY for messing with me!" I said.

"YES!! Revenge is SOO SWEEET!" D said, enthusiastic. Haha, i giggled at her.

Thursday july 26th
My bedroom

Sitting in my room drinking home-made moca frapp. and thinking of what me and D are going to do with this [BEEEP] called haya.

"I got it!" D said & jumped out of her seat.

"WHAAT?" I asked.

"She likes yousef, You have him, USE HIM!" She said and winked. She winked. literally. Hah.

"USE HIM?" I asked to assure where she's getting to.

"YES! It's perfect!" She said. and let out an evil laugh.

"Sweetie, you need to chillax a bit and may i ask; Hyper much?" I joked.

"Shush! i love REVENGE! Trust me, when they say revenge is sweeet,they're right! IT TASTES GOOOOOOOD!" She said

"Haha, taste?" I asked. "It feels good." I corrected.

"Shut up nerd!" She said, and continued her idea, "Haya will go nuts believe me! i'm a genuis!"

"But i don't want to hurt Yousef by using him to get my revenge!" I explained.

"Oh sweetie i didn't mean it like that, he won't get hurt, but That bitch will be SHATTERED like glass.." She said.

"Wow, you scare me!" I said.

"Don't worry, I don't bite people i adore!" She said.

"You bite other people, people that you dislike?" I laughed.

"I might.." She said.

"I don't know how we became bestfriends.." I said.

"We fit like jigsaw puzzle, cupcake!" She said. I love her to bits!

I typed in my email and password...... SIGNED ON!

Yousef: Taw ma nawar elmsn. ;p

Me: Thanks,

Yousef: el3afo, Laish khalaiitay your friend tes2al instead of you?

Me: I didn't even know she was gonna call you, or i wouldn't let her!

Yousef: Aha, enzain 3araftay who's the guy that called me?

Me: No.

I lied, obviously.

Yousef: 3yal shloun e3arif 3anich wayid information?

Me: e3arif 3anii wayid information?? like what? :S

Yousef: Well, he knows where you live, he knows your Parents' name, he even knows your friends' name and also he knows what car you have.

HAYA IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DEAD!! There is not one single bad word in the dictionary i didn't say about her! D was surprised i knew THAT much of bad words, not that i'm proud of this or anything. moving on..

Me: WTF. :

Yousef: Ee wallah, He told me everything, chithi laish ana sa2altich! w already haya galatli ena you talk to other guys fa la tloumeeni enni sa2altich, wallah eni ma 9adagt'hum bs hm knt bat2akad.

Me: Oh ok, but I don't know where Haya got that from, i don't talk to guys, you're the first guy i ever talked with that im not related to, and you're definitely the last. i don't know what got me into this whole thing. it's a roller coaster that i'm not willing to ride again.

Yousef: It's not that bad..i mean, im not that bad am i? ;/

Me: no you're not, i didn't mean it like that, it's just mali khelg suwalif mithil what happened, mu 7elwa ye6la3 7achi 3anii w ohwa kela not real!

Yousef: You're right. i'm going to talk to haya about this, why did she tell me that!

Me: No, dont!

Yousef: WHY?

Me: Bssss, i had enough coming from her, mali khelg te6la3ly eb salfa thanya ba3ad!

Yousef: La ma 3laich, mara7 akhaleeha tadrii eni i talked to you.

Me: Hmm, 3la ra7tek.

Yousef: I love you wallaaah!:*

Me: Thanks. (: 7abetik el3afya.

I know that was rude of me, D smacked me!

Yousef: Haha, 3aneeeda! ;p

Me: ;$ I gtg, Bye.


Thursday July 26th
Still in my bedroom

So our plan is to make Haya jealous! Jealous to the point she can't take it anymore. And i don't even want Yousef to sense i'm doing all of this, and i also don't want him to know what Haya did. I don't want to start problems between relatives. but Making Haya Jealous is just not enough to satisfy me, i got to do more than making her jealous..

"I can't waiit!" D said.

"You're crazy, don't get to excited yet." I said.

"Why? i enjoy getting even!" She said.

"No reason, just save the excitement for later." I said.

"Okay.." she said and gave me a weird look.

"But i can't believe a person would do all of this!" I said, "Specially a friend who clearly stated she's 'ok' with it, even when i told her i can stop talking to him if it bothers her, & i don't think telling some random guy everything about me was necessary." I continued.

"Yeah, that came as a surprised, & Honey, you're soo innocent, This is the REAL WORLD! It's CRUEL!" she said. "But don't worry, i'm by your side, and That bitch is going down!"

"I know, but.." I hesitated, "i'm just shocked! that's all, i've always seen Haya as the good innocent friend, i never saw this coming. and what i hate the most is how small kuwait is! it's rediculous, the last thing i'd think is that Yousef would be Haya's cousin, Sometimes i can't believe they're even related!" I explained.

"I know what you mean, faj2a came shay wara shay, it's crazy." D agreed.

"Yup, and it's too stressful,I NEED A SPA! ASAP!" I complained.

Thursday july 27th
My bedroom

I woke up to see, 2 misscalls from Haya and a text message from her also,a misscall from Yousef. & a voice message from D.

D's voice message was exactly like that, "Hi sugar, love you till death, ciao." Isn't she the best?

Haya's message said, "Don't play with fire, you'll get BURNED!"

She's threatning me!!!

