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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Part ThirtyFive;; "Don't pretend you're sorry; i know you're not!"

Sunday 24th of august



I woke up, looked at the time, its too early, i thought.
I checked my phone, i had 3 messages, one from D, one from Haya, & one from Yousef.

D's message; "So, what's our plan? ;p"

Haya's message; "Can i see you today? alone?"

Yousef's message; "9baa7 ilkhaiir.. ;*"

I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, washed up and went down to have a breakfast with my parents.

Sunday 24th of august

I replied to the messages,

D's message; "I dont know yet, have an idea?"

haya's message; "Yes, when?"

Yousef;; "9baa7 ilnour.. ;*!"

I opened my laptop and signed on msn.
few people we're on, i changed my status to away, and opened the internet explorer to

Checked random videos for about 2 hours, when all of the sudden my phone rings.

Caller ID; Haya

I picked up.

"Heyy." I said.

"Hii, shlounich?" She asked.

"il7emdillah tmam, entay shlounich?" I said.

"Bkhair il7emdillah, ha wain tbeen we meet?" She said.

"I dont know, it' up to you.." I said.

"How about Starbucks?" She suggested.

"Yeah sure i don't mind, which starbucks?" I asked.

"3dailiya it's the closest to us." She said.

"Okay sure, what time?" I asked.

"Around 6?" She said.

"Okay, i'll see you then," I said.

"Okay, see you, bye" She said.

"Bye" I said and closed the line.

Sunday 24th of august

I was talking to D on the phone.

"I'll meet haya at starbucks 3dailiya, 6 o'clock" I said.

"Good, good, look iText Color'll come to starbucks 3dailiya, like i dont know you guys are there okay?" she explained the plan to me.

"Sounds like a good idea, khala9, i'll see you then, bs madri laish a7es we're gonna sit upstairs." I said.

"no, give her any excuses 3shan you stay down, look if i didn't find you down, i'll go up as if i need to use the W.C, okay?" D said.

"Okaay, Great!" I said.

"I can't wait to see Haya's face expression when we tell her about the email.." D said.

"7daa, ambaiih, do you think she realised ena she sent it to me? or no?" i asked.

"Wallah i dont know, bs i think she didnt realise, or else she wouldv'e sent another email etraagi3 ilsalfa." D thought.

"True, okay, i'll see at 6:30, ana now ba6ali3 an episode of Gossip girl, lail7een ma sheft the latest episode, yalla ciao.." I said and closed the phone.

i sat on my stomach and pressed on the play button to start Gossip girl season one episode 9.

Sunday 24th of august



I was getting ready when my phone rang, Yousef was calling.
I picked up.

"Aloo..?" I said.

"Halla dayouma, how r u?" He asked.

"Halla feek, fine il7emdillah, you?" I said.

"Im fine etha you're fine, ha bashraay anything new?" He asked.

"Nothing new, im meeting haya in a while." I said.

"Ohh, well good luck, call me as soon as you're done, okay? i'll be waiting." He said.

"Enshallah, goodbye!" i said.

Got my stuff in my bag, got my car keys and left my bedroom.

Sunday 24th of august
In the car

I'm almost reaching Starbucks when i got a text message from Haya,
"Ana tawni 6al3a mn ilbait, see you there.."

I decided not to reply, and instead i sent a text message to D, to make sure we're on the plan.

I parked and got in starbucks and sat downstairs in the couches in the corner next to the window.

About 5 minutes later, Haya arrived.
We exchanged kisses and sat.

We stayed quiet for a while.

"uhh, so what's the thing you wanted to talk about?" I asked, breaking the silence.

"Ohh, well i was wondering if you and yousef are still together..?" she asked, straight forward.

"what? and why do you want to know?" I asked.

"I was just wondering, you're my friend, and he's my cousin, i want to know if its working for you two." she said.

"Aha, well i think this is personal and i don't want to talk about it." I said.

"Seriously? shda3wa gouleelii.." she said.

"Sorry, i can't." I said.

"Laiiish!?" she asked.

"Bs, it's personal, and i'd like to keep it that way." I explained.

"I need to know, please tell me!" she begged.

"Why do you need to know?" I asked.

"Because if it's not working with you guys, that means he's free and i can finally have him." she said.

I was paralyzed there for a second, HOW FUCKING CRAZY WAS THAT! i thought.

"Excuse me?" I said.

"i think you heard me, don't you get it deema? I'm madly inlove with him." She said.

"And that's why you've set up a guy that calls me and bother me,huh!?" I said.

"Noo,noo i did not do such thing!" She lied.

"LIAR!, what About the email i got that was sent by you to me by mistake!?" I snapped.

"huh..?.." she said with the question mark on her face.

"you know what im talking about.." I said.

"No i dont, ay email?" She said.

"The email that was meant to be sent to Khaled." I said.

"Who's khaled?" She asked. so innocently.

"STOP LYING! i know your plan, and stop pretending to be the innocent girl, You don't fit the part!" I said.

"I don't know what you're talking about.." she said.

"Im serious haya, i caught you! stop it with the bullshit!" I said.

"Uh...umm, look.." She stuttered.

"Im waiting for a reasonable explanaition, and not because you're madly inlove with him,its not enough for me." i said.

"I..." she said. her eyes wear filled with tears, but they didnt fall.

