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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Part ThirtyNine;; "I hate the distance in between us.."

Sunday 27th of August

I woke up to a phonecall from a number that has a "+" in the beginning and about 10 numbers after that.
I quickly picked the phone up.

"Helloo..?" I said.

No answer.

"Uhh...HELLO!?" I said.

"Dayouma..?" He said at the other end of the phone.


"I'm okay, dont worry.." He said.

"Are you sure? you don't sound okay, why are you breathing heavily? like you were running?" I asked.

"Oh,that's because i got mugged!" He said.

"WHAT!!? OH MY GOD!! ARE YOU OK!!?" I yelled.

"Shh, dayouma, i'm fine, dont worry." He said.

"Are you sure you're fine!? Are you hurt?!" I said.

"Yeah, i got slashed with a knife on my shoulder, but it's alright!" he said.

"OH MY GOD, YOUSEF!!" I said.

"it's okay, wallah, look at the bright side, i have a hot scar on my shoulder now!" He said.

"uhh..but other than that, you're not hurt!?" I asked.

"No, i'm fine, wallah, i'm sorry i took long, but i didnt have cash on me or anything,i had to withdraw money from the ATM machine later, but first i went to the police and it was a loong day." he said.

"Ohh, okay, and did they catch the mugger?!" I asked.

"Unfortunately, no, i was actually on my way to buy a new number when i got mugged, which is a good thing because i didn't have anything on me other than $200 cash." He said.

"Oh, thats good, i'm glad you're alright, you have no idea how worried i was." I said.

"ba3ad 3umrii, i'm sorry!" He said.

"It's okay, as long as you're fine, be careful sweetie!" I said.

"I missed you." He said.

"I missed you too!" I said.

"But i missed you more." He said.

"No!" I said.

"Yes, don't argue!" He said.

"NOO!, me more, and that's final!" I said.

"Keep lying to yourself, i miss you more, and that's about it!" He said.

I giggled, "No, but please, baby be careful out there!" I said

"Enshallah, you too, ana akalmich later, i have to get some papers done for the University bacher il9b7 w i better get some sleep, I love you, goodbye!" He said.

"Oh okay, keep in touch, i love you too, bye!" I said and closed the phone.

I called D.

"HE CALLEDD!! HE CALLED!" I yelled as soon as she picked up.

"Who?!" She said with a very sleepy voice.

"YOUSEF!!!" I yelled.

"Honey, don't yell, i can hear you!" She said, still sleepy.

"Okay!" I said.

"Is he alright?!" She asked.

"Yeah, he got mugged thats why he didn't call or text me earlier." I said.

"Oh wow, mugged! il7emdellah he's fine!" She said.

"Yeah!" I said.

"Allah e7aafthaa, tell him to be extra careful!" She said.

"I did, waaay, this is only the beginning w shoufay sh9aar feeh! D, i'm scared." I said.

"Awwh, don't be, these things happen, it's alright." She said.

"Uh...i guess." I said.

"Yeah, yalla bye, khaleeni anam." She said.

"Okay, ciao love!" I said and closed the phone.

Sunday 27th of August

I logged on my MSN.

A window box appeared.
"Ghazi.Al-M*****" Wants to add you.
Decide later?

Uhh, Ghazi my second cousin..? uhh why the hell not, i accepted the request.
but how did he get my email??

Ghazi: Ahlaiiiiiiiiiiin. :D

Me: Halla wallah.

Ghazi: Halla feech, Taw ma nawaar my msn list!

Me: Hehe, eb wejoudek.

Ghazi: Shlounich?

Me: Zaina, you shlounek?

Ghazi: Tmam bkhaiir, you look soo pretty eb your pic.

He's referring to my display picture.

Me: Thank you.

Ghazi: Mnuu illy m3aach bil9ora?

Me: My friend.

Ghazi: Nice, allah ekhaleekum 7g ba3ath.

Me: Teslam.

Ghazi: Allah esalmich, haa shloun khaltii?

Me: Tmaam il7emdellah, w shloun your mother?

Ghazi: Bkhair il7emdillah, Ha shloun ilfilm the other day? ;p

Me: HAHA, ambaiih Ghazii you have to watch it!! it's amazing!

Ghazi: 9ij? yalla khanrou7laa? ;p

uhh, is he serious?

Me: Bs ana re7tla already.. ;p

Ghazi: So? 3adi, mu etgouleen it's amazing, ya3ni 3adi etdesheena again. ;)

Me: Madriii.

Ghazi: yalla 3ad shda3wa, traa i'm not a stranger, i'm family, w mara7 nrou7 brou7na, ekhtii Fajour teyee weyana.

Me: Hmm, okay, sure, meta?

Ghazi: Wallah madri, entay nagay ay wagt ya3jebich.

Me: I don't mind really, 3adii.

Ghazi: Okay, khala9 ana achayek il showtimes now w agoulich;p!

Me: okay. (:

10 minutes later.

Ghazi: Okay, fii today at 8PM, is that okay?

Me: hmm, yeah i guess, ma 3indi shay elyoum, what about your sis fajour?

Ghazi: Waiih, 3ad fajour ma tgoul la2 7g cinema;p

Me: Okay, then i'll see you today inshallah, ana now baf9il, i'll talk to you later;p

Ghazi: Waiit, give me your number.


Me: what?

