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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Part ThirtyOne;; "Scared to death to face reality..!"

Saturday 22nd of august

I got out of the bathroom after taking a quick shower.
I went to my phone and i saw a missed call from D.

i called her back.

"Hii love, ha sh9aaar with you and Yousef?" she said.

"Ohh, i totally forgot to tell you, it was a silly misunderstanding.." I said.

"Oh, ashwa il7amdellah, yay, yalla 3yal we should celebrate!" She said.

"haha, Celebrate what?" I asked.

"I don't know, anything, let's just go out, tra i miss you ya shagoul!" She said.

"I miss you too wallah, okay, where do you want to go?" I asked.

"umm, how about Chocolate bar albedi3..?" She said.

"Mmm, yeah cool, okay, what time?" I said.

"shwaya early cos be9eer 7ail za7ma.." She said.

"Okay sure, i'll pick you up around 6?" I said.

"Yeah, 6 is perfect!" She said.

"Okay, see you then." I said, "Ohh waiit, what are you going to wear?" I asked.

"Madri, i was just gonna ask you!" She said.

"Madri, la nekshaakh cos mali khelg ka3ab!" I said.

"Okay, flats all the way, yalla bye love, barou7 i take a shower!" She said.

"Okay, na3eeman mu8aadaman" I said.

"Allah yen3am eb7alich mu8adaman, yalla ciao ciao!" she said and closed the line.

Saturday 22nd of august

While the i-pod was playing on shuffle, and the song "Who knew?" By pink was on, i got out my phone and opened a new text message to send to Yousef.
"Hii babe, i'm going to Choco bar with D @ 6, okay?;p" and i went downstairs to tell mom that i'm going.

As i was walking down the stairs i heard mom and dad talking and laughing.

I entered the living room, they were drinking Tea and watching "Rgaya w Sbeecha" On funoon

"ilsalaaam!" I said as i walked in the living room and went to kiss both mom and dad on their forehead.

"wa3alaykum ilsalam" both said.

"im going with D to chocolate bar, okay?" I said.

"Okay, 7beebtii w salmay 3laiha, mn zeman ma shefnaha." she said.

"Meta betrou7oun?" dad asked.

"at 6" I said.

"Ee zain, embacher, a7san." Dad said.

"ee, gabil il za7ma." I said.

"3afya 3la ebnaytii, deerbalich 3la nafsich, w la tet'hawerain bl sewaga, i know you!" Dad said.

"Enshallah baba." i said and smiled.

I sat with them watching "Rgaya w Sbeecha" until it finished then i went upstairs.

Saturday 22nd of august

I had one new message from Yousef.

"Okay sweetie, have fun, bs ay choco bar?"

"thanks;*, Choco Bar ilbedi3"
I replied.

"Okay, i might pass by after the Gym!" He replied after several minutes.

"Yay, i'll look for you!:$" i replied.

I got up and opened the closet,
i got out my black skinny jeans and a white "Romones" t-shirt and a black vest.

I wore them with black gladiator flats, and i put my hair up in a loose bun.

I looked myself at the mirror and thought i'm good to go.

I applied eyeliner and a little blush and a lipgloss and texted D.


I got my black Miu Miu bag w i put the stuff i need inside it and waited for D to reply.

Saturday 22nd of august

*BEEP* new text message.

"Yes im ready, get your ass here already!" was the message from D.

I laughed as i wore my bag on my shoulder and took a final look at my room before leaving, just making sure i didn't forget something.

I turned off the lights and went downstairs.

I got in my car and started the engine.
I got my I-pod and I-trip out of my bag and plugged it, and turned on the radio.

I let it play on shuffle, as always, and changed the Gear to "R" to get out of the Garage.

Changed the gear to "D" and drove off.

Saturday 22nd of august
My car
@ D's house


i missed call her 3shan she knows im outside.
I was singing along to the song "My heart is in your hands" by Feeling left out when i saw D getting out of their main gate wearing a long black leggings and a long off-white shirt with bright red bag. she looked so cuute with her red bold flats.

she got in the car.
"Hiii!!" she said and gave me a kiss.

