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Monday, July 27, 2009

Part FortyFive;; "I'm broken hearted I can't let you know, I won't let it show."

Before you guys start reading the new part, i just wanted to say that the highlight idea will no longer be used, however one of my dear readers, Shamayel proposed an idea, and i liked it, her idea was to put the highlight of the pervious post, so you guys know what happened and what parts of the previous you should remember. Thank you Shamayel for the idea. :)

Here we go.

Previously on ''Across the universe'':

- Khaled is back in my life.
- Yousef and I are no longer....Yousef & dayouma!
- Living with Uncle Hisham's family turned out to be good.
- Waleed is sooo sweet!
- Mishary is.....well MISHARY!
- Yousef wanting to talk to me, sort 'things' out.
- The cute handsome doctor is related to me.
- I'm going to meet the family of uncle Hisham's wife.
- I recieved a new text message.
- Mishary is MALGOUF!

Monday 30th of August
Waleed's Car

I checked the new text message, it was from Ghazi.

"Hey how are you? haa a6le8aaw 9araa7ech mn il hospital wela no?:P"

"Yes, and i've been living in uncle's home!;p" I replied.

"OH, it's my cousin Ghazi" I answered Mishary's question.

"Ay Ghazi?" Mishary asked.

"Weld khalti '9eyah!" I said.

"OHhh, Ghazi Al-S? ya7laiila, shfeeh?" He asked, Could you stop with the investigation?!

"Ma feeh shay, bs esalim, he knows i was bil hospital." I said.

"Inshallah ma et7aqeq weyaha y3ni!?" Waleed said.

"Shfeek, mu e7na 7esbat ekhwanha? we should ask questions like that!" He said.

"La khal ilbnt 3la ra7at'ha!" Waleed said.

"Thank you, waleedan!" I said.

Waleed laughed and Mishary gave me a look.
I gave him a look back.


We parked next to this large white villa.

"Wow,mashallah, that's a nice house!" I pointed out.

"Yeah, mashallah!" Waleed said as we got out of his car.

We got into the house, and i was getting really nervous and shy.

"Shfeech chithi, emshay 3dl, w put a smile on that pretty face!" Mishary said as we entered the house.

"What's wrong with mashyetyy?!" I asked.

"Ma feeha shay!" Waleed said. "Ma 3laiich mina!" He continued.

We walked into the living room, it was really big, and the roof was pretty high with Chandeliers hanging from it

We walked in the livingroom and a lot of people were there.
All generations.
Old people, to Mid thirties, to Tweenies & teengers and to kids!

It was crowded, and i wanted to hide.

"Emshaay!" Mishary said and pulled me in with them.

i was really nervous, my heart was beating so fast, and my palms were sweating like crazy!

"Khaltii laila shlounich shakhbrich? Hathy Dayouma, bnt 3amity" He said, and put his hand on my back to push me to her 3shan asalim.

"ilsalam khalti" I said and kissed her cheeks.

"wa3alaykum ilsalam, halla walla bnaytii, shlounich?" She said.

"il7emdellah bkhaiir, entay shlounich?" I said.

"Wallah tmam il7emdellah, 7ayyaach allah 7beebtii" She said.

"Allah e7ayeech." I said and greeted everybody, one by one.

I think i missed a few people that i havent greeted.

I got seated next to Mishary and Waleed.
It was so awkward.
I felt like an outcast.
Everyone was staring at me.

"Hey, how old are you?" A girl said as she approached me.

"Hey, I'm 19." I said.

"Cool i'm 21, and my name is Farah." She said.

"Hi farah, nice to meet you!" I said and smiled.

"Come sit with us girls bil other living room." She said.

Farah is Aunt laila's daughter.
She was pretty, and short.
very petite.
Unlike me.

"Okay." I said and followed her.

We entered the other room and there were 4 other girls, i sat with them and got to know eachother more,The girls were;
Ghalia & Dalia, 19, they're twins. and they are Farah's cousins.
Lolwa, 20. Also, farah's cousin.
Nada, 25, and she's Farah's older sister.

It was really fun, talking to them, we laughed and talked about a lot of things, from embarrassing moments to fashion and movies.

