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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Part FortyTwo;; "Whatever time may take away, It cannot change the way we feel today."

Monday 28th of August

I opened my eyes to see D and mom sitting near my bed, My head was wrapped with a head bandage and a cast on my left arm.

I looked around.

"7yatiii bntiii!" Mom cried as soon as she saw me opening my eyes.

"DAYOUM!" D cried.

I was still not aware what the hell happened.

"Dayouma 7beebtii, Shlounich al7eeen!?" Mom asked as she placed her hand on mine.

"I...- Sh9aaar?!" I asked.

"We were in a car accident.." Mom said.

I tried to move but i was in soo much pain, i couldn't.

"Stay still!" D said.

"Yuma.." I said.

"Halla 7beebtii..?" Mom said.

"Wain obooy?" I said.

"He's in the operation room sweetie." She said with a frowned face.

"Is he ok??!" I cried. "Mom please tell me the truth! IS HE OK!!?" I cried more.

"7yatii i dont know, i'm waiting for the good news!" She said.

I cried. "Sh9aar bilthaab6 yumaa? Ma athker!"

"Sayara bil 7ara illy yamna enba6 iltayer malha w dash feena w ohwa kan dayes w e7na engalaabnaa l2ana 6gaina ilre9eef" She said.

"Are you okay..?" I asked.

"I'm fine, bs rathouth basee6a, il7emdellah, l2ana il6aga yat 9oubich entay w..." Mom took a deep breathe, Khnegat'ha il3abra.. "..W obooch." She continued.

"Mom, please go see dad w 6amneenii.." I said.

"Enshallah 7beebtii." Mom said and left the room.

I turned to look at D.
She was looking at me, while tears were running down her cheeks.

"D, stop crying!" I said.

"I can't, dayoum, i thought i would never see you again.." She said. "I thought i wouldn't be able to hear your voice again!" She cried.

"Don't say that, i'm alive!" I cried with her.

"Rabii lak il7aaamd!" She said and hugged me.

"Aaayyy!" I said "Be careful, shway shway!" I said.

"Sorry!" She said and giggled.

"Wain my phone!?" I said.

"I think in your bag, shtabeen feeh!?" She asked.

"I want to see if i ahve any messages." I said.

"Mn mnu ya3ni? etha yousef emsafer!?" she said.

"Mn Ghazii." I said. "Ams sahrana ana weyah bilphone ga3deen ensoulif." I said.

"omg!! WHYY!!?" she yelled.

"Whaat, its okay, it was soo normal wallah." I said.

"Ohh zain ashwaa! cos 7raam yousef is probably dying out there without you." She said.

"Omg, yousef! i shouldn't tell him right?!" I asked.

"I don't know,I think you should!" She said.

"Bs b3dain he'll worry about me w it effect his studies!" I said.

"ee 9a7, i dont know." She said.

"Enzain why the hell do i have this bandage over my head? dont tell me i have a scar on my forehead!!" I said.

"yes you do, bs it's a small scar, you can barely see it, they stitched it up!" She said.

"Ola w kil hal lafaf 3shan hal small scar?" I said.

"La, because you suffered from a mild concussion." she said.

"Ohh, was it too serious?" I said.

"Laa il7emdellah, the doctor said that the CT scan didn't show bleeding, so it's all good, but he did say that it may cause a long-term problem." D said.

"Problem??.. what do you mean?" I asked.

"Ena you might get dizzy more often, and fairly quick. bs inshallah maku illa il3afyah." She said.

My phone was ringing.

"D, can you see who's calling..?" i said.

"Sure" She said and got out my phone. "Oh, it's Ghazii." She said.

"Talk to him, pick up the phone and tell him everything." I said.

"What!? nooo!" She said, embarrassed.

"Yalla, D plz talk to him."

"Enzain" She said and left the room because the doctor came in with a nurse.

"Hello Deema, how are you feeling now?" The doctor asked.

"I'm fine, thanks." I said.

"Good, we'll just do some check up on you to see how you're progressing and see if you have any hidden injuries." He said.

"Hidden injuries? like what, you mean internal bleeding?" I asked. terrified.

"Yeah, thats what i mean, but no worries, the CT scan result of your brain showed no damages whatsoever, however we do need to make sure you have no other injuries in another part of your body." He said.

"Okay, but how is my dad...?" I asked.

His face did not show a good sign.

"Unfortunately he's still in the operation room, i have no idea how he's doing, but hopefully he'll get better." He said and smiled.

I felt like crying.
As much as my whole body aches from the accident, i didn't really care, i just wanted to know how my father is doing.

Monday 28th of August

After i was done with the further tests they had to do on me, i was laying comfortably on the bed.
wow, i never knoew hospital beds were that comfortable.
There was no sign of Mom since she left me to check on dad.

I was getting worried.
and hungry.

"Scoot, bansidi7 yamich." D said.

"Okay." I said and scooted.

She layed next to me.

"Wow, those are comfy!" D said.

"I know rightt!" I said.

"Dayoum, i'm really glad you're alive, i could never imagine my live without you, seriously.." She said.

"I'm glad i'm alive too. i love you!" I said.

"Mom belyala rethaat anaam here 3indech today." She said.

"9j, you're gonna sleep!?" I said.

"Ee haaw, 8a9ben 3laich." She said.

And suddenly, Knock knock.

"Mnuu?!" D said.

"Ana Ghazii." He said.

D quickly jumped of the bed and sat on the arm chair.

"Ohh Ghazii, Deshh 7ayaak!" I said.

