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Monday, November 24, 2008

Part TwentyThree;; "A lesson learned is a picture burned."

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I opened the new text message that i recieved; it said. "Never!"
I felt this strange feeling when i read it. how desperate is he?

I kept following D and ignored his message.

Saturday 6th of august
My bedroom

I turned on my laptop and signed on msn.

Yousef was on.

A message box apeared," Q8****** wants to add you."

I hesitated, but accepeted the request.

Yousef: Hala Walla. :D

Me: Halla Feeek. ;p

Yousef: Shlounich sweetie?

Me: Zaina el7emdellah, you?

Yousef: Ana zain damich zainaa.. ;p ha shloun el avenues?:P

Me: zaiin.

Should i?? or no? I decided on "No".

Yousef: Good. (:

Me:Ent waiin re7t today?

Yousef: No where wallah ga3id blbaiit.

5 minutes of an awkward silence.

Me: yousef..?

Yousef: Halla galbiii..?

Me: Sh9ar 3ala safretik?

Yousef: Ya bnt elnas, laish chithi etkadreenii al7een?

Me: Im sorry, bs im just concerned, ba3aref sh9aar?

Yousef: Wallah khala9t kel my papers, bs an6er el Visa etkhali9.

Me: Are we going to talk when you're there?

i felt like crying. i felt i couldn't breathe for a while.

Yousef: akeeed!!! mn9ejich ba3eesh mn dounich ya3nii??

Me: I dont know, gaa3d as2al bs.

Yousef: Hatha shay akeed 7ubbi, dont worry, we're going to keep in touch enshallah.

Me: Promise?

Yousef: Enshallah, i promise.

Me: <3>

Yousef: :*

The person who just requeasted to add me talked to me.

Him: Gowa..

Me: Allah egaweek, mnu ma3ay?

Him: Awal shay shlounich?

Me: Zaina, now mnu ma3ay please?

Him: Someone you know.

Me: Okaaaaay? who?

Him: Afa bs afa, masra3 nesaiiiteenii..

Me: I dont know who you are..!

Him: Fakray 3adil w bet3arfeen.

Me: Tra mali khelg, mn9iji who are you?

Him: Khala9 yuba la t3a9been, ana elly elyoum bl avenues.


Him: Besmellah shfeeech?


Him: I have my ways.

Me: Right, okay, bye.

And i blocked him.

I turned off my laptop and went to sleep

Sunday 7th of august
My bedroom

"Yalla goumay goumay!!" D yelled as she entered my room.

I opened one eye, "Whaaat!?" I said.

"Yalla goumay, benrou7 netrayaag eb Lenotre." She said.

"Na3aaam?!" I said, still kind of sleeping.

"Yalla goumay ufff!!" She yelled and pulled the blanket off of me.

"Wlaiiiiiin!!" I said and picked up my head off the pillow.

"Anything new with the stalker?" D asked.

"Yes, he added me on msn yesterday!!" I said.

"WTF!! shloun!?" she asked.

"Madri, gali i have my ways chan akhteri3 w i blocked him!" I said.

"That's scaryy. You think Haya is involved?" She said.

"I really dont know!" I said and went in the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth.

"Enzain, you still won't tell yousef?" She asked.

"Yeah, i dont want to." I said behind the bathroom door.

"Why not? tra etha he found out mn nafsa ra7 e3a9ib!" She said.

"Shloun he finds out mn nafsa?" I asked.

"I dont know, kelshay jayez, maybe Haya?" She said.

"La i dont think so!" I said.

"Okay, kaifich, i warned you!" She said.

"Okay!" I said and got out of the bathroom.

I changed into a black knee-length skirt and a yellow lacoste polo shirt & left the house with D.

Sunday 7th of august
D's Car


Singing along to every song that plays on the I-pod. and having fun.

I sent a text message to yousef telling him that i'm going with D to eat breakfast at lenotre.

"Call haya right now!" D suggested.

"Uhh....why?" I asked.

"Just talk." D said.

"uh, i dont see any point in that." I said.

"Just call w se2lay 3anha w bs." She said.

"Mabi, you call!" I said.

"No, ana shku, you call yallah!" She said.

