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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Part FortyOne;; "Today is not like any other day."

Respond to all comments for the previous post:

First of all, i don't know how you guys got the idea that i'm gonna stop writing..? :P
I didn't mean that i will stop writing if you guys dont comment.
I just wanted some feedback on each new part of the story so i know that you guys are still interested in my story.

But no worries, my story is not going to end, infact the end is not even close, We're almost half way through, you're in for a looooooong eventful ride! ;)

Here is the new part, sorry for the delay.
I love you guys, and thanks for the great comments you left for the earlier post, You guys inspire me to write more;**!


Monday 28th of August

"Yes, Ga3daa, why?:P" I replied to Ghazi's Message.

I was really tired but couldn't sleep.
Don't you just hate it? that feeling when you're sooo tired, and your body is aching from tiredness, but you still cant sleep? ugh.

*BEEP* new text message, from Ghazi.

"Enzaiin, can i call?"

uhh, This is getting rediculous.
I hate that i can't say no to poeple.

"Yes you can.." I replied.

Few minutes later.
I jumped to my phone ringing. "Yes2elouni laiih a7ebaak 7ub ma 7abbaah bashaaar.."
Ghazi was calling.
I picked my phone.

"Aloo.." I said.

"Aloo, Halla wallaah.." He said.

"Halla feek." I said.

"Shga3ed etsaween yalla e3tarfay ebser3a?" he said.

"Nothing, Just laying on the bed, mu gadra anam." I said.

"Waay, nafs 7altii, akhaf mn ilpopcorn elly klaiina?" He joked.

"Hehe, yemkin." I said.

An awakrd silence...

"Deemoo!" he said.

"Hallaa..!" I said.

"Nemtay?" he asked.

"No, shda3waa." I said.

"Madri faj2a sekatay." He said.

"noo, fii a7ad yegdar enam w you breathe like that, tetnafaas eb 9out 3allii allah ehadaak!" I said.

"Oshh yalla 3ad, l2ana lazeg ilphone 9oub 7alji thats whyy." He said.

"Ee ragi3" I said.

"chub deemo!" He said.

"Echobek..!" I said.

"Yal Malsouna, la tradedeeen!" He said.

"Haw shtaabii kaiifii!!" I said.

"enzain enzain." He said, and laughed.

"Shfeek?" I said.

"La walla shay" He said, and laughed again.

"Haa, GHAZII SHFEEK!?" I said.

"Laa bs tethaakraat shaklich gbl bilshalaiih, lma etsaween 3angou9tain" He laughed.

"Ya 7maar, chub, knt ashaaweg!!" I said.

"Mn gaa9 3laiiich!!?" He said and laughed even more.

"GHAZI, oshhh!!" I said.

"Aakhh, ya7lailich ya dayoum!" He said.

"Eskit ma a7acheek!" I said.

"Za3altay ya3ni?" He said.

"EE!" I said.

"Dalou3a!" He said.

"Chub!" I said.

"3aib, ya bnaya, sh'hal alfaath!?" He said.

"GHAZIIIIIIII!!" I yelled.

"HAHAHA, a7eb anarfezich, wallah etwaanseen!" He said.

"Mlee8!" I said.

"6ali3 3laich!" He said.

"Ghazi, osh!" I said.

"Shfeech, wayed 3ajbich esmii? kelshway ghazii!" He said.

"3yal shtabeeni agoul!?" I said.

"Dal3eenii shway, 3a6eeni nickname!" He said.

"Hmm, shtabeeni anadeek?" I asked.

"Ghazouy, Geezo, shay chithi..!" He said.

"Wai3, Ghazouy chena esem bnt." I said.

"Hey,3ad 3an ilghalaa6!" He said.

"Enzaiin, Ghooozii?!" I said.


I laughed.

"Teth7ekeen haa? Mashii, a3almich!" He said.

"Ee shasaweelik, esem 9a3ab!" I said.

"Mashii, nadeeni Ghazi wayed abraak ya m3awda!" He said.

"Enzain." I said.

We talked for about an hour before we fell asleep on the phone, 6ab3aan most of the time we were fighting and argueing and remembering the embarrassing past, bs it was a fun conversation, shockingly.

Monday 28th of August

"Yallah dayoumaa goumaay!" Mom said as she entered my room.

"Enzaiiiiiiiiiiiin" I yawned.

"Yalla 7beebtii goumay, basich noum!" She said.

"Enshallah mama, wallah bagoum!" I said.

"Okay 7yatii, ana w obooch benrou7 netghada bara, Tbeen teyeen?" She asked.

"Wain betrou7oun?" I asked.

"Lenotre" She said.

"Yalla okaayy bayee!" I said.

"Okay goumay badlay yalla, ana w oboch nan6erich ta7aat." She said and went downstairs.

I was looking for my phone.

I looked around the room, and i found it under the bed.
shwadaah down there!?
hahaha, that, i'll never know.

Waiit, i dont remember eni sakart ilphone.
I slept on the phone, opps.

Monday 28th of August

I was getting ready.
I got out a simple gray knee high dress and wore a red flat and red clutch and left my hair naturally curly and went downstairs.

"Akheeran, enzalaat il3arous" Dad said as soon as he saw me walking down the stairs.

"Yubaaa!" I said and blushed.

"Ee w ana il9aaj, 6awaaltay." He said.

"No ma 6awalt, a9lan omi lma enzalaat kanat tawha emga3datni mn ilnoum." I said.

"enzain banoutii yalla emshay, ana wa7ed you3an!" He said.

"Enshallaah." I said and left the house.

