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Friday, July 31, 2009

Part FortySix;; "Is it all? Or are we just friends?"

Sorry guys 3ala il cliffhangers, bs i'd like to keep you guys interested for the next part! :D

Previously on "Across The Universe":

- The family of uncle's wife are really sweet.
- Lolwa has a crush on Mishary!
- Jarra7 is attractive.
- Mishary is still Malgouf!
- My parent are leaving on Wed.
- My uncle planned to throw a Farewell dinner for my parents.
- Does Mishary like me? or is he really being a pain in the ass brother!?


Tuesday 31th of August

I didnt get a message from Yousef, so how did Mishary know about him?
He must've looked through the sent messages, UGH, how could he!!?

"It's Mishary, can i come in?" He said.

"Oh, now you know how to knock!?" I said, "Come in!" I continued.

He opened the door,
"I just wanted to tell you im not dropping this, we'll talk about it later after the dinner." He said.

"Talk about what!? I'm not talking about it with you!" I said.

"You don't get to choose! we'll talk about it, i just came to inform you that!" He said.

"Whatever!" I said.

He left the room.

Seriously, SHYABIIII!!? :/

I replied to D's message, "Ghazii! :P" I said.

I layed in bed thinking how the conversation will go between me and Mishary after the dinner, What a great way to end the day! i thought.

*Beep* a new text message.
I giggled when i read it,
"I'm not sure, but he's asking about you, may be he does!" I replied.

Tuesday 31th of August

I was watching Grey's anatomy on DVD, when someone knocks on the door.

"Who is it?" I said.

"Ana khalich!" He said.

"7ayyak khali tefa'9al." I said.

He opened the door.

"Halla bnaytii shlounich?" He said as he entered the room.

"Tmam khali il7emdellah." I said.

"Did you inform your mother about the dinner?" He asked.

"Ee khali, i called her gbl few hours and told her, she said she's coming but around 7 because dad is going to be realsed at 5PM!" I said.

"Oh okay, 3la ra7at'hum e7na ma warana shay, w the Buffet will arrive at 6 3la ma e7e6ouna w chithi ella 9arat 7 inshallah." He said.

"Enshallah, thanks khali, i really appreciate it!" I said.

"il3afu 7yatii entaii!" He said.

I hugged him and kissed him before he left the room.

I continued watching a few more episodes of Grey's Anatomy.

I got out a white knee high dress, and i got out a navy scarf with beige and white designs on it to wear it with the dress.
I put them on the bed and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I got out of the shower and wore the dress and and went to the maze to apply make-up.

I was applying eye liner when i heared another knock on the door.

"Mnuu?" I said.

"Waleedan!" he said.

"T3aaaal 7ayaak" i said.

"Halla dayouma, shlounich?" He said.

"Zaina, you?" I said.

"ill7emdellah bkhaiir" He said. "Haa ashouf badaltaay..?" He said.

"Ee" I said and got up. "Shraayek?" I showed him what i was wearing.

"Ashouf furaaay!" He said.

I gave him a spin.

"Niice, you look beautiful." He said and smiled.

"Thank you!" I said and blushed.

"Allah ya7fithich inshallah." He said.

"Teslam waleedan!" I said and smiled.

"Yalla ana akhaleech now, tamreen 3la shay?" He said.

"Salamtik." I said.

"Allah esalmich, yalla ashoufich bil dinner." He said.

"Enshallah, take care" I said.

"You too, faman illaah." He said.

"Fi aman ilkareem" I said.

He left the room.

Tuesday 31th of August

I continued applying the eyeliner and a little blush with a Ruby lipstick and put my hair up in a loose bun, i looked very simple and neat.

I was wearing my christian louboutin white heels when my phone rang.
"Aghla ilbashar;*" Mom was calling.

"Aloo halla yumaa" I said.

"Halla 7beebti, Shlounkum?" She asked.

"Tmam il7emdellah, shloun baba?" I said.

"Il7emdellah 3la kil 7al, bs knt bagoulich ena ta36eech khalich khabar ena yemkin neyee abchar mn 7 okay 7yatii?" She said.

"Enshallah mama, 7ayyakum allah." I said.

"Allah e7ayeech." She said.

The phone call ended.

I took a quick look at myself in the mirror before leaving my room.

I was walking down the hall and i saw Mishary, he was walking on the other end of the hall, he just left his room, wearing a dishdasha, he looked handome in the dishdasha and qetra.

I tried not to make eye contact and i sat on the livingroom upstairs.

"Shfeech emnafsa?" Mishary asked.

"Mafeeni shay" i said still not making eye contact.

"Tra ana mu em3a9eb 3la elly shefta.." He said.

"Ok." I said still avoiding making eye contact.

"Shfeech ma et7e6een 3ainch eb 3aini!?" He asked.

"Ma feeni shay." I said.

"3yal 6al3eeni!!" He said.

I turned to him and looked him right into his eyes.

He stood there looking back at me.

"Happy now?" I said.

"ee!" He said.

"enzain" i said and turned to the tv.

"we'll talk again after dinner." He said.

i ignored him and kept my eyes on the tv screen.

He sighed and went down the elevator.
I didnt want to go downstairs after him, we might be alone in the living room downstairs and i dont want him to start another conversation, so i waited for waleedan to finish.
I informed khali that mom might come earlier than 7.

I heard a door closed, it was Waleedan.

"Hala dayouma.." Waleed said.

"Halla feek." I said.

"Haw shemga3dech here?" He asked.

"An6erik" I said.

"oh, yalla 3yal emshay." He said and pressed the elevator button.

I got up and walked into the elevator after him.

Tuesday 31th of August
The two connected living room

We were enjoying the evening, me, dad, waleedan, janouya, mishary and khali.

"Ha 3sa Dayouma ma la3wezatkum?" Dad said.

god, he makes me feel like i'm a little kid.

"La sh7alatna, ma nesmaa3 7es'ha ilbait." Khali said.

"Zain ashwa." Mom said.

"Akeed ma la3wezatkum, goul mn al7een 3shan enge6ha 3nd a7ad thani..?" Dad said. Joking.

"Baba! Shda3wa ala3wezhum, im not a kid!" I said.

"Adrii babatii, en6afrech shway." Dad said.

Waleedan & mom were laughing at me.

I almost forgot Mishary was in the same room.
He was so quiet and just staring.
It was scarying me a little bit.

Waleedan got up and approached me.

"Dayouma, come with me." He whispered.

"What's wrong?" I said.

"Come with me!" He said and pulled me with him.

I walked after him and we left the living room.

"Shfeeek!?" I said as soon as we left the room.

"Entai shfeech weya MisharY? sh9ayer?" He asked.

"Mu 9ayer shay!" I said.

"Akeed 9ayer shay, mu 3awayda Mishary yeg3ad eb yam3a w sakit 6oul ilwagt w bs ekhezich." He said.

"Mu 9ayer shay waleedan, shdarani 3ana why don't you ask him?!" I said.

"Ok i will ask him, you go inside 3shan they dont sense anything." He said.

"Ok." I said and went back to the livingroom and sat next to my dad.

I saw waleedan from outside the livingroom calling Mishary.
Mishary got up and left after he gave me a few cold glances.

I managed to stay calm and not nervous.
I tried as much as i can to block these thoughts, even for a while.

The whole time i was talking with dad and mom and laughing.

I'll miss them so much.

Mishary and Waleed walked back in and Mishary looks pissed, but not as pissed as Waleedan.

Did he tell him?
i wondered.
Waleedan didn't look at me, he sat next to uncle and Mishary sat in a couch alone.

"Yalla ya jama3 it's dinner time." Uncle said.

We all got up and followed my uncle as he led us to the Garden outside where the Buffet was set.
The Buffet was amazing, all kind of dishes, italian, Chinese, Thai, French and Japanese.

We all had a wonderful time, except for Mishary who was really quiet and barely there.

It was almost 11PM, Dad and mom had to leave now because their flight tomorrow is really early, i don't even get to take them to the airport and say goodbye.

I was sobbing like a little baby while hugging both mom and dad.

"7yatii khalaa9, we'll be fine and we'll call you as soon as we land, and we can stay connected at all times!" mom said, comforting me.

"Mabiii mabiii!" I cried.

