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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Al-Jazeera Airlines is now boarding..

[ATTENTION] Good afternoon Passengers, This is the final call to Jeddah on Al-Jazeera Airlines Please procceed to gate number 27 as the plane is boarding now...

Time: 7:10pM
Date: 8.2.2009
Destination: Jeddah.
Duration: 1 hour 54 minutes.
Flight number: 70912
Seat number: 24D

Passengers on board:
blog readers.

Family #1: Bella(me),O'the(my mom),Bu ilbousheya(My brother), Dora(My sister)

Family #2: 7tain(auntie),Paralines(My cousin-female),Twilight(My cousin-female),Deadfish(my cousin-male)


On the plane, we're 8, and one line only fit 6 people, so the ladies sat in one line, w ilguys in the line infront of us.

Me, Paralines and twilight badaaa3na!
Estaghfar allah on the way to makkah, w bs ga3deen w en7esh eb khalg allah!:P 9ij 7areeem!
W Me and Twilight started talking about Gossip girl and movies, when we came across Twilight(the movie, not my cousin:P) i remembered i had my Twilight book in my crossed-bag, i got it out to show twilight since she told me how much she loved the movie and was asking about the book.

"Chathaba!? OMG 3ad ana ga3da adawrah!" She said.

"7da 3jeeb, w now that you've seen the movie, you can read and picture everything you read, it's amazing!" I said, "Even though lail7een ma khala9t'ha" I continued.

"Allah nice, abee agraha!" she said.
and here how Twilight(my cousin this time, not the movie) got her nickname.

W Auntie 7taiin had a picnic bag 7a6a feeha bal3aa for our trip.

mashallah 3laiina sha6abna 3al aku w ilmaku, hehe bs 3laiina eb alf 3afya.

On the way to Jeddah's airport, i was worried cos 'girl stuff' passed its due date, and i did not have the time to take pills. so the whole flight i was worried about that.

Around 9:15PM we landed at jeddah's airport.
And the bad news hit me, 'girl stuff' sharefat!!!!!
Good thing Paraline was with me. My partner in crime!:P

So anyways after we took our baggages from the conveyor The two family split up w each got into a taxi and headed to makkah.
6angart w ga3adt sakta the whole way to Makkah, which took one hour and a few more minutes maybe.

Our taxi was beyond crazy, infact all their drivers are insane, no offence.
But seriously now i realise why women aren't allowed to drive there.

On the way i was reading every store we passed and every advertisments, some were funny, some were dull.

On the way, out of boredome i took a glance at the taxi driver, and all of the sudden he got out this plastic bag that contained something white, i wasn't sure what was that, but for some reason the only thing that popped in my head was 'drug' besmellah 3laina, 3ad he slowly and as sneaky as possible he got a little bit of that white and put it in his mouth. i was like ''opps, re7na feeha''

Moving on, There is this new rule in KSA that if you're going to makkah by a taxi, you need to go to some store next to the patrol station to take a gate pass so you can get into Makkah. we didn't know that. so all of the sudden our taxi driver got into the patrol station, i looked at the patrol of the car; it was almost full. i was like why are we here then?

Akher shay 6ala3 we had to take that gate pass, anyways, the taxi driver asked my brother who was riding shotgun for his passport. My brother gave him his passport and driver got out of the taxi and went inside this small office.

i got the chance to ask.

"Bu ilbousheya, tawa he ate something, shnu hatha, chena drugs?!!" I asked.

"Ee madri shnu allah elawi3 chabda ree7at illy kalah 9akat rasiii!" he said.

"hehe, ana ekhtara3t, ohwa bedoun shay w zain bs ma edesh bl seyayeeer!" I said.

He came back so we had to shut up.

We continued our ride to Makkah.

We passed the gate then we had to stop cos there wa a traffic light.
But they used a really bright idea, they had the duration time of the traffic light and when it turns green it shows how many seconds left for the traffic light to turn red.

Even though it is a good idea, but it has it's down side, cos people might not wait for the oen second left for the red light and lead to an accident.

W be7amd illah we9alna ilHotel in one piece!

This time last year we went to 3umra as well, Bella & Paraline are well-known lobby lovers, 24/7 embas6een hnaak. for some reason it's entertaining for us.

