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Monday, December 15, 2008

Part TwentyFive;; "As she cries out here voice dies out.."

Sorry, i know i took a long break, but i really needed that break.

Sunday 8th of august
My bedroom

"I love you.." message recieved from Yousef.

I smiled and went to bed.

Thursday 12th of august
My room

"D, Time is running and Yousef will be gone before i know it!" I said to D on the phone.

"I'll be right here sweetie, it's okay, you'll get through it, i promise!" D said.

"I was talking to him yesterday on the phone and i wished the phonecall would never end." I said.

"9adgeeni when he's away, ra7 tet3awedain w e9eer elwa'93 3adii.." D explained.

"I hope you're right!" I said.

Thursday 12th of august

My room

I was talking to Yousef on msn.

Yousef: Agoul 7ubii ba36eech a necklace gbl la asafer okay?

Me: What necklace?

Yousef: I've bought a necklace for you. but promise me to never take it off unless you're taking a shower.

Me: Awwh, you shouldn't have! okay i promise.

Yousef: I know, but i want to.

Me: You know i was thinking of giving you my huge pullover so you can wear it there, and if you're feeling cold, this will warm you up! ;P

Yousef: Ohhh, thank you 7yatii. :D

Me: No problem.

Yousef: When will we exchange our stuff?

Me: I don't know. what time is good for you?

Yousef: Anytime you want.

Me: Okay then, on the 20th.

Yousef: hehe, okay, bs shme3na?

Me: I don't know, it was random.

Yousef: Haha, okay ;;*

Thursday 12th of august
My room

I was just going to lay my head on the bed when my phone rang.
It was on my desk, charging.

I picked up without looking at the Caller's ID.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Aloo Hala wallah, shlounich?" A manly voice said.

"I'm sorry, menu ma3ay?" I said.

"Afa masra3 nesaiiteenii,," He said.

"This is not funny, mnu ma3ay?" I said.

"I'm khaled." He said.

Khaled? Do i know any Khaled? Hmm, no.

"Ay Khaled?" I said.

"Shda3wa, Khaled 7abeebich.." He said.

"I don't know what you're talking about, nas fathya wallah, m3a elsalama!" I said and closed the phone.

He called again, and again....& again.
I turned off my phone and went to bed.

friday 13th of august
My room

My mom entered my room.
"Dayouma yalla goumay!!" she said and poke me.

"Enzaiin," I said, still asleep.

"Yalla 7beebtii 6a3ay el sa3a chaam!" She said.

"Okay yuma okaaay!!" I yelled.

"Shfeeech ta3bana?" she asked.

"La ma feeni shay." I said.

"3yal shfeech lama al7een nayma?" She asked.

"Madrii." I said. "Khala9 al7een agoum." I continued.

"Okay 7beebtii.." She said and left the room.

I went back to sleep.

Friday 13th of august
My room

D entered my room and she's mad,
"Yal kalba, ya 7mara, ya bgara!!" she yelled.

I didnt reply.

"DEEMOO!!!" she yelled and pulled the cover off.

"Haa..?" I said.

"GOUMAY YA BGARA!!" she yelled. "Tadreen i went nuts trying to call your cellphone, w kela switched off, w your house phone ma7ad erid!!" She continued.

"Haaa..?" I said.

"Way3a!! goumaay!" she yelled.

"D....i'm -- i can't pick myself..i feel..." I said.

"Shfeeech!!!?" she said, and placed her hand on my forehead. "OH MY GOD, you're boiling!! Get up ebser3a awadeech el 6beeeb!" She said.

"I cant!" I cried.

"Okay,i'm gonna help you up, bs help me, ma agdar i pick you up brou7ii." she said.

"D,i cant!!" I cried more.

"Khala9 wait, i'll call Phlomeena to help me.." She said.

she went out of my room and started calling phlomeena.

"Come hurry up, deema's room..!" She said and came back in the room.

"khala9 sweetie dont cry.." she said.

"D, im soo tired, i feel so sick." I weeped.

"I know sweetie, khala9 al7een i'll take you to the hospital." she said & took out a t-shirt and pants to change me.

Phlomeena came and they changed me into a tshirt and a jeans pants and they took me to d's car.

"I'm going to call your mom now, agoulaha enna bawadeech el hospital." She said.

"Ok.." i said and wore the seatbelts.

"Aloo, hala khalti, shlounich shakhbarich?" D said talking to mom on the phone.

"el7emdellah bkhair, agoul khalti ana now bakhith Dayouma elhospital, 7ararat'ha wayid mertaf3a..." She said.

"La la tkhafeen khalti, enshallah maku shay, ana adeg 3laich etha gal el6beeb shay." she said.

"Enshallah, m3a elsalama.." she said.

"D, what about yousef..?" I said.

"What about him?" She said.

"I dont know, he's probably trying to call me now, go back i want my phone!" I said.

"6a3 hathy, noway, you're sick, your phone can wait!" she said.

"Bs 7raam he'll be worried." I said.

"Take my phone, call him." She said.

"I dont remember his phone number.." I said.

"haha, seriously?" She said.

"I know it, bs right now i cant memorize it!" I said.

"Oh, it's okay, i'm sure he'll understand, why is your phone switched off anyways?" she asked.

"Because some random number keeps calling.." I said.

"The same unknown caller?" she said.

"I don't think so, his name is khaled." I said.

"Ohh, 3yal zain sawaiitay." she said.

"Ayyy rasii e3awernii D!!!" I cried.

"Khala9 we're almost there." She said.

"I feel soo hoot!!" I said. "And so weak!" I continued.

"It's okay, al7een e7e6ounlich edrib and you'll be fine enshallah.."

Friday 13th of august
Al-Ameeri Hospital

I was fast asleep on the bed with the Drip on me and D was sitting next to my bed talking to her mom on the phone.

"Yuma, i cant leave her here!" She said.

"Khala9 etha bet6awel banam 3indaha 3adi yuma, al7een omha ebteyee b3d." She continued arguing.

"Okay, thanks mama, love you, bye" She said.

20 minutes later. i woke up.

"D, shemga3dich?" I said.

"You! shda3wa bakhaleech." she said.

"awwh, enzain wain mama?" I said.

"She's on her way." She said.

"Etha tbeen trou7een, tra you can go." i said.

"La mabii, i want to stay.." She said.

"Okay, i love you." I said.

"Love you too." D said.

"AMBAAAAY!" I yelled.

"SHFEECH?!" D said.

"YOUSEF!" I got up quickly.

- S™


desertpalms said...

hope ur break did you some good =**

awww..D is so sweet ='(...Allah yikhaleekm 7ag ba3ath

B said...

ha? got up quickly laish?? lat6awleen;p

Charmbracelet said...

yea please dont take long !=| =p =*

dreamGIRL said...

Desertpalms: It was a good break, thanks :)
hehe yeah, i love that girl! W khaleech for the ones you love;*!

B: Because i didn't tell him what happened to me, and he's probably worried. Enshallah mra7 a6awil.

Charmbracelet: Enshallah :D

Music, Happiness, Love said...

yaaaaaaaay lets read it ;D

Music, Happiness, Love said...

aww 7araam ;(