*Knock Knock*
"Yalla banat, 7a6aw il3asha." Mishary said and left the room.

"Waaiii, he's sooo cute!!" Lolwa pointed out.

"Yeah, but you need to stop crushing on him!" Nada said.

"I can't, he's too cute, and his attitude is hot!" Lolwa drooled.

"He's not that cute!" Dalia said.

"Yeah, i agree with dalouy!" Ghalia said.

"I think he's alright!" I said.

For some reason, i felt jealous. :/

"Well back off ladies, he's mine!" Lolwa said.

"No one is crushing over him, bs entaai, ma7ad needs to back off!" Farah said.

"Well, i was just saying, waay Dayouma you are soo lucky to live with them!" Lolwa said.

"Lucky? I dont think so." I said.

How can i be lucky?
im only living with them because my parents are leaving Kuwait!:(

"Why not? He's soo cool, i bet it's really fun!" lolwa said.

"It is fun, but i dont consider myself lucky, specially because my parents are leaving me here!" I said.

"Yeah, that sucks!" She said.

We all got up and went to the dining room.
The dining room was really long, it's long enough that the table fits 20 people.

"Dayouma, ta3alaay here!" Waleed said as soon as we entered. "I saved you a chair next to me 3shan ashoufich takleen 3dl!" He continued.

"Thanks!" I said and got myself seated next to him.

I was getting really nervous when i noticed those piercing eyes of a guy sitting infront of me.
I raised my eyes to see him,His face was familiar, He had the most amazing eyes ever, their shape was perfect, and his eyebrows are perfect too!
He had really dark hair, and he had a goatee, he was really attractive.

"Who's the guy sitting infront of me?" I whispred to Waleed.

"That's Jara7, weld khaltii laila." He said.

I also saw the handsom doctor, and i found out he was Aunt's Laila's son as well, No wonder the piercing guy, a.k.a Jara7's face was familiar, he kind of looked like the handsome doctor.

Dinner was amazing, and i felt really welcomed from their family, they were all soo sweet.

Monday 30th of August
Waleed's car

We were on our way home back.

"Ha Dayouma, 3sa estanastay?" Waleed asked.

"Ee il7emdellah, they're really sweet!" I said.

"Yeah, i told you!" He said.

"How were the girls, did you like them?" Mishary asked.

"They're cool!" I said.

"Mnu akthar wa7da you liked?" He asked.

"Madrii.." I said and let out a nervous laugh, sh'haal so2al?

"Lolwoo malee8a 9aa7? i think Farah is the coolest out of them!" He said.

"La 7aram, lolwa ma feeha shay!" I said.

"Wai3, qatheetha, w wayed etelazag!" He said.

YEAH, it's because she has a crush on you, idiot!

"Madri wallah." I said.

"Mishary al7een beyeek kaf 3la wayhik etha ma sekat!" Waleed said.

"Shtabii!?" Mishary said.

"Waaii, 7aannnaa besmellah 3laik, khalaa9!" Waleed said.

"Inzain, uff!" He said and sat quiet the rest of the ride.

We arrived home and i went and sat in the livingroom with Uncle Hisham, Mishary and Waleed.

we were watching tv and talking about the 3azeema when i jumped to my phone ringing.
It was mom.
I picked it up.

"Aloo halla mama." I said and left the livingroom.

"Halla 7beebtii, shlounich?" she said.

"il7emdellah fine,You shlounich? w shloun baba?" I asked.

"Bkhair il7emdellah, oboch wayed a7san il7emdellah, w i just wanted to tell you that this wed. we're going to america!" She said.

"That's too soon mom!" I cried.

"We have to go as soon as we can!" She said.

"Inzain, did they release baba mn il hospital?" I asked.

"No, not yet, bs bacher they'll release him at 5PM!" She said.

"Ohh.." I said.

''It's alright sweetie, looks like you're having fun with your uncle and his family." She said.

"Yeah, but i dont know.." I said.
I felt like crying, cos now it really hit me, they're actually leaving in two days!

"Its okay sweetie, everything will be fine." She said.

"enshallah." I said.

"Yalla 7beebtii ana banam, salmay 3la khalich w 3yala" She said.

