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Monday, March 2, 2009

Part ThirtyFour;; "I'm caught in the middle.."

My apologies, my internet connection was givin me a hard time.
And i'm sorry but this post will not be as long, cos of the internet problem.
because i want to post something, cos i know i kept you all waiting for a long sorry.

Saturday 23rd of august

My bedroom


D walked into my room yelling.

"WHAT HAPPENED?? SHFEEECH!?" she yelled.

"HAYA HAYA HAYAA!!" I yelled back.

"Shfeeeha? What did she do now?!" She said.

I pushed my laptop towards her.
"READ!" I said.

She stayed quiet for 5 minutes reading the email.

"AYSHAY!!" She yelled.

I didn't talk.

"7daa ayshay!! confront her!" She said.

"I have to meet her in about 2 hours!" I said.

"I'll come with you." She said.

"Really..?" I asked.

"Yeah, 7da mn 9ijich o we'll talk to her about it, w enshouf shenu akhrat'ha weyaahaa!!" she said.

"Okay." I said.

"Don't tell her im coming, let's surprise her!" she thought.

"Okay, i honestly can't believe it!" I said. "Shtabeee g6ee3ah!!" I snapped.

"yeah, she's such a Biatch!" D said.

Saturday 23rd of august
My bedroom

I was getting ready while D was checking her facebook.
I wore a yellow lacoste T-shirt and black skinny jeans and put my hair up in a loose bun.

New text message from Haya.

"Im getting ready, ha are u done? ;p"

That hypocrite! like she did nothing at all, playing her role perfectly.

"Yes i'm done, 10 minutes w a6la3 mn my house." I replied

I applied eyeliner and a touch of blush and lipgloss and got out my black LV crossbag.

"I hate how this is happening lama Yousef is going away, it's soo stressful!" I said.

"Yeah, bs ma 3laiich men Haya, wallah we're gonna teach her a lesson that she won't forget!" She said.

"Yeah, wallah ba6a chabdii!" I said.

Saturday 23rd of august

I was on my way to Nino and D was riding shotgun when i recieved a text message from Yousef.

"Hii sweetie, shlounich? ha waiinich? ;p"

"Hii baby, zaina, u? ana now on my way with D going to Nino, and haya is there." I replied.

10 seconds later he replied.
"W laish ma gelteelii?!"

"I'm sorry, i forgot, i had a lot in my mind!"
I replied.

"Shfeech? is everything ok? :/" He replied.

"Ma feeni shay, just a small problem that im going to fix." I replied.
I don't want him to know about Haya.

"Okay, but when you're done fixing the problem, i want to know what it was." He replied.

I didnt reply after that.

"D, i don't want to tell him about haya!" i said.

"Well he wants to know, so just tell him and get it over with!?" She suggested.

"Bs if i told him, he'll know about Khaled too! w ana mabii et9eer salfa just 2 days before he travels!" I explained.

"La shku shloun he will know 3an khaled? b3dain to be honest you didn't do anything, it was all planned by Haya!" She said.

"It could be my fault too, i answered his calls, i replied to messages, a part of it is my fault!" I admited.

"Yeah, bs im sure he'll understand." She said.

"I don't know, but i do know that it's wrong to tell him.." I said.

"And it's wrong to hide it from him as well.." She said.

"Ugh, so i have to choose between two wrong things to do? this is soo hard!" I said.

"Yeah, but think 3dl before you do anything." She adviced.

"Inshallah." i said and let out a deep breath.

Saturday 23rd of august

We entered nino. there was no sign of Haya
We got seated and we ordered water 3la ma etsharef haya.

I texted her after 10 mins since we've been there.


No reply.

I called her.
it rang 5 times before she picked up.

"Aloo hayoun, waiinich?" I said as soon as she picked up.

"Why is D with you?" she asked.

"Oh, she decided to come at the very last minute." I said.

"Bs i wanted to tell you something, ma knt abee a7ad, or i would've told you to tell d to come." she said.

"Ohh, im sorry, i didn't know, inzain shda3wa, just come!" I said.

"No im not coming, khaleeha next time, enjoy your time with d, bye!" she said and closed the line.

I looked at D.
"She was here!!" I said.

"WhaaT?" she said, totally confused.

"Haya was here, she took a look mn bara and saw you with me and she didnt come inside!" I said.

