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Friday, October 31, 2008

Part Nineteen;; "Is this in my head? I don't know what to think."

Wednesday 3rd of August

"Halla mama..?" I said and went back to the livingroom.

"Fii present ew9alatlich elyoum mn Dana,76aiit'ha eb your room.." She said.

"Present? Shnu ehya?" I wondered for a sec.

"Wallah madri ya bnayti.." She said.

"Okay, thanks ana now arou7 ashouf.." I said "Te9be7een 3la khair" and went running upstairs.

Wednesday 3rd of August
my bedroom

I entered my room and saw a box placed on my bed. I quickly went and read the card; it said "I love you. -- Dana"

Why would D send me a present suddenly?
& When did she send it when i was with her the whole time!?

I picked up my phone and called D.

"Helloo loove!" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Heyy!" She said.

"Thanks for the present...!" I said.

"Ay present?!" She said, confused.

"Haw, you dazatli a present!" I explained.

"No i didn't." She said.

"Then who is it..." I wondered "Oh, i see, it's probably from Yousef then." I guessed.

"Awwh, he used my name, how sweeet!" She said.

"Yeah, that's a smart move!" I said. and giggled.

"Awwh, open it noow!" She yelled.

"Okay okay!" I said and opened the wrapping paper around the box.

"Soo what is it?!" She asked.

"I dont know waiiit.." I said.

I opened the box and it had 2 things; A piece of paper, which i assumed was a letter, and a Chanel box.

"It has a letter, and a Chanel box!" I said.

"Chanel!? Awwh, what is it?!" She asked.

I opened the box, and it had the cutest Chanel earrings.

"It's Chanel earrings!" I yelled.

"Awwh, You lucky ass!" She said.

"That is soo sweet of him!" I said. and blushed.

"I can see you blushing you know!?" She joked.

"Haha shut up, bye im going to thank him!" I said.

"Okay, tell him i said hi!" she said and laughed.

I called him. It rang 4 times before he answered.

"Aloo." He said

"Aloo, hiii!" I said.

"Halla wallah..." He said.

"Hala feek." I said.

"Ghareeba dagga." He said. "Ha enshallah hadaiitay mn elsalfa?" He continued.

"No, bs i'll get over it. thanks 3l present." I said.

"Ay present?" He asked.

"You didnt send me a present?" I asked, so confused!

"No, laish wa9latlich present?" He asked.

"Yeah! and i thought it was from you, cos it says 'Dana' On the card, and i called dana and its not her." I explained

"Ohh, la wallah mu ana.." He said.

"Haw, ambay 3yal mnu?" I wonderd.

"Wallah madrii, what's the present?" He asked.

"A Chanel earrings and a piece of paper, wait a minute!" I said.

"Okay." He said.

I got out the paper and read it.

"OH MY GOD!" I yelled.

"Shfeeeeech!!?" He asked.

"It's...The unknown caller!" I said.

"Na3am!!? Shyabii hatha!!" He yelled.

"Shdaranii, 3al paper katib a peom then akher shay katib 'Is this proof enough that i love you more than Yousef?' Let me know then katib his number" I said. i was shivering!


"Okay, yousef stop yelling, im not him you know!" I said.

"Im sorryy sweetie, wallah 7mar shyabi!" He said.

"I dont know! oh my god, wallah ga3da arjef" I said.

"Calm down, ma yegdar esawee feech shay w rasi eshem elhawa!" He said.

"What are you going to do?" I asked, worried.

"Ra7 etshoufeen shasawii, bs khal e6ee7 eb eedee!" He said.

"Yousef, please don't do something crazy!" I said.

"Crazy? Hahay! wallah la awareeh njyoum elgayla!" He said.

"Yousef!! Please!!" I begged.

"Enzain enzain.." He said.

"Yousef, im serious!!" I said.

"Enzain ya bnt el7alal, ma9ar shay al7een.." He said.

"Okay, allah yastir.." I said.

"La tkhafeen 3alay.." He said.

"Etha ma akhaf 3laik,3ayal akhaf 3la mnu?" I said.

"B3d 3umrii,la bs ana chithi hawant mara7 asawee shay, bs etha sawa shay marra thania, mouta 3la eedee!" He said.

"3ayal mara7 agoulek etha sawa shay!" I said.

"La yuba, gouleenlii, mara7 asawee shay!" he said.

"La, adrii feek!" I said.

"enshouf.." He said.

and then we talked for a couple of hours more before i went to bed.

Thursday 4th of august
My bedroom

I woke up to find a message from yousef that said "Good morning sunshine!:*"

I called D and told her about the unknown caller.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!! FREAK!!" She yelled.

"I know! yuma! wallah khayfa!" I said.

"Khayfa mn shnu?" She asked.

"Madrii, akhaf Yousef e9eer feeh shay!" I said.

"La besmellah 3laih, laishh etfakreen chithi!" She said.

"Wallah madri, i just have a bad feeling around this!" I said.

"La dont be scared, Yousef rayal, he can take care of himself, take care of yourself!" She said.

"Take care of me? Whyyyy la tkhar3eeni!!" I yelled.

"Madrii, dont answer unknown numbers, o just ignore him! he'll give up!" She said.

"I hope he does give up w leave me alone!!" I said.

- S™


Music, Happiness, Love said...

omg freak :|

be careful

Anonymous said...

YUMA shyabi!!!

Anonymous said...

=\ ashkara haya m6arsheta !


Nora said...

Maybe he rally loves u more than yousif! who knows.. i dont know bs for some reason i think ina the unknown caller better than yousif ;p dnt be mad ;p

dreamGIRL said...

M, H, L: I'm always careful! ;) but yeah he's a creep!

Sugar: Shdaranii 3annah! :S

Anonymous: Maybe.

Nora: I really doubt that. :P