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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part twenty;; "Why do you have to go?"

Friday 5th of august
The roof of my house

I was tanning and listening to music when my phone rang.

"An unknown number" appeared on screen, i decided to ignore.

He/she/it Called again. & again. I kept ignoring.

Then i recieved a text message from that same number that said "reday 3aib 3laich ta7gereen.." That scared me. I ignored his text as well.

Friday 5th of august

Still on the roof

Yet another different unknown number called, and i answered without thinking.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Alo, hala, zain rdaiitay." A manly voiced said at the other end.

"I'm sorry, mnu ma3ay?" I asked.

"Ana wa7id mutayam feech." He said.

"Na3am?" I said.

"Agoul ana mutayam feech!" He repeated.

"You dont even know me, shloun mutayam?" I asked.

"La tes2eleeni shloun, ana ma adriii.." He said. "Elmohim e3jebtich elhadiya?" He said.

"YOU'RE THE SENDER!!!?" I yelled.

"Eee." He said.

"OH MY GOD! BYE!" I said and closed the line.

He called again. i ignored.
He sent a text message 5 minutes later, "Fdaiiit elly ya7geroun!"

Friday 5th of august

I was sleeping on the couch when dad came in the house.

"Deema..?" He said. "Deema!" He called out again.

"Deema" he said and poked me.

"Na3aam..?" I said half asleep.

"Goumay 7beebti, 7azzat el maghrib mu zain tnameen." He said.

"Enzain.." I said and yawned.

He went upstairs and i went back to sleep.

about 20 minutes later my phone rang.

It was Yousef.

"Aloo..?" I said

"Aloo,halla dayouma." He said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Shlounich? shakhbarich?" He asked.

"El7emdellah bkhair, ent shlounek?" I asked.

"Tmam el7emdellah, are you busy!" He said.

"No,why?" I asked.

"Bakalmich eb maw'9ou3." he said.

"What?" I asked, worried.

"I don't know how to say this,bs i'm going away 3 weeks from now and i might not be back for more than 2 years." He said.

"WHAT?! GO WHERE?" I yelled and got up and quickly went up to my room.

"USA. I'm going to study there." He explained.

"Oh.." I said and stayed quiet for a while.

"Deema?" He said.

"Hala.." I said.

"La tasketeen.." He said.

"Uh..meta 8arart enek ebtadris barra?" I said.

"Menziman, bs ma geltlich l2ana ma knt met2akid mn el maw'9ou3." He said.

"Oh, bs elmafrou'9 etgouli 7ta law ma knt met2akid!" I said.

"Asif, ma knt adri shasawee, ma knt aby akhserech!" He said.

"Meta betoru7?" I said. Trying not to shed a tear.

"25th of august." He said.

"W you mit2akid?" I asked.

"Ee, 7ajaztli ticket w a rented a place there w everything is ready." He said.

"W ehoun 3laik etkhaleeni hnee brou7ii a7ateeek?" I asked,

"Wallah la2, hatha a93ab shay, knt shway w ahawin 3lsalfa." He said.

"Enzain, allah ewafgek enshallah.." I said.

"Mashkoura 7yatii, you'll be fine without me, bs la tkhafeen im going to keep in touch with you a lot." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"Dayoum! la t'9aygeen khelgi, please!" He said.

"Okay." I said, again.

"Dayoum!!!" He yelled, "a7ebich!" He said.

"Thank you." I said.

"el3afo" He said.

"akalmek b3dain, ciao." I said w sakart el phone.

I called D & weeped.

- S™


Charmbracelet said...


Music, Happiness, Love said...

aww 7araam;(

Anonymous said...

hiiiii 7yatiiiii .... im ur number one fan .... walla ma t9adgeeen shkthe ana walhana 3leeech oo walhana 3ala ketabatiiichhh !!! ma agdar o9afliich bs walla 9artlii '6rof magdart ashbek keliiish bs al7een OH MY GOD garet all ur parts ooo 7adiiii mtshwga 7ag el next part b3ad

bs omg shfeeeh ywaisf ballah al7en ygolich 3ogob shino ?!?! yoom 5ala9 oo sana3 sh'3la now egolich 7ata ma estsharech oo laa oo entay 7bebta .. !!

la t5lena 7aseseeh bele sawa ena '3ala6 oo lazem eshawrech !! etha ma shawrach eshawer meno bala !? HAYA?!?! wee3 !

ok 7bebtee sorry 3wart rasiiich eb gargtiii bs shswee ma anlaaam walla ...

Ur # 1 FAN :*

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: :(

M, H, L: Yeah..

# 1 fan: Awwh, i miss reading your comments! wlahat 3laich el 3afya sweetiee!!;* I guess he didnt want to tell me before making sure, well things happen.

I'm glad your back on track with me! :D

Anonymous said...

im glad tooo wallaa ;D

la bs kan el mafro'6 egloich !

yala b3ad 3ala goltiich hal ashya2 et9eer .

yala next part cant wait sh9er

ur number one fan ;**