"Shkuu?" She said.

"I dont know, etgoul kanat tbeeni ebsalfa ena brou7ii.." I said.

"Haha, she's such a chicken!" She said. "She's obviously afraid of me, she knows i know her too well!" D continued.

"I don't know, she seems serious." I said.

"Don't you dare believe a word that comes out of her mouth! wallah mn 9ijiii! after all she did, and you're believing her?" She said.

"I didnt say i believe her. i dont know what to believe anymore!" I said.

"I cant believe she ditched us, haha wallah tra hal bnt mu 9aa7yah!" She said.

"I know!" I said.

We ate a delicious dinner and left nino.

Saturday 23rd of august



*Ring ring* Yousef was calling.

i picked up, "Helloo.. " I said.

"Halla dayouma, shlounich?" he asked.

"il7emdillah bkhair, you shlounik?" I asked.

"bkhair il7emdellah, ha tell me the problem?" He asked.

"No, i won't, cos i didnt fix it yet.." I said.

"Laish?" He asked.

"Becuase haya didn't show up!!" I said.

"Haya? liash the problem involves haya?" He asked.

"Yes, it involves her!" I said.

"sh9aayer? dayouma gouleelii!" He said.

"Sweetie, i will tell you, wallah, bs khalnii i fix it first?" I said.

"W shena6ernii? ya3ni al7een the problem involves you b3d??" He asked.

"Yes, it involves me too!" I said.

"Khala9 3yal, tell me! i have to know!" He demanded.

"I know wallah, w i will tell you as soon as im done with it! wallaah, please don't make me stress over it more than i already am!" I said.

"Ya bnt il 7alaal traa gemt a7atiii,, shelsaaalfaah?!" He asked.

"Yousef i swear i'll tell you,,,bs not now." I said in a low voice.

"Okay, 3la ra7tich, bs believe me, i would help you if you did tell me!" He said.

"I know you would, wallah, im really soorrryy.." I said.

"fine, bs promise you'll tell me before i travel?" He said.

I stayed quiet for a while, thinking..

"Dayouma,,,promise?" he repeated.

"I promise.." I whispered.

"What? i didnt hear you..?" He said.

"I promise i'll tell you!" I said.

"Okay, yalla good night sweetie, i hope you fix it!" He said.

"Thanks, good night!" I said and closed the line.

I rested my head on the pillow and tried to figure this out.

How can i fix it within 2 days?
How can i tell him?
WHAT will i tell him?

- S™


love ;** said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
love ;** said...

what you doing up so early ;p

THANK YOU FOR posting I have been waiting for a while!

Haya itnarfiz what is her deal!!

cant wait for more babe ;**

Finicky:* said...

we missed you:* wb
haha love now ur always up early with the jet lag n all:p

Jam3iiya(L) said...

cant waiit for the next part..

lawi3at chabdii haya!! 7adha athiyaa!! way3a!

TeenagerAtSea said...

Haya 7adha 5awafa shde3wa 3ad! Can't wait for the next post.. inshalla nshoof shno Haya's reaction wen she knows ina u kno abt her plan..;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

wai3 haya itnarfiz!

youcompleteme said...

garrait all your story parts eb two days ..
Mashalla amaizing Story ..
Can't wait to Know what happens with HAYA The B*** ;@

Bella-S said...

Love ;**: Because my sleep pattern is up-side down:P Im sorry for keeping you waiting;p

Finicky:*: Thaanks;**! missyoutoo.

Jam3iiya(L): 7adhaa!:P

TeenagerAtSea: yeah, you'll see;p

M, L ,H: tell me about it!

Youcompleteme: thaanks, welcome aboard!;)

youcompleteme said...

yallaaa where is the Next post?? :(
mu gadra asbiiir ..
bashouuuuf shetsawey eb haya :@
Tell Yousif ana agooL :@
5aaL uhwa yetfaham m3a haL ashkaaaL :@

Finicky:* said...

7araam 3alaich march is almost over and only one post:(

we miss you 9ij walah, and i'm starting to forget the events of the story;s
please don't take long:*

Limited said...

She should go pick up haya so theyr go somewhere together w haya knows ina they're alone w D isn't there .. and they plan it that D shows up by herself .. haya can't run away then ..

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