Ghazi: Shfeech? your number, 3shan i call you etha we9alna gablich.

Me: Ohh, okay, give me your number w i'll text you now.

Ghazi: Okay, ########

Me: Okay, ciaoo ;p

I called D.

"OH MY GOD, you're right!" I said aftering telling her the whole conversation.

"Haha,i told you, it was soo obvious!" She said.

"Ambaiiih!! Shasawee!!" I said.

"I dont know, just go out, be normal, he is your second cousin, 3adii." She said.

"I know, i'm going out, bs takhayelay, he asked for me number!" I said.

"Ohhh, shku?!" She said.

"Shdarani, 3shan he "calls" lmaa you9al there" I said.

"Ohh, 9aa7, okay." she said.

"Okay? but what if he takes that advantage and calls everytime and text me!" I said.

"I dont know, la ta36eenah wayh." She said.

"Yeah, i should do that, bs ya3ni his sister betkoun weyana, ya3ni laish he asked me for my number? laish ma 36aaani his sister's number? he's up to something!" I said.

"ee 9aa7 t3aalay, his sister weyakum, ohh he's definitely up to something!" she said.

"SHIT!" I said.

"Haha, it okay dear, la ta36eena wayh, he'll go away." She said.

"I hope so." I said.

"Whatever happened to that Khaled guy..!?" She said, all of the sudden.

"Eww, laish you had to bring him up!" I said.

"Shdarani faj2aa he popped in my head." She said.

"Eww, maybe Haya told him to stop what he's doing." I said.

"Yeah maybe, bs she said ena he 'really' likes you" she said.

"bil6agaaag, waii3 7abeta ilgaraaadaa, khal ewaalii!" I said.

"Haha, it's funny hearing you getting worked up on this" She said.

"Chub, i have to get ready now ciao!" I said.

"Okay ciao, save me the details for laterr!" She said.

"You betcha! laters!" I said and closed the phone.

I dressed up and got ready after texting Ghazi a message, as i told i would.

new text message.

I thought it was from Ghazi, but actually it was from Yousef.

"It was good hearing your voice today, zouqa 9outich awal ma tgoumeen mn ilnoum;** allah e7afthich."

a tear fell down my cheeks after reading this message.

I replied with;
"It was good hearing your voice too, i cant even explain how much i miss you wallah, i miss your face;** we7aafthik enta, please please take care! i can't live if something happened to you, besmellah 3laiik."

Sunday 27th of August
In my car
On the way


Singing along to the song "I will be right here waiting for you" by Bryan Adams when i recieved a phonecall mn Ghazi.

"Aloo?" I said.

"Aloo, halla deema, wainich?" He asked.

"I'm on my way, where are you?" I said.

"We're there, waiting, yalla ebser3a, w take care bil6ereej" He said.

"Okay, inshallah, see you, bye!" I said and closed the phone.

At 7:30PM we9alt Laila cinema.

I saw Ghazi standing alone infront of the entery door.
I walked to him.

"Hii.." I said.

"Ahlaan, il7emdellah 3la ilsalama," He said.

"Allah esalmik, wain fajour?" I said, looking around.

"She didn't come." He said.

"WHAT! WHY!?" I said.

"Cos betrou7 party" He said.

"Chan geltlii, 3al aqal ajalna il6al3a.." I said.

"Shda3wa, tra mani maklich." He said.

"uhh.. la mu 3an, bs yemkin ehya tbii etshouf ilmovie too." I said.

"La 3adii, ana awadeeha later etha tbii." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Yalla emshay" He said.

"You bought the tickets?" I asked.

"Ee i booked them mn ilinternet" He said.

"Ohh, inzain 3yal let me pay you." I said.

"Yalla 3aad 3an ilme9akhaa, emshay!" He said.

"uh.. okay!" I said and walked in after buying snacks.


- S™


Miemie said...

Mie first ! :D
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM .. i think it would be stupid if he tried to do something now, i mean, anything he will do now will just let her run away ...
i hope he is not stupid -it will make the story spicer! oo mta yrja3 yousef?! adry taw el nas but i feel sad for Deema :(
Oo meta el next post?!?!? keep it up ;***

Anonymous said...

wanasaaa ur posting nafs gabiil!!!:D thanx;***************

Wααy .. Ay-Ay said...

I Love The Story!;D Thaaank You So Muuuuch!
Loooking For The Next Post Soooon!~

ןєןє «3 said...

One of ur Biggest Fans <3 hope you'll be mine :)xx

Anonymous said...

Ahlaan!;* I'm a silent reader, oo i just wanted to say ina ur story is off the hook!!;* I looove it oo i loove the way u write!;p keep it up girl!;)

Srhx said...

OMG im in love with Ghazi ;$ , 7beeta! with his set ups , ashkara "fajer btruu7 party". Luved il posts,im waiting Part Forty! , hurry up yallah Can
t wait!

Bella-S said...

Miemie: hehe, you'll have to wait and see if he's stupid or not!:P Next post inshallah soon.

Anonymous: Hehe:D, you're welcome;***!

waay..Ay-ay: yes cos i'm free now;p! and i can post regularly;p No problem;*!

JeJe<3: awwhh, sure i will;**!

Anonymous: Hall wallah;p thanks, i'm glad you like it! (:

Srhx: Haha, inshallaah;p! Part 40 will be posted soon, maybe tonight.

Anonymous said...

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