We sat in the lobby as the boys Bu Ilboushya and Deadfish were checking-in Abraj Zamzam.

w because i was dissapointed from the bad news that slapped me in the face when i arrived Jaddah's airport, i made a pact that i will drink and eat everything i'm not suppose to when i have the 'girl stuff'.
Meaning dozens of diet pepsi and icecream from basken robins!

The boys took a long time and still they didn't give us the keys to the two rooms.
So Auntie 7tain went straight to the manager to complain.
The manager was gorgeous. we were sitting in the couch, me,Dora,Paraline and Twilight admiring his features as Auntie 7tain was talking to him.

"7daa 7agich Paraline! 7ta your style!" Twilight pointed out.

"Ee 7daa, specially that he's s3oudii!" I added.
Paraline loves s3oudi people and their accent. so it seemed for us he's a perfect catch. haha! we're in Makkah girls, in makkah!! estaghfar allah.

The manager apologized a dozen time to Auntie as she was really upset because it's getting late w ma e3temarna yet.
Sorry, I mean ma e3tamraw! a7em... ;$

They gave us the keys, my family's room number was "2508"
And Auntie's family was "3208" Same room number, different floor. what a luck!

Each family went up to their room to put their baggages in there and head for 3umra.
Paraline came down to our room as her family mashallah 7arreeen w they don't wait for anyone, so they went and started their 3umra before my family, as usual.

You see, Mom and auntie, they'r the opposite. Mom is soo cold, while Auntie is absolutely the opposite. Which was really funny. We're always the late ones, my family i mean, in everything.

So me and paraline were in our room and my family were still in, they didnt go to il7aram yet.

"Yalla mara7 trou7een..?" Bu ilbusheya asked me.

"No, barou7 a3temer with Paraline." I said. Pulling out a white lied.

"Okay, yalla yuma!" He said and he, mom and Dora headed to il7aram.

Me and paraline sat in the apartment for a while.
we walked around the mall which is located in the "0" floor of the hotel. Same floor that leads you to il7aram.

After about an hour passed, we went and sat in the lobby waiting for our families.

About an hour and few minutes of them leaving to il3umra, Paraline's family are done, mashallah. Ofcourse before my family.
they went up but Deadfish sat with us in the lobby, looks like he's being a fan of that place just llike us. He probably knows aboout me and paraline's condition as we did not go to il7aram. but he kept quiet and saved both, us and him the embarrassement.

Okhoy bu ilbosheya kan wagif eb bal3oumi, he's older that deadfish but he didn't get it! <_< color="#009900">"Shloun khala9taw il3umra gabelna?" My brother asked, surprisingly.

"Cos re7na m3a auntii 7taiiin." I answered.

"Bs entay w Paraline kentaw eb our apartment lama we left for 3umra, shloun 9ebagtona?" He asked.

"entaw b6ee2een, e7na la7agna 3ala Auntie 7taiin." I said, stop it with the investigation!

"Wallah zain, mashallah.." he said, HE TOTALLY BOUGHT IT!

I closed the subject after that.

Ofcourse i couldn't see ilka3ba, unless from the window of our apartment, which was devistating, bs allah kareem.

Bs i let My sis Dora takes a pic of ilka3ba @ alfayer, it's beautiful.

Me and paraline went upstairs in the Mall, to p3, food court, to have dinner.
We decided to eat from KFC.
I ordered 2 rollers,fries and diet coke, and Paraline ordered the same, but only one rollers,not two, with a diet coke as well, but eventually they gave us only one diet coke.

The food was AWFUL! allah ezeed ilne3ma, it was SO cold, w SO not tasty!
We didn't complete our dinner, and went to buy ice-cream from Basken robins.
I ordered a small scoop of Rainbow sherbet, As Paraline got her regular order, a small scoop or Paraline'n' cream. That's where She got her nickname.

Since my sleep pattern is up-side down. i don't get to sleep early.
I slept around 5AM. Ofcourse no one woke me up to 9lat ilfayer, good thing my brother was already asleep, and did not wake up to go to pray at il7aram, so he doesn't know if i woke up or not.