"okay, i still dont see the point though." I said and got out her number and called.

"Aloo?" she said.

"Aloo, hala haya shlounich?" I said.

"Hala feech,El7emdellah bkhaiir, entay shlounich? shakhbarich?" Haya said.

"Ana tmam el7emdellah." I said.

"Ha lail7een edeg 3laich el unknown caller?" she said.

"Uhh...No." I said.

"9ij? zaiin ashwaaa." she said,

"Yeah, what are you up to?" I asked.

"nothing much wallah, ya eb bait yadity ya blshalaiih." She said.

"Nice, enzain agoulich when are you free?" I said and looked at D thinking WHAT AM I SAYING!!!

"Wallah madrii, im free tonight." she said.

"Tonight...hmm, okay, i'll see you tonight at 7:30 okay?" I said.

"Okay, sure!" She said.

"Bye hayouna!" I said.

"Bye sweetie." She said and the phone call ended.

"WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!?" D yelled as soon as i closed the line.

"I dont know, i dont know!" I paniced.

"Haha, don't even think that im coming with you tonight!" She said.

"D please come!!! yal sakheefa you made me call her!!!!" I yelled.

"I'll think about it!" She said and laughed.

"Thank you!!" I said.

Sunday 7th of august
My Bedroom

I was getting ready to go out with Haya, D ditched me! i'm going to kill her later!!!

I was soo nervous, i don't what we're going to talk about & i'm afraid i'll slip something that i shouldn't tell her.

I wore a simple black dress and applied eyeliner and a red bold lipstick and got in my car.

I called Haya.

"Aloo, hiiiiiii!" she said.

"Hiii, hayouna, ha ready?" I said.

"Almost, where are you!?" She asked.

"I just got in my car, 10 mins w akoun 3indech, be ready!" I said and closed the line

I text messaged Yousef telling him im going out with Haya.

10 minutes later, he called.

"Aloo, hiii" I said.

"Hala, Waiin betrou7een with haya?" He asked.

"I don't know. anywhere." I said.

"Ehya e3zemtich?" He asked.

"No, i did." I said.

"W shel6arii?" he said.

"Menziman 3anha, gelt ne6la3 w we catch up." I said.

"B3d 3umrii wallah galbich Abyaa'9!" He said.

I giggled.

"A7ebich wallaah!" He said.

"Thank you.." I said.

"Shnu thank you ya bnaya!" He said.

"Hehe, shtbeeni agoul?" I said.

"Ha? Goulay i love you too b3d ma yabeelaha tafkeer!" He said.

"Bs you know it already, mala da3i i say it." i said.

"3ayaraa!" He said.

I giggled "Yousef i'll talk to you later, im almost reaching Haya's House okay?" I said.

"Okay baby, Take care!" He said.

"You too, love you, bye!" I said.

"Ha shgeltaaay?" He said.

i giggled, "Bye yousef" I said & closed the line.

I called Haya to let her know i'm outside her house.

She came out and got in the car. we kissed cheeks and i drove away.

She took my phone to see the mobile's wallpaper. it was an image of me and D.

"Allah the pic etshaweg!" She said.

"Thank youu!" I said.

"Sha3rich here wayid 7eloo!" She said, "Actually shaklich eb party D kan wayid 7elu mashallah" She continued.

"Thank you, 3younich el7elwa!" I said.

"Waay et9adgeen fegadtich yal khaysa!" She said.

"Ma tafgedeen ghalyy.." I said

"Shloun Dano!?" She asked.

"el7emdellah zaina." I said.

"Laish mara7 teyee weyana?" She asked.

"She has other plans" I said.

"3ad i miss her ba3ad!" She said.

I smiled "Im sure she misses you too.." I said.

"BEEEP" i recieved a message & guess where my phone is? HAYA'S HAND! :)

- S™

Monday, November 17, 2008

Part TwentyTwo;; "You said hello; little did i know.."

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I kept walking without letting him sense that i noticed his stalking. I went in Vavavoom and bought Guerlain bronzer, YSL Touche Blush & An Oh! De Moschino perfume.