"Haw, Dayouma, tawich etgoul you're not a kid!" Dad said kissing my forehead.

"That's different baba!" I said, sobbing.

"Khalaa9 7beebti ga6a3tai galbii." Mom said.

"Okay okay!" I said and wiped my tears.

"3afyah 3la bnaytii." Dad said, "Take care ma awa9eech ha babatii?" He said.

"Enshallah Baba." I said.

"W 3an ilshe6ana la tla3wezeen khalich w 3yala." He joked.

"Yubaa! i'll miss you!!" I said and hugged him.

I hugged mom and kissed both their forehead before they left the house.

"Dayouma, if you need anything let us know." Khali said, trying to make me feel better.

"Enshallah khali." I said. "Mashkour." I walked out of the livingroom.

good thing Mishary wasn't in the livingroom or he mocked me laii youm ildeeen!
Waleedan was in the room, and he felt sorry for me.

i went up on the elevator.
My eyes were red and puffy.

Tuesday 31th of August
Upstairs livingroom

The elevator opened and Mishary was sitting in the living room watching Tv. He was wearing his dishdasha bs ilqetra fe9akh'ha.

He looked at me quietly.
I looked at him behind my teary eyes.

"Dayouma, shfeech?" Mishary managed to say after a while.

"Nothing." I said.

"Ha? Testa3be6ain? goulay shfeech!?" He said.

"My parents ra7aw." I said.

"okay, bs entay tadreen ena they're going to leave, laish kil hal bachi?" He said.

"I'm just gonna miss them, that's all." I said.

"Okay, mes7ay dmou3ich, chenich yahil." He said.

"KAIFI! ok!!! Shtabii!!! WHY ARE YOU SOO CRUEL TO ME!?" I snapped.

He stared at me in a total shock of what i just burst out.

"Shgelt ana!?" He said.


"HA!!?" He said.

I ignored him and pressed the elevator button.

"Wain ray7a? tawech 9a3da!?" He said.

"Malik shiqil!" I said, trying not to burst into tears.

"HaA!? besmellah shfeech faj2a galabtaii?" He said.


I got into the elevator and pressed the 'B' Button, i was going to the basement.
I thought this was my only escape, since i dont even get my own privacy in my room!

I sat next to the pool with my legs in the water.

I was crying my eyes out and thinking how this year was very eventful, i felt like it was a period of 10 years all piled in one.

I was lost in thoughts that i didn't realise Mishary walking in.

"Deema?" He said, very softly.

I jumped to his voice.

"What..?" I said, i didn't turn to look at him.

"Shfeech? don't be sad." He said.

"I cant." I said.

I saw him walking closer to me and he sat next to me.

"Dayouma, bs la tabcheen.." He said.

"khalni abchiii, i'm letting everything out, i'm feeling better." I said.

"Tell me shfeech? I'll be a good listener." He said.

I turned to him, "You? a good listener? Hah i doubt it." I said.

"Try me." He said.

"Thanks for offering but i rather keeping it to myself." I said.

"3la ra7tich, bs know that when i'm serious, im a total diffent Mishary, You never saw my serious side, I'll surprise you." He said.

"Really?" I said.

"Yes really, behind all the joking and mocking side of me, i'm actually a decent guy,i can be sweet." He said.

"How come i never saw the other side of you?" I said.

"I don't know, i dont show it to anyone really" he said.

"But you're being sweet now, therefore you're showing me." I said.

"Well, you're not anyone." he said and messed my hair with his hands.

"Heyy!" I said and blushed.

He laughed, "I'm sorry about today, i don't know what's gotten into me." He said.

"It's okay, consider it forgotten." I said.

"Really? you're awesome!" He said.

"ah, i try my best!" I said.

He smiled and i smiled back.

"ee t3al, sh9ar with you and waleedan earlier this evening?" I asked.

"Waiih, nothing, raga3t ilsalfa." He said.

"Oh zain ashwa, malik khilg suwalif." I said.

"I know, don't worry." He said. "And i dont want to know about it anymore." He said.

"How come?" I asked.

"Because fakart feeha, i don't need to, since you said ena it used to be someone." He said.

"Oh.." I said.

"Yeah so i decided to start a new page with you starting tonight." He said.

"Oh, that's cool." I said and smiled.

He walked me up to my room after a really nice conversation between us.

we said goodnight and each went to the bedroom.

I was soo tired and feeling sleepy that i didn't have the energy to change into my PJ's so i took off my earings,bracelet and shoes and got in my bed and dozzed of to sleep.

1st of Septmenber

I woke up to my phone vibrating under my pillow.
I checked and it was message from Yousef;
I read the message with one eye open;
"When will you call me? i'm dying here."

I slipped the phone back under the pillow, and went back to sleep, Carelessly.

I didn't even feel anything reading that message.
I guess my feelings for Mishary are getting stronger now.

It's YOUSEF, and i was really careless.

30 Mins later i woke up to Mishary knocking on the door.

"WHAT..?!" I said in my sleepy voice.

"Can i come in?" Mishary said.

"Yes come!" I said.

He opened the door and walked in.

"Sha3rech ya m3awda!" He said.
He's back to the old mocking Mishary.

"Y3ni wa7da nayma, shloun tbi sha3arha ekoun!?" I said.

"Haha, enzain 3indech shay elyoum?" He said.

"No, what do you have in mind?" I said.

"Jara7 called me egoul khane6laa3 fa gelt ta3alay weyana." He said.

"Did you tell Jara7 ena i'm coming?" I asked.

"yeah, ohwa gali yami3 shela w khane6la3 cos he's bored." He said.

"Nice, WEE! la7tha, i promised my bestfriend that i'm seeing her today!" I said.

"Khaleeha teyee weyana..?" He suggested.

"Really?" I said.

"Yeah really, let her come, you'll have fun!" He said.

"Okay, i'll call her b3d shway w let her know." I said.

"w laish b3d shway y3ni?" He said.

"Bagoum aghasil awal b3dain adeg." I said.

"Laish tra mara7 etshem ekhyaasich!" He said.

"Waii3 yal wasekh! shku!" I said.

"Shfeech, qa9di mara7 etshem ree7at 7aljich ya3ni etha ma ghasaltay!" He said.

"Chub, Mishary, e6la3!" I said.

He laughed, "afa ta6redeeni ana?" He said.

"Yes, get out!" I said.

"Ohh ohh, shfeech om ree7a!" He said.

"WAAAY! BARRA!" I said.

"enzain enzain" He laughed. "Bs 3a6eeni khabar 3an il6al3a when you talk to your friend 3shan agoul 7g jara7oo!" He said before leaving the room.

I got up and got into the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth.

New text message.

- S™

Monday, July 27, 2009

Part FortyFive;; "I'm broken hearted I can't let you know, I won't let it show."

Before you guys start reading the new part, i just wanted to say that the highlight idea will no longer be used, however one of my dear readers, Shamayel proposed an idea, and i liked it, her idea was to put the highlight of the pervious post, so you guys know what happened and what parts of the previous you should remember. Thank you Shamayel for the idea. :)

Here we go.

Previously on ''Across the universe'':

- Khaled is back in my life.
- Yousef and I are no longer....Yousef & dayouma!
- Living with Uncle Hisham's family turned out to be good.
- Waleed is sooo sweet!
- Mishary is.....well MISHARY!
- Yousef wanting to talk to me, sort 'things' out.
- The cute handsome doctor is related to me.
- I'm going to meet the family of uncle Hisham's wife.
- I recieved a new text message.
- Mishary is MALGOUF!

Monday 30th of August
Waleed's Car

I checked the new text message, it was from Ghazi.

"Hey how are you? haa a6le8aaw 9araa7ech mn il hospital wela no?:P"

"Yes, and i've been living in uncle's home!;p" I replied.

"OH, it's my cousin Ghazi" I answered Mishary's question.

"Ay Ghazi?" Mishary asked.

"Weld khalti '9eyah!" I said.

"OHhh, Ghazi Al-S? ya7laiila, shfeeh?" He asked, Could you stop with the investigation?!

"Ma feeh shay, bs esalim, he knows i was bil hospital." I said.

"Inshallah ma et7aqeq weyaha y3ni!?" Waleed said.

"Shfeek, mu e7na 7esbat ekhwanha? we should ask questions like that!" He said.

