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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Need an opinion!

I felt like changing the picture above, but i'm still not sure;
should i keep that one up there which i just uploaded?
or should i upload another one?
I need your opinion!
Here are some pictures that i like i'm gonna number them and all you have to do is write the number of the picture you prefer, and the picture with the most votes will be up there! :)









Anonymous said...

I loved your old picture! It really grabbed my attention. In addition, it was very interesting, yet modern.


Anonymous said...

Eee! I agree with tattoo. the old pic was 7aaaadaa a7la!

Anonymous said...

^^ by the way, i'm Mneera - a BIG BIG fan.

Anonymous said...

the 5th pic i love it!!!

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

2 aw 5... ! :P

Anonymous said...

I like the picture you already have up there & the old one. But if I have to chose, I'd say pick a pic that relates to ur story.. the 2nd pic & the 4th pic look nice;p

umm.. I'd also reeaaaally appreciate it itha u can send me the old pic u had up there. (I absolutely loved it!) -

Thanks alot!;*

Daloul said...

first and forth

Wααy .. Ay-Ay said...

I Love Your Current One Including #7!:)

Bella-S said...

Anonymous: thank you!;*

Anonymous: Khalaa9 i'll put it back up, apparently everyone liked it!;) And thank for being a fan mneera!;*

Anonymous: yeah it's amazing.

7aLeeB KaKaw: i'll see.;p

NMJZ: Thanks, sure i'll send it to you;p!
and no problem!;)

Daloul: Okay;)!

So now do i put the old picture back up? the one with the shoes? or picture number 5?

Anonymous said...

ana i say 5 for a change w plz 7i6ay blaire's pics u used to put i loved them ;p

Bella-S said...

Ok, i just uploaded the 5th pic!;)

Oh, you mean my profile picture?

Wa7da Qabiya said...

I say 2 all the way, btw what's yousef's star sign?

Anonymous said...

pic # 1 much suitable