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Monday, November 24, 2008

Part TwentyThree;; "A lesson learned is a picture burned."

Saturday 6th of august
The avenues

I opened the new text message that i recieved; it said. "Never!"
I felt this strange feeling when i read it. how desperate is he?

I kept following D and ignored his message.

Saturday 6th of august
My bedroom

I turned on my laptop and signed on msn.

Yousef was on.

A message box apeared," Q8****** wants to add you."

I hesitated, but accepeted the request.

Yousef: Hala Walla. :D

Me: Halla Feeek. ;p

Yousef: Shlounich sweetie?

Me: Zaina el7emdellah, you?

Yousef: Ana zain damich zainaa.. ;p ha shloun el avenues?:P

Me: zaiin.

Should i?? or no? I decided on "No".

Yousef: Good. (:

Me:Ent waiin re7t today?

Yousef: No where wallah ga3id blbaiit.

5 minutes of an awkward silence.

Me: yousef..?

Yousef: Halla galbiii..?

Me: Sh9ar 3ala safretik?

Yousef: Ya bnt elnas, laish chithi etkadreenii al7een?

Me: Im sorry, bs im just concerned, ba3aref sh9aar?

Yousef: Wallah khala9t kel my papers, bs an6er el Visa etkhali9.

Me: Are we going to talk when you're there?

i felt like crying. i felt i couldn't breathe for a while.

Yousef: akeeed!!! mn9ejich ba3eesh mn dounich ya3nii??

Me: I dont know, gaa3d as2al bs.

Yousef: Hatha shay akeed 7ubbi, dont worry, we're going to keep in touch enshallah.

Me: Promise?

Yousef: Enshallah, i promise.

Me: <3>

Yousef: :*

The person who just requeasted to add me talked to me.

Him: Gowa..

Me: Allah egaweek, mnu ma3ay?

Him: Awal shay shlounich?

Me: Zaina, now mnu ma3ay please?

Him: Someone you know.

Me: Okaaaaay? who?

Him: Afa bs afa, masra3 nesaiiiteenii..

Me: I dont know who you are..!

Him: Fakray 3adil w bet3arfeen.

Me: Tra mali khelg, mn9iji who are you?

Him: Khala9 yuba la t3a9been, ana elly elyoum bl avenues.


Him: Besmellah shfeeech?


Him: I have my ways.

Me: Right, okay, bye.

And i blocked him.

I turned off my laptop and went to sleep

Sunday 7th of august
My bedroom

"Yalla goumay goumay!!" D yelled as she entered my room.

I opened one eye, "Whaaat!?" I said.

"Yalla goumay, benrou7 netrayaag eb Lenotre." She said.

"Na3aaam?!" I said, still kind of sleeping.

"Yalla goumay ufff!!" She yelled and pulled the blanket off of me.

"Wlaiiiiiin!!" I said and picked up my head off the pillow.

"Anything new with the stalker?" D asked.

"Yes, he added me on msn yesterday!!" I said.

"WTF!! shloun!?" she asked.

"Madri, gali i have my ways chan akhteri3 w i blocked him!" I said.

"That's scaryy. You think Haya is involved?" She said.

"I really dont know!" I said and went in the bathroom to wash and brush my teeth.

"Enzain, you still won't tell yousef?" She asked.

"Yeah, i dont want to." I said behind the bathroom door.

"Why not? tra etha he found out mn nafsa ra7 e3a9ib!" She said.

"Shloun he finds out mn nafsa?" I asked.

"I dont know, kelshay jayez, maybe Haya?" She said.

"La i dont think so!" I said.

"Okay, kaifich, i warned you!" She said.

"Okay!" I said and got out of the bathroom.

I changed into a black knee-length skirt and a yellow lacoste polo shirt & left the house with D.

Sunday 7th of august
D's Car


Singing along to every song that plays on the I-pod. and having fun.

I sent a text message to yousef telling him that i'm going with D to eat breakfast at lenotre.

"Call haya right now!" D suggested.

"Uhh....why?" I asked.

"Just talk." D said.

"uh, i dont see any point in that." I said.

"Just call w se2lay 3anha w bs." She said.

"Mabi, you call!" I said.

"No, ana shku, you call yallah!" She said.

"okay, i still dont see the point though." I said and got out her number and called.

"Aloo?" she said.

"Aloo, hala haya shlounich?" I said.

"Hala feech,El7emdellah bkhaiir, entay shlounich? shakhbarich?" Haya said.

"Ana tmam el7emdellah." I said.

"Ha lail7een edeg 3laich el unknown caller?" she said.

"Uhh...No." I said.

"9ij? zaiin ashwaaa." she said,

"Yeah, what are you up to?" I asked.

"nothing much wallah, ya eb bait yadity ya blshalaiih." She said.

"Nice, enzain agoulich when are you free?" I said and looked at D thinking WHAT AM I SAYING!!!