"La khal ilbnt 3la ra7at'ha!" Waleed said.

"Thank you, waleedan!" I said.

Waleed laughed and Mishary gave me a look.
I gave him a look back.


We parked next to this large white villa.

"Wow,mashallah, that's a nice house!" I pointed out.

"Yeah, mashallah!" Waleed said as we got out of his car.

We got into the house, and i was getting really nervous and shy.

"Shfeech chithi, emshay 3dl, w put a smile on that pretty face!" Mishary said as we entered the house.

"What's wrong with mashyetyy?!" I asked.

"Ma feeha shay!" Waleed said. "Ma 3laiich mina!" He continued.

We walked into the living room, it was really big, and the roof was pretty high with Chandeliers hanging from it

We walked in the livingroom and a lot of people were there.
All generations.
Old people, to Mid thirties, to Tweenies & teengers and to kids!

It was crowded, and i wanted to hide.

"Emshaay!" Mishary said and pulled me in with them.

i was really nervous, my heart was beating so fast, and my palms were sweating like crazy!

"Khaltii laila shlounich shakhbrich? Hathy Dayouma, bnt 3amity" He said, and put his hand on my back to push me to her 3shan asalim.

"ilsalam khalti" I said and kissed her cheeks.

"wa3alaykum ilsalam, halla walla bnaytii, shlounich?" She said.

"il7emdellah bkhaiir, entay shlounich?" I said.

"Wallah tmam il7emdellah, 7ayyaach allah 7beebtii" She said.

"Allah e7ayeech." I said and greeted everybody, one by one.

I think i missed a few people that i havent greeted.

I got seated next to Mishary and Waleed.
It was so awkward.
I felt like an outcast.
Everyone was staring at me.

"Hey, how old are you?" A girl said as she approached me.

"Hey, I'm 19." I said.

"Cool i'm 21, and my name is Farah." She said.

"Hi farah, nice to meet you!" I said and smiled.

"Come sit with us girls bil other living room." She said.

Farah is Aunt laila's daughter.
She was pretty, and short.
very petite.
Unlike me.

"Okay." I said and followed her.

We entered the other room and there were 4 other girls, i sat with them and got to know eachother more,The girls were;
Ghalia & Dalia, 19, they're twins. and they are Farah's cousins.
Lolwa, 20. Also, farah's cousin.
Nada, 25, and she's Farah's older sister.

It was really fun, talking to them, we laughed and talked about a lot of things, from embarrassing moments to fashion and movies.

*Knock Knock*
"Yalla banat, 7a6aw il3asha." Mishary said and left the room.

"Waaiii, he's sooo cute!!" Lolwa pointed out.

"Yeah, but you need to stop crushing on him!" Nada said.

"I can't, he's too cute, and his attitude is hot!" Lolwa drooled.

"He's not that cute!" Dalia said.

"Yeah, i agree with dalouy!" Ghalia said.

"I think he's alright!" I said.

For some reason, i felt jealous. :/

"Well back off ladies, he's mine!" Lolwa said.

"No one is crushing over him, bs entaai, ma7ad needs to back off!" Farah said.

"Well, i was just saying, waay Dayouma you are soo lucky to live with them!" Lolwa said.

"Lucky? I dont think so." I said.

How can i be lucky?
im only living with them because my parents are leaving Kuwait!:(

"Why not? He's soo cool, i bet it's really fun!" lolwa said.

"It is fun, but i dont consider myself lucky, specially because my parents are leaving me here!" I said.

"Yeah, that sucks!" She said.

We all got up and went to the dining room.
The dining room was really long, it's long enough that the table fits 20 people.

"Dayouma, ta3alaay here!" Waleed said as soon as we entered. "I saved you a chair next to me 3shan ashoufich takleen 3dl!" He continued.

"Thanks!" I said and got myself seated next to him.

I was getting really nervous when i noticed those piercing eyes of a guy sitting infront of me.
I raised my eyes to see him,His face was familiar, He had the most amazing eyes ever, their shape was perfect, and his eyebrows are perfect too!
He had really dark hair, and he had a goatee, he was really attractive.

"Who's the guy sitting infront of me?" I whispred to Waleed.

"That's Jara7, weld khaltii laila." He said.

I also saw the handsom doctor, and i found out he was Aunt's Laila's son as well, No wonder the piercing guy, a.k.a Jara7's face was familiar, he kind of looked like the handsome doctor.

Dinner was amazing, and i felt really welcomed from their family, they were all soo sweet.

Monday 30th of August
Waleed's car

We were on our way home back.

"Ha Dayouma, 3sa estanastay?" Waleed asked.

"Ee il7emdellah, they're really sweet!" I said.

"Yeah, i told you!" He said.

"How were the girls, did you like them?" Mishary asked.

"They're cool!" I said.

"Mnu akthar wa7da you liked?" He asked.

"Madrii.." I said and let out a nervous laugh, sh'haal so2al?

"Lolwoo malee8a 9aa7? i think Farah is the coolest out of them!" He said.

"La 7aram, lolwa ma feeha shay!" I said.

"Wai3, qatheetha, w wayed etelazag!" He said.

YEAH, it's because she has a crush on you, idiot!

"Madri wallah." I said.

"Mishary al7een beyeek kaf 3la wayhik etha ma sekat!" Waleed said.

"Shtabii!?" Mishary said.

"Waaii, 7aannnaa besmellah 3laik, khalaa9!" Waleed said.

"Inzain, uff!" He said and sat quiet the rest of the ride.

We arrived home and i went and sat in the livingroom with Uncle Hisham, Mishary and Waleed.

we were watching tv and talking about the 3azeema when i jumped to my phone ringing.
It was mom.
I picked it up.

"Aloo halla mama." I said and left the livingroom.

"Halla 7beebtii, shlounich?" she said.

"il7emdellah fine,You shlounich? w shloun baba?" I asked.

"Bkhair il7emdellah, oboch wayed a7san il7emdellah, w i just wanted to tell you that this wed. we're going to america!" She said.

"That's too soon mom!" I cried.

"We have to go as soon as we can!" She said.

"Inzain, did they release baba mn il hospital?" I asked.

"No, not yet, bs bacher they'll release him at 5PM!" She said.

"Ohh.." I said.

''It's alright sweetie, looks like you're having fun with your uncle and his family." She said.

"Yeah, but i dont know.." I said.
I felt like crying, cos now it really hit me, they're actually leaving in two days!

"Its okay sweetie, everything will be fine." She said.

"enshallah." I said.

"Yalla 7beebtii ana banam, salmay 3la khalich w 3yala" She said.

"Okay, allah esalmich, faman ellaah!" I said and closed the line.

I walked back to the livingroom after the phonecall with teary eyes.

"Bnaaytiii shfeech!? mnu kan 3al telephone?!" Uncle asked as soon as he saw me.

"Mom." I said.

"Shfeeha!?" He asked.

"Nothing, she just called to tell me they booked a ticket to USA, and they're leaving this wed.!" I said.

"Awwh, bnaytii its okay!" He said as he approached me and gave me a hug.
I hugged him back.

"Dayouma, think about it this way, they're going away, bs oboch will get better! inshallah!" Waleed said, trying to make things better.

"Yeah, i guess!" I said as i got seated.

"Dayouma la et'9aygeen khelgich, you'll have fun here w hatha chena baiitich! you're not a guest!" Waleed said.

"Enshallah, thanks!" I said.

"I've got an idea! Bacher i'll make a farewell dinner, shraykum?" Uncle suggested.

"YESS!!" I said. "I really would love to spend time with them!" I said.

"Khosh fekra yuba!" Waleed said.

Mishary didn't talk, he just sat and listened to us.

"Khala9 khosh, bacher ana ra7 a6lib a buffet w asawee khosh dinner inshallah, tell you mom!" uncle said.

"Enshallah, i'll tell her bacher il9b7 inshallah" I said with a big smile on my face. "Thanks khalii, you're the best!" I said and kissed his cheeks!

"7ayach babatii, hatha wajeb!" He said, "Yala ana barou7 anam now, te9be7oun 3la khaiir!" He said and left the livingroom.

2 hours passed while me, Mishary and Waleedan watching tv and talking.

"Ana gemt a6eg rous, i'm going to bed, te9b7oun 3la khair." Waleed said and went upstairs to his room.

