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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Part Ten; "It's like a bullet through the heart.."

Thursday July 19th
D's bedroom

I've been down for two days, barely eating, barely sleeping. i didn't think it would be that hard. i slept over at D yesterday because i wanted someone to be with me through this, and plus i want to be away from home for a while.

"Deems, how are you sweetie?" D said as she was putting her hair up in a ponytail.

"I'm...uh..i don't know. i will be ok, eventually." I answered & looked at my phone.

I had 6 misscalls from Yousef. yes i'm still ignoring, and he kept calling. i have 4 misscalls from the unknown caller. and 2 misscalls from haya. I ignored all.

"D, let's go eat lunch @ nino." I suggested.

"Okay, why not!" she said.

We got up and got ready. i wore a mini beige skirt and a white shirt with a gold necklace and a cute hairband with a bow. D wore a long white shirt with a brown wide high-waisted belt.

Just when i was ready to wear my gladiator flats, my phone rang. it was haya. i decided to answer and just get it over with.

"Alooo." I said.

"Aloo, Hala Deema, shlounich?" Haya said.

"El7emdellah ebkhair, entay shlounich?" I said.

"Zaina, enzain deema, waiinich 9arli youmain adeg 3laich ma tredeen, khara3teeni ya m3awda." She said.

"Ha, la bs knt mashghoula, sorry.." I stuttered.

"Aha, enzain mara7 a8bil a3thar, khane6la3 netghada bara?" she said.

"3ad tawni ana w Dana ebne6la3,we're going to nino, enshoufich menak enshallah." I said.

"WHYYY!!?" D yelled as soon as i closed the line.

"Shdaranii, okay, i keep avoiding her, she's gonna notice!" I said.

"Uff, okay, enshallah et3adi 3la khair." D said as she was wearing her shoes.

[beep] a text message from yousef "Reday 3alay deema, walla bayen!!! redaaay, law 9ij le ma3aza eb galbich reday 3alay lama adeg after 5 minutes, atrajaach!" i took a deep breathe and my heart ached. badly.

Thursday July 19th
D's car

Ring ring. Yousef was calling. i hesitated. but i managed to answer.

"Aloo?" I said.

"Deema!" Yousef said.

"Hala.." I said.

"Wainich, 7aram 3laich wallah 3athabteenii.." He said.

"Im sorry.." I said trying not to lose it and cry.

"La it's okay, i understand. bs mu chithi elnas ya7geroun. wallah kheft e9eer feech shay!" he said.

"La mafeeni shay, kani el7emdellah bkhair.." I said.

"3sa doum ya rab, Deema, law sama7tay la ta7gereeni chithi mara thania, 3l a8al msg, bs adrii enich 3aysha.." He said.

"Enshallah, im sorryy yousef.." I said.

"Allah ya Dayouma, law tadren shkither erta7t now that i talked to you.." He said.

I giggled. didn't have anything better to say.

"Allah e7af'9ich yal 7elwa,Wain ray7a?" He said.

"Nino. with my friend dana, w haya is going to meet us there.." I said.

"Haya?" He said.

"Ee, allah yastir.." I said.

"Laish laish, la latkhafeen, shda3wa,mara7 e9er shay enshallah." He said.

"Enshallah, yalla we9alna nino, bye yousef." I said.

"Bye deema, bs ma awa9eech, la ta7gereen wayid,sam3aa?" He joked.

"Bye yousef, bye!" I said and laughed.

I actually laughed. i felt good. I felt good.

Thursday july 19th.

We just entered nino, Haya wasn't there yet. we got seated. and waited for her. 5 minutes later, she came.

"Hii girls." Haya said as she approached us. we got up and greeted her.

We ordered then it was silence for like 10 minutes. it was so awkward. In those 10 minutes i was hoping haya won't mention anything about Yousef.

"So deema, did you talk to Yousef after the other day bl invite convo?" Haya said. breaking the silence.

"Uhh, no i didn't." i said and looked at D.

"Haya, what's up with you and yousef?" D said.

she giggled and then said "it's complicated shwaya, cos i dont know if he likes me too, bs i have a feeling he likes deema.."

I let out a nervous laugh.
"Did he tell you he likes deema?" D asked.

"Well, No, not really, but i think he does." She said.

"How come?" D asked. I love D.

"Well, cos he asked for her email, so i assumed he liked her." She said.

"Aha, maybe, what if he does?" D asked, interesed to know the answer. here i was all ears, i want to know the answer to that question!

"I don't know.." she said & looked at me. I smiled.

WHY DID I SMILE!!? i have no clue.

"well you need to ask him, mu chithi tet3alegain bl9bay w ohwa ma e7ebich" D said.

"Ee, ana fakart as2ela bs akhaf asma3 shay e'9ayeg khelgii.." she said.

"Look, do it, it's like pulling off a Bandage!" D said.

"I will enshallah." Haya said and smiled.

i looked at D with half a smile.

Thursday July 19th
D's car

Me and D were in her car singing along to the song on the radio, and Haya was in her car behind us. My phone rang. It was yousef. i ignored. he called again. and i ignored.
It rang again, this time it was Haya.

"Emshaw nrou7 Marina neg3ad eb cafe or something? enkamil el 6al3a mara wa7da.." She said.

"Ha wallah madri.." I looked at D. D nodded as in 'okay'. "Okay. Yalla al7een nakhith el U turn w enrou7 marina, see you there." I said

Thursday July 19th
Marina Mall
Water lemon

We shopped shwaya gbl la neg3ad eb water lemon. We were talking and enjoying our time when my phone started ringing, it was Yousef, i looked, then ignored. i did not save his number, so it was just a number. he called again & Haya took a peek.

"la7tha,Isn't that Yousef's number?" She asked.


- S™


Charmbracelet said...


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaay it7ir!!! sheno hal haya...tara she's not um sa3afuleef b6eeha ib her face!!!

Anonymous said...

lezgeeeeeeeehh! cant she just leave you alonee so your love story has a chance! ooff

btw i watched all 3 episodess of gg last night..omggggggggg its soo gooood!

and i still say this is just as good =*

Anonymous said...

oh no !
hope raga3tay ;p

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: Yup. ;/

Sugar: I know. ufff. ;s i will, you'll see.. ;p

Desertpalms: Haha, 7adha lazgah! Awwh, i didn't watchi episode 3 yet, but i will!! :D

Anonymous: wait and see.. ;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

no offence but haya it7iiiir;/

dreamGIRL said...

None taken,i know she is!

Charmbracelet said...

btw i love the blog picture ily foog !=p

kiki said...

dude part 11 !!

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: Hehe, Ma Teghla 3laiich;p!

Kiki: Enshallaah!;p

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