He walked in and saw me laying on the bed, with a broken arm and a wrapped head.

"ilsalaaam 3laiikum." He said and came on my right side of the bed.
D was on the left.

"wa3alaykum ilsalam." We both responded.

"Dayoum!! kha6aach ilsow." He said.

"Kha6aak il laash." I said.

"Shaklich yakser ilkhaa6er, how are you feelling now?" He asked.

"I'm in pain, but i'm coping, any news about my dad?" I asked.

"Your dad?? laish 3amii waiinaa?!" He asked.

"He's in the operation room!" I said and tried to hold myself.

"Mn metaa?" He asked.

"I don't know, but it's been more than 3 hours i think." I said.

"Olaa! w khaltii wainhaa!?" He asked.

"Madrii, mn 7:30 yemkin geltlaha trou7 etshouf oboy shlounaa, w lail7een ma radaat!!" I said. "Wallaah Ghazii, khayfaaa" I said and hid my tears.

"La inshallah mafeeh illa il3afyah, ana al7een arou7 ashouf w ayee agoulich." He said.

"Yes please, and thanks." I said.

"Shda3wa, ma swaiina shay." He said.

As he was leaving the room, Mom came in.

"Oh kaa khaltii" Ghazi said as soon as she opened the door. "3umrich 6weel." He continued.

"Halla ghazii 7beebii, shlounik?" Mom said.

"Il7emdellah khaltii, entaw shlounkum?" He asked.

"il7emdellah 3la kil 7al" She said and came close to my bed.

I look at her. "Mom, Wain obooy!?" I said.

"Wallah 7abeebtii madri shagoulich, bs he's still in the operation room." She said.

"Olaa, yumaaa please dont lie, please be honest!! gouleeeliii wain oboooy!!?" I cried.

"7yatii hadday, wallah madri ildoctor said it's taking long because he has several internal bleeding, and they're trying to stop it, and they're giving him more blood, because he lost so much." Mom said with tear eyes.

"Ohh.." I said.

"Allah egawma bilsalama inshallah." Ghazi said.

I cried.

"DAyouma, 7beebtii, ta3awethaay mn bleees." D said.

" were so happy, we were eating and joking and.." I cried more.

"7beebtii hatha qathaa2 rabich w qadarah, thekray allaah." Mom said.

"But mom, i kind of was rude today at dad when he was the joke was silly!" I remembered and cried even more.

"Khalaa9 dayouma, haddaay, pleasee, g6aa3tay galbii" Mom said.

"I'm sorry!" I said and wiped my tears.

"enzain dayouma entay ma klaiitay shay,Tbeen shay?" D asked.

"Yess please, aby ayshay!" I said.

"I'll go see what they have" Ghazi said and left the room.

"Waiit, i'll go with you, i'm starving!" D said and followed Ghazi.

Ghazi and D brought me some snacks to eat and they sat with me talking.

At 1AM Ghazi excused himself to go home as it was getting late and i need to get some sleep too.

"He's soo sweet!" D said as soon as he left the room.

"Yeah, he is." I said.

Mom went to check on my dad.

"D, what if my dad doesnt..." I said.

"CHUB, dont say it!! Ta3awethay mn bleees ana shgeltlich!" She yelled.

"Okay, i'm just saying that what if!...i dont know how me and mom would ever survive!" I said.

"Could you please shut up and sleep or something!?" D said. she got upset.

"Okay, sorry." I said and decided to sleep.
or atleast try to.

D layed down on the sofa and decided to sleep too.
My phone was on the table next to me.

Just when i was baout to close my eyes.
My phone vibrated.
*new message*

"I miss you!!! How are you babyyy?!? im hating the destince in between us! :("
It was from Yousef.

I started crying silently.
I didnt want D to know that i was crying.

"Hii babyy, i'm okay, how are you?? ;* i miss you more Wallaaah! <3" i replied to his msg.

I held my phone so close to my heart and passed out.

Monday 28th of August

"Dayouma.." Mom whispered.

"Dayouma goumaay!" Mom repeated.

"Yess!" I jumped.

"Obooch!!" She said.

"Eeeee...!? IS HE OKK!?" I yelled.

- S™


Anonymous said...

waay la la ma9aadeg.. kila etwagfen 3ala chithe ashyaa2.. may9eeeeeer. ambaihh mita u will post part 43?! wallahh cant wait i swear..;O

Anonymous said...

You better write a new post soon, I'm hooked! I love how you introduced the new character Ghazi. And there are still a million twists to make the story longer.
I am supporting you for your writing, and hoping that you will continue, and furthermore, publish a book inshalah(=.


Anonymous said...

I'm kind of likimg Ghazi;* Bas may9eer Deema ta36y wayh she has yousef! I felt sorry for her when she said that we were laughing and eating and how her father kan yi6afirha with her joke!;( Ma aby emout bas I feel that he will die;(
Next post please(A)

Anonymous said...

Seriously laaa2! Your cliffhhangers ar driving me insaaane!;p

LOL!.. LOVED it!!

Post soon!

Miemie said...

i almost cried! IM AT WORK :S
i hope her dad is fine cz etha sar feih chay madry ymkn i cry myself out :(
keep it Bella ur great ;*

Cupid ;* said...

please tell me he is!! And don't make us like Ghazi:(

Carpe Diem said...

Hope her Daddyo is fine! And I have a bad feeling about Ghazi :S

Awaiting next post.

shamayel said...

omg i hope her dad's ok :(
ghazi is so sweet i'm starting to really like him <3