I looked at Mishary.
He was watching tv, he barely even knows im in the same room.

"uhh,, mishary?" I said.

"Hala..?" He said and looked at me.

"Why don't you like lolwa? really?" I said.

"Haa..? cos 7adha lazgaa wallah! etnarfez!" He said.

"7araam, she seems nice." I said.

"laa ya m3awda ay nice, ma t3arfeenha, she's annoying!" He said.

"Hmm, madri, i liked her!" I said.

"I like Farou7a, she's sweet and fun, w mu lazga!" He said.

"Yeah, she's sweet!" I said.

"Why are you asking?!" He said.

"I just wanted to know." I replied.

"7ashaat feeni?" He asked.

Should i tell him that she ahs a crush on him?

"No..She did say she thinks you're cute!" I said, "But so did the other girls!" I continued.

"9ij?" He said.

"Yeah, they all said you're cute, bs the twins thought you're alright." I said.

"Ohh, and what did you say?" He asked.

"Nothing, i didnt give them my opinion." I said.

"Hmm, so they think im cute huh?" He said and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah." I said.

"Even farou7a?" He asked.

"Yes, do you have a thing for farou7a?" I said with an evil grin.

"Naah, 7da shku, bs ehya w7da thuweeqa, fa rayha ehemni!" He said.

"Yes, even frou7a!" I answered.

"Cool!" He said and smiled.

I suddenly felt jealous again, i wanted to bring up a boy so i can see if he gets jealous.

"I think Jaraa7 is cute, no, actuallu i think he's attractive!" I said and giggled.

"Jara7oo!? mn 9ijich!?" He said.

"Yeah, why?" I said.

Do i sense some jealousy in the air?

"La, 9adgeeni the last person you want to like is Jara7!" He said.

"Haw, laiiish!?" I said.

"He's not the type to be committed to a relationship, meaning, he's a player, he loves to jump from girl to girl!" He said.

"W ana shku feeh!?" I said.

"Im just saying!" He said.

"I only said he's cute, ma gelt aby atzaweja!" I said.

"Inzain, t3alay 6egeeni ba3ad, i was just warning you!" He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Okayy." He said.

"inzaiin." I said.

"Inzain." He said.

"Nel3ab?" I said.

"Nel3ab?" He repeated.

"YAAAH!?" I said.

''YAAAH!" He said

"Ohhh!" i said and got up. I was irritated.

"Ohhh!" He said and laughed.

"Waiii3 Misharyy, waiii3!" I said.

"Wallah etwanseen!" He said, still laughing.

"Mlee8! barou7 darii!" I said.

"Faman allaah!" He said.

I left the livingroom and went up to my bedroom.

Tuesday 31th of August

I was asleep when i jumped to my phone vibrating.

It was D.

"DAYOUM ya kalba, i hate you!" She said.

"Whaat?" I said, in my sleepy voice.

"You totally forgot i exsist!" She said.

"Noo!! never, i was just busy and trying to adopt to all of this!" I said.

"awwh, 7yatii okay, you know i didnt mean what i just said." She said.

"I know!" I said.

"so what's new?" she said.

"Well let's see, I'm related to a cute doctor, i love living with my uncle, Khaled called me the night of my hospital release at the same night, i kind of broke up with Yousef, and i think....i think...i have a thing for Mishary!" I said. I spilled everything out.

"OH WOW! slow down!" she said.

"Okay." I said.

"You and yousef!??? OMG!! WHY!!?" She said.

"Because i'm soo sick of him believing everything Haya says, and he's being shway selfish too!" I said.

"Oh god, Not haya again!" She said.

"I know, it's a long story, but he sent me a message saying he wants to sort things out, but i igored him. mali khelgla!" I said.

"Oh wow, who could've thought you'd say this to yousef." she said,

"I know, right!" I said.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, im fine!" I said.

"and Mishary? seriously? you guys couldn't stand each other gbl!" She said.

"I knoww, h'e still the same old Mishary, but madri, a7es i can be myself around him, he's really funny!" I said.

"Hmm, i dont know! any plans today?!" She asked.

"Yes, Khali is throwing a Farewell dinner 7g dad and mom!" I said.

"Awwh that's soo sweet!" She said.

"Yeah, i wish you could come, i miss you!" I said.

"La! i dont want to come 7daa fashlaa!" She said.

"Noo 3adii!" I said.

"No noo, it's okay i'll see you after tomorrow!" She said.

"Inshallah, i love you!" I said.

"love you too, ana barou7 now bait yadity 3han bezourounha 7areem w barou7 aqadem 3eshtaw, i'll talk to you later." She said and closed the line.

I looked at the phone and saw 2 text messages.
One from Yousef, and one from Ghazi.

Yousef's; "Tell me when you want to sort things out, dont run away from it!"

Ghazi's; "Dayouma, shloun your friend Dana? ya7lailha minziman 3anha."

That's weird, Does Ghazi Like Dana?
I replied to his message; ''She's good, thanks for asking.. :]"

I replied to Yousef's message, "We can sort things out tomorrow!"

I sent a message to D, "Looks like someone has a thing for you;)"

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I heard my phone beep twice, meaning two text messages.

I was brushing my teeth and washing my face.

I got out of the bathroom and saw Mishary holding my phone and gave me a cold stare.

"Besmellah! What r u doing?" I said.

"Nothing." He said.

"Shky masik my mobile?" I said.

"Who's 'american sweetheart' ?" He asked.

"What!?" I said, i felt my heart stopped beating.

"Who is he??" He asked again.

"Give me my phone!" I said.

"You see, i dont like to repeat myself, WHO IS HE!?" He yelled.


"Mabi, tell me who he is awal!" He said.

"He's nobody!" I said.

"Sweetheart? w nobody? shloun?" He said.

"He used to be somebody, now can i have it!?" I said.

"Yes.." He said and threw my phone on the bed and left the room.

I felt soo hot, even though i was wearing short shorts and a tshirt.

I sat on the bed.
I was soo mad, no, no, i was soo furious!!!
He had no right whatsoever to check my phone!!!
I felt like fighting with him! but it was too early in the morning and i was more concerned about the Farewell Dinner, so i decided to put it on the side, for the sake of the dinner.

I checked my new messages, one from D, and one from Ghazi.
D's; "OMG!! WHO!? :O;$"
Ghazi; "Salmay 3laiha wayed."

I was replying to D's message when someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

- S™

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Part FortyFour;; "Is there a chance, A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?"

Because i'm so cool, awesome and all that, and because i love you guys, this post is going to be longer than the usual posts!;* yay!

This is a new thing i'm going to try,I will post the highlights of each part at the begining of the post, let me know if you like the idea, and should i keep using it? ;)

Highlights of this post:
*Khaled walks back into my life.
*A SERIOUS Fight with Yousef.
*Getting to know uncle Hisham's family more.
*A shocking fact about GHAZI.
*The pain in the ass; Mishary.


Monday 29th of August

"No who is this?" I asked.

"It's me! Khaled!" He said.

My eyes suddenly were wide open!

"Na3am!?" I said.

"La bs 7bait adig at6aman 3laich!" He said.

"Ok,bye!" I said.

"la7tha la7thaa...!" He said.

uhh...what could he possibly want to say?!

"Yes..?" I said.

"a7ebich!" He said.

"EWW! BYE!" I said and closed the phone.

I was grossed out.
ugh, shyabee!!

Just when rested my head back on the pillow.
My phone rings again.

ughh, if it's khaled, I'M GONNA KILL HIM! i thought.

I looked at the screen, "USA Sweetheart;*" Oh it was Yousef.

"Aloo!" I answered.

"Aloo hala Dayouma!" He said, in a very formal and strict way.

"Shfeek?" I said.

"Are you seeing someone?!" He asked. His tone was very harsh.

"Na3am?" I said. I thought i probably didn't hear well, cos i was a bit sleepy.

"Raj2an Dayouma, answer me, are you? or are you not seeing someone?!" He asked, again, a very very harsh tone.
My heart ached.

"Yousef, rdaina 3la hal salfa..!?" I said.

"Please! just answer me!" He said.

"Who fed you lies this time, Haya again perhaps!?" I said. My tone became as harsh as his.
I was getting furious.

"Enzain ya3ni laish ma tgouleen ee wela la2 w tray7eeeni!?" He said. More like yelled.