"You what? TELL ME! you're being too selfish!" I said.

"I dont know what i was doing!!!" she snapped.

"Yes you do, because you're still doing it!" I said.

"wallah madri shagoulich, dayouma please understand i didnt want it to get this far, wallah!" She said.

"But it did!! it did!!" I said.

"You're worried about khaled?" She said.

"No, i dont give a damn about him!" I said.

I texted D, "Don't come, i'll handle it."

"Then why are you so mad about it?" she asked.

"Are you serious? I love yousef, and you're ruining my first and best relationship i ever had, let alone you're one of my friends!" I said.

"Is it ruined? your relationship?" She asked.

"No it didn't, but if you keep doing what you're doing, it's gonna happen sooner or later, so stop what you're doing, stop it!" I said.

"So it means my plan is not working, so you dont have to get so worked up about it if nothing happened." she said.

"You're soo fucking calm, I cant even believe you dont feel bad about doing this stupid plan of yours!" I said.

"I am feeling bad about it, bs i love yousef, w if i wanted something so bad, i dont stop until i get that thing" She said.

"Is that a threat?" I asked.

"call it whatever you want." she said.

"Mashii, im going home now, Yousef is waiting for me to tell him what you did, we'll see who will end up with him." I said.

"You told him?!?!? you told him about my plan?" she yelled.

"No i didn't, but i will, and i promised him that i will, so dont even start to change my mind about it, it's settled, i'll blow your plan, and im pretty sure if Yousef found out that you're planning to ruin his happiness he wont even consider you a cousin anymore.." i said.

"Dont tell him, please deema, im your friend, dont let me loose a member of my family." she said.

"My friend?? since when!? you brought this to yourself, now handle the consequences!" I said.

"But.." she said.

"No buts, if you actually cared about Yousef, even one bit, you wouldn't have done what you're doing, if you love someone, you want to see him happy, and what you're doing, it won't make him happy!" I said.

"Deema, i love yousef, and nothing can change that, i dont know what got into me, bs wallah i even talked to my mother about it, im THAT serious!" She said.

"About what exactly?" I asked.

"How much i love yousef, and that i wish to have him as a husband." She said.

I felt someone was squeezing my heart like an orange.

"You did what? and what did she say?" I asked.

"she said she might talk to my aunt about it, see if it could happen." She said.


"I already talked to mom about it, its done." She said.

"Its done...meaning?" I asked.

"That maybe when he graduates from USA, things could get serious between us." she said.

"You're soo selfish, it's sick!! you're sick!" I said.

"I tried to warn you before, tra by the way, khaled really likes you.." she said.

"SCREW BOTH OF YOU!" I said and got up with a tear running down my cheeks.

I got into my car and drove to D's house, rascally, i almost got into an accident, twice.

Sunday 24th of august
D's bedroom

I got in D's room crying my eyes out.

"DAYOUM!!!!! SHFEEEEEEEEECH!!" She yelled.

"I can't breathe!! I...i'm scared!" I said and cried more.

"Scared of what?? TELL ME!?" She said.

I poured my heart to her, i told her everything, exactly how the dialogue was between me and Haya.

- S™


love ;** said...

I hate Haya, she is the definition of selfish person, she wants her to be her friend bs she doesnt want to be one?

I hate her, she should just end up with Khalid ;**

Silhouette Crime said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy worth the wait !!

Cupid ;* said...

Haya's pathetic:s she's so desperate! Khalas mama the guy dsn't want you, lay back!

Thaank you so much for the post, I hope u won't take long till the next post:*

Starlight<3 said...

OMG! I despise Haya, she's a bitch, pardon my language but I can't find a better word to sum up what she is!

I hate girls like her.

Deema should fight for Yousef or tell him the truth.

I hope Haya isn't going to like what's coming for her,

Please please please let Deema be the one who wins the fight next time :P


Exquisite:* said...

I hate haya, whats up with her and her lame excuses? mu men 9ijhaa 9a7? shes pathetic maskeena! 7emdilla weshikir laish mu rathya tefham? qaseb esalfaa!
I hate her, khal etru7 7g khaled a7san!

thanks for the post it was worth the wait;**

Pearla said...

omg haya mara m3 nfshaaaa ;s shes craazy man .. seriously craaazy !!!! i hope things will still be the same between her and yousef .. uuu5 bs !! lol

youcompleteme said...

sick! walla sick sick ;/

cant wait the next post ..
pls dont take long time :(;*

TeenagerAtSea said...

Tawni I read the post..
Waiii3 Haya jad 7mara! sh'hal mas5ara wain ga3deen.. oo mn mta bnt ta56ib rayal?:p Bss ooffff 7aratnii..Meskeena 7sas mo shayfa 5air 3ala 6ool ga6a roo7ha 3ala awal wa7id tshoofa.. waiii3 desperate much? ooofff i hate heer!!

shamayel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shamayel said...

omg !!! Haya NEEDS THERAPY she's sick i swear ! such a psychooooo!!!
D should tell yousef the whole story gabl ma Haya makes things worse ! efffffff she's soooo annoying!

lol shakle wayed e7tshart haha yalla looking 4wrd to the next parts ;)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You should visit this blog

Cupid ;* said...

when are you updating? I miss you:(