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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Part Forty;; "Some people hide their every desire!"

Sunday 27th of August
Laila Cinema

We were watching the movie, and seriously to be honest i was soo nervous for some reason that i was totally not paying attention to the movie.

"Hahaha.." Ghazi laughed and turned at me.

I faked a laugh.

"Shfeech!??" Ghazi Asked.

"Ma feeni shay" I said turning to him.

"Akeed? Shaklich mu merta7aa..?" He said.

"La, yetrawalik, i'm fine" I said and smiled.


"Zain ashwa,cos you do know i didnt set this up, wallah 9ij fajour ray7a party!" He said.

"Ghazi, its okay, shouf il film, we'll talk later" I said.

Sunday 27th of August
Laila Cinema

We just left Laila Cinema when i saw a guy that was soo familiar, and he was staring too much, when we got closer to him, it was KHALED! YESSS KHALED!
I choked.

"Do you know that guy??" Ghazi asked, he noticed the staring.

"uhh.. No." I said. My heart was beating so fast.

"Shfeeh chithi ekhiz, awal mara eshouf bnt." He said.

"Shdarani 3ana." I said, nervously.

Ghazi walked me to my car.

"Thanks a lot dayoum, it was really fun,w ilfilm 7da 3jeeb!!" he said.

"You're welcome, i had fun too, and i'm glad you enjoyed the movie." I said.

"Really? great, we should do this more often then, but next time...with Fajer!" He said.

"Inshallah." I said and smiled.

"Yalla take care, or tabeeni amasheech?" He said.

"No it's okay, thanks!" I said.

"La jad 3adi traa!" He insisted.

"No, ghazi shda3wa, i can manage to get home safely!" I said.

"Akeed? Okay 3yaaal text me awal ma tou9leen ilbait!" He said.

Uhhh, shyabiii?? :/

"Sure." I said.

I got in my car, and looked at my rearview mirror, I got scared from a guy wearing a yellow tshirt staring, it was Khaled.

I started the car engine and left the parking lot.

Sunday 27th of August

I was soo into the music and singing along that i did not notice a guy following me.
Just before entering Odailiya i saw Khaled in a car behind me.

OMG!! SHYABII! I thought.

I was a little scared, so i called Ghazi. I don't know why!!!!!!!

"Aloo." He said.

"Ghazi, where are you?" I asked.

"Shway w adish ilsurra laish sh9aayer?" He asked.

"The guy that was staring bilcinema la7egnii, w ana tawni badish il 3dailiya" I asked.

"SHNUU!?" He yelled.

Opss, i probably shouldn't have called him.

"Wainich now bilthaaan6!?" He asked, he's so angry, i was getting really scared.

"Uhh, Dshait il3dailiya, tawni em3adya nadi kathma" I said.

"Khala9 entay furray bil3dailiya 3la ma ana ayeech, la trou7een baitkum!" He said.

"Ghazii, shbetsawee?" I asked.

"Malich shiqil, khal o9al w awaree shiqil allah!" He said.

"Ghazi, plz dont do something crazzyyy!" I said.

"E9eer khair, yalla kani yay, bye!" He said and closed the phone.

I closed the phone and i was shivering, literally.

I went twice around the roundabout then i went right, to the Co-op parking lot.

I drove aroud the parking lot, as if i was looking for a parking.
He was still following me.

About 5 minutes later, Ghazi called.

"Aloo." I said.

"Haa wainich?" He asked.

"Co-Op parking, 9oub subway." I said.

"Okay, kani yay." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Khaleech 3al kha6." He said.

"Okaay.." I said.

I saw a black Silverado entering the parking.

"Ohh, there you are,i'm just around the corner." I said.

"Ee kach, enzain wainaa ohwa?" He said.

"Kahuu, sayartaa the white Prado elly 9af6a gbaal subway" I said.

"Okay, khaleech la eta7arekaiin ana al7een awareeh !!" He said and parked next to Khaled.

"La7tha la7tha Ghazii!! plzz dont do anything!" I said.

"Then why did you call me?" He said.

"I dont know, i was scared!" I said.

"Okay, bs may9eer askit 3la hal ashkal!" He said. his anger was slowly rising.

"Plzz plzz Ghazii 3shani dont do anything stupid!" I said.

"Okay,3shanich wallah, bs banzil a7acheeh." He said.

"Okay, bs dont close your phone, i wanna listen." I said.