I replied with, "We'll see who'll get burned in the end.. ;)"

I quickly called D and told her.

"I love hungry enemies." D said after i was done telling her about Haya's message. "They're fun to watch when they're being CRUSHED down by the torminator." She continued.

"I love you." I said, "..But, you're getting too aggressive & please don't tell me you're calling yourself Arnold?" I joked.

"Hasta La Vista, baby!" She joked and closed the line.

I laughed soo hard. My stomache started to hurt.

friday july 28th
My bedroom

I was laying on the bed thinking when mom came in my room,

"Helloo Dayoum, shga3id etsaween?" She asked.

"Nothing." I said.

"3ayal ta3alay ta7at weyana ana w oboch." She said.

"Enshallah." I said and got up.

I went downstairs and sat with them till Fajer prayer, we talked, and we laughed watching masra7iyat "3baid fi altajneed" for like the 100th time, it never gets old, it was a fun family time, after el9alat we all went to sleep,

But before i went to sleep i've realized what people really meant when they say;

"don't judge a book by it's cover."
"Don't let the look fools you."

I'm playing against the devil, in the form of a human being, or to be more exact in the form of 'Haya'.

No Cliffhanger this time, so relax.. ;)

- S™

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Apology!

I'm so sorry guys, i know i promised im going to post a new part of the story today, but i really didn't have time, and now i just got on to post this apology. I lost track of time, and today was really loooong!

I'm so tired, and now it's 3:08AM & i should be sleeping because i have college tomorrow, and today i left the college campus around 6:30pm, so really i didn't have any time on my hands to get on my laptop and post a new part, again i'm sorry, and i promise, & i won't break this promise, the next part will be long....L-O-N-G! (:

How was your first day of school/college after this long period of holiday!?

My Sleep time is definitely messed up, i need to work on fixing that problem, and also i need to eat more! i'm starting to forget that if i had a meal today or not! haha, it's crazy, i tell you.

All my lovings! <3

- S™

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Part Fourteen; "Suffocating under words of sorrow.."


Wednesday july 25th

My bedroom

He kept calling after the phonecall we had yesterday & i kept ignoring, over 10 misscalls.

I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating & beeping under my pillow, i pulled out my phone and it was Yousef, calling. Can he just stop calling already. I WANT TO SLEEP!

I pressed on the silent button and went back to my lovely bed of dreams! He kept calling a couple of time after that, then he stopped.

i went back to sleep.

Wednesday july 25th
My bedroom

I woke up again to it beeping. UGH STOP CALLINGGG!

I picked up.

"Aloo." I said

"Aloo, hala deema." he said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Sorry ga3adtech?" He asked.

"Ee.." I said, "Bs 3adii, baghaiit shay?" I asked.

"A77, shda3wa chithi elnafsiya?" He asked. SHDA3WAA??? SHDA3WAAA!!! Is hs kidding?

"Sorry, Bs tawni ga3da ya3ni 3adi 6awef!" I said.

"Okay, ma 3laih, Enzain shfeeech 7agratnii, laih hal daraja karahteeni!" He said.

"Yousef, etha dag etsoulif fa ana afa'9il enni anam,etha dag tabi shay, amer?" I said.

"Oufff Ouuf, ma yamer 3laich 3ado yal ghalya, khala9 ana akhaleech 3ayal, bye" He said.

Phone call ended.
I felt bad about how i talked to him,
but who can blame me?

Wednesday july 25th
D's house

"La deeems shda3wa chithi sawaiitay feeeh." D said when i told her everything that went on our phonecall.

"D shasaweee, tara questioning my loyalty is A BIG PROBLEM!" I said. "I can't be with a guy that doesn't trust me!!" I explained.

"I know that, bs that doesn't give you the right to talk to him that way, 7araam, kesartay feeh!" She said, sympethizing with Yousef.

"Don't be on his side!!" I yelled.

"I'm not, i just think that was really rude of you!" She said, explaining her point of view.

"I don't know, and he didn't call or send a text message after that phone call!" I said.

"Ofcourse he wont! You Shut the door on his face woman!" She said.

"Well, he had it coming!!" I said.

"Who do you think messed up with his mind?" She asked.

"I wish i knew! That person will be SORRY!" I said.

"Do you think Haya might do such thing?" D wondered.

"Oh my god! IMAGINE!!" I said.

"Ma astab3id, She's a bitch!" D Said.

"I don't know, but i don't think so, she won't dare!" I said.

"Then who!?" She asked. "Im pretty sure someone told him something about you, and who knows that you and him are together except for HAYA?" She continued.

"I dont know D, i have a sense that it's not haya!" I said.

"How come?" She asked.

"because She made it clear that she was okay with me & Yousef." I said.

"Talk is cheap, sweetie, she can talk all day about how she's "ok" with you and yousef, and NOT mean it." she said.

"I'd kill her!" I said. "Or just really make her regret it.." I hesitated on the killing idea.

"Haha, i'll help!" She said.

Thursday july 26th
Living room

I was watching a Re-run of Punk'd On Mtv when D came in my house all of the sudden, i jumped out of my seat.

"FUCK HAYA & Someone else i don't know!!!" She said as soon as she entered the house.

"Shhh, Mom and dad are upstairs!" I said.

"Your room, now missy!!" She yelled.

"Wow, alright MOTHER!" I joked.

What's up with D?!
Who's someone else she don't know.
I have a bad feeling about this.. ;/

- S™