"Please Yousef, dont talk to me that way!" I said.

"I'm sorry, just answer me!" He said.

"No i'm not!" I said.

"Then who's the guy that you were laughing with the other night at the cinema?!" He asked.

That's weird.
How did he know!? :/
How did anyone know!?


"That's Ghazi, My second cousin." I said.

"W min meta gemna ne6la3 m3a cousins brou7na!?" He asked.

"It wasn't suppose to be that way, Fajoura his sister kanat eb teyee, bs she had a party!" I said.

"You could've cancelled!" He said.

"I didn't know she had a party! Ghazi didn't tell me!" I said.

"Looks like Ghazi has a thing for you then!" He said.

"Shkuu!? He's my second cousin, He's very friendly, suddenly that's a crime!?" I said.

I was actually defending Ghazi!!
I surprised myself.

"No it's not....No it's not!" He said. His voice got lower, and softer.

"Yousef..?" I whispered.

"Hala...?" He said.

"Mnu galik?" I asked.

"Mnu ya3ni, Hayou!" He said.

"Hal bnt ma tmil mn suwalifha!" I said.

"Apparently not!" He said.

"Khaled probably told her!" I said.

"How do you know?" I said.

"Because that night I saw khaled at the cinema, and he saw me with Ghazi, HE also followed me to my house, if it wasn't for Ghazi, i don't know what could've happned, Ghazi is actually a very decent guy." I said.

"Khaled hatha il [beep!]" He yelled. His voice got higher.

"Yousef, don't use that word when you're talking to me please!" I said.

"Sorryy, bs narfaaznii, bathba7a!" He said.

"Ma 3laik mina." I said.

"Mn meta ma dag 3laich?" He asked.

I decided not to tell him about the phonecall that happened 10 seconds before he called.

"I can't remember, it's been a while." I lied. A white lie.

"Zain ashwa, why do you have to be so beautiful?" He said.

"Ehh, Excuse me?" I blushed.

"You're so insanely beautiful, it's hard for anyone not to like you, or want you!" He said.

"Yousef, oshh!" I giggled.

"Mn 9iji wallah, besmellah 3laich, 3sa allah e7afthich." He said.

"Thanks 7yatii" I said.

"il3afu sweetie, Shkubra Ghazi?" He asked.

"He's 24" I said.

"Ohh, ya3ni kbeer, Are you sure he doesn't like you?" He said.

"No im not sure!" I said.

"How come..?!" He asked.

"Well, he has my number, and one night, the night we went out, he called me later at night, because we both couldn't sleep!" I said.

"NA3AAM!!!!?" He yelled. The harsh tone was back.

Opps, wasn't i suppose to tell..? :/

"I said ena he called me w--" I stopped.

"I know i know, i heard what you said!" He interrupted me. "Bs dayouma 7beebtii, ya3ni don't you know ena what you did is wrong?" He said.

"No, it's not wrong, it was a normal phonecall!" I said.

"Laaa? ok ok, what time was the phonecall?" He asked.

"Ummm..Around 2am i think." I said.

"7elow! w etgouleeli a normal phonecall haa? etge9een 3la mnu?!" He said.

"Yousef, 6awel balik, tra walla it was a normal phonecall, the only difference that it was really late!" I said.

"La it's not a normal phonecall dayouma and you know it!!!" He Yelled.

"Dont yell.." I said in a quiet voice.

"Shnu dont yell!! you're talking to 'your second cousin' at 2 in the morning and you expect me to CALM DOWN!?" He said, his voice slowly started rising.

"Yes, i expect you to calm down, because i'm telling you, it was a NORMAL phonecall!! Why is it so hard to believe!?" I said.

"Well sweetie, because, you're so called cousin didn't cancel the plans even though his sister didn't come,He then calls you at the very same day of the hangout, LATE AT NIGHT! w you want me to believe it was nothing but a normal phonecall!?" He said.

"Why don't you believe me!? would i lie to you!?" I said.

"I don't know that anymore! Since i've been to USA, have you ever texted me? have you ever called me!? You didn't even send an email or something! I just feel like you don't love me anymore!" He said.

My heart s h a t t e r e d t o p i e c e s.


"Yousef, are you listening to what you're saying?" I said. Very quietly.
A single tear was hanging on the tip of my eye.

"YES, i finally said it, i just feel that way, because you don't show that you still care!" He said.

"Yousef, i care about you, a lot, and i just realised you have no clue whatsoever of how i feel about you and what you mean to me, i'm actually shocked!" I said.

"I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but you truely dont show it anymore!" He said.

"Yousef, let me tell you why i dont call or text, it's because i've never had a relationship before, and i'm trying my hardest to be the best lover here, and i've never talked to a guy before, and you know that! so how do expect me to handle a long-distance relationship!?" I snapped.

"I...--" He said. His tongue got tied.

"Yeah, you're what!?" I asked. My voice was very shakey.

"I--... I don't know. i honestly dont know what to say!" He said.

I took a very deep breath.
"Newsflash yousef, YOU JUST BROKE MY HEART!" I said and closed the phone.

I divereted all calls to switched off.
And cried my eyes out.

Monday 29th of August



"Dayouma 7beebtii goumay!" Mom said.

"Dayouma..--" She said and placed her hand on the pillow.

"Haaaa!..." I said. I felt dead.
My body was so tired. it ached, badly.

"dayouma 7beebtii, shfeeech kentay tabcheeeen!?" She said.

Are my eyes red and puffy!?
I wondered.

"How did you know?!" I said.

"Your pillow is wet 7beebtii shfeeech!? What's wrong?" She said.

"Nothing mama, i just felt like crying, i'm ok!" I said and faked a smile.
I'm being good at this, faking.

Faking that it's alright that i'll be parentless for god knows how long.
Faking the fact that my one and only love turned out to be..a LIE? :/
Faking that everything is going to be fine after My parents leave and after a half-break up with Yousef?
Faking that i'm happy to live with my uncle and his family?
Faking that my life is going to be sooo wonderful!
Pretending i'm happy, when inside i'm actually...BROKEN!
It's extremely exhausting!

"7yatii, are you sure you're okay?" She said.

"Yes mom, i'm just worried about dad, that's all!" I said.

"Ba3ad 3umrii entaii." She said and hugged me.

The Doctor came in and interrupted us.

"Good morning!" He said with a GORGEOUS smile.

"Good morning!" Me and mom replied.

"How are you today Deema!?" He asked.

"I'm fine il7emdellah." I said.

"Good, i'm just here to tell you make you sign your release papers, and you're off to go!" He said.

"Ohh, thank god!" I said.

Mom signed the papers for me.
I got dressed into my casual outfit, even though the hospital clothes were really comfortable and breezy!

Monday 29th of August

I was ready to see dad after the accident.
I was walking with my mom to his room.
for some reason i was scared to see how he looks, i don't need any other reason to be more depressed than i already am.

We entered dad's room.

"Ilsalam w 3laaykum baba!" I said as soon as i walked in.

"Hala eb bnaytii 7beebtii!" He said with a huge smile across his face.

"Baba 7yatiii,Salamaaat!" I said and kissed his forehead.
I was aiming for a hug, but i couldnt.
With all the wires attached to him.
It was pretty awful.

"Allah esalmich, shlounich babatii!?" He said.

"I'm fine as long as you are!" I said.

"il7emdellah ana bkhair w 9e7a w 3afyah." He said.

"il7emdellah!" I said and smiled.
It wasn't a fake smile this time.

I sat with my mom and dad until 6PM when mom called uncle Hisham to come and pick me up from the hospital.

"Khaalich is on his way here, ra7 yakhthich baitna, takhtheen all the stuff you need from there 3shan you to their house!" She said.

"What?! mn al7een?!" I asked.

"Ee 7beebti, 3shan tet3awedain, w abi gbl la asafer ashouf enich merta7a ma3ahum, l2ana galbi mara7 e6awe3ni etha khlaiitich mni w entay mu merta7a." She explained.

"Ohh, okay inshallah, it's okay, don't worry about me, i'll take care of myself." I said.

"I know you will, bnaytii w a3arefich!" She said and kissed me.

"I have to take all the stuff i need from our house tonight!?" I said.