I saw him waiting outside at one of the exit doors. i decided to go to the other exit of Vavavoom to get him lost.

I got out and kept walking, i took a glance back and he wasn't there. i was relieved.

I went to Krispy Kreme to get a dozen of Orginal Glaze. I was addicted.
While i was waiting for KK's lady to put the donuts in the box my phone rang.

it was an unknown number. OOPS!

My heart started beating so fast while the phone is ringing and vibrating in my hand. i was scared shitless. i don't know why!

I ignored of course and took the KK's bag and decided to just get away from the avenues as soon as possible.

"BEEEP" Text message recieved. "Wain en7eshtaay?" From the same unknown number. LEAVE ME ALONEEE!! ugh.

I went down to the parking lot and FROZE!

He was in his car waiting behind my parked car! WTF!!! IS HE CRAZY!!? I stood there looking in a total shock!

He mimmed for me to come. that made me piss my pants a little.
I quickly went back up to the mall and hid in one of the ladies restroom.

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues restroom

I called D.
I thought if i called Yousef; it's going to be a HUGE problem, and i wasn't in the mood.

"D!!! S.O.S!!!" I yelled as soon as she answered.

"WHAAT? WHAAAT!!?" She yelled back.


"HUH? HOW? WHY!?" She asked.


"WHO'S THE JERK!?" she yelled.


"OMG! HOW DO YOU KNOW IT'S HIM!?" she asked.

"That's not important! What can i do?!" I said.

"Is he hot?" D asked.

"HOE!!! Rakzay PLZ!! and yes he is!" I said.

"OH wow, you lucky bitch!" She said.

"TAKE MY PLACE!! wallah ma abeeh! im scared d!!!" I yelled.

"Enzain where is waiting?" She asked.

"Next to my car!" I yelled.

"WTF!! YUMAA!" She yelled.

"Honey, you're not helping!" I said.

"Im sorry, do you want me to come?" She said.

"YESSS PLEASE!!" I said.

"Okay, 10 minutes w akoun 3indech,bye!" She said.

"HAHAHA, Yeah right! byeee" I said.

I thought i should just stay in the bathroom until D get here.

"Beeep" Another text message from him; "Shfeeech wain re7tayy?" I ignored.
I waited for almost 20 minutes before D decided to show up.

"Hiii..!" D said when she entered the restroom.

"Hey, shdaraach enna i was in this restroom?" I asked.

"Cos you like this one?" She said.

"Did you see him outside?" I asked.

"Idiot, w ana shdaranii 3annah!?" She said.

"Oh am i glad to see you!!" I said with a sigh of relief.

"hehe, Okay now what?" D said.

"I dont know, im just glad someone is with me!" I said.

"Okay, then let's go and eat because im starving!" She said.

Saturday 6th of august
Johnny Rocket's Avenues

"Enzain laish ma tgouleeen 7ag yousef yet9araf ma3ah?" D suggested and took a bite out of her Orginal cheeseburger.

"NOWAY!! maynouna!! Yousef is crazy, esawee elly ebrasa!!" I said & took a bite out of my #12 Burger.

"ee 9aa7, bs may9eer ya3ni shbetsaween!?" she said.

"I dont know! i really dont!" I said.

"W lama Yousef erou7 USA, now 9ij shnu betsaweeen?" She asked.

"I dont know, please don't make me think ahead, kelshay eb wagtaa!" I said.

"Okay, allah ekoun eb 3ounich sweetie! bs you know im always here for you!" She said.

"I know, i love you!" I said.

"I love you too!" She said.

My phone rings and interrupt our delicious moment. It's the unknown caller.

"Uff, meta emel!!?" I said.

"Let me answer!" D yelled and took my phone.

"Aloo" she said.

"Na3am?" "Mballah.." "No, It's me!" "Okay BYE!" & she gave me back the phone.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He said Deema? La hatha mu 9outich, entay yemkin her friend ekhtara3t w sakarta!" she said.

"OMG, Obsessed much!" I said.

"Yeah, he's really desperate!" She said.

"Haya mu mn 9ijha!" I said.

"Well, i think Haya just gave him your number, but he actually fell inlove with you!" She said.

