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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Part ThirtyThree;; "I know you're only sorry you got CAUGHT!"

Still in Makkah, but apparently i have time on my hands, so i thought not to keep you guys waiting any longer.. :D

Saturday 22nd of august

in my car

We left ilbedi3 parking lots and Yousef followed us.
I was really worried what will happen next, meaning will Khaled follow too?

I was trying as much as i can not to focus on who's following me and just focus on the road.

On the traffic light near plaza complex, D was telling me how her brother was being an ass, as usual when all of the sudden, my phone rang.

I checked the caller ID, and it was "haya"

I froze there for a second thinking....shtabii?? hathy ma tdeg illa etha tbi shay aw waraha balwa!

"Redaay!!" D insisted.

"Inzain inzain.." I said.

"Aloo.." I picked the phone.

"Aloo halla dayoum shlounich? shakhbarich? wainich ma tbayneen? yal ga63aa." She said.

"Im fine il7emdellah, entay shlounich?" i said, ignoring the "ga63a" part.

"Zaina il7emdellah, haa wain trou7een w wain teyeen?" She asked.

"Maku, here and there, entay shemsawya?"

"Wallah mithlich, maku, il9ara7a malal, can't wait for uni." She said.

"We all can't wait for uni. since we're new, 7dnaa emkayfeen!" I said.

"Yeah, ha wain gazzah? i can hear cars around you." She asked.

"6al3a with Dana, now radda ilbait" I said.

"yal khawanah! 6al3een bedoun la ta3zemounii! shda3wa 3laikum?" She said.

"hehe, shdarani." I said and let out an awkward laugh.

"Inzain, bacher 3indich shay 3yal?" she asked.

"Hmm, not that i know of no.. why?" I asked.

"Madrii gelt enshoufich, minzimaan 3anich! yal khaysa miss yoouu wallah.." she said,

"Awwh, thanks, missed you il3afya, khalla9 enshoufich bacher inshallah, bs gouleelii wain and when, khaleeni now asoug la adish blshaba!" I said.

"Okay, take care, byee" She said.

"Bye." and i closed the phone.

"Inshallah mu out of the blue etdeg!!" D said.

"7da, apparently she 'misses' me, i find that hard to believe.." I said.

"Haha, yeah, don't forget that haya is THE devil!" D said.

"I'll never forget that!" I said.

Saturday 22nd of august
in my car

just passed TGI's friday's traffic light, i turned left, of course, going back home.

For the last 5 minutes i noticed a black Dodge charger following every lane i go to.
Maybe im over reacting and that it was nothing but a coincidence, i thought.

I still can see Yousef from the rearview mirror following me.

"OMG!!!" D yelled.

"WHAAAT!!?" i yelled back.

"Chena elly bl dodge charger the two guys elly ekhezoun!!!" D said.

"KHAAALEDD!!" I yelled.

"EE, i think!" she said.

"Waii3 waii3 ayshay!!" I said.

"Wallah, bs let's hope Yousef ma eshoufhum." D said.

"ambaiih, shasaweee, khalid balwa, tra i still think khaled was sent fron hal haya ilzeft" I said.

"Ee 7daa,i dont think, im sure!!" D said.

"ufff" I said.

Saturday 22nd of august
in my car

Just got in Nuzha to drop D.
Of course Yousef was still following me,but there was no sign of the dodge charger.

I dropped D and went home.

I got into my nieghbourhood around 9:20PM and i rushed to get into the garage, i did not want to speak with Yousef right now.
I'm not in the mood. i was too stressed already.
w i was scared he'll bring up Khaled and his friend, even though i dont know which one was khaled from those two guys.
I saw Yousef park as if he wanted to talk,but i totally ignored that.

I felt soo relieved after i closed the electric garage and got into the house.
I finally felt like im not watched anymore..
Like i can breathe without worrying who's looking at me and observing the slightest move i make.

Saturday 22nd of august
My bedroom

I got in my room. dropped my bag on the floor, took of my shoes and threw my tired body on the bed.

I closed my eyes for several seconds when my phone started ringing.

I got up and got my phone out of my bag.
Yousef was calling.

"Aloo.." I said.

"Dayoum, yal khaysa, shfeech gabaiitay?" He said as soon as i picked up.

"La ma gbaiit, bs im tired, w bnaam, sorry" I said.

"Oh, khala9 okay 3yal, good night sweetie.." He said and closed the phone.

i felt bad about that.
so i texted him, "Im sorry baby,but im really tired, i love you, good night;*!"
And slept with the clothes i went out with.

Saturday 23rd of august
My bedroom

I woke up to the sound of some construction work outside, ugh.
not a good way to wake up. i was so annoyed.
I found a message from haya that said. "Don't forget our date, see you at nino around 7pm"

I left my mobile charging and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Saturday 23rd of august
My bedroom

I was checking my emails when i saw an email from Haya with the subject "Just making sure.. ;)"
I got confused with the subject title and for some reason i felt there has to be something behind this email.
i clicked on the email to open after a hesitation that took about 10 seconds.

I was shocked/astonished/surprised by how FUCKING hypocrite Haya is!

The email was exactly as followed;

" 18th of August. 3:40PM

Hello khloud. ;)
Shlounik? ha i was just wondering shloun il plan is going, l2ana i didnt hear from you in a while, w ma 36aiitni update 3la you and 7beebat ilgaalb Deema.

Waiting for your reply,
La t6awil.

I read it over and over again, i couldn't believe my eyes.
9ij lai galaw 7abil il chithb g9eer!

I quickly called D.

"COME over NOWW!!! and i mean NOW!" i yelled.

"Dayoum shfeech!!?" D yelled back.

"I SAID COME OVER! IM SPEECHLESS!" I cried and closed the line.

I stared at the laptop screen for looooong minutes waiting for D to come and pinch me so i can believe what i'm reading.

This is absolutely sick and crazy.
i can't believe people would reach this level of hypocrisy
I was shocked beyond words.
And i thank god she sent the email for me by mistake.
I will not let this one slide....NEVER!

Haya, you're going down!
And further down.

- S™


Anonymous said...

Shtaaaaaaaaaaaaby Hathy!:|

Starlight<3 said...

YAY you posted!

I can't wait to see what happens to Haya, I smell revenge in the air! :P Yes, I have an obsession with revenge.

Don't get mad, get even ;)

Loved this post, and hope your having the most wonderful time ever at Umrah. I'm dying to go right now, I love it there.


7aLeeB KaKaW said...

OOOFFFF !!!.. a7saaaan tistahil hal hayaa.. !!! itnarfiz.. at last inchakaat.. !!! HEEYAAA.. !!!! VICTORY !!!!!

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3anooda said...

abi asib lakin ur in makkah - LOOOOOL. hathi 7ayya mub haya

Anonymous said...

eli ba3doooooooooo

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cherriiMuffin said...

WOW <3 beautifully written <33 visit my blog please <33