"Yes, bs it's okay, i'll leave an extra key for you m3a khalich in case you needed anything." She said.

"Ohh okay, 3yal mani makhtha everything tonight!" I said.

"3la ra7tich 7beebtii!" She said.

"Come in.." Dad said.

And he walked in, a tall white man.
It was khali Hisham.

We welcomed him.

"Ha dayouma are you ready, meshaiina..?" He said.

"Sure, let's go." I said.

I kissed both my mom and dad's forehead and left with my uncle.

All the way to the car i felt like i was fading.
I somehow felt leftout.
We got into My uncle's black Land cruiser and headed to my home.

Monday 29th of August
Outside my house

"Yalla, go get your stuff kiddo, i'll wait here! and don't worry, take your time!" He said and smiles.

He's really sweet.

"Inshallah." I said and smiled back.

I got out of the car and went into my house.

I felt this blood rush under my skin when i first entered the house.
I don't know why i felt that way.
My face was getting warmer, and my palms were sweating.

I took out a travelling bag and loaded it with my clothes.
I still have tons of more clothes in my closet.
But i decided to take only some for now.
I put in my pillow and my stuffed puppy.
I know i'm 19, and almost out of the teenage hood, but i cant let go of the stuffed animal, sue me?

Got everything in the bag and headed downstaris.

The bag slipped from me while i was going downstairs,and my bag was flying down the stairs.

Oh shit.
This is exactly how my life will head soon, downhill. I thought.

I quickly ran downstairs and picked up the bag and headed to the exit door.
I took a look at my house before leaving.
I made sure all the electricity were turned off.
I got out of the house and locked it.

My uncle came rushing out of his car to help me with my bag.

"Thanks khalii, it's okay i can pick it up!" I said.

"La ya m3awda, entai banouta w eedich maksoura, ma tegdereen, hatha sheqelna!" He insisted.

"Okay, mashkour khalli!" I said.

We got into the car after putting the bag in the truck and headed to Al'9a7yah, where my uncle's residence.

The closer we got to the house, the hotter i felt, the more my hand sweat.
I was cracking my knuckles and my uncle realised i'm getting really nervous.

"You're gonna love it in our house, i promise you, everyone is thrilled to have you, they're all waiting for you in the house." He said. Trying to make me feel better.

"Really?" I said. I glipse of happiness came across my heart.

"ee 7beebtii, really!" He said and smiled.

I smiled back.

"Khalii..?" I said.

"2amray..?" He said.

"Ma yamer 3laik 3du, bs can i go back home tomorrow to bring my car?" I said.

"ee akeed! Akhalii Waleed aw Mishary yakhthich ilbait!" He said.

"Laish, wain Valenko?" I asked.
Valeko is their driver.
No wait, their insanely crazy reckless driver.

"Baiih dayouma, Khubrich 3ateej, minzeman ra7!" He said.

"9ij? why?" I said.

"The real question is why not!? Don't you remember how bad he was at driving?" He said.

"I do, i do!" I said and giggled.

"Ee, fa bs mlaiit mn hal 7ala, kil ma ye6le3oun m3ah 3yalii ag3ad a7atee, shallaah 7adni, khala9 ba3ad Mishary esmellah 3laiih rayal w he doesnt need a driver w Janouya ana awadeeha w ayeebham aw marrat ekhwanha." He said.

"Oh, that's cool!" I said.

We entered al'9a7ya area.
I was getting scared a bit.

Monday 29th of August
Uncle's home

We enetered the house.
Their house was fabulous.
The walls, the spaces, the colors, the decor!
And it was big too, mashallah.
The entery was at this two large living room that were connected, the ones you usually use for occasions.

"Ya 3yaaal yalaa ta3alaaaw!" Uncle Hishan yelled, calling his children.

"etfa'9alaay 7ayaach ilbaiit baiitich!" Uncle said, when he noticed i was shy and standing next to the door.

"Thanks!" I said and walked behind him.

He led me to the living room.

I got seated on these comfy couches and my uncle sat next to me.

"Don't worry, it's gonna be wonderful here!" He said and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Enshallah!" I said and smiled.

A cute little girl with long black hair and big wide eyes entered the room.
she was flawless, mashallah.

"Hii baba!" She said as she entered the room.

"Halla eb Janouytii!" He said and hugged her.

"Jana, this is Deema, she's gonna be like your big sister, she's gonna live with us for a while." He said.

"Hii Deema!" She said.

"Hii..!" I said and smiled.

"Wain ekhwanich?" Uncle asked.

"Waleed is coming now, w Mishary is out!" she said.

"Wlaiin, hal 9baay madri meta eb yesma3 ilkalam!" He said and stood up. "Excuse me deema, barou7 ashouf il9bay waina laish lail7een ma rad!" He said.

"Okay!" I said.

Janouya sat in the couch infront of me.

"How old are?" I said and smiled.

"I'm 10, you?" She said.

"I'm 19." I said.

"Laish bet3eesheen 3ndena?" She asked.

uhh..I didn't know what to say.

"l2ana.." I said and stopped when i saw this very, very...wait did i say VERY? i mean VERY TALL guy entering the living room.

"ilsalaam" He said as he got himself seated next to janouya and kissed her head.

"Wa3alaykum ilsalam!" I said.

I know i told you guys i love uncle Hisham, i do really, but i was never that close to any of his children, they were never there etha kan fii 3azeema, or yam3a eb bait yadity.
The only time i get to see them are in Eid and such occasions.
But i see uncle Hisham a lot more than i see them.

"Deema shlounich!?" He said.

"Il7emdellah zaina, enta shlounik?" I said.
I knew it was waleed from the scar he has on his left eyebrow.
but he got sooo much taller and cuter.
He wasn't hot, noe handsome, but he sure was a cutie pie.

"Ana bkhaiir, 3arafteeni?" He said and smiled.

"Yeah, shda3wa, waleedan!" I said.

"Ohh ba3ad waleedan! ashouf 6a7at ilmeyana ebser3a!" He joked.

I let out a nervous laugh.

"I'm kidding shfeech, relaax, i'm never too serious!" He said and smiled.

"Okay, good!" I said and smiled back.

Uncle walked back into the living room.

"Kahu, Mishary is on his way here, sorryy deeema!" He said.

"Sorry 3la what?" I asked.

"Ena Mishary wasn't here to welcome you!" He said.
I can't get over how sweet he is.

"It's okay, khalii, shda3wa!" I said and smiled.

"Ok, oh i see you met waleed already!" He said and got seated next to me.

"Yeaah" I said.

"Salamaat deema, ma tshoufeen shar!" Waleed said.

"ilshar ma eyeek, Mashkour!" I said.

Because i was so nervous, i almost forget i have a broken arm, and a broken heart.
But the cast was very annoying, it was hard to forget completely.

"w Shloun 3amii? i heard he needs a heart transplant?" He asked.

"il7emdellah he's a7san mn awal, but yeah, he needs a heart transplant, that's why he's going to USA." I said.

"Wallah ma yestaahil,Allah eshaafeeh w erid bilsalama inshallah!" He said.

"Allah esalmik, mashkour ma tga9er." I said.

I heard the door closed.

"Kaa, sharaaf ilwalaad!" Uncle said as soon as Mishary walked in the livingroom.

Mishary was very careless.
And it shows from his appearance.

He had a brown shaggy hair, a dirty beard and sweatpants on with a polo shirt.

"ilsalam w 3laikum" He said.

"Wa3a laykum ilsalam." we all replied.

"7ayyallah Deema!" He said and got seated.

"Allah e7ayeek." I said.

"Baiih ma athker mita akher mara sheftich, it was probably in Eid and we were fighting!" He said.

Oh good, he remembers.

"Hehe, yeah, probably" I said.

"Salamaat Bnaya! ashwa wayhech ma 9ar feeh shay!" He said.

Wayhich ma 9ar feeh shay? shnu y3ni?

"Allah esalmik, e il7emdellah." I said.

"La wallah kaa fii a small scar 3la your forehead, or is that old?" He said, as he got closer to my face.

"ohh, it's from the accident!" I said and covered it with my hand.

"La tkhaafeen, it doesnt look bad!" He said.

"Okaay!" I said.

"Dayouma, Are you hungry? I asked Marlyn to cook you a special dinner, just for you!" Uncle said.

