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Monday, July 20, 2009

Part FortyThree;; "Love; will keep us alive."

My apologies for the delay!


Monday 28th of August

"He's awake!" Mom said with a smile that comforted my heart.

"HE IS!!" I said and hugged mom.

"Yeah, il7emdellah bs.." She said and stopped suddenly.

"Bs what..?!" I said.
My heart stopped beating for a second.

"The doctor recommended that we should go to America to proceed treatment cos after the long operation, he needs a heart transplant!" She said.

"WHAT!!" I yelled.

"Yeah, bs inshallah he'll be fine, the doctor sent your dad's files to a doctor friend of his in america, and he said he'll sent him a response soon and there is a big possibilty that me and your dad will go there." She said.

"But --...What about me!?" I said.
Trying not to burst into tears.

"It's okay, dont worry, we'll find a solution, i talked to your uncle and he said he's willing to take care of you in our absence." she said.

"Ay uncle?" I asked. Curiously.

"Uncle Hisham, you love him!" She said.

"Yeah.." I said with half a smile.

It's true, Uncle Hisham is the sweetest and most wonderful man i ever met, after my beloved dad.. :(
Uncle Hishan was married, his wife died of breast cancer about 4 years ago and he has two boys and one little girl.
Waleed is 28 and he works at his dad's company, He's engaged to a 25 year old colleague, i never met her, but i heared she's lovely.
His other son is Mishary, me and Mishary never got along, i remember fighting constantly, anyway it's been years so i'm not worried about that, he's almost 23.
And their little sister, Janouya is 10 years old. They're a lovely family. but i can never imagine living with them, i can't imagine living in a house where my parents are not there!

"7beebtii, don't think about it right now, inshallah everything will be fine." She said, comforting me.

"Yeah, it's okay, aham shay dad gets better!" I said and faked a smile.

"3afyah 7beebtii!" She said and kissed my forehead.

She left the room to go back to dad's.

D was still sleeping, god, how can she still be sleeping with all the yelling that just happened!?

"DANOO!" I yelled.

No respond.
She's like a dead body, literally.

"DANOOO!!!" I repeated.

"Ohhh" I said and throw the pillow.

She jumped. "WHAT WHAAAT!!?"

I laughed.

"Shtabeen ya shagoul kharaa3teeni!!" She said.

"Goumay bagoulich shay!" I said.

"Im up!!!" she said and sat straight. "Goulay" She said and smiled.

"Waay yuma minich, zahbaa!" I said.

"Yalla khal9eeni, goulay!" She said.

"Omi tawa kanat here.." I stopped.

"khalti kanat mini!!?? ya 7maraa fashla w ana chithi minsad7a 3al qanafaa w shaklii 3abee6!" She interrupted me.

"Chub, sem3aay sh9aar!" I said.

"Ok ok goulay!" she said and placed her hand on her mouth.

"Etgoul dad is awake now, bs he needs to go to USA to proceed treatments!" I said.

"Haa? Laish shfeeeh!!?" She said.

"He needs a heart transplant." I said.
"Ohh my god! Awhh dayoum, inzain w shloun ya3ni, betsafreeen w etkhaleeenii!!!?" She said with a shocked expression.

"No noo!! i'll live with uncle Hisham!" I said.

"Ohh zain ashwa!" She said.

"Bs how can i live there? i mean madrii a7es it's gonna be soo weird!" I said.

"Ofcourse honey be9eer weird, bs it's okay, you'll adapt sooner or later, don't worry!" she said.

"I hope so!" I said.

"Allah eshafee 3amii..!" She said.

"Allah yesmaa3 minich, w eshafee mar'9a ilmuslemeen kelhum inshallah!" I said.

"Ameen!" She said.

Monday 28th of August

I was laying on the bed while D went to get something to eat.

The doctor walked in.

"Good afternoon Deema!" He said and was trying not to laugh.

"Good afternoon!" I said and smiled.

