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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Part ThirtyTwo;; "Wake me up from this Nightmare!"

Saturday 22nd of august

Chocolate Bar


I started to panic.
D tried to calm me down, but i think it was a bit obvious that i was in deep trouble if Khaled decided to be a jerk!

"Ma 3laich, enshallah ma esawii shay.." D said, trying to make me feel better.

"I don't know! i dont know!" I said and took a deep breath, i felt like choking.

I turned my face to the left side when i saw Yousef, looking gorgeous as always.
I quickly turned my head to D.
and started to talk, just talk, pretending im busy.

suddenly i felt this nod on my left shoulder. i turned back, and it was Yousef.
I froze there for a couple of seconds, uhh what is he doing?

"Shlounich shakhbarich?" He said.

Im still frozen as an ice cube.

"Deema shfeech?" He said.

"I - i'm fine." I stuttered.

Then i felt another nod on my right shoulder.

i turned and it was KHALED!!!

I felt my heart stopped beating.

"Shlounich deema?" Khaled said.

Uhh i pretended i dont know him.

"Who is that deema?" Yousef asked, "DEEMA reday 3alay, who is that?" he yelled.

"Dayoum!!?" D said and poke me.

I then came back to the real world.
Wow, i was just imagining!
Phew, what a relief. i thought.

"Wain re7tay?" D asked.

"OMG, i just had an awful imagination..!" I said.

"Relax, Yousef is sitting in the table in the far right corner." She said.

"I don't want to look." I said and took another breathe of poisoned air.

"You didn't eat anything, i finished the pasta all by myself!" D complained.

"Sorry, i'm not hungry...anymore." I said.

"Deema, chillax, so far, it's going good." She said and placed her hand on mine.

"Inshallah!" I said, "If only these 2 would stop staring!" I said.

"Wai3, they're still staring?" D asked.

"Yeah." I said and took a sip from my diet coke.

*Beep* new text message recieved. it was from Khaled.

"Ashouf Yousef sharraf haa..?:)" was the message.

I swallowed and gave my phone to D. "He's trying to give me a heart attack!!" I said.

She read the message, "Fuck him, he's too scared to do anything, 3adi 9adgeeni bs kalam!" She said.

*Beep* new text message recieved.

"Who just sent you a text message? ;P" was the message from Yousef.

"D, i can't take this anymore, can we go home?" I said.

"Chub, we're staying, 3nad 3ala hal zeft called khaled." She disapproved.

"Enzain, bs what can i do, they're both looking at me, and im not even sure who khaled is." I said.

"if you really want to know, you need to text him and tell him what are you wearing? or something." D suggested.

"No way!" I said.

"3yal stop stressing over khaled and look at how Yousef is such a good boy!" she said, "he not even looked at any girl who passed him, do you know what that means?" She said.

"That he loves me?" I said.

"Yeah, and the fact that you tarsa 3younah!" She said.

I blushed. "I love him wallah." I said.

"I know, i know, i know you too well to know that!" She said.

I smiled.
I replied to Yousef's message.
"No one, an AD to some sale." I pulled a lie out of my pocket.

*BEEP* new text message from Yousef:

"Elly jedamich etha ma shal 3aini 3anich, tra wallah ba7thefa bljoti!" was the message.

"Sweetie, chill, ma 3laik menna." I replied.

"D, OMG, 7ta Yousef noticed that one of the guys behind you is staring way too much." I said.

"Yeah, that jackass is too obvious!" She said.

"Ee,egoul ebya7thefa bljotii" I said.

"Haha, he'll be doing us all a favor!" She said.

*BEEP* New text message from Yousef.

"I'm serious, ma9akh'ha 3ad, I'm not even staring that much at you, shyabi hatha, wallah dayoum tra 3adi now agoum asaweela salfa!"

I got a little scared.

"Yousef, ma 3laik menna, hailigy, shensawee feeh, just ignore him!" I replied.

"D, he's gonna start a fight if that guy doesn't take his eyes off of us!" I said.

"La, la t9eer salfa, malna khelg!" D said.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

"Excuse me, can i have one Milk multin cake?" D said to the waiter.

"Sure,ma'am." the waiter said.

"And a small bottle of water please." I added.

"Only water?" D asked after the waiter left our table.

"Yeah, 7dii minqatha wallah!" I said.

"Don't let khaled get to you, you never know, he might as well not be here anymore!" She said.

"Allah yesma3 minich" I said.

*Beep* New text message.
It was from Khaled.

"No, i'm still here!;)" was the message.

My eyes popped out. "How could he possibly know!!?" I whispered to D.

