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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Part seventeen; "It's gonna be me,you & the dancefloor."


Tuesday 1st of August
D's bedroom.

"Omg, i'm so excited!" D yelled in enthusiasm.

"Me too!" I yelled.

"My B-day is going to be the talk of the YEAR!" she yelled.

"Haha, maybe!" I said.

we just got back from Party land & we bought the coolest hollywood theme stuff. cos that's her party theme, we already sent birthday invitaions and the card invitation is amazing, it says on it "What goes on in the party, stays in the party!"

I decided to wear T-bags's One-shoulder dress with my wavy hair put one side. & D on the other hand decided to wear her Hervé Léger's Bandage dress. with her hair up in a slik ponytail.

Tuesday 1st of August
D's basement

We were setting up the theme, the basement is really big, and with a pool on the side. we rolled up a red carpet at the entery with people as "paparazzi" taking photos of every girl that enters the party. we also set up green laser lights. it felt like an actual hollywood party.

we went back to D's room to get ready, the party starts at 7 PM and lasts till midnight.

Tuesday 1st of August
D's Basement

We were ready and just putting the last touches to the party. we started the Dj, and got everything ready.

10 minutes later the first girl arrived, it was Lulu, our friend, we greeted her after the "paparazzi" took her pictures, she got scared at first, then she was like take another photo of me, and she posed. haha.

we were talking and girl by girl starting showing up, the party has started, and the dancefloor was FULL!

"Deems, you look gorgeous!" Rawan said when she entered the party.

"Thanks honey, look who's talking!" I said. we kissed cheeks.

"Rawooon! Hii sweetie!" D said as she approached us.

"Hey, D, Happ birthday!" Rawan said.

"Thank you! enjoy your time!" D said and led her to the seats.

My phone was on vibrate, it vibrated, and it was "Haya" calling me. I answered.

"Alooo..?" I said.

"Hii dayoum, entay blparty 9aa7?" She asked.

"uhh, yes, where are you? aren't you coming?" I asked.

"Mballah, im outside, bs please come outside for a minute i need help with D's present." She said.

"Uhh, okay, i'll be right out." I said.

Tuesday 1st of August
Outside D's house

I got out, i had my scarf around my shoulders. There is no sign of Haya.

'is this another prank..?' i wondered.

I grabbed my phone and called Haya.

"Helloo, waiinch??" I asked as soon as she answered.

"Kani coming." She said.

"Okay, im waiting outside, bye!" I said.

Something feels wrong.

I was waiting, and i saw a car came to the gate, i got out without actually paying attention to who's in it, i assumed it would be Haya, and when i looked i saw Yousef driving!
i was shocked, shtabii haya! what's up with that move?! ;/

"Deema??" Yousef said.

Ana tana7t. Why is yousef dropping her off? he's not her BROTHER!!

She came out of the car, and she looked really pretty.

"Deema, come shfeech!" Haya yelled when she left the car.

"Mabii, you come!" I said behind the gate.

"Yousef call her!" Haya said.

"Khala9 khaleeha 3la ra7at'ha!" Yousef said.

"Okay." Haya said.

She came to the gate and she yelled "Byee yousef, thank you!" And waved.

She came in and said, "hiii giiirl!" And she hugged me. Hypocrite much? ;@

I decided not to ruin D's party and ignored her, i just played along like there is nothing wrong.

"Hii sweetie!" I said and hugged her back. "Waiin your present that you need help with?" I asked.

"Haha, i was just kidding! mabi adish elparty brou7ii!" She said and laughed.

"okaaaay!" I said, and walked downstairs to the basement thinking what the hell was on haya's mind? did she want me to get jealous that Yousef dropped her? or did she want to look prettier than me infront of Yousef? BITCH!

Tuesday 1st of August
D's party

9:30 PM

"7araka baykhaa!!" I yelled.

"7adha, ambaay etqith!" D said.

"She looked really pretty coming out of the car!" I said and pouted.

"Deems, ya bgara, you're way prettier!" She said.

"You're just saying that, did you see her Chloe's dress! and her hair style! she looks prettier!!" I cried.

"No she doesn't, your hair is amazing, trust me, You look better!" D said, "Now let us get back to the party and enjoy my night instead of talking about haya and ruining our fun!" She continued and pulled me.

Tuesday 1st of August
D's party

Me and D were dancing in the middle of the dancefloor. and the green laser looked amazing with the lights turned off.

Suddenly we heard a girl screaming "AHHHH!!!" then splash! D quickly ran to turn on the lights.

Jouri was in the pool, she was pushed by Ghezlan. We all laughed, and Jouri got out of the pool and went chasing Ghezlan to get revenge!

We all picked up Ghezlan and threw her in the pool as a pay back, so it's even!

Then we went to the Bouffet to eat dinner, the party included up to 100 girls. it was amazing. by far the best party i attended, and i bet everyone had as much fun as we did. everyone danced, and after dinner, around 11:30pm i went to the Dj player and took the microphone and said "Happy birthday D! i love you forever times infinity! This is a dedication from me to you, 3sa allah la efaregna!!" then Marlyn "The maid" came in with a big box that was covered with our pictures and some sayings that only me and her know about, the box looked really cool.

she screamed "I LOVE YOU!!" and went straight to Marlyn to take the box.

"That's not it; Phlomeena!" I said on the microphone, phlomeena is the other maid, she came in with a birthday cake that had her picture when she was a little kid and around it was small coloured cupcakes from chocolate bar.

She ran towards me and gave me a hug! "How did you manage to do all of this when you were with me the whole time!!?" She asked.

"I have my ways!" I said and winked.

"I love you wallaah!" She said and gave me a kiss.

Then a special request song from me to D started, the song was "Hadiya" By Rashed Al-Majed.

We all got up to dance and it was soo much fun!

Tuesday 2nd of August
D's room

"I had the best time ever today!" D said after done with the party.

"Me too, and everyone enjoyed your party, looks like it i going to be the TALK of the year!" I said.

"Yeah, hehe" She said.

My mobile vibrated, it was Yousef calling.

"Shyabii?" I complained to D.

"I dont know, answer and find out!" D said.

"No, im mad at him! el9ara7a makan la da3ii eyeebha elparty, shda3wa, i think she has a driver!!" I said.

"Okay, bs dont blame him, Don't you know Haya?" D said.

"I guess.. but im not answering!" I said. and threw my phone on the bed and went to the bathroom to change.

"Can i answer?" D said just before the phone stops vibrating.

"I guess not!" I said and locked the bathroom door.

5 minutes later, i got out of the bathroom to see D holding my phone.


"Wallah shay.. just reading the text message that yousef just sent." D yelled.

"What does it say?" I asked.

- S™


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am so totally addictedd maaaaaaan , i agree with noonie BACHIR!..or even better AL7EEN! =P

dreamGIRL said...

Charmbracelet: No, just give it time, so others will read it too before the new part! bs i promise i wont take that long to post the next part!

DesertPalms: hahaha. ;p Enshallah soon!

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