"hii, ya 7mara you look so cuute!" I said.

"Thanks my love, yalla emshaay 3shan nou9al gbl ilza7ma!" She said.

I drove off.

Saturday 22nd of august
My car

On our way to ilbedi3.

"Yousef might come to Choco bar!" I said.

"LIAAR!!?" She yelled.

"Wallah he said he might pass by." I said.

"Awwh, that's cool, good thing you wore something black, it's hot on you!" She said.

"Really? thanks!" I said.

"Yeah, ha what are you going to order?" She said.

"I don't know, i'm thinking Pasta in Pink sauce, you?" I said.

"Same! and of course french fries to share!" she said.

"No question about that, shrayich we order one pasta and fries to share? 3shan then we eat dessert!" I suggested.

"yeah, nice idea!" she agreed.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

It was full outside, we put our name in the waiting list, there two people above our name, but tehy both were a party of 4.

We stood near tumbleweed and the flower store waiting for our table.

We were standing and talking, when i noticed 2 guys sitting in one of the tables, they were staring a lot, it was a bit iritatting.
Ii felt like there was something wrong with how i looked or something was on my face.

"Waii3, could they stop staring!" I whispered.

"ee 7daa!" She whispered back.

We appraoched the guy taking the list to ask him if we're close to getting our table after seeing two groups leaving.

He lead us to our tabel, to our luck it was next to those 2 creepy staring guys.
Even though one of the guys was So attractive, he was tanned, and has thick eyebrows and a piercing eyes, WOW, but who am i kidding? I've got Yousef, i thought.

We got seated, and the waiter brought us the menu.

"We're ready to order!" I said before she hands me the menu.

"Okay ma'am." she said as she got out her small notepad and pen.

"I'll have one french fries, and one pink pasta, please." I said.

"Okay, that's it?" She said.

"Yeah, oh and 2 diet coke please." I said.

"NO NO! only one Diet coke, i'll have sprite" D said.

"Okay ma'am." She laughed and went inside.

"Sprite? really?" I said.

"Yeah, im trying to cut down on coke!" She said.

"Haha, since when?" I asked.

"Since a week ago." She said.

"OMG! you mean you didnt drink coke for a whole week? how can you survive?" I said.

"I'm struggling, but it's going good for me so far." she said.

"Oh wow, that's impressive." I said.

I was facing those 2 guys' table, while D gave them her back.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

*BEEP* New text message recieved.

"Ha 7ubii, shloun Choco bar? ;D" From yousef.

"Zain, where r u?" I replied.

"Was that yousef?" D asked.

"Yeah." I said and smiled.

The guy behind D thought i was smiling to him, he smiled back. ugh!!

I lowered my head shwaya and whispered "D, the guy behind you is getting on my nerves!"

"Laish, what is he doing? and which one exactly? the attractive one?" She asked.

"No, the other guy, with the dark green shirt." I said.

"Oh, wai3..shyabiii!" She said.

"I don't know, i was smiling at you, and he thought i was smiling at him!" I said.

"Ohh, shoot! al7een be7anich!" She said.

"7da!" I said.

"The other guy with him is not staring wayed 9aa7?" she asked.

"Eee, he's barely staring at anyone a9lan." I said.

"I liked him." she said.

I giggled.

*BEEP* *BEEP* two new text messages.

Why two? i wondered.

I checked the first one, it was from Yousef.

"I'm on my way to choco bar, tawni 6ali3 mn il Gym."

"I can't wait to see you!" I replied.

I opened the other new message and it was from KHALID!

"SHIT!" I said.

"Shfeech!!!?" D yelled.

"It's Khalid." I said.

"Waiina?" she asked.

"He texted me saying looking good tonight!" I said and shrugged.

"Ew, omg waiinaa!!" She said.