"Okay, allah esalmich, faman ellaah!" I said and closed the line.

I walked back to the livingroom after the phonecall with teary eyes.

"Bnaaytiii shfeech!? mnu kan 3al telephone?!" Uncle asked as soon as he saw me.

"Mom." I said.

"Shfeeha!?" He asked.

"Nothing, she just called to tell me they booked a ticket to USA, and they're leaving this wed.!" I said.

"Awwh, bnaytii its okay!" He said as he approached me and gave me a hug.
I hugged him back.

"Dayouma, think about it this way, they're going away, bs oboch will get better! inshallah!" Waleed said, trying to make things better.

"Yeah, i guess!" I said as i got seated.

"Dayouma la et'9aygeen khelgich, you'll have fun here w hatha chena baiitich! you're not a guest!" Waleed said.

"Enshallah, thanks!" I said.

"I've got an idea! Bacher i'll make a farewell dinner, shraykum?" Uncle suggested.

"YESS!!" I said. "I really would love to spend time with them!" I said.

"Khosh fekra yuba!" Waleed said.

Mishary didn't talk, he just sat and listened to us.

"Khala9 khosh, bacher ana ra7 a6lib a buffet w asawee khosh dinner inshallah, tell you mom!" uncle said.

"Enshallah, i'll tell her bacher il9b7 inshallah" I said with a big smile on my face. "Thanks khalii, you're the best!" I said and kissed his cheeks!

"7ayach babatii, hatha wajeb!" He said, "Yala ana barou7 anam now, te9be7oun 3la khaiir!" He said and left the livingroom.

2 hours passed while me, Mishary and Waleedan watching tv and talking.

"Ana gemt a6eg rous, i'm going to bed, te9b7oun 3la khair." Waleed said and went upstairs to his room.

I looked at Mishary.
He was watching tv, he barely even knows im in the same room.

"uhh,, mishary?" I said.

"Hala..?" He said and looked at me.

"Why don't you like lolwa? really?" I said.

"Haa..? cos 7adha lazgaa wallah! etnarfez!" He said.

"7araam, she seems nice." I said.

"laa ya m3awda ay nice, ma t3arfeenha, she's annoying!" He said.

"Hmm, madri, i liked her!" I said.

"I like Farou7a, she's sweet and fun, w mu lazga!" He said.

"Yeah, she's sweet!" I said.

"Why are you asking?!" He said.

"I just wanted to know." I replied.

"7ashaat feeni?" He asked.

Should i tell him that she ahs a crush on him?

"No..She did say she thinks you're cute!" I said, "But so did the other girls!" I continued.

"9ij?" He said.

"Yeah, they all said you're cute, bs the twins thought you're alright." I said.

"Ohh, and what did you say?" He asked.

"Nothing, i didnt give them my opinion." I said.

"Hmm, so they think im cute huh?" He said and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah." I said.

"Even farou7a?" He asked.

"Yes, do you have a thing for farou7a?" I said with an evil grin.

"Naah, 7da shku, bs ehya w7da thuweeqa, fa rayha ehemni!" He said.

"Yes, even frou7a!" I answered.

"Cool!" He said and smiled.

I suddenly felt jealous again, i wanted to bring up a boy so i can see if he gets jealous.

"I think Jaraa7 is cute, no, actuallu i think he's attractive!" I said and giggled.

"Jara7oo!? mn 9ijich!?" He said.

"Yeah, why?" I said.

Do i sense some jealousy in the air?

"La, 9adgeeni the last person you want to like is Jara7!" He said.

"Haw, laiiish!?" I said.

"He's not the type to be committed to a relationship, meaning, he's a player, he loves to jump from girl to girl!" He said.

"W ana shku feeh!?" I said.

"Im just saying!" He said.

"I only said he's cute, ma gelt aby atzaweja!" I said.

"Inzain, t3alay 6egeeni ba3ad, i was just warning you!" He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Okayy." He said.

"inzaiin." I said.

"Inzain." He said.

"Nel3ab?" I said.

"Nel3ab?" He repeated.

"YAAAH!?" I said.

''YAAAH!" He said

"Ohhh!" i said and got up. I was irritated.

