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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Part Seven; "I am torn to do what I have to!"

Saturday July 14th
My bedroom

"Deems..?" D said, "Deeems w 9umakh, goumay!!!" she yelled.

"HAAA shtabeeen?" i said.

"Goumay, ana mn el 10 ga3da,mlaiit!" she exclaimed.

"enzaaaiiin." i said and yawned.

"T3alay, what are you going to do 3n yousef now?" D asked.

"Madri Danoo, wallah madriii!" I said, "Kl ma athker elsalfa, galbi e3awernii." i continued.

"7beebtii, shoufay, Kalmay yousef blwam'9ou3, hear his side of the story, im pretty sure you'll feel better after that." She said.

"Okay, e9eer khair." i said.

Sat. July 14th
Dining room

Sitting me and D eating machbous deyay and marag bu6a6, we were soo hungry we totally finished our plates, not one piece of rice was left, haha, bl3afya 3laina. W the whole time we were talking about what i'll be doing and how im going to handle this situation.

Sat. July 14th
My room

I opened my Macbook, typed in my password, and msn was signing on...


I was searching for him, SPOTTED HIM, he was online but his status was 'away'

"Say hi!" D said.

"No, he's away, desperate much?" I said.

"Okay whatever!" she said.

Ring ring, i picked up my phone and it was "haya"

"Hii dayouma!" she said.

"Hey hayoun!" I said.

"He's online on msn, but his status is away,is he really away?" She asked.

"I don't know, i'm not talking to him.." I said.

"Oh, i don't know, i thought he might changed his status to away just so he could talk to you.." She said.

"Mee..?" i said, pretending like i don't know what she was talking about.

"Yeah, it looks like he likes you. Bs please la ta36eenah wayh wayid, cos as i told you ams i like him." she said.

"uhh...ok, i gotta go, i'll talk to you later, bye" I said and closed the line.

"shit shit shit shit!!!" i said. "WHAT!!?" D yelled!

"" i stuttered. "DEEMS, TELL MEE!!!" D said.

"Etgouli la ta36eenah wayh cos she likes him, w ma tabeeh he likes me!" i cried!

"na3am?! shtabii hathyy, ambaaay tqith!!!" D yelled, "Chan geltleeha he already likes me!!" she continued.

"La mabii" I said, "Khala9 kaifhum, i don't care anymore!!" i said, trying to lie to myself.

"You do care honey, kaifich, do what you feel is best!" D said and hugged me.

"Beep" Msn.

Yousef: Hii, shabka w ana madrii? :P

Me: Hi.

Yousef: Shlounich?

Me: Zaina, you?

ZAINA? YEAH RIGHT!!! who am i kidding!? :S

Yousef: Ana tmam. Ha waiin re7taay elyoum or betrou7een mukan?:P

Me: Ma re7t mukan, w i don't think ba6la3 elyoum.

Yousef: Aha, okay, Deema, feech shay?

Me: No.

Yousef: akeeed?

Me: Eeee.

Yousef: Okay, bs ana 7as enna feech shay.

Me: e7sasek mu eb ma7alah. ;p

Which actually was IN ma7alaaah!!! ;/

Yousef: Ada, khannii e7sasii.. :P

Me: Hehe, ee, shwaya.

Yousef: Haha :P

Me: Ana ba6la3 now, taamer 3la shay?

Yousef: Waiin, tawich mentay 6al3a?

Me: Ee mani 6al3a bs baf9il cos rfeejtii 3indi w fashal akhaleeha etjabilni w ana shabka.

Yousef: Ee 3adel, fashla, enzain salmay 3laiiha, ;p w have fun.

Me: Allah esalmik you9al, byee;p

I signed out.

D slapped me, "7maraa entay 7mara!!!?" She yelled.

I was still shocked from the slap i just got, "Shtabeeen!!!?" i slapped her back.

"Laish ma gelteeelah!!!?" She yelled.

"Madriii! i just felt like it's not the right time ok!!!?" i said.

"Not the right time?? then when is?" She asked.

"I don't know...!" i answered.



sugar said...

yalla part 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sourire said...

tell him tell him tell him.

Anonymous said...

Spill it out ;p

Charmbracelet said...

yea!!!! Tel him !!=p

dreamGIRL said...

Sugar: Okay, shway shway 3alay!(A)

Sourire: You'll see.. ;)

Anonymous: I will.

Charmbracelet: hehe, just waiit! ;p