"What? i dont think so! ambaay, we never had a proper talk for him to fall in love with me! that's silly!" I said.

"Well, Yousef fell inlove with you before even speaking to you, didn't he?" She asked.

"uhh..." I stoped talking for a while.. "I guess.." I continued.

"This is too complicated!" She said.

"7daa!" I said and took a sip from my diet coke.

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

We were walking from Johnny to the parking lots.

"What if he's still waiting there?" I said to D, worried.

"La shda3wa i don't think so!" She said.

"He's crazy, esaweeha wallah!" I said.

"La i don't think he'd wait that long 3ad! e9eer 9ij desperate!" D said.

We got to the parking lots and thank god he wasn't there.

"Ashwaa!" I said as soon as i noticed no one was around my car.

"Yalla enmashi ba3a'9 lai share3 demashq!" D said and walked to her car.

"Okay, ciao!" I said and walked to my car.

Just before i get in my car i saw a piece of paper on the door handle.

"what's that i wondered.."

it read "Call me please. you know who i am!"

I ripped the paper and threw it away.
He's starting to get on my nerve!

Phone rings. None other than the unknown caller. I ignored.
He sent a text. "Please say anything..?"

I replied with; "Leave me alone,please!"

I started the car engines and followed D.

5 minutes later. BEEP.
A new text message.

- S™

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Part TwentyOne;; "I'd still be right here waiting.."

Saturday 6th of august
My bedroom

Woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked and it was Yousef calling. I picked up.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Aloo, deema!" He said.

"Yousef shfeeek?" I asked.

"Dayouma, 7da '9aayeg khelgii.." He said with the saddest tone i ever heard.

"SHFEEK?"I said and got up.

"Wallah madri shagoul, '9ayeg khelgi enni basafer barra w akhaleech.." He said.

"It's okay, i'll wait for you..!" I said.

"I can't let you hold on to me w ana bara adris." he said.

"Yousef, dont make it hard, i want to wait for you!" I said.

"B3d 3umri wallah 9a3ba 3alay asaweeha.." he said.

"It's ok yousef, wallah la tfaker feeni, 7ati derastik lamma etsafer." i said.

"Ya 7abeebti shloun ma afaker feech w entay 3umrii?" He said.

I giggled.

"wallah bs lama sema3t 9outich nesaiit hammi.." He said.

"Yala 3ad, 9outi ekhari3." I said and giggled.

"Mn ga9 3laiiiich!?" He said.

"Ma7ad, im just saying." I said.

"Gelbay wayhich, 9outich sh7alata ma feeh shay, ana artaa7 etha sema3ta!" He said.

"Thank you?" I said

"thanks 3la shnu? Ma gelt shay ana." He said.

"Okay, 3yal mu thank you." I said.

"Haha, a7ebich." He said.

"Me too." I said.

"You too shnu?" He said, teasing.

"Me too w khala9 3ad!" I said.

"Enzain goulay elkelma..?" He said.

"Ma abi." I said.

"Laish y3ni?" He asked.

"bs mabii, me too takfii." I said.

"3ayaraa!" He said.

"Lail7een '9ayeg khelgik?" I asked.

"La ya 3umrii, allah ekhaleech ley wallah enech raya7teenii.." He said.

I giggled. "enzain ana barou7 Avenues abi ashteri chum shaghla." I said.

"Tabeen ayee weyach?" He asked.

"La wain teyee, khalek ga3id blbait, mala da3ii." I said.

"Akhaf a7ad yet7arash feech!" He said.

"Waiih,la ma7ad eb yet7arash balbes training w barfa3 sha3ri w arou7, w now maku wayid nas." I said.

"Ya 7alatich wentay labsa el training" He said.

"N9aaab! Shdaraak?" I asked.

"I can picture it!" He said.

"khala9 ana akhaleek now, 3ad ma awa9eek la e'9eeg khelgik, okay?" I said.

"Enshallah 7yatii" He said.

"W etha '9ag khelgik, you know where to find me, yalla byee" I said w the phonecall ended.