Monday 28th of August

The lunch was amazing, Il6al3a kanat wayed 7elwa, min zemaan ma 6ala3na hal 6al3a.

"ee ta3alay dayouma, Khaltich '9eya dagat 3lay elyoum il'9a7a etgouli 3azmatna next weekend eb shalaiihum, tbeen trou7een?" She said.

"9ij? ambaiih shakhbarii, ee 7da abiii arou7." I said.

"Ee w Galat yeebaw mayouhatkum w malabeskum cos benam ilweekend kela m3ahum." She said.

"Allah wanasa!" I said.

"Ee ya7lailha mn zeman 3anha, Weldha Ghazii Shkubra al7een?" She asked.

"He's 24 chena." I said.

"ee ya7lailah, w ekhta Fajoura shkuberha?" She asked.

"Umm, Chena 20" I said.

"Ee minzeman 3anhum, khubri feehum akher mara bilshalaiih eb 3eed ilwa6anii." She said.

"Yeah, Bs ana tawni 6al3a weya ghazii" I said.

"ee 9aa7, w fajoura makanat weyakum?" She asked.

"La il9ara7a ma yat, m3ana kna metafqeen ena teyee, bs egoul Ghazi Ma3zouma 3la 7afla." I said.

"Wakhezyaa, kentaw brou7kum 6al3een." Mom joked.

I let out a nervous laugh.

Dad was soo hungry maskeen, he was only listening to swalefna w eating.

"Bil3afya baba" I said.

"allah e3afeech babatii." He said.

I smiled.
I have the greatest partents a girl could ask for.

*BEEP* New text message.

It was from ghazi.

"Sorry, nemt 3al telephone ams, haha, 9baaa7 ilkhaiiir;p"

I laughed.

"Tha7keena m3aach?" Mom said.


"Msg nektaa." I said.

"Ee gouleeha, khal neth7aak.." Mom said and smiled.

"hehe okay," 6ala3t another msg qdeem, a joke,"Egoulich fi M6aw3a ga3deen yel3eboun kora, 3aad wa7id minhum shat ilkora w 6agat il3artha bs e7sebouha goal laish?" I said.

"Laiiish?" Dad said.

"L2ana galaw ennama ila3maal bilneyaat" I said and laughed.

Mom laughed. "Allah egharbil bleesich."

"Ma et'9a7ik!" Dad said.

"Emballah et'thaa7ik" I said.

"Laa ma et'tha7ek, mlee8a" Dad said.

"Khala9 okay, ana 3indii et'tha7ik." I said

"La ma et'tha7ik, welly yeth7aak 3laiha malee8 nafs'ha!" He said.

"HA? Yuba khalaa9" I said.

He laughed.

"Youz 3anha 3abdallaa" Mom said and laughed.

"Wallah, ma sewat 3alay gelt ilnekta.." I said.

"Khalaa9 mama, netghashmaar, la et3a9been." Dad said.

"Enzain." I said.

I took a sip from my diet coke.

I thought that i can just pretend that i did not sleep.
that way, Ghazi looks bad, and i dont.
hehehe, evil.

"Its okay, 9baa7 ilnour;p" I replied to his message.

Monday 28th of August

Dad was driving and they were listening to old classic kuwaiti songs.

I was bored out of my mind.
I closed my eyes for a second and...


I woke up to find myself laying on the bed in the hospital..

- S™


L said...

I'll read now. ;p

ShaikhatIlZain said...

I love it! KEEP THE POSTS GOING I'm in love with your story wallahhh! Btw, I miss yousef!:p

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD;O indimaaaaaaaaajt keeep posting.. amouut 3alla your story.. B'byye.. w plzz ebsir3a(Aa).

Anonymous said...

FIRST im a silent reader o i love ur story waaayed o men elyom o ray7 baktblch comment :)
thane shai plz la6awlen 3ala ma u post walla o lat3algena :( 9iij ur story is amaziiiiing as u are ;**
love u
Nadoosh ;**

p.s yaret etnazlen 2 post m3a b3th eb 1 day :D

Miemie said...

ambiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieh Bella what happened!!!??? i hope no one died :(

thanks for the post; luv u & keep it up 3ashan we work on ur book ;) ;**

L said...

Madre wain ra7 my comment bas mu mushkila ;p. Kilish wala Bella!
1. I miss Yousif ;*
2. 7abait Ghazi ;$
3. D3IMAW?! @@
4. I love you ;*

Anonymous said...

AMBAIHH WTH 9AAAAAR?! plzzz post ebsir3a... omg i love your story alot;*

Anonymous said...

3AJEEEEBB!! please dont take a long time to post, I want to know whats wrong with Deema! Ghazii 7ada enarfiz wayed yitlazag fee Deema!
Tara awal mara I post and i just started my blog

Waiting for the next post;)

Anonymous said...


kamlay bsr3a pllllllzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


maskeena!! plzpost today!!!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

luv your story !@ twanes lol 3ajeeeba !!


Bella-S said...

Thaaank you all;**!

the new part will be posted today inshallaah :D

Anonymous said...

Wow, seriously you've got major talent! I really think you have to keep on writing to develop your skills. I've been up all night reading your posts. No kidding! It's 5am right now! You should definitely publish a book, because I know a lot of people who would absolutely love it.

PS: I love the part where Deema says Ghoozi. I seriously laughed my ass off.


Bella-S said...

Anonymous: Sorry i just saw your comment, i'm glad you like it, and thanks a lot i appreciate it. i will keep on posting enshallah, i won't stop until my readers get really and i mean REAALLYY bored then im gonna end the story:P

P.S I laughed out loud at that part too, haha;p!

Anonymous said...


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