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Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Ramadan Kareem"

LOL, i know i know, but Mbarak 3laikum elshahar;p w kel3am w entaw bkhair enshallah.

It's a tradition; youm el "young girls" eb bait yadity, w youm el"grown-ups", so anyways we decided the "young girls" ena each of us make a dish for dinner. The first day of ramadan, i didnt do anything, my sisters did, and my cousins also, the second day, i made Green salad with tufaa7 an rumaan, it was AMAZING, with Balsamic italian dressing! i was sooo happy with the outcome. W the third day,me my twin sis and my cousin(who slept over at our house) we made Mac & cheese!!! YUMMY. It was the best dish yesterday! & the best thing of all, is that yadity(allah e6awel eb 3umerha) Liked it!! so YAY for that!
Tomorrow i have to make another dish, though i don't have anything in mind to do, i might do a simple salad, or a dessert!

Have a great Ramadan everyone.
I will be posting more from now on. (:



Anonymous said...

Haha yeah, hoep you didnt make the sponge bob and scooby doo ones without me!
lets do another breath-taking dish soon ;)

dreamGIRL said...

Hehe, we made the sponge bob and the scooby doo at home the next day! lool, but when you come over on the weekend we'll go and buy some more! :D