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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Part TwentyEight;; "I'm the best at ruining MY life."

Friday 20th of august
My bedroom

I read the new text message "Nayma..?" i read that it was from Yousef

"Home.. :) yalla call! ;)"
I replied.

"he" called. I looked at the number, it's an unkown number; i ignored.

He called again.
I ignored...again.
5 minutes later.

A new text message recieved, "Shfeeech ma tredeen?" he said.

I read the message twice.
And i was thinking.. "huh..?"

I quickly went and read the sent messages and i've noticed that the first message was not from Yousef, but instead it was from "khaled" i assumed.

"shtabii!!?" I replied.

"ABEEECH!!" He replied.

I felt grossed out and ignored his message.

I turned on my laptop and signed on msn.
I was waiting for it to sign in when i recieved yet another message.
"I said abeeech!!! ma tefhemeeeeeeen!?" Khaled said.

This was annoying me.
I want to tell yousef about him, but i can't....i just can't.
Not now...atleast.

I signed on.
a box appeared on the side, you have 45 new e-mails.
ugh, like i'm going to check them. pfft.

Yousef: Halla walla! Tawnii yay badig 3laiich! ;p

Me: Hehe, Halla feeek! ;D

Yousef: Ha 7ubbii shlounich?

Me: Zaina, you?

Yousef: Ana zain damich zaina ya galbii, ha wain re7taay after you left starbucks?

Me: D's house.

Yousef: Ya7lailha D, shlounha? ;p

Me: Zaina.

*BEEP* New text message.

I opened it, it was from Khaled.

"Laish ma tredeen? w gbl shway etgouleenli Call now!?"

"Sorry, i thought you were someone else." I replied.

Yousef: Deema, feech shay?

Me: No, laiish?

Yousef: Madrii, wayid hadya. :P

Me: Sorry i was checking my emails.

I lied.

Yousef: It's okay, ekhthay ra7tich.

Me: La khaalaa9t! :P

Yousef: Okay.

Me: Ent wain re7t?

*Beep* New message.
"So you were expecting someone..?"

"None of your business, bye!"
I replied.

Yousef: Re7t shraitli stuff i need gbl la asafer w then re7t eldowaniya.

Me: Cool.

Yousef: sweetie..

Me: halla..

Yousef: a7ebich.

Me: hehe, me too.

Yousef: You too what? :P

Me: You know what! ;$

Yousef: 3ayaaaraa;*

Me: hehehe (a)

Yousef: Wallah besmellah 3laich, elyoum wallah you were soo beautiful.

Me: Thank you. :$

Yousef: El3afoo, hatha el9ij!;P

Me: Wallah 7ta ent you were soo handsome.

Yousef: Ay handsome ya m3awda, haha. :P

Me: you're handsome; to me! ;$

Yousef: B3d galbii thanks;* I'm glad your mine, wallah a7mid rabii w ashkera.

Me: Yousef.. :$ bsss!!

Yousef: Ha!? Shgelt ana! :P

Me: a7rajtniii;$!

Yousef: Fedaiit elly testi7ii;*!

Me: <3 color="#ff6600">Yousef has sent you a wink "Kiss"

Me: hehehe;$.

*Beeep* New message.
"Never, w now that Yousef will be gone. you're all mine!"

I read the message a hundred times.
i couldn't believe my eyes.
& what the hell does he want from me!!!
I HAVE TO TELL YOUSEF! but i cant..

Yousef: Shaklich busy..

Me: no no, sorry, saraa7t! ;$

i pulled out another lie.

Yousef: Eb shnuu goulay shfeech? shga3da etfakreen fee?

Me: Nothing, bs sara7t! :P

Yousef: lol, okay! ;p

Me: ;;*

Friday 20th of august
My bedroom

I quickly called the unknown number.

"MNUUU ENTAA!!?" I yelled as soon as he picked up.

"Besmellah elra7man elra7eem, elnas esalmoun awal shay." He said. so fucking calmly.

"SALAM!! now tell who are you!?" I insisted.

"Im khaled, masra3 nesaiitay." He said.

"I know your name,Bs how do you know me!!! and how do you know YOUSEF!?" I yelled.

He laughed.

"It's not funny. i'm serious!" i yelled.

"I'm someone who's madly inlove with you." He said.

I stayed quiet.

"Aloo?" He said.

I didn't say a word, i was trying to catch my breath.

"Aloo?" he repeated, "Deema? shfeeech sweetie wain re7taay?" He continued.

Is he serious! :S

"I'm not your sweetie!" I finally managed to speak.

"yes you are!" He said.

"NO. i just want to know, who are you ?...REALLY!!" I said.

"give me a chance, get to know me, i might be better than Yousef." He said.

"NO. i love yousef, w mabi a7ad ghaira!" I said.

I have another person calling me.
I took a look at mobile screen.
it was Yousef calling!


"May9eer chithi, you have to give me a chance! be fair!" He said.
An attempt to make me feel guilty.
it didn't work.

I quickly took a look at the msn conversation.
ignoring what Khaled is saying.

Yousef: deema..?

Yousef: ???

Yousef: Wainich?

Yousef: 7ubii waiin re7tay? :/

Yousef: Waiting...?!! seriously...?!!!!!!!

Yousef: BYE. :)

Yousef: & don't bother to call, i won't pick up.

Yousef has signed out.

I can hardly breathe..
I'm choking....on AIR!

"Deemaa!!" Khaled said.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I cried and closed the line.


- S™


Music, Happiness, Love said...

fir comment ;D
lets read!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

OMG WAI3, o shda3wa yousef gets mad like that

this post was short so u shud post another one tomoro;p plz?

dreamGIRL said...

It's not short! (A)
He got mad because i was talking to him on msn and saying i wasn't busy and then when he called he had a waiting call. i was dumb.

Anonymous said...

khaleddddd is so eww

dammnitt..why did yousef get so angry..ya3ni someone could have called faj2a =/

akhh..such bad timing to have a fight..just before he leaves =( hope u guys made up

B said...

shda3wa yousef :/ 3adi you said you werent busy bas something might've come up o someone called you..3adi ya3ni i dont get the big deal:P

Even Sweeter said...

lool yousif di3la walla!! o Khalid inarfez you shouldnt call him!! Yeah nabi longer parts ;p

Silhouette Crime said...

akraaaaaaaaaah 5alid oh god annoying

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

ahlaaan... i read ur blog all in one daay oo i couldnt stop.. nice.. :P !!! ;) heheh

wai3 hayaaa ishtabii oo hatha 5alid wats up with him.. !!!

moi said...

i just read ur blog, cute:P!

Um-Loai said...

I just started reading your blog, and sat to read everything in one sitting!