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Friday, December 19, 2008

Part TwentySix;; "When i'm With you; I can barely catch my breath.."

Friday 13th of august
Al-Ameeri Hospital

"Shfeeeeh!?" D asked.

"I have to talk to him!!" I said.

"But you dont remember his number..?" She said.

"No i do, give me your phone.." I said.

I took her phone and dailed his number.

"Aloo Yousef!." I said as soon as i heard him pick up the phone.

"Ee,halla....Deema!?" he asked, just making sure.

"eee." I said.

"Ra8am mnuu hatha!?" He asked.

"Dana." I said.

"Enzain, 7ubii wainich? 9arlii elyoum kella adig 3laich ma tredeen! khara3teeni ya m3awda!" He said as his voice got higher.

"I'm sorry, i didnt wake up until around almaghrib w dana came to wake me up wela i have a very high fever so she brought me to the hospital, my phone is swtiched offf, sorryyy." I said.

"ouuf ouuf,Ma tshoufeen shar 7yatii, salamtich, yraiiit feeni wala feeech.." He said.

"La latgoul chithi, besmellah 3laiiik." I said.

"Enzain al7een shlounich?" He asked.

"I'm okay, but im still in the hospital, yemkin b3d shway a6la3 i dont know." I said.

"Ya ba3ad chabdii walllah tadreen tawnii artaa7 mn el9ub7 w ana ga3da a7atee, a39abii ra7at!" He said.

"Im sorry sweetie." I said.

"It's okay, aham shay enich you're okay." He said.

"Ent shlounik?" I asked.

"Zain dam sema3t 9outich.." He said.

"Thanks, enzain i have to go now, i'll talk to you lama i go back home okay? la t7atii.." I said.

"Okay, take care ha 7ubii?" He said.

"Enshallah, you too." I said.

"I will, yalla erta7aay, bye, i love you." He said.

"Okay, bye.." I giggled.

"Ha now you're feeling better?" D asked.

"Yes, maskeen he was worried." I said.

"Ofcourse, enzain how are you feeling now?" She asked.

"I feel fine." I said.

"Elsalam w 3laiikumm." Mom said as she came next to my bed & kissed me on my forehead.

"Wa3alaykum elsalaam." I said.

"Ha 7beebtii shlounichh?" She asked.

"El7emdellah bkhaiir." I said and smiled.

"El7emdellah." she said and looked at D, "Shlounich ya bnaytii? mashkoura wayid.." Mom said.

"Bkhair khaltii, el3afo shda3wa,ma swaiit ella elwajib" She said and smiled.

"7beebtii wallah, enzain mu chena ta2akhar elwagt, mta betrou7een elbaiit?" Mom asked.

"La khaltii dgait 3la omi w geltlaha eni banam 3nd dayoum." D said.

"Ee okay, 7ayach allah." She said and smiled.

Saturday 14th of August
My bedroom

I texted Yousef telling him i've arrived home.
when i turned my phone on, i saw that i had 20 MissU and 5 text messages, 10 missed calls from Yousef, 2 from mom, 4 mn D and the rest from the unknown Khaled.
the messages were from yousef, and 2 from d, one of D's messages were blank, haha made me laugh.

"D, you idiot!" I said.

"Whyy?" she asked.

"you sent a blank message to me." I laughed.

"Haha, ee blghalaa6!" she said.

"idiot, enzain tadreen Yousef will give me a necklace!!?" I said.

"9ijj, awwh, what necklace?" She asked.

"I dont know, he bought a new necklace for me gbl la esafer eb ya36eeni eyaha." I blushed.

"Awwh, that is soo sweet of him!" She said.

"I know, and im giving him my GAP oversized Pullover!" I said.

"The red one?" She asked.

"Eee." I said.

"Nicee." she said.

we talked until we fell asleep.

Friday 20th of august
My car

I was in my car going to starbucks which is located near laila galleria.
I reached there and he was already there waiting, i parked my car and entered Starbucks, he was sitting at a table near the window, i walked towards him with my heart beating so fast. he looked so handsome in his white shirt and three-quarter baij pants. i was wearing a navy knee high dress.

He was holding a Swarvoski bag, which i assumed the necklace was inside it.

He stood up when i approached the table, he had the biggest smile on his cheeks and the cutest dimples you could see, my heart melted literally.

I was shaking, it was obvious.

"Besmellah 3laich, You look nice." He said.

"Thanks!" I said & stood there as the blood rush to my face and i turn to a red tomato.

"Shfeeech khayfa ge3day.." he said.

"Ma feeni shay.." I said and gave him the bag i was holding & got seated.

"Mashkoura, w hach your necklace, 3ad mithil ma w9aiitich never take it off.." He said and smiled.

"Enshallah, thanks." I said and smiled back.

I was so nervous. my heart was racing. & my hands started sweating.

"Ha shtabeen a6leblich?" He said as he stood up.

"Nothing, mashkour.." I said.

"Yalla 3ad 3an elmala8a, tell me wallah.." He said.

"Wallah mu meshtahya.." I said & smiled, "But thank you." I continued.

"3la ra7tich.." He said and went up to the cashier.

i quickly got my phone out of my bag and texted D,
"S.O.S!! I'm having a nervous attaaack."

I heard him ordering, "One white moca, Grande, please" he then looked at me and flashed another gorgeous smile. My heart smiled.
I smiled back.

New text message recieved, it was from D. "WHYY!?"

"Im at starbucks with yousef, exchanging gifts!" I replied.

He went to the round counter where he can get his order.

New message; "Ohh, you slut! call me as soon as you finish and tell me everything, P.S Be cool!"

I giggled and slipped my phone back in my bag.

He came after taking a tissue from the counter.

"Shlounich?" He said as he sat himself down.

"Zaina,you?" I said. i tried as much as i can to not make eye contact.

"Tmam!" he said. "wlain, ya bnt elnas 6al3eena!" He joked.

I looked at him and I felt my cheeks were burning from embarrassment.

"Gelna el7aya 7elu bs mu chithi.." He joked.

I giggled, "Enzaiin." I said.

"ee khaleech chithi.." He said and smiled.

I smiled back.

He looked straight at me and said, "Dayoumtii, bagoulich shay.."

- S™


sugar said...

waaaaaaaaaaay inzain please next part soon lat6awleeen methil kel mara!! shgalaha?

dreamGIRL said...

Enshallah,I won't take long to post the next part. Í'm afraid you'll have to wait and see;P!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

noo that was short;(
next part soon plz

desertpalms said...

so cuteee!! =D

Zaina said...

shgal shgal shgal shgaaaaaaal ???:P

Zaina said...

shgal shgal shgal shgaaaaaaal ???:P

dreamGIRL said...

M, H, L: I had to post a new part, w that's all i could write at that time, enshallah sooon (:

desertpalms: yeah, thanks! :')

Zaina: Wait wait wait wait.. :D

Even Sweeter said...

Waayy!!How cute is this!!...
khair inshalla! shbegol yousif! And Inshalla ma tna6rena wayed 3ala part 27!;p