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Monday, April 20, 2009

Im sorry x57187012874120897481

you're probably all sick of my excuses, bs wallah allah ye3laam how busy i am these days.

i know guys, wallah i know i neglected my blog, but only because im too busy with college plus i joined the soccer and basketball team of the college, so every now and then i have practice, and when i get home i dont have the strength to get online so i just sleep, because my classes are all afternoon, so i really dont have time to get on, but i promise im trying my best to finish my work and assessments so i can be on and write a new post.

Im sorry, i dont know what to say, im really sorry guys, i missed you all;*!
w enshallah the new part is coming soon.
Promise you, it'll be worth the waiit!

- S™