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Friday, September 19, 2008

Part Nine; "It's a shame that it had to be this way.."

Tuesday july 17th

I woke up. Checked my phone, 6 misscalls from the unknown caller. he kept calling these days. he's really annoying. i ignored. Called D.

"The unknown caller Keeps calling." I muttered.

"Ignore, sweetie." D replied.

"I did, but do you know how many miss calls i got from him overall?" I said.

"haha, how many?" she asked.

"34 misscalls, NO KIDDING!" I yelled.

"What the fuck!? what's wrong with him?" She laughed.

"Ambaaay, shdaraaaniii.." I laughed.

"Wa7id fathii ma 3inda shighil.." She exclaimed.

"Yeah, D, i told him everyything!!" I yelled.

"Who? what?? When??" she yelled back.

"Two days ago." i said.

"And..?" she said.

"I don't know, im confused, bs he told me all those stuff like who's haya to choose who to like and stuff, bs still i feel bad about it!" i said.

"Don't sweetie, 7ata law like you dont talk to him, i dont think he'll talk to haya.." she explained.

"I guess, oh, and i told him i love him." I said.

"YOU DID NOT!!!" she yelled, "OH MY GOD, what did he say??"

"Well, he said im pretty sure not even close to how much i love you.." i giggled.

"Awwwhhh,, deeems!" she giggled.

Tuesday July 17th

Just signed on msn.


Yousef: Taw ma nawar el msn.. ;p

Me: Hehe, Eb wejoudek.. (:

Yousef: Shlounich?

Me: El7emdellah bkhair, you?

Yousef: Hm ana bkhaiir w al7amd lillah..

Haya has been addded to the conversation..

Haya: Ahlaaaaaaaaan! ;p

Apparentley she made this invite convo.

Me: Halaw hayoun.. ;p

Yousef: Halaw banaaat;p

Haya: 7da malal, fa gelt asawee invite 7g my two favorite people online;p

Favorite people? Me? Since when..?

Yousef: Haha, ya 7lailich hayoun.

Me: hehe. thanks? ;p

Haya: Hehe, enzain, dayouma, eb themitich yasouf mu 7eloo??

WHAT!!? Why is she doing this? :S i'm furious.

Me: hehe, 3adii he's cute, laiish? ;p

Haya: Eee gouleelah, mo ra'9ii e9adeg!

Yousef: hehe la khala9 9adagt. ;$

Haya: 3ishtaw al7een 9adagt haa? ;p

Me: hehe.

Yousef: ee :$

Haya: Shme3naA? ;p Deema rayha ohwa el9a7 ya3nii?


Yousef: Rayha muhim 3indii ee;p

Me: hehe;p

Haya: Laish y3nii??;p bag3ad 3la rasek ella ba3arif

Me: Hayoun bss.. ;s

Yousef: Ee wallah bss, fashaltay el bnt.

Haya: No shda3waa, hathy dayoum, w ana amoun.. ;p

Yousef: Sh'hal the8a? ;p

Haya: 9aa7 deema amoun?? ;p

2 minutes passed.

Yousef: ??

Haya: Deema?

Me: Wee soorryy, sara7t, ee akeed;p hehe.

Haya: Sheft!!

Yousef: okay. ma gelna shay.

Haya: enzain yousef laish chithi shfeek emnasef 3alay?? ;p

Yousef: Shku? shgelt ana? ;/

Haya: madrii, et7asis elwa7id enek emnafis.

Yousef: La yuba, mu emnafes.. ;p

Haya: Ashwa, cos may9eer etkoun emnafes w ana mawjouda, afa 3laik bs! ;p

Yousef: Teslemeeen.

Haya: Deeema?? Shfeeech sakta?

Yousef: Deema?

I signed out.

uffff. i can't take this. Haya is crazy about him. i can't.

I sent a text message to Yousef, MY FIRST TEXT MESSAGE TO HIM...ever.

"Hi yousef,I'm deema, in case you were wondering, bs knt bagoulik ena i can't do it, haya is absolutely inlove with you. i can't do this to her...i can't do this to any girl! im sorry, i really like you, bs i can't. i'm not the kind of girl who chooses boys over friends, to me; friends come first."

I sent.

5 minutes later.

[BEEP] A reply, "Deema, mn 9ejich?! shfeeech, me and haya are never going to happen, you need to understand that, entay sheftay the way she's annoying me? im not being mean or rude, bs el9ara7a etnarfiz, w 7arakat'ha shway childish, she is definitely not my type of girl. don't give up on me...! ;/"

I typed "I'm sorry, as long as im friends with haya, you and me are never happening.." & sent.

[BEEP] "Deemaa! what about the other day, what about "i love you"? ;/"

I typed "I do, bs i can live with not having you around if it means my friend is not getting hurt because of me, im sorry, im willing to face the pain of not talking to you for her, even though she can be a pain in the asss, but she IS still my friend." I sent.

He called. I ignored. He called again. i ignored.
& again....& i ignored.
Turned off my mobile.

Picked up my home phone; called D and weeped.


- S™


Charmbracelet said...

Noo!!=| part 10 bachir!!!! Pwees!!=p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

im hooooked!!
next part plz!!

Anonymous said...

laaah 7araaam ;/

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: Hehe,enshallah.

Music, happiness, love: Okay, next part is coming up soon enshallah.

Anonymous: i know:( shasawii.

sugar said...

waay hal haya it7ir!!! call her oo gooleelaha whats going on oo ena ohwa mu ra'6ee ehidich!!! fa let her face it!!!

PaLoMiNo said...

ok wa3lya oho sheno thanba :X
ya3ni ma yabeeha.. il mafrooth ur friend is happy for u bcoz yabech...
ohoo gal 7ag haya ena may7ebha o mayabeeha?

dreamGIRL said...

Sugar: i know, she's a friend, i can't tell her. it's hard.

Palomino: she can't be happy for me if she loves him too?
No ma galaha, bs he tries to give her hints.

desertpalms said...

woww i just read all of the parts in one go..your style of writing is amaaaazing. im seriously hooked.

poor you =( i have a feeling that if she finds out he likes you, shes never gonna let you two be happy

dreamGIRL said...

Desertpalms: hehe thank you.

Yeah, just wait and see..