Huh? shfeeeh!?

"How are you feeling now?" He asked and still trying to hold his laugh.

"I'm good, but the cast is really bothering me!" I said.

SHFEE HATHA!? i thought.
and tried to ignore.

"It's alright, you'll get used to it!" He said and laughed.

Thank god he was a really handsome doctor.
He was in his early thirties, i assumed.

"No, really it's bothering me, can you take it off and like put a new one? a7es it's not well fitted!" I said.

"It's okay deema, lazem et7eseen eb hal sh3our." He said.

"And it itches like craaazyy!" I said.

He laughed.
"Ee 3adii, The test results from yesterday shows good signs, you're healing very quickly il7emdellah." He said.

"Il7emdellah, when can i leave!?" I said.

"Bacher inshallah, you're good to go, la7ga 3al 6al3aa!" He said.

"Laa bs mlaiit, it's really boring laying on the bed all day!" I said.

"Yeah, well i have to go now, take care!" He said.

He flashed the cutest smile ever and left the room.

I smiled back.

Shfee he was laughing? My hair looked good, it was in a cute ponytail!!
I looked at the mirror.

I turned to a red tomato.

I had some cheese on my nose!
apparently it was from my cheese sandwich that i had for breakfast, Craaap!

I cleaned my nose and started giggling.

*BEEP* New text mesage recieved.
it was from Ghazi.

"Hi dayoum, ha shlounich today? inshallah a7san? i will come and visit you later tonight inshallah with fajoura, i hope your dad is fine!"

I replied, "Hi Ghoozii, i'm fine il7emdellah, okay i'll be waiting, lma teyee agoulik 3an dad, bs il7emdellah he's awake!"

Monday 28th of August

I made D bring her Laptop and her E-go because i was gonna kill myself out of boredome.

I signed on Msn and saw Haya, Yousef, Jouri, Lulu and Ghalouya online.

Yousef: HALLA WALLAH belly tawha shbukaat!;**

Me: Hallaa feeek;*

Yousef: Shlounich 7yatii?? p.s misss youuuu waaayed!

D insisted that i tell him what happened, so i did, i told him everything from the accident till the fact that i'm going to be living at my uncle's house.

Yousef: ba3ad 3umriii dayouma wallah ma testaahlaiiiin!! :( :(

Me: It's okay, i'm coping with it, dont worryy sweetie!

Yousef: Aked you're fine!? plz gouleeliiii are you really okay?!

Me: Yes baby, i'm really fine, i'm just missing you like crazy!:* :(

Yousef: Mu kithreee 9adgeenii! <3 color="#33ffff">Me: How is Uni with you?

Yousef: Wallah mashi il7aal, i have this 4 group of friends, they're amazing! wa7ed s3oudii w wa7ed amercan w 2 american girls.

Me: Awwh, that's nice! are the girls prettyy?? (A)

Yousef: wa7da minhum is pretty, bs entay teswainha w teswaainn ahalha kelhum;**!

Me: Hehe:$

Yousef: Fedaiitich yal khaysa, wallah lech waa7shaa! Abii asmaa3 9outich.

Me: :$ mee too wallah, i miss your voice!

Yousef: Khala9 ana now barou7 3indii mu7athara after an hour, i'll talk to you belail inshallah, i'll call you inshallah, take care now, 3ad ma awa9eech, w salmaay 3la D! :)

Me: Inshallaah sweetie, you take care too! emwafaaq;** w you9aaal! byee<3>
Yousef: I love you!

Me: I love you too.

Yousef has sighed out.

I felt sad.
I was enjoying talking to him.

D pulled the laptop from me.

"Bs khala9, you talked to him, now i wanna check my facebook!" she said.

"Okaay entay w ilfacebook! ma lawa3tay chabdnaa feeh!" I said.

"Ambaiih Dayoum wallah jad lazem etsaweenlich, it's really fun, at6amash 3la pics ilawaadim w 3indehum nice applications!" she said.