Saturday 6th of august
My car
1 PM

On my way to the avenues, i wanted some beauty products from vavavoom and i wanted to shop in some certain stores. I was listening to my i-pod on shuffle, and the song "Breathe" By Anna Nalick was playing and i was singing along.

i was 5 minutes away from the avenues. i saw a guy in a tayota Prado and he was around 20 or 21 years old i assumed,he has really dark hair and he's tanned, he looked good, he's been following me for almost 3 minutes and when i go to a different lane, he would drive to the same lane,is he following me, or his destination is the avenues too?

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I was walking to an escalator after finishing shopping in Gap & topshop when i saw the Prado guy behind me and he wanted to get on the escalator too,
coincidence much?
Or am i thinking way too much into this?

- S™

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part twenty;; "Why do you have to go?"

Friday 5th of august
The roof of my house

I was tanning and listening to music when my phone rang.

"An unknown number" appeared on screen, i decided to ignore.

He/she/it Called again. & again. I kept ignoring.

Then i recieved a text message from that same number that said "reday 3aib 3laich ta7gereen.." That scared me. I ignored his text as well.

Friday 5th of august

Still on the roof

Yet another different unknown number called, and i answered without thinking.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Alo, hala, zain rdaiitay." A manly voiced said at the other end.

"I'm sorry, mnu ma3ay?" I asked.

"Ana wa7id mutayam feech." He said.

"Na3am?" I said.

"Agoul ana mutayam feech!" He repeated.

"You dont even know me, shloun mutayam?" I asked.

"La tes2eleeni shloun, ana ma adriii.." He said. "Elmohim e3jebtich elhadiya?" He said.

"YOU'RE THE SENDER!!!?" I yelled.

"Eee." He said.

"OH MY GOD! BYE!" I said and closed the line.

He called again. i ignored.
He sent a text message 5 minutes later, "Fdaiiit elly ya7geroun!"

Friday 5th of august

I was sleeping on the couch when dad came in the house.

"Deema..?" He said. "Deema!" He called out again.

"Deema" he said and poked me.

"Na3aam..?" I said half asleep.

"Goumay 7beebti, 7azzat el maghrib mu zain tnameen." He said.

"Enzain.." I said and yawned.

He went upstairs and i went back to sleep.

about 20 minutes later my phone rang.

It was Yousef.

"Aloo..?" I said

"Aloo,halla dayouma." He said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Shlounich? shakhbarich?" He asked.

"El7emdellah bkhair, ent shlounek?" I asked.

"Tmam el7emdellah, are you busy!" He said.

"No,why?" I asked.

"Bakalmich eb maw'9ou3." he said.

"What?" I asked, worried.

"I don't know how to say this,bs i'm going away 3 weeks from now and i might not be back for more than 2 years." He said.

"WHAT?! GO WHERE?" I yelled and got up and quickly went up to my room.

"USA. I'm going to study there." He explained.

"Oh.." I said and stayed quiet for a while.

"Deema?" He said.

"Hala.." I said.

"La tasketeen.." He said.

"Uh..meta 8arart enek ebtadris barra?" I said.

"Menziman, bs ma geltlich l2ana ma knt met2akid mn el maw'9ou3." He said.

"Oh, bs elmafrou'9 etgouli 7ta law ma knt met2akid!" I said.

"Asif, ma knt adri shasawee, ma knt aby akhserech!" He said.

"Meta betoru7?" I said. Trying not to shed a tear.

"25th of august." He said.

"W you mit2akid?" I asked.

"Ee, 7ajaztli ticket w a rented a place there w everything is ready." He said.

"W ehoun 3laik etkhaleeni hnee brou7ii a7ateeek?" I asked,

"Wallah la2, hatha a93ab shay, knt shway w ahawin 3lsalfa." He said.

"Enzain, allah ewafgek enshallah.." I said.

"Mashkoura 7yatii, you'll be fine without me, bs la tkhafeen im going to keep in touch with you a lot." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Dayoum! la t'9aygeen khelgi, please!" He said.

"Okay." I said, again.

"Dayoum!!!" He yelled, "a7ebich!" He said.

"Thank you." I said.

"el3afo" He said.

"akalmek b3dain, ciao." I said w sakart el phone.

I called D & weeped.

- S™