"Wallah madrii, im free tonight." she said.

"Tonight...hmm, okay, i'll see you tonight at 7:30 okay?" I said.

"Okay, sure!" She said.

"Bye hayouna!" I said.

"Bye sweetie." She said and the phone call ended.

"WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!?" D yelled as soon as i closed the line.

"I dont know, i dont know!" I paniced.

"Haha, don't even think that im coming with you tonight!" She said.

"D please come!!! yal sakheefa you made me call her!!!!" I yelled.

"I'll think about it!" She said and laughed.

"Thank you!!" I said.

Sunday 7th of august
My Bedroom

I was getting ready to go out with Haya, D ditched me! i'm going to kill her later!!!

I was soo nervous, i don't what we're going to talk about & i'm afraid i'll slip something that i shouldn't tell her.

I wore a simple black dress and applied eyeliner and a red bold lipstick and got in my car.

I called Haya.

"Aloo, hiiiiiii!" she said.

"Hiii, hayouna, ha ready?" I said.

"Almost, where are you!?" She asked.

"I just got in my car, 10 mins w akoun 3indech, be ready!" I said and closed the line

I text messaged Yousef telling him im going out with Haya.

10 minutes later, he called.

"Aloo, hiii" I said.

"Hala, Waiin betrou7een with haya?" He asked.

"I don't know. anywhere." I said.

"Ehya e3zemtich?" He asked.

"No, i did." I said.

"W shel6arii?" he said.

"Menziman 3anha, gelt ne6la3 w we catch up." I said.

"B3d 3umrii wallah galbich Abyaa'9!" He said.

I giggled.

"A7ebich wallaah!" He said.

"Thank you.." I said.

"Shnu thank you ya bnaya!" He said.

"Hehe, shtbeeni agoul?" I said.

"Ha? Goulay i love you too b3d ma yabeelaha tafkeer!" He said.

"Bs you know it already, mala da3i i say it." i said.

"3ayaraa!" He said.

I giggled "Yousef i'll talk to you later, im almost reaching Haya's House okay?" I said.

"Okay baby, Take care!" He said.

"You too, love you, bye!" I said.

"Ha shgeltaaay?" He said.

i giggled, "Bye yousef" I said & closed the line.

I called Haya to let her know i'm outside her house.

She came out and got in the car. we kissed cheeks and i drove away.

She took my phone to see the mobile's wallpaper. it was an image of me and D.

"Allah the pic etshaweg!" She said.

"Thank youu!" I said.

"Sha3rich here wayid 7eloo!" She said, "Actually shaklich eb party D kan wayid 7elu mashallah" She continued.

"Thank you, 3younich el7elwa!" I said.

"Waay et9adgeen fegadtich yal khaysa!" She said.

"Ma tafgedeen ghalyy.." I said

"Shloun Dano!?" She asked.

"el7emdellah zaina." I said.

"Laish mara7 teyee weyana?" She asked.

"She has other plans" I said.

"3ad i miss her ba3ad!" She said.

I smiled "Im sure she misses you too.." I said.

"BEEEP" i recieved a message & guess where my phone is? HAYA'S HAND! :)

- S™


B said...

i found your blog ams o garait kel il parts;p
i hope your phone is locked:p

sugar said...

akeeeeeeed YOUSEF!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

OMG!! aham shaay
a7is its d saying something bad about haya;p

ZuZu said...

cheni admant ;/

Charmbracelet said...


dreamGIRL said...

B: Welcome aboard (: no, it's not!

Sugar: Wait & see!;p

M, H, L: Maybe?:P

Zuzu: Haha, good! ;)

Charmbracelet: yeah.. ;/

Ruby Woo said...


Even Sweeter said...

omg sh'halgafa! i hate when someone takes my mobile without asking! lool mu zain itha M,H,L 9ajja;p

dreamGIRL said...

Ruby Woo: Haha that word made me laugh.

Even sweeter: yeah, i hate it too, w my family & friends tend to do that a lot, ugh.

Anonymous said...


yalla 3ad update :(

Flona said...

AMBAIH!! NEXT NEXT...! garait ur whole blog ib 1 day :)

dreamGIRL said...

Anonymous: Welcome Aboard;) good now you can catch up;p! haha thanks:*

Flona: Welcome aboard to you too;P!

enshallah next part as soon as i can;p.

Peridot said...

I love ur storyyy ;p
plz plz update soooon ;p

dreamGIRL said...

Thank you and tomorrow im going to update! (:

Anonymous said...

yalla it's tomorrow wain elupdate:p

dreamGIRL said...

Im writing as we speak! :P

Anonymous said...

i;m going to hajj! my plane's in 4 hours..will you be done by then?? :$

dreamGIRL said...

I dont know, im trying but you keep asking for longer parts, so it takes time!