"Waiih, wallah fathya!" I said.

"Shtabeen! kaifii, mithil ma entay kella emjabla blogs and ajabel facebook!!" She said.

"Blogs are soo different than facebook! you can actually read interesting things bil blogs!" I said.

"I can read interesting things on facebook too, now shutup khaleenii ashouf, i have 20 new notifications!" she said.

"Whatever!" I said.

Mom walked in.

"Ilsalam w 3alaykum." Mom said.

"Wa3alaykum alsalam." We both replied.

"Dad esalim 3laichh." she said.

"Allah esalma! Can i go and see him!?" I asked.

"No, i just asked the doctor, gali bacher gabil la te6le3een, you can pass by, a9lan man3een ilzeyara 3la oboch, 3mamich yaw bs salemaw w meshaw. ana tawa 6ardeeni 3shan besawounla f7ou9at w tests." she said.

"Haha, 6redouch!" I joked.

"Ya jeleelat il7aya!" Mom said and laughed.

I was happy to see mom laughing.

"I love you mama!" I said.

"7yatiii entaay,i love you too!" She said and hugged me.

D was almost invisible, her eyes were stuck to the laptop screen, checked her 'facebook'.

Monday 28th of August

i was reading the book "Paint it black" by Janet Fitch
i was reading page 62
He sighned heavily. "Look, i just wanted to call to say goodbye."
Goodbye? "Where are you going?"
"Home, Josie" Cal said gently. "I'm leaving on the redeye."
Home. He was going home. He was going back to Numbah Foah and her children in New York. He'd be in bed with her by morning. Suddenly, she was as jealous of him as if she had been Cal's lover.

When Ghazi and Fajoura walked in.

"ilSalaaaaaaaam!" They both said as they walked in.

Fajer was really pretty, she got prettier than i remember her.

They sat till 10PM before they realised it was getting late and they should go back home.
It was really fun.
Me,D,mom,fajer and Ghazi talked and laughed and i had a really good time.
i really needed that, for a change.

We said goodbye to Fajoura and Ghazi and mom left to see Dad.

"I'm going home b3d." D said after mom left the room.

"Whyy!!?" I said.

"Bs, i told mom banam one night bs!" She said.

"come on D, pleasee staay!" I said.

"I can't, omi yala rethat for one day." She said.
"Sorry wallah i cant." She kissed me and left.

I suddenly felt so alone.
I was a a bit sleepy, but i didnt want to sleep, because Yousef might call.

i was trying not to sleep, but i fell asleep without realising.

Monday 29th of August

*RING RING* my phone was ringing.

I jumped to the vibration sound on the table next to the bed.
I took the phone and answered.

"Aloo.." I said in a sleepy voice.

"Dayouma 7yatii." He said on the other end.

I didn't recognise the voice.

"Alooo...?" I repeated.

"Aloo!" He said.

"Haw,,,mnuu?!" I asked, still half asleep.

"Dayouma, besmellah 3laiich shfeeech ma 3arafteenii?!" He said.

I still didn't recognize the voice!


- S™


Anonymous said...

7araam maskeen her dad;( let her go to america weyahum 3ashan etshouf yousef:D
loved it;*

Anonymous said...

that was Ms.B btw;p i forgot to write it

identity said...

i read ur story ib one day!;p
oo let me tell u its 3ajeeba!;p
ooo im hoooked;p
7abit mishary!
madry lasih yemken that hate iseer love banhem;p

next post please;p

Alvaro said...

Heyy this is annoymous, "Mimi" .. I've been leaving comments on your posts!

I love this post! Cant wait till the next one..

You've inspired me to start my own blog, please check it out Bella and tell me what you think, heres the link:

Bella-S said...

Alvaro: Awwh hey mimi, yes ofcourse, i've noticed you;)! Awwh, thanks, i'm glaad i did!:$ i'll check it out right now and leave comments;*

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