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Friday, September 26, 2008

Part Twelve; "Sitting here turning minutes into hours to find the nerve just to call you on the telephone."

Two days passed and they were what some of us call "PERFECT" in every way. it was perfect between me and yousef. I was really happy where my life is heading to..

Monday July 23rd
Outside D's House

I was waiting for D to come out, we're going to Alraya complex to shop and then eat at Burger Boutique. i was wearing a black Alberta Ferretti accordion trapeze dress with my black Alexander McQueen elvie python tote and Christian Louboutin zouzou sandals with my hair half down, if you know what i mean. D came wearing Isaac Mizrahi tea cozy dress with her Marni textured leather east west bag and her Michael Kors needy flat sandals and her hair was down on one side. she looked GOOOOOD!

On our way to Alraya, The i-pod was playing on Shuffle and the song "My wish" - by rascal flatts was playing, we were singing along when my phone beeped, it was a text message from Yousef, "Deema, call me ASAP!" I raised an eyebrow and looked and D, totally confused.

"ASAP? What's the matter? My happiness never lasts. Just my luck." i muttered.

"Woah, that's creepy, the way he's all serious and call me asap!" D said.

I decided to call when i get back home. i don't want something to ruin my day. i'm happy; i would like to keep it that way as long as possible..

Monday July 23rd
Alraya Complex

We were shopping. just left Laundry and bought this really cute Maroon cocktail dress, it's really short; which made me like it even more. (hehe)

We went then to BCBG and other shops. we didn't buy anything, just the dress that i bought from Laundry. And the whole time we were shopping and as the time slowly passes by my stomache aches more. i don't want to leave, i don't want to go back home and listen to something that might make me pull an all nighter and make me wet my pillow with tears. I know i can be such a drama queen, but i'm a girl, and who can blame me?

Monday July 23rd
Burger Boutique

We got seated. i was holding my phone and getting so nervous; i don't know why. i almost had a panic attack!
We ordered and i was getting even more nervous when the food arrived. and as the time is ticking my stomache was killing me.

"I can't take this!!" I said.

"Whaat?" D said, completely unaware of what i'm going through.

"Yousef, you dumbass!!, i'm scared!" I said.

"Ohh, well don't. think positive." she said.

"You think? i don't know." I said.

"Yeah, maybe he's just playing with you." she said and took a sip from her diet coke.

"But i'm not feeling well, and my stomache is KILLING me!" I cried.

"Stop whining and eat!" she said and took one of the mini burgers.

I stopped, but did not eat. i was holding my phone and was waiting for him to send another message or something that would take the stress away.

Monday July 23rd
My car

3 minutes away from D's house, 10 minutes away to start my misery. I didn't talk at all the whole way to D's house, i was just listening to the music and watching the road. the song "Incomplete" By the backstreet boys was playing and i was feeling little by little empty.

Dropped D. And i was driving 60km/h i could go slower but i didn't want people swearing at me. i didn't want to reach my house...if only i could.

Monday July 23rd
My bedroom (or to be more accurate my misery room)

I pressed in his number....and my whole body went numb.

- S™


Charmbracelet said...

no no no! S !!=O
bachiiir!=p ehhe

sugar said...


Music, Happiness, Love said...

ommmg ur not serious rite!! ;@


desertpalms said...


that was mean! =(

next part ebleez thankkaa yuu

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: Enshallah, i promise i'll post as soon as i can.

Sugar: hehe, ne6ray & you'll see. ;p

Music, Happiness, love: Hehe, i know that was a cliffhanger, but i got to keep you readers interested and wanting more.. ;p!

Desertpalms: Being mean wasnt in my intention, believe me, sorry! :P

n said...

laish u deleted my comment?:P shaklech etdesheen oo u copy the names of dresses LOL moo ma3qoulaa! the black Alberta Ferretti accordion trapeze dress wasn't out bel summer:P

Anonymous said...


dreamGIRL said...

N: What comment??:S i honestly don't know, i didn't delete any comment, i got an email from blogger saying you commented twice, but i've seen only one comment, i didn't even read the other comment. & for dress, i did state the story is a little bit fabricated.

Anonymous: Im DESPERATE too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with N. ghi9itich annoying o halagiya

Anonymous said...

GIRL 3lgteeena waay al7en shlon anam yalla yalla next part 13 im waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ur stories im hooked !!!!

dreamGIRL said...

Anonymous #1: That's your opinion. and i respect it. ;)

Anonymous#2: Thanks, i have it in the drafts right now, im just going to check it and then i'll publish it. ;p

Anonymous said...

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