"Ohhh!" He said and laughed.

"Waiii3 Misharyy, waiii3!" I said.

"Wallah etwanseen!" He said, still laughing.

"Mlee8! barou7 darii!" I said.

"Faman allaah!" He said.

I left the livingroom and went up to my bedroom.

Tuesday 31th of August

I was asleep when i jumped to my phone vibrating.

It was D.

"DAYOUM ya kalba, i hate you!" She said.

"Whaat?" I said, in my sleepy voice.

"You totally forgot i exsist!" She said.

"Noo!! never, i was just busy and trying to adopt to all of this!" I said.

"awwh, 7yatii okay, you know i didnt mean what i just said." She said.

"I know!" I said.

"so what's new?" she said.

"Well let's see, I'm related to a cute doctor, i love living with my uncle, Khaled called me the night of my hospital release at the same night, i kind of broke up with Yousef, and i think....i think...i have a thing for Mishary!" I said. I spilled everything out.

"OH WOW! slow down!" she said.

"Okay." I said.

"You and yousef!??? OMG!! WHY!!?" She said.

"Because i'm soo sick of him believing everything Haya says, and he's being shway selfish too!" I said.

"Oh god, Not haya again!" She said.

"I know, it's a long story, but he sent me a message saying he wants to sort things out, but i igored him. mali khelgla!" I said.

"Oh wow, who could've thought you'd say this to yousef." she said,

"I know, right!" I said.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Yeah, im fine!" I said.

"and Mishary? seriously? you guys couldn't stand each other gbl!" She said.

"I knoww, h'e still the same old Mishary, but madri, a7es i can be myself around him, he's really funny!" I said.

"Hmm, i dont know! any plans today?!" She asked.

"Yes, Khali is throwing a Farewell dinner 7g dad and mom!" I said.

"Awwh that's soo sweet!" She said.

"Yeah, i wish you could come, i miss you!" I said.

"La! i dont want to come 7daa fashlaa!" She said.

"Noo 3adii!" I said.

"No noo, it's okay i'll see you after tomorrow!" She said.

"Inshallah, i love you!" I said.

"love you too, ana barou7 now bait yadity 3han bezourounha 7areem w barou7 aqadem 3eshtaw, i'll talk to you later." She said and closed the line.

I looked at the phone and saw 2 text messages.
One from Yousef, and one from Ghazi.

Yousef's; "Tell me when you want to sort things out, dont run away from it!"

Ghazi's; "Dayouma, shloun your friend Dana? ya7lailha minziman 3anha."

That's weird, Does Ghazi Like Dana?
I replied to his message; ''She's good, thanks for asking.. :]"

I replied to Yousef's message, "We can sort things out tomorrow!"

I sent a message to D, "Looks like someone has a thing for you;)"

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I heard my phone beep twice, meaning two text messages.

I was brushing my teeth and washing my face.

I got out of the bathroom and saw Mishary holding my phone and gave me a cold stare.

"Besmellah! What r u doing?" I said.

"Nothing." He said.

"Shky masik my mobile?" I said.

"Who's 'american sweetheart' ?" He asked.

"What!?" I said, i felt my heart stopped beating.

"Who is he??" He asked again.

"Give me my phone!" I said.

"You see, i dont like to repeat myself, WHO IS HE!?" He yelled.


"Mabi, tell me who he is awal!" He said.

"He's nobody!" I said.

"Sweetheart? w nobody? shloun?" He said.

"He used to be somebody, now can i have it!?" I said.

"Yes.." He said and threw my phone on the bed and left the room.

I felt soo hot, even though i was wearing short shorts and a tshirt.

I sat on the bed.
I was soo mad, no, no, i was soo furious!!!
He had no right whatsoever to check my phone!!!
I felt like fighting with him! but it was too early in the morning and i was more concerned about the Farewell Dinner, so i decided to put it on the side, for the sake of the dinner.

I checked my new messages, one from D, and one from Ghazi.
D's; "OMG!! WHO!? :O;$"
Ghazi; "Salmay 3laiha wayed."

I was replying to D's message when someone knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

- S™


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shamayel said...

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