"Know what?" She asked. not knowing what's going on.

I showed her the message.

"Ayshay, Ashkara he's wa7id mn illy waray! cos no way he could've heard us from another table!" D said.

"Or it might be a coincedence?" I hoped. trying to lie to myself.

"No, he's definitely one of the two starings guys." She said.

"Ugh, no wonder that scary guy never took his eyes off of me." I said.

"Which one do you think he is?" D asked, interested.

"I don't know, i seriously can't remember his face that well." I said.

*BEEP* New text message from Yousef.

"I've had enough, i'll give only 5 minutes more, etha he's still staring, wallah deema, ana mani sakit, cos we9alt 7dii! :@ SHYABII!!!!!"

I cleared my throat. "D, let's change our table!" I said.

"Whyyy?" She said.

"Becuase if we don't, we're gonna be in a bad mess!" I explained.

"Okay, excuse me!" D said and raised her hand.

"Yes ma'am!?" The waiter said as he appraoched us.

"Can we change our table to somewhere inside?" D asked.

"Sure ma'am." He said.

Me and D stood up and walked inside Choco bar & got seated in a good table inside that i can still see Yousef.

*Beep* new text message recieved.

"3afya 3la my baby! wallah ashwa raya7teeni w dshaiitay dakhil, wallah knt bagoumlah, wallah!"

"Ee, ana la3at chabdi minna b3d." I replied.

"et9adgeen this table is better than outside." D said.

"Yeah it is." I agreed.

Our table was next to the entrance, so we can see everything that goes on outside.
We saw the 2 guys calling the waiter, and we assumed they were asking to change their table as well, but to my luck, there was no empty table inside.

They brought the multin cake and the water.

*BEEP* New text message mn Yousef.

"Tadreen hal 7mar kan yabi edesh inside? ;@ tra 9ij narfazni!"

"Sweetie, khala9, there is no empty table inside, it's okay;*!" I replied.

I took one bite out of D's Multin cake.
and then took a sip out of the water.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummy!" D said.

"Inshallah you don't moan!" I joked.

She laughed. "Ya 7marraa!!" She said. "You can't blame me, it's soo delicious!" She rest her case.

"3laich bl3afya!" I said.

"Allah e3afeech!" She said and took another big bite!

*BEEP* New text message.
From Yousef.
"Sweetie, when you're done let me know 3shan mani gayem ella lama tamshoun entaw."

I smiled while reading the message.

"We're done, we'll just pay and leave" I replied.

We paid and i saw both, Yousef, and Khaled paying their bill as well.

"D! Khaled paid the bill as well, ambaiih ambaaiiih" I started to panic.

"AYSHAY!! waii3 shyaabii!" D said.

"D, mn 9ijiii what can i do!! al7een akeed ebyel7agna blcar!" I almost cried, terrified.

"Uff, allah e3adee hal laila 3la khaiir!" She said and we got up and left Choco bar.

Saturday 22nd of august
Albedi3 parking

Me and D walking to our car and i can feel that Yousef was watching us all the way to the car.
i felt safe, and guarded.

We got in the car and i started the engine.
I was checking myself in the mirror, when i hear a horn.
I turned and saw Yousef in his car mimming for me to get going.
I quickly changed the gear to "R" and got back, then changed to "D" and drove off.

Is the nightmare over?...

- S™


love ;** said...

I would have died if I was EVER in that situation!


Anonymous said...

awww poor deema :( i got all tensed up from reading!
Love the part xoxo

Starlight<3 said...


Why didn't he come up to her and talk though?

I would like it if you wrote a post where they got to hang out together, atleast before he leaves. :P


7aLeeB KaKaW said...

taraaa 7adaa ee5ari3 il wa;6i3.. its creepy.. ;s !!!!!

o noo its not over !!!!!! ;(

SayOriii ~ said...

waay! ge6ee3a khalid! .. weddi afla3a eb akbar ma
3endiiiii ;S e7eeeerrrrrr ;@

In My Closet said...

maskeena masewat 3alaiha el 6al3a ......

3anooda said...

tawni ilyoum i discover your blog oo garait il story kileha ib ga3da wa7da - im enjoying it . mita next??

oo iyanin Yousif - sh7alateh?? qahratni Haya

Limited said...

aaa5 hal 5alid ma3ndah salfa ba3ad >.< at least yousef was there!

dreamGIRL said...

Thanks all for the comments, w welcome aboard 3anooda, w inshallah the new part soon! :D

Ps. let's all get together and KILL khaled, lol.

Music, Happiness, Love said...

wai3 khalid yi7iiir!