The second day was nothing different that the first.
Everyone were fasting, only me and paraline, so we decided around 9AM we'll wake up and go to eat breakfast downstairs.
I set on my alarm to beep at 8:30AM it did not beep.
And Paraline was waiting for me in the lobby, and i did not show up. so she went back to sleep.

Around 4PM i was still asleep in my room, and i could hear the tv is on bl livingroom.
and i could hear my brother mumbling.
"Hathy laish yaya 6oul ilyoum nayma?" he said to mom.

"ent sh7arek, khalha, 3la ra7at'ha." mom said.

"W el9alaat?!" He asked.

"Ehya tgoum et9ali w trid etnam." Mom said, covering for me with a simple white lie.

Faj2a i hear the apartment's bell ringing.
then suddenly paraline was standing next to my bed, staring.

"Yal khaysa!! ana na6retich bl lobby mn ilsa3a 9!" She said.

"Sorry sorry, walla my mobile's alarm ma raan!" I said with one eye open.

"Ga3adt an6er, b3dain yeet foug to your apartment, bs kheft a6eg jaras or ilbab w aga3id ilbaji, gelt yemkin asmaa3 9out yet7arak dakhil, enich ga3da etbadeel aw shay, athareech eb sabi7 nouma!" she mumbled.

"khala9 Sorryy, bacher inshallah!" I said.

"Laaa?! la khala9 ma athiq feech." Paraline said.

"La wallah agoum, ana shdarani, kella mn my mobile!" I said.

It was Monday and everyone was fasting, auntie 7tain took the advantage of me and paraline's condition since with our condition there is nothing much for us to do there, she sent us to get the coffee from some ma7aal in hilton, while they go to iltawse3a infront of the 7aram, to sit there, waiting for 9lat il maghrib, and so they can break their fasting.

We went to get the coffee and went their to their place where they had their picnic bag and small bsaa6 on the ground. all of us were sitting their waiting to break out fasting, AS IF! :P

Gbl la e2athin ilmaghrib, the sky was light blue, the sun was setting and it was beautiful so i stole a quick picture with my mobile of il7aram mn barra.

Athan ilmaghrib and 'we' started eating, tamer and drinking either juice,leban or the gahwa that me and paraline bought.

Auntie was pouring coffee to who ever wants in our group.

As she was pouring a cup of coffee that she thought was for mom, she wanted to handed to mom, when she saw this lady with hair face covered reaching for it.

auntie pulled the cup back, and wanted to handed to My mom, O'the.
In all honestly mom didn't want the coffee, but auntie didn't know that, she thought when we asked her for the coffee that it sas for mom, not that lady, but infact that lady came and asked us for a cup of coffee.

When the lady, with no shame, reached for it again.

"Laa 7agii, 7agii" the strange lady said.

"Haw shtaabeeen?" Auntie said and finally gave in and handed it to her.

She took the coffee and dissapeared into the crowd.

"Haw 7aghaa? w laish ma tgoloun?!" Auntie said.

we laughed.
Chan e8eem il9alat w everyone stood to pray, Bu ilbosheya and Deadfish went inside il7aram while the rest of the two families decided to pray where they were sitting, infront of the gate.

Me and paraline went to the back and we sat next to this lady who was also sitting next to a wall, not praying, we stayed there covering our faces because there were men praying and they could see us. Out of embarrassement, we did that.

After 9alat me and Paraline went shopping, while the rest of the family stayed in il7aram waiting for 9alat il e3sha since there is only about an hour difference between those two prayers.

their shops were boring, nothing different than Kuwait.
The only store that kuwaiti people were fighting over was Al-Sharqiyah, that sells pretty viels and 3abayaa.

After shopping, i told Paraline i wanted to try and connect to the internet from the 'Tea garden' a place in Abraj Zamzam, were it has a wireless connection and also they serve food. But i always thought ena kela men there, so it's shwaya fashla ena we sit there, two girls, alone.

Paraline waited for me in the lobby as i went up to get my laptop and give it a shot.

We went in the 'Tea Garden' and there wasn't too many men, so we decided to sit their.