"Yes,thank you, im starving!" I said.

"Me too!" Mishary said.

"Haa? ent mnu 7achaak? i was asking ilbnaya!" Uncle hisham said.

"Ha? w ana mu weldik? you3ana yuba wallah!" He said.

"ent mu tawek rad mn 3asha!?" Waleed asked.

"Laa ay 3asha knt bilshalaiih!" He said.

"Okay, i'll let Marlyn prepaire dinner 3al 6awla for anyone who's hungry." He said and picked the intercom.
"HELLO MARLYN, PREPAIRE DINNER!" He said and closed the intercom.

"7ayach allah deema w ilbaiit baiitich, dont feel like a guest!" Waleed said with a smile before excusing himself to go to his room and Janouya followed.

"Allah e7ayeek, thanks!" I replied.

"Yalla 7ta ana barou7 a7i6 rasi w anam, i'm really tired, o waray ga3da mn il9b7, Mishary sh3endik bacher?" Uncle asked.

"Madrii, laiish?!" He asked.

"3shan etwadee dayouma her house takhith sayarat'ha!" He said.

"ee mashii, khala9 ana awadeeha!" He said.

"Okay, w show dayouma her room after dinner!" Uncle said. "W la tla3wezha wayed, mashii?" He continued.

He knows his son too well.

"Inshallah" Mishary said.

"Okay, goodnight both of you!" He said.

"Goodnight" we both replied.

"W thanks khaliii! I appreciate everything you're doing!" I said and kissed him.

"Il3afu bnaytii, ana 7esbat ilwalid allah e6awel eb 3umra, la teste7een mini, ayshay tabeena la eredich illa ilsanich, ok babati?" He said.

He called me 'babati'.
Just like dad. :'(

I smiled. "Inshallah."

"Sir, dinner is ready!" Marlyn said to Mishary.

"Yalla, emshaay il6awla!" Mishary said.

"Okay" I said and followed him to the dining room.

The dining room was very neat, it was very classic, it had antiques and all.

We got seated and ate dinner.
The dinner was absolutely delicious, i had a piece of steak, fries, and a ceasar salad with diet coke to drink.

We ate our dinner while catching up on eachothers lives.
It was very sweet and interesting.

Monday 30th of August
Uncle's house

He was showing me the house after the mouth drooling dinner, we were walking passed the pool that is in the basement when all of the sudden he pushed me into the pool!!!

"AHHHHHH!!" I yelled.

He started laughing his ass off.

"MISHARYYY!!" I yelled.

"SHNU!!?" He said, acting all innocent.


"Well, it's fun, don't tell me you didn't enjoy it!" He said.

"I didn't enjoy it!" I said.

"Yes you did w shda3wa 3laich, kelha cast,i can take you bacher to the doctor to change it before we go and get your car!" He said.

"ok, Ugh, god, you're like the annoying brother i never had!" I said.

"Haha, Welcome home sister!" He said and winked.

I wanted to get out of the pool, when Mishary offered me his hand to pull me up.
Even though the ladder wasn't too far from me!
but i had a genuise evil idea.

I held his hand and just before he wanted to pull me out, i pulled him in!

"AHHH!" He yelled.

"Hahaha, now i'm enjoying it!" I said.


"Get used to it!" I said and swam to the ladder.
He followed.

I got out of the pool, with my jeans soaking wet and my tshirt was pale pink, which was almost see-through!!

"WHERE IS MY ROOM?!" I asked, quickly, trying to cover my upper body.

"Besmellah shfeech, emshay i'll walk you!" He said with a weird look on his face.

He didn't notice the almost see-through shirt, Thank God.

we used the elevator to go to the 2nd floor from the basement, where the bedrooms are.
The elevator door opened and we got out of it.
The elevator opens to a small livingroom and a long hall.

He led me to the end of the hall where there was a closed door at the end.

"W hathy your room!" He said as he opened the bedroom door.

I got in after him.

"Wow, that's sweet!" I said.

The room's color was peach and it had really nice wallpapers across the walls which made it look very elegant and modern.
The bed was a king size bed, and there is a bathroom inside the room.

"Yeah, it's the guest room!" He said.

"Oh, it's really nice." I said.

"Yeah it is." He said and took a look at his watch. "Oh it's getting late, i better leave you, waraach seba7a gbl la tnameen, w you're probably tired!" He said.

"Yeah, im dead tired, thank you Mishary, for everything!" I said.

"il3afuuu sis, Ma swaina shay!" He said with a smile after petting my head.
I'm not a dog!
but i thought that was sweet of him.
I smiled back, and we said goodnight and he went to his room, which was at the other end of the hall.

Oh did i mention?
The room has a desk with a Mac Computer on it and an HP Printer, the room was really pretty! oh and an LCD screen hanging on the wall facing the bed!
I think i'm gonna like it here, i thought.

I got in the bathroom to get cleaned up.
After a long warm shower, i dozzed off to sleep on this very compfy bed.
It was like floating on the clouds. Literally.

Monday 30th of August
Dining room

I went downstairs in my blue soccer balls Pajamas and a spongebob slippers and got into the dining room.

I saw Waleed, Janouya and Khali sitting in the table, eating breakfast.

"Good morning!" I said as i got myself seated.

"Goodmorning 7beebtii!" Khali said.

"Good morning dayouma, Cuute pajamas!" Waleed said.

"Thanks!" I said and blushed a little. it was embarrassing.
But i actually felt like i was at home.

"Good morning Dee!" Janouya said. "Can i call you Dee?" She said.

"Good morning janouya, yes ofcourse you can!" I said and smiled.

I ate some french toast with syrup and orange juice.
Uncle Hisham Stood up to leave the table.
"Dayouma, i left my phone number on the fridge, you can take it and call me if you need anything, ok? Yalla janouya emshay khal age6ich 3la 6ereejii." He said.

"Enshallah, thanks!" I said.

He left the dining room and Janouya followed.

"Wain betrou7 janouya?" I asked Waleed.

"Oboy Bege6ha bait khaltii, ilyoum ilyam3a there,hal yam3a et9eer twice a month!" He said.

"Ohh, cool!" I said and ate a piece of the french toast.

"You're going too!" He said.

"What?!" I said.
I choked on the orange juice.

"Shfeech!? You're going with us to ilyam3a, khalaa9 9ertay wa7da mina w feena, lazem eta3arefain 3la the side of my mother's family!" He said.

"Ohh, Laa waleed fashlaa!" I said.

"La yam3awda, 3adiii, they're soo sweet, you're gonna love them, and they know about you, so no worries!" He said

"Hmm, i guess, when are we going?" I asked.

"Around 5PM!" He said.

"Oh okay, well i'm going to get my car before that then." I said.

"Laish? me you and mishary are going together there in my car." He said.

"Oh okay, but i'll go and bring my car here anyways, i'll park it here just incase i ever need to go somewhere!" I said.

"Yeah sure, tbeeni awadeech?!" He offered.

"No, thanks, Mishary Bewadeeni!" I said.

"Oh okay, good!" He said.

Even though he finished his breakfast, he sat with me until i finished mine then he left to work.

I saved all of their numbers in my phone, just incase.

I was walking around the house, exploring when Mishary sneaks up behind me and scares the crap out of me!

"YUUMAAAA!!!" I jumped.

"You should have seen your face! PRICELESS!" He laughed.

"Yal maleee8!!!" I said and hit his shoulder.

"Ayy yal dafsha!" He said.

"Khara3tniii ya shgoul!" I said and placed my hand on my heart.

"esmella 3laich, wayed khawaafaa!" He said.

"No i'm not wayed khawafa, bs it's scary when someone sneaks up on you like that!" I explained myself.

"Inzain, yalla badlay hal funny pajamas and lets go get your car!" He said.

"Okay!" I said and went up to my room.

I got into comfortable grey sweatpants shorts from A&F and a red lacoste polo shirt and left my hair down, wore my shoes and went downstairs.

I saw Mishary laying on the couch like old men do when they're watching tv.

"Yalla, let's go!" I said.

"Yalla!" He said and got up and followed me to the door.

Monday 30th of August
Uncle's Garage

We got into Mishary's car, a Black Silverado Chevy and headed to the hospital first to change my cast, because Mishary kind of screwed it up from the pool yesterday.
The cast had a few cracks on it.