"Okay." he said and opened his right window and beeped the horn so 'khaled' will look at him.

Khaled slowly opened his window.

"ilsalam w 3alaaykum" Ghazi said.

"Wa3alaykum ilsalaam, khaiir enshallah?" Khaled said.
I think he noticed that Ghazi was with me bilcinema.

"ilKhair eb wayhek, bs okhoy laish la7eg bnt khaltii?" Ghazi said. just like that, ga6ha eb wayha.

"Na3am? ay bnt Khala?" He said,

"illy bil range,ya baba shefnaak mn laila w ent etkhez bil bnt!" He said.

"La ghal6an, ana yay a6lib mn subway." He said. eragi3 ilsalfa.

"Akeed? khara3t ilbnt, maskeena!" He said.

"Ee akeed." He said.

"Okay, sorry 3al ez3aaj." He said.

"Aloo dayoum yalla 7arkay khal amasheech lai your house." He said.

"Ok." I said. totally shocked.

I drove home and Ghazi was driving behind me.
I parked my car in the garage.

Ghazi was calling me.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Aloo, hala dayoum, ha are you okay now?" He said.

"Yes i am, thank you!" I said.

"Shda3wa, no problem, i had to do that!" He said.

"Thanks." I said.

"7ayach allah, yalla babatii goodnight, w take care." he said.

"Babatii?" I said.

"Ohh, ta3awadt agoulhaa, la tet6anezaiin!" He said and laughed.

"hehe, Okay, goodnight!" I said and closed the phone.

I got into my room and quickly called D and spilled the beans!

"OHH MY GOD! that is soo cool of him!" She said about how Ghazi came all the way to 3dailiya.

"Yeah i know, bs D, He should know nothing can happen between us!" I said.

"Yeah, that's true he should!" she agreed.

"But how can i tell him?" I said.

"I seriously dont know. you'll figure it out!" She said.

"I don't want to hurt him D, he's a nice guy!" I said.

"Well dont say anything until you make sure he actually likes you 3shan ma tendagrain, maybe he's just too friendly!?" She said.

"Yeah i guess, i'll waiit w e9eer khair." I said.

"Good idea, yalla ciao, ana baakhmid daykha!" She said.

"Okay, goodnight sweetie!" I said and closed the phone.

Monday 28th of August

I was laying on the bed listening to music on shuffle and i was thinking about what happened tonight.

It's obvious that Ghazi likes me, even if he doesn't like me a lot, but there are some feelings towards me, definitely, and i dont know how can i deal with it?
He did mention that we should do this hangout thing again.
I'm not sure i can. :/

I jumped to my phone vibrating under my pillow.

It was a text message from Ghazi.

"Ga3daaa? :P"

Uhh, this is exactly why i didnt want to give him my phone number.


- S™


Anonymous said...

Omg .. chaneh '3azii y7bhaa ! kaaaaak !! bss she has yousef sho batsawii Weeew !! ~
Thanks 3al post ! cant wait 7g elay 3gbaa !! Hehe

Miemie said...

this KHALID!!! annoying!! mn wein y6la3 every once in a while! UFF !
bUt love the post & cant wait for the next one ;***

Anonymous said...

Abyy Yousef.. I MISS HIM!!;p

Gr88 post! Absolutely can't wait for the next one!;p


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR STORY;O.. tadreenn i garaita kila ebyouun ma6ala3t bas 3shana i finshh your story... i love it alot bas ma7iis dayum et7ib yousef.. a7ishha 3adii.. wayid titkabar 3alaih maraat.. ya3ni there not romantic enough.. w maysoufun ba3th alot.. htha il3aaib eli bil story.. bas il baaji i love it.. bas maskena dana laishh ma7ad e7ibha or ighzailha?! kila dayouum.. a7la ba3d low danuu e9eer shay with her.. ya3ni mithel ghazi tigaraab min dayouum 3shaan ekalim dana 3araftay!? madri thats my opinion;).. w i love your story 7aail.. waiting the other post "fourty one" .. ;*

Anonymous said...

la 7abeebti were reading trust me.. bas mithel magalat Anonymous eli fouugi^^ its a good idea.. w amouut 3alla your story;* < 3

Anonymous said...

entay mu g3da etgoulen plzz comment w madri shnuu.. were commenting bas u matrideenn 3alainna..:S ilmouhem i love your story alot plzzzzzzz abi part 41.. plzz 7adi indimajt;*