We got seated, and called the waiter and asked him if we could use the wireless connection and how.
He said you have to buy a card from this guy who works here, 20SR an hour.

We called 'that guy' and asked for the card, we paid, and we CONNECTED to the internet.

"since we have nothing better to do, bengazerha here 3dl." I said.

"Yeah, 7daa!" Paraline agreed.

Paralined checked few sites, and so did i.
The connection was a little bit in the low side. but atleast it worked.

As we were sitting, and buying another and another and another internet card, we decided then to go and eat dinner at the food court, but not KFC again.

We went up, and decided to give Burger King a try.

Oh did i mention every where you go in Makkah, there is about millions, if not zillions of thuban?? Thuban here, thubaan there, THUBAAAN EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Lawa3aw chboodnaa! eb kel mukan 6al3een lena.

We got our Chicken royal from burger king, and it was nothing better than KFC, same thing, the chicken was hot, the sandwich was FREEZING cold. La 7awlah wala 8owata illa bellaah! SHENSAWII? ;/

We went back down to 'Tea Garden' and we called 'our guy' to buy another internet card.
as we were sitting we noticed more people coming in Tea garden and using their laptops, Most of them were kuwaities.

We were sitting checking random blogs when we saw the table next to us, kuwaiti guys, one of the guys ordered a cheese burger from Tea garden that looked tasty.
3laih bil3afya we thought, and we should probably try it tomorrow.

I checked the blogs when i saw Sonic's Tag post.
But it was getting late so i thought i'll give it a shot upstairs in the apartment to connect cos Deadfish informed me that you can connect to a wireless connection while in the apartment.

Me and paraline decided to call it a night w kilwa7da ra7at her apartment.

I got in and Bu ilbusheya and Dora were sitting on the couch watching Spacetoon, yes really space toon, haha, cos the tv there is SO boring, and as surprisingly as it is, SpaceToon might be the most entertaining channel on the Tv. SERIOUSLY. :)
Dora got her nickname because she's petit and has the same haircut, sort of.

I sat on an armchair w ba6alt my laptop.
Searched for wireless internet connections,
Kan fii two, both with low connections, one is called 'internet, and the other is called 'voice'
I tried the internet, and it worked.

w 3ad Bella ektashfat wireless bl apartment, maku noum b3d ilyoum! :P
I stayed up that day till 10AM, i went to eat breakfast with Paraline and dora, i didn't need an alarm to wake me up, i was already awake!

the next day was absolutely similar, except our dinner was better, we ordered the cheese burger from 'Tea Gaden' and it was really delicious. finally something good to eat. w ilthuban 6ab3an ma ga9araw! athouna w ohma e7ousoun 3ala 6awlatna, ufff!

The following day Paraline left me alone in my condition, w ra7at e3tamrat(ta8abal allah) and after that, i spent most of the days in the apartment, sleeping or using the internet.

Out of boredom i took those two pictures. as you can see i was checking Blogs! ;p

After discovering the Delicious Tea garden's burger, 9erna every night we meet up there, the two families, and eat there, then drink their famous Morrocan tea(it's amazing) every night from around 10PM till 1AM we sit there, but when it gets around 12AM, O'the & 7tain go up and only us the kids stay down and talk about silly incidents and laugh about it.
O'the's nickname came because recently my mother used that word a lot, and it was discovered by Paraline.
And 7tain's nickname came because Aunti always says '7tain' as in '7atan' like for instance lama you say '7atan ana', she says '7tain ana' LOL!
W still mu rathya te3terif enha badliya! :P hahahaha.

When the parents go up, we stay and talk about college stuff, embarrassing moments, we talk about everything and anything, and the time flies without us realising that. it was soo much fun.
And this was our partner blsahraa.;p

My brother is soo dumb, and he clearly proved that in this trip, You see he doesnt get that i can't pray and that i have '3ither'
He not only asked once or twice, but more than three time if i prayed, wallah mu 9a7ii, w mom tried giving him hints bs shensawee etha il9bayy ghabi:P love you brother:P

One of the moments that happened;
I was sleeping and it was around 5PM.
Mom came in the apartment to see me still in the bed sleeping while my brother was sitting on the couch watching tv.

"Olaa hathyy lail7een nayma?" Mom said.

