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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A little encouragement guys!

Hey guys,
Well you see you asked me to post more, and i did, but i don't see any feedback on the posts, so i'm not sure, are you guys reading the posts? or am i posting too much?

I need some comments on each post to encourage me to write the next post.
The last post of the story has been posted two days ago, and what, only 3 comments? that's not helping.. :/

I mean i have 70 followers, and only 3 comments?
that's not enough for me to post the next part, i need more to keep me going.

So please, i'm not asking for too much, just let me know you're reading the posts so i know i can post the next part of the story.

Please.. (:

And thanks.

- S™


Anonymous said...

I'm reading ur posts, in fact I'm HOOKED on them!!;p

I LOOOVE ur story, oo I LOVE the way u write, & the template of ur blog!!;**

I'm by your side till the end, (even though i hope ur story never ends;p)

Go for it!! (Y)(Y) Post the next part, I'm impatiently waiting for it!!:p

Loove uu!;* take caare!


Silhouette Crime said...

I'm reading .. I'm always here..

L said...


I love your story! You're talented. Walla 7araam you stop writing.

I want you to know that I'm always here, reading your blog. Sorry I haven't been commenting bas lana I read mn my phone so it doesn't allow me to comment.

7adi 7anna yalla khalas baskit ;p. La itedale3ain o write! Loool ;$ Kidding.

Love you ;*

Anonymous said...

Bella:* Tara your story 7ada 3ajeeb w i'm always reading bas maly khilg i comment but i will start to comment bas 3alashan i encourage you;)
Waiting for the next post, so post ASAP
Love yew:*

Pearl said...

Kalamy nafs kalam Anonymous #2
i'll Try to Comment More Often

Anonymous said...

sweety plz keep posting .. we wanna know wut happens with deema ... y3ny wut will happen with this Ghazzi guy o0o wut about yousef ... where has he been ... o0o we want suspense ;P

Miemie said...

i want say more, but ur posts are addictive & it touches mie somehow
dont stop Bella & be sure alot of pple love u & backing u up ;)

Anonymous said...

I never commented 3ala your posts ..
bas Im a great follower I swear! ;*

yalla babe post ;*

ScaryToes said...

I just caught up with the story since i stopped reading for a while. PLEASE do not stop writing its only getttinggg started nowww!!
please please pleasssseeee dont stop

ShaikhatIlZain said...

Sorry for reading without commenting! I'm your biggest fan, please go on! 9ej methl a galaw ina your talented mashallah and you have a future. I would also like you to read my blog and give me your opinion=)

Miemie said...

Bella ! its been a while :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe ur readers msafreen or they're busy! ;p cuz ana imsafra now oo I didn't have time to write u a comment so now I wrote bs 3lashanich :D!!

Wααy .. Ay-Ay said...

If You Stop Posting,Im Gona Hunt You Down, And Your Gona Tell Me The WHOLE Story!

I'll Get People To Read The Blog!;p

Sanko Very Much;D