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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Part Eighteen;; "The heart won't lie, even though her face may try..!"

Tuesday 2nd of August
D's room

"You are the most beautiful girl i ever layed eyes on;* besmellah 3laiiich!" D said.

"Whatever! that doesnt mean im not mad at him!" I said, "But really he said that?" I blushed.

"Awwh, that's cute! Deems 7aram!!" She said.

"Okay, bs shnu you blame me for being mad?!!" i asked.

"No, but reply to him with something." D said.

"NO!! i want him to sense that what he did was wrong, i don't want to tell him!" I said.

"3neeeeeeeeeeeeeeda!!!" She said and threw the pillow at me.

Wednesday 3rd of August
D's bedroom

"Deems goumay yalla basich noum!" D yelled.

" MABI!!!! aby anaaam 7aram 3laich!" I yelled back.

"NO, up! noww!" She yelled and pulled the cover.

"Uff, enzain." I said.

Checked my phone, i had a misscall from yousef and a message that says "Oh, i guess your sleeping, noum el3awafii;*"

Wednesday 3rd of August
D's car

On our way to Nino avenues Singing along to Rashed Almajed's mix.


"Yousef is calling!" I yelled.

"So? Answer!" D said.

"Mabii! im mad, REMEMBER!" I said.

"Okay, ya 7mara 3n eldala3, just pick up!" She said.

I picked up "Aloo..?" I said.

"Alo, hala deema!" He said.

"Halla feek." I said.

"Shlounich after el party?" He asked.

"3adi zaina." I said.

"Dayoum! feech shay?!" He asked.

"No, ma feeni ella el3afya!" I said.

"3ayal shfeech chinich malich khelg etkalmeeni?" He asked.

"I'm just mad, ok!!!" I yelled, kind of.

"Mad? Minnii?" He asked.

"Eee!" I said.

"Afa, laish shsawaiit ana?" He said.

"Ya3ni enta 3indek elly swaiita ams 3adii?" I asked.

"Deema, 7beebti, wa'97ay kalamich, shsawaiit bl'9ab6?" He asked, so innocently.

"Enek yayeb Hayoun el party!!!" i snapped.

"Waiih, wallah 8a9ib re'9aiit,ma kan 3indaha a7ad ewadeeha!" He said.

"I dont care!! you did it anyway!" I said.

"Deema, hadday, wallah mala da3i etkabreen elsalfa, ehya dagat 3la mom etgoulaha 3adi ana awadeeha elparty,cos her driver omha kanat makhtheta." He said.

"W ana shku feeha! Maku sheghil etwadeeha! ma 3endaha ekhwan!!!" I said.

"La 3ad wallah 6al3een el shalaiih kelhum." He said.

"Kaifha, la teyee elparty, bs mu ent etwadeeeha!!" I yelled.

"Enzain, khala9 hadday, 7a9al khaiir." He said. so calmly!!

"Khala9 okay, bye!" I said. & the phone call ended.

Wednesday 3rd of August
Nino avenues

2 messages from yousef after the phone call, one that said

"Plz call me lama tehdaiiin"


"Bs deeema tara beyee el youm elly emel men dala3ich w ehedich!" D said.

"Ay dala3!? dano, wallah ayshay shnu ya3ni ewadee his cousin party?" I said.

"Okay, bs 7aram ohwa galich ena makan 3indaha a7ad eyeebha, khala9 6awfay elsalfa" D said.

"I will...eventually, bs 3shan he knows enna it's wrong, i dont want to tell him everytime he's wrong! he should know that!" I said.

"Okay....." she said. "Dalou3a!" She coughed.

"I heard that!" I said.

"I know.."
She said and called the waiter for the cheque.

Wednesday 3rd of August

Tawni dasha elbait, mom was sitting in the livingroom watching Desperate housewives, haha.
"Elsalam mama!" I said and kissed her forehead.

"Halla bnaytii.. ha shloun el party ams?" She asked.

"Amazing! i had so much fun, bs now 7dii daykha,barou7 anam.." I said.

"okay 7abeebti, te9be7een 3la khair" She said.

And just when i was going upstairs she called out for me.

"ee 9a7!! Dayoum...."

- S™


Music, Happiness, Love said...

first comment ;)

ommggg!! continue! y do stop like that?

soon plzz;p

miss ghesquiere said...

okay she is getting very annoying! dala3 mala da3y!

Anonymous said...

mAfahamt laish ee 9a7 dayoom yalla NEXT!

dreamGIRL said...

M, H, L: Sorry, i didnt really think this was much of a cliffhanger!:P

Miss Q: I can't just let everything slips too easily, that way he'll think he's always gonna be forgiven.

Sugar: Ma fahamtay shnu? Enshalllah now im going to start with the new part.