"ee, la w ma9alat il'9oher w il3a9er b3d." He said.

"Ee 3di.." Mom replied, as simple as that.

"Na3am? shnu 3adii?" Bu ilbusheya asked.

"ee 3indaha 3ither.." Mom said.

"3ither??!" The dumbass asked.

"EE 3ither, 3ad ent efhamhaa, waaaayy!" Mom ba6at'ha w dashat the room out of embarrassement.

My brother was still puzzelled.
Maal a7ad e9eka 6raaaq e9a7eeeeeeeeh!

Later that night, me, Dora and Bu ilbusheyaah were watching Saudi channel w 7a6een musalsal, w kan 7a6een the song something then 'ilbousheya' and my brother fi9al 3laiha w gaam eghaaneeha, and thats how HE got his nickname.

Their starbucks is not that good, they don't have as many sandwiches as we do here in kuwait, and i noticed that their logo is different as well. they took of the lady's face, it's so funny i don't get it, i dont get whyy they did because in their uniform and small adds, the lady is there,so what's the point?

The next few days passed by really fast.
On sunday the day we're leaving to come back to kuwait i didn't sleep until about 9 or 10AM, and we should check out at around 5PM and leave to go to the airport.

Because we didn't have a great real meal only in Hilton's Buffet that we tried in one of the nights, we decided to have McDonald's on our way. we were all VERY VERY excited to taste how their Mcdonald's taste like.

Again on our way back, the two family split up and each went got into a taxi, the two taxi drivers are friends, and they're soo cool, they have those walkie talkies, it was cool, we got to Mcdonald's and ofcourse Family #2 reached Mc gabelna:P dayman e7na il late ones, haha, each ordered w tewakalna 3la allah..
This was an ad. they gave us.

w decided to eat in the car to save time, ilmushkela the drivers are crazy and they drive 160KM/S and more, and imagine you're eating your McSpicey and they're driving that fast and going between cars, RASCAL DRIVING. i tried taking pictures of how fast he was going but my hand kept shaking, and Dora kept hitting my hand saying "fashlaa, 3aiib" over and over, 7ata ohwa ma dara bilsalfa, bs this is the ebst pic i could get, check out the red arrow wain wa9el, 3al 160!

We reached the airport around 8:30PM and our flight's time is 10:30PM
Ofcourse Auntie 7taiin never forgets the bal3a, so she brought it with her to the airport, as we were eating from the bal3a and waiting, we saw a group of kuwaiti girls with their mother, haha, they were eating green apples, while we're on the other hand eathing junk food. it was so funny!

We9alna ilkuwaiit around 1AM because the plane didn't depart before 11PM from Jeddah's Airport.

We9alna, w all of us, all the passengers were waiting for the baggages to come on the conveyor.
They kepy us waiting for so long, all of us, w even sat on the next conveyor that wasn't working to rest 3la ma ye6li3oun iljnaa6.
After waiting for 20 minutes if not more for the baggages to arrive, we found out that a lady took my mother's bag by mistake, which looked exactly like the only bag that was left, which was for that lady, we claimed that at the counter and told us to wait for their call. I couldn't believe to get back home and have a good night sleep in my sweet bed!

- S™


Anonymous said...

we really had a Gr8 time with u there ;*;p
happy to be the 1st (a)
see ya tom enshala ,
twilight ;p

SayOriii ~ said...

welcome backk ..
7emdellah 3a ilsalama ..
oo taqabbaL allah "6a3at'houm" :P

Missed you ;* ..
yalla cant wait the Next part..

Bella-S said...

TWIIILIGHT!! hahaha, omg, bed3a!

I had great time too!
hehe, ee inshallaah bacher;)!


Bella-S said...

Sayoriii: lol, allah esalmich, thanks, mina w minich:P!

Haha, inshallah soon;)!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool sounds like fun! me and u have the same laptop;p

Fourty-Seven said...

Taqabal alla:* Cant wait for the next post!!

Lots a' love

Limited said...

ta8abal allah =P though it sounds like u had alot of fun there ;P

Anonymous said...

yalla bada3tay khesna we7na nan6er ilNew post!! :S

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