"I don't know, tra i don't know his face 3adil!" I said.

"OMG, could he be the creepy staring guy?" she said.

"NO NO! i don't think so. he wasn't that white." I said.

"But it might be him, cos he's staring way too much." She said.

"Ew, bs i doubt that's him, sh'hal 7ath!! you know Yousef is on his way here?!" I said.

"OMG!! what are you going to do?" She said.

"I don't know, and thanks, you're making me feel a lot better!" I snapped.

"Chillaax, sweetie, shbe9eer ya3ni?" She said.

"I don't know, bs Khalid knows about Yousef, and Yousef doesn't know about Khalid!" I said.

"Oh shit, and does he know how he looks?" She asked.

"I don't know, im hoping he doesnt, or i'll be dead meat today!" I said.

I ingored his message obviously, and made myself as if i didn't recieved any message from him, and tried not to look around too much.

Saturday 22nd of august
Chocolate Bar

We were eating our pasta and the french fries.

*BEEP* new text message recieved, it was from Yousef.

"I just parked,i'll be in your sight soon! ;)"

OOPS! :')

- S™


7aLeeB KaKaW said...

FIRST.. !! brb baroo7 agra ;P !

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

uuurrrggghhhh KILISH mo wagtaa.. ;s !!! allah yaster.. ;s

btw ishtahaait choco bar.. :P !!

Cuteness said...

Offfff 7ada mo wagta maskeena !! Oo 7aleeb kakaw bassich chocolate bar ;))))

Anonymous said...

OMGGGGG:D I LOVE YOUR BLOG! seriously! This is the only story that i read and i get so anxious for the next part! I'm loving this!:*

lost-in-love said...

now im craving pink pasta;p

loved the part!

dreamGIRL said...

7aleeb kakaw: 7da mu wagta!;/ haha;p

Cuteness: ee allah kareem;p

Anonymous: Thanks, im honored! :D kilich thouq. ;*

Lost-in-love: Haha;P

Silhouette Crime said...

omg omg i sense drama coming up

ntraya ilnew post hurry up

Limited said...

i wanna go to chocolate bar!! ybaly ayeekm el kwait =P

Y said...

Nnnnooooooo!! Damn I'm so into it right now, i need to know what happens, I NEED TO KNOW!
p.s.: I don't have a blogspot account but i keep coming here to read every one of youre posts and im a big time follower of this story. The most interesting part? Im not even arab or anything. I understand enough to get me through tho (thanks to my many arab friends) :P haha! Keep it up, ur doing great!

dreamGIRL said...

Silhouette Crime: haha you jsut gotta wait and see! ;D

Limited: haha, shfeekum kelkum taboun choco bar!:P

Y: Awwh, thank you, i'm soo glad, well good to know, now i'll use more english and less arabic, just for you.. ;)! & thank you!:)

Fourty-Seven said...

OMG!!! La7tha la7th i just read the WHOLE thing and to say I'mm hooked is an under statement umbaay! I LOVE IT! Yaaalllllaaa!! next post! i hate khaled btw bas i feel like she's gonna fall for him make him a hottie 3ashan more interesting!! Fahad is weird sweet bas weird madree laish! yeah so make khaled a hottie please?
Lots a' love

dreamGIRL said...

Fourty-seven: Thanks, haha, who's fahad?

SayOriii ~ said...

oops! ;S
7ada ra7 yefham ghaka66..! ;S
allah yastirrrrr..

Loves deemah 7arammm.. :P;*

SayOriii ~ said...

74 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ;p khala6tay bain 2 stories :P
hathe deemah and Yousif;* .. Hatheek Fahad and Nouf :P ..

take 5 mins. break between reading :P .. it works for me! ;p;*

Anonymous said...

OMG .... ambay ambay ambay !!!
shino ra7 y9eeeeer ... allah yastir ... inshalla bs hatha 5alid ma yisawy shay maynooon !!!

yallla next post plz ;)
im sooooooooooo addicted ;D