We reached the hospital and got out of the car.
We walked to the second floor where the handsome doctor's office.

Mishary knocked on the door.
"Tefathaal." He said, with his amazingly hot voice.
no shut up, i'm not crushing on him!

"Hallaaaa! halla wallaa Misharyy!" The doctor said as soon as he saw mishary enter the office.
They know each other? i thought.

"Halla feek yal 7abeeeb! shlounik? shakhbarik?" Mishary said.

I drifted away, thinking about the 3azeema today and what am i going to wear,when Mishary snapped me back into reality.

"Dayoum waiin we9aaltay!?" He said and poked me.

"no where!" I said, "You two know eachother?" I asked.

"ee, shfeech, Hatha jassoum weld khalti!" Mishary Said.

9ij ilkuwaiit e9gheera.
No wait, let me rephrase that, 9ij the whole world 9gheera!

"Ohhh, halla, tesharafnaa!" I said and smiled.

"Teslemeen, ilsharaf lii wallah ya ekht deema!" He said and smiled back.

"Yalla jassoun 3al saree3 khal ebadloun ilcast malha cos ams ilhabla 6abat feeha bilpool w nesat ena eedha maksoura!" He said.

OH NO, he did not just make me look like a total fool infront of the drop-dead-gorgeous doctor, who is by the way, RELATED to me!

"Chathaab!!" I snapped.

"Okay let's go to the other room." Dr.Jasim said and laughed.

We left the hospital and headed home after changing my cast.

Apparently he remembers where my house is, so i didn't have to show him, instead we were enjoying our ride listening to Majeed.

we were both singing,
"Ba3ad Ma 6awal Gheyabah, Eltegaina Doun Maw3id w A7la Shay Ena il7ekaya Kelaha 9edfa ib 9edfa!"

We reached my home and i got out of the car.
"Waiit waiit" Mishary said just when i was going to shut the door of his car.

"What..?" I said.

"Can you drive with a broken arm?!" He said.

"Yeah shda3wa, i can drive with one hand, plus i can bend my arm, it's okay, i'll be fine!" I said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, i'm ure, dony worry!" I said.

I went to our Garage to get into my car.
I opened the electric garage and got into My black Range rover and got out of the Garage, Mishary was still out there.

He opened his window.
"Yalla Emshay, i'll follow you, w estansaay, act like i'm a guy w aby a'9a6ich!" He joked.

"HAHA, eww!" I said.

"Eww eb 3ainich! yalla emshay bs, ma ten3a6ain wayh!" He laughed and shut his window.

I laughed and shut mine too.
Switched to 'D' and headed back to my second home.

Monday 30th of August
My second home

I was getting out the outfit that i'm going to wear for the 3azeeman when i heard a knock on the door.

"Menuu?" I asked.

"Ana Khalich!" He said.

"Tefathal" I said.

He opened the door and got in.

"Ha bentyy, tezahabtay?" He said.

"Almost, bs madrii shalbes!" I said.

"Waaiih lebsay ayshay, 3adii!" He said.

"La khali, fashla, it's the first time they see me, i have to give them a good first impression." I said.

"3la ra7tich 7beebtii, i'll call Waleed to help you out, he has a decent fashion sense!" He said.

"Okay, thanks!" I said.

I was going through my clothes in the closet, when i hear another knock on the door.

"Come in!" I said.

"Halla dayouma!" He said and got in.

"Halla waleedan!" I said.

"Ha egouloun you have a fashion emergency!?" He said.

"Kind of, i dont know what to wear for the 3azeema!" I said.

"Haha, ya7laiilich, 3adi lebsay ayshay!" He said.

"That's what your dad said, you guys are not helping, abyy i give them a good first impression!" I said.

"Ok ok, show me what you got!" He said and sat on my bed.

"Okay!" I said and got out a navy knee high dress with studded daimonds on the collar area. "This..?" I asked.

"Umm, it's cute, but it's too much for the 3azeema!" He said.

"Okay," I got out a black simple dress with a bow at the back. "How about this one?!" I said.

"Ohh, this one is really cuute!" He said.

"really?" I said.

"Yes, perfect!!" He said.

"Okay, thanks for the help!" I said.

"il3afu, whenever you have a fashion emergency, you know who to come to!" He said and winked.

"Yup, now i do!" I said and smiled.

"Yalla, ana barou7 abadil 3shan ma enta2akhar!" He said and left the room.

He was soo sweet.
Don't picture him in a sassy way, he's actually very manly, but he has a great fashion sense!

I wore the dress, wore a red hairbad w a small bow on the side and applied red lipstick and a little blush and mascara.
I wore my red flats and got out my Red Classic Chanel bag and i was ready to go.

Wow, with all this going on, i almost forget i have a phone, and a broken heart.

I looked at my phone and saw 2 misscalls and a text message.

2 misscalls from D.
And the text message was from Yousef. I read it, "We need to sort this out, we can't continue together in this situation!"

My heartache was back.
I felt a deep scar on my heart.
What does he mean sort this out?
and we cant continue!? :/

Suddenly the song "Almost lovers" by A Finze Frenzy came to my mind.

"Your fingertips across my skin
The palm trees swaying in the wind
You sang me Spanish lullabies
The sweetest sadness in your eyes
Clever trick

Well, I never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me
Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

We walked along a crowded street
You took my hand and danced with me
And when you left, you kissed my lips
You told me you would never, never forget These images

I cannot go to the ocean
I cannot drive the streets at night
I cannot wake up in the morning Without you on my mind
So you're gone and I'm haunted
And I bet you are just fine!
Did I make it that easy to walk right in and out of my life?"

I ignored his message and decided to enjoy this day.
I called mom.

"Aloo halla 7beebtii dayouma!" Mom said as soon as she picked up.

"Halla mama, shlounkum?" I asked.

"il7emdillah bkhaiir, entay shlounich m3a khalich w 3yala?" She asked.

"I'm good, it's actually a lot better than i thought!" I said.

"Zain ashwa il7emdellah 6amanteeni!" She said.

"Yuma..?" I said.

"Halla 7beebtii..?" She said.

"Ghareeba, Laish you didn't call me before i did?" I said.

"Oh, i just wanted to see if it was okay with you if we didn't talk on the phone for a while, you need to get used to it." She said.

"Oh yeah, okay!" I said.

I heard Waleed calling me.
"Dayouma khala9tay? yalla 3shan enrou7, obooy raa7! w e7na met2akhreen.."

"Mom ga3deen enadouuni i have to go, we're going to meet the other side of their family, their mothers'." I said.

"Ohh, thats nice, salmay" She said.

"Enshallah, you9al, love you, w salmay 3la obooy!" I said and closed the phone.

I got out of my room quickly and down stairs to see Mishary wearing a polo white shirt with black cargo shorts and Waleed wearing a dishdasha. they both looked handsome.

"Yaah yaah, sh'hal zaiiin!" Waleed said as soon as i walked down the stairs.

"Thaanks!" I said and blushed.

"Chenich flona 3la hal hairband!" Mishary pointed out.

"CHUB!" I said.

Mishary and Waleed laughed.

I took off the hairband, "Let's go!" I said.

"Lebsee iltaaj waayed a7laa a9lan, i was only kidding, shfeech a7eb a6afer ilawadim ana!" Mishary said.

"EEe 9a7, take it from me, you look cute with the hairband!" Waleed said.

"Thanks." I said.

We left the house and got into Waleed's Black Cayyene S and headed to bait khalat'hum Layla in Shamiyah.

In the car, Waleed was playing A9eel's CD and they were both singing.

"ee a7ebik w hatha 7athy illy enketab, w drbi illy amshee feeh w adrii bah ta3ab, ee a7ebik w enta fii 3younii sahaaar, w enta wes6 ilgalb 7arraat w qahaar"

I felt good for some reason, i actually felt that they are my brothers.
Akhaiih ya a9eeel!

I smiled and looked outsite the window.

"Hey, are you still alive back there!?" Waleed said when we stopped at a traffic light.

"Yes!" I said.

"Good, i thought you fell asleep or something." He said and laughed.

I laughed. "Laa shda3wa!" I said.

*BEEP* New Text message.

"Aahhhh, mnuuu?!" Mishary asked.

"Madrii, let me check.." I said.

I opened the new text message...

- S™