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Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Apology!

I'm so sorry guys, i know i promised im going to post a new part of the story today, but i really didn't have time, and now i just got on to post this apology. I lost track of time, and today was really loooong!

I'm so tired, and now it's 3:08AM & i should be sleeping because i have college tomorrow, and today i left the college campus around 6:30pm, so really i didn't have any time on my hands to get on my laptop and post a new part, again i'm sorry, and i promise, & i won't break this promise, the next part will be long....L-O-N-G! (:

How was your first day of school/college after this long period of holiday!?

My Sleep time is definitely messed up, i need to work on fixing that problem, and also i need to eat more! i'm starting to forget that if i had a meal today or not! haha, it's crazy, i tell you.

All my lovings! <3

- S™


Anonymous said...

sleep pattern is deffooo messed upp! plus being ill doesnt help! lool

cant wait for the superlong post =P

Charmbracelet said...

Ohh..its ok babe we understand.. =**

miss ghesquiere said...

wanasa if i was like you... then id be skinny :(

Music, Happiness, Love said...

my sleep is messed up too;/

cant wait for the long post!

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!!! mines is soo messed up!!

Anonymous said...

tara 9ij 6awaltay:P

dreamGIRL said...

DesertPalms: i know, Ugh, my throat is killing me;'/ and i can't sleep!

Charmbracelet: Thank you;*

Miss Q: Hehe,That's the only advantage of it, But i do feel light headed sometimes, and that's not good! :P

M, H, L: I guess we're going through that! ugh, I blame Holiday in Ramadan!

Sugar: I know, im sorry, Time flies and i don't realize, wallah mashallah, I saved a part in the drafts yesterday and since i promised for a long part i didn't post it, now i'm going to complete the part, if it was long enough, i'll publish it right away, if not, you guys have to wait for tomorrow, im sorry for the delay, i swear, it's out of my hand, but im trying!! (: