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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Part Eleven; "This world will never be what i expected."

Thursday July 19th
Marina Mall
Water lemon


I didn't talk. i didn't say anything. I just froze.

"Deema!!?" Haya yelled.

"Sorry, ee mballah hatha yousef!" I said.

"Why is he calling you??" She asked.

"He probably needs something." I said.

"Shloun, i mean mn meta 3inda your number??" she asked. she was furious, and her eyes are filled with tears. I was speechless.

I managed to pull myself together. "It's a long story!" I said and looked at D.

"Haya, let's go to Deema's house, w we'll tell you everything, mu here jedam elawadim." D Suggested.

Thursday July 19th
My Bedroom

"Yalla, tell me the long story.." She said as soon as we entered my room.

I took a long breathe & told her everything, from the moment we met, to how we run into each other everywhere we go, & to how i really like him just as much as he likes me.

Then it was quiet for 10 minutes if not more.

"Haya, say something!" I cried.

"Shagoul!!?" Haya cried.

"Anything, just dont be quiet." I said.

"I don't know what to say, 7dii ma9doma!" She said.

D was staring at both of us, it was kind of funny how she was all quiet.

"I know, i understand. i tried to avoid yousef, bs wallah mu beedii.." i cried even more.

"I have to go now. I can't say anything, i need to think and try to understand what's going on." She said and she head to the door.

"Please call me later!" I said as i walked her to the door.

I went back to my room and looked at D.

"Oh my god!!" I fell on the bed.

"Honey.." D said and trying not to cry with me.

"My heart is aching.....ACHING!" i weeped.

"Stop crying! don't jump into conclusions. you don't know what will happen.." She said and gave me a hug.

Ring ring. Yousef. I'm definitely not in the mood!

"Answer!" D yelled.

"Mabbiii!!" i cried.

"Answer ya almaynouna, maybe he'll make you feel better!!" She said, "I'm going home now, see you later, call me....whenever!" D continued.

"Okay, bye." I said.

The phone kept ringing. i kept staring at the phone, refusing to answer.

"Aloo?" I said behind my crying voice.

"Aloo, Deema Shfeech!!?" He yelled.

"Ma feeni shay." I said.

"Etge9een 3la mnu? gouleeli shfeeech?" he said.

"Ta3bana.." I said.

"ya galbi,Mn shnu?" He asked.

"Madrii, yousef mumkin akalmik ba3daiiin?" I asked.

"La Mu mumkin, Lama tgouleenli shnu or mnu em'9aygech!" He insisted.

"M7ad '9ayagni, bs this whole situation between,me you and haya." i said.

"Laish, 9aar shay elyoum?" he asked.

"Ee, she knew everything! i told her everything!" I said.

"w Shagalt?" He asked.

"Nothing. that's what's killing me!, she said nothing!! she just left when i told her, galat barid elbait afaker w astaw3ib elwa'93 b3dain akalmich." I said.

"Enzain, la tabcheen bs, ga6a3tay galbi.." He said.

"Mu beedi yousef, wallah mu beedi." I said.

"Allah kareeem, Bs khala9 elbachii mara7 efeed, etha entay mn ne9eebi, la haya wallah alf wa7da mithelha tegdar etfaregna." He said.

My heart smiled. YES my heart. Bs Hal kelmetain raya7ouni.

"Yousef, Mashkour w ma tga9er." I said.

"Laish ana me sawait shay...?" He said.

"Adri, bs Kalamtnii w erta7t, w that's something." I said.

"I'm always here if you need someone to talk to." He said.

We talked for 3 hours. until i fell asleep on the phone, While he was still talking..

Friday July 20th
My bedroom

I woke up to my phone ringing. it was haya.

"Aloo?" I said.

"Alo, hala deema, wee asfa ga3adtech?" She said.

"Ee, bs 3adi shda3wa, shlounich?" I asked.

"Mashi al7al, entay shlounich?" she asked.

"Ana zaina el7emdellah.."

"Deema..?" She said.

"Hala haya..?" I said.

"Entay t7ebeeena?" She asked.

I froze there for a second. "Haa?" was all i could say.

"Shfeech tebal3amtay, Entay t7ebeen yousef?" She said.

"" I said.

"3ayal ana mara7 ogaf eb 6ereejkum dam hm ohwa e7ebich, w enshallah allah ewafegkum." She said.

"9ij? bs Haya you like him too?" I said.

"Ee, bs shelfayda etha ohwa ma e7ebni, 7ub mn 6araf wa7id ma yenfa3." She said in a sad tone.

She broke my heart to pieces.. :(

"b3d 3umrii, Bs etha e'9aygech enni ana refeejtich w a7eba, gouleeli, wallah ma akalma 3ashanich, wallaah!" I said.

"La la, Deema, Ma abee lich ellah el khair, w enshallah elly allah katba be9eer, Ma tadreen yemkin alga wa7id a7san mn yousef, wa7id e7ebni w a7eba." She said.

"Ee wallah ma tadreen laish la2, mashkoura Haya.." I said.

"El3afo, ma swait shay ana. Akalmich b3dain bye." She said.

The phone call ended. & i was happy, i felt good.

I looked at my phone and i had a message from Yousef, "Noum el3awafii;*" I giggled.

Called D. and told her everything.

- S™


Charmbracelet said...

yaaay=D eheh

Music, Happiness, Love said...

yaaay im so happy!!

sourire said...
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desertpalms said...

awwwwwwww shes so nice =D

everything worked outtttt woooo

N said...

how cuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!
is it the end? ive been waiting forever to read todays post!

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: :D hehe.

Music, Happiness, Love: Hehe, I'm happy too.. ;p

Desertpalms: Yeah, But it's not over yet.. ;)

N: No it's not the end. Not even close.

sugar said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeya haya now kbarat ib 3aini yalla part 12

Anonymous said...

am happy :D !

n said...

yaaaay! ;D

dreamGIRL said...

Sugar: Hehe, enshallah waiit shway shda3wa!:P

Anonymous: Doum enshallah! :D

n: Yaaay! :P

lola said...

hahaha cute!! =)