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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Part Thirty;; "You never will!"

Friday 21th of august

"Are you awake?" Was the new text messaeg i recieved. it was from YOUSEF!!

"Yes, i am!" I replied.

10 minutes later.

*RING RING* Soulmate calling.

I had this weird feeling. my heart started beating too fast.

I picked up.

"Aloo" I said with a shakey voice.

"Aloo.." he said with this sad tone.

then it was quiet for a while. I can hear him breathing at the other end.

"Yousef?" I said.

"3younaah.." He said.

"Teslam 3younik, shfeek sakit?" I said.

"Madri shagoul..." He said.

"well you did call, so lazem fee shay you need to talk to me about.." I said with the shakey voice, still.

"Ya3ni may9eer i called just to hear your voice?" He said.

"Emballah.." I whispered.

"Shlounich?" he said.

"Zaina, you?" I said.

"Zain damich zaina.." He said.

"Yousef, can we talk about yesterday?" I said. "Can i clear things up?" I said.

"No need, i was just upset that you didn't tell me you were talking on the phone w emsakba feeni on msn." He said.

"Let me make it clear for you.." I said. "I was --" I stopedd.

"Khala9 Dayouma, ensay ilsalfa." He interrupted me.

UGH!! i wanted to tell him about Khalid! but now i hesitated.

"Okay, 3la ra7tik." I said.

"Wain re7tay ilyoum?" He asked.

"I went ilba7ar at around 7AM" I said.

"Na3am?" He said. "LAISH!?" He half yelled.

"Because i was upset, and i needed the fresh air." I said.

"Upset? mn salfat ams?" He said.

"EE akeed, w a9lan mu nayma ana mn ams!" I said.

"Olaaa, dayoum mu chethyy 3ad." He said.

"Shasawii, you signed off msn, and you switched your phone off, what was i suppose to do?" I said.

"Sweetie, every couple goes through these stuff, you need to lighten up shwaya.." He said.

"Ya3ni you're saying i over reacted?" I said.

"A little bit.." He laughed.

"It's not funny.." I said.

"I'm sorry, bs wallah sweetie makan la da3i chethy, chan nemtay!" He said.

"I couldn't! i actually thought i lost you there for a second, which was terrifying!" I said. i felt my heart stopped when i said those words.

"ola ola,ba3ad galbi entay, you never will! atleast mu eb hal sehoula, ga3id 3la galbich." He said.

"Hehe,eg3ad w teraba3 b3d. & I'm sorry i didnt tell you i was talking on the phone." I said.

"It's okay.." He said.

"I love you.." I said.

"I love you more." He said.

"HAH! you wish." I said.

"I do, and that's final, yalla rou7ay khemday" He said.

"Inshallah, 3ad im so tired." I said.

"Salamtich mn ilta3ab, yalla galbi 3afya 3al sha6ra rou7ay namay erta7ay." He said.

"Okay, good night." I said.

"Good night." He said.

"Bye.." I said and closed the phone.

I felt this huge wieght was lefted off of my chest.
I finally could breathe easily without choking with every breath of air i inhale.

I went to the bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth and changed into my PJ.

I jumped into my bed like i was a little kid who just came from the playground.

Just as soon as i layed my head on the pillow.

*BEEEP* new message recieved.

I opened it and it was from Yousef. "I love you ya a7la ma fii ilkoon!:*"

I blushed as if he was infront of me and said those warm hearting words.

I replied with "But never as much as i love you.."

I turned of my nightlight and closed my eyes.

about 10 minutes later.

I got up from my phone vibrating notifying me with a new text message.

I opened it and with one eye reading the message

"Wainich mu embayna?"

It was from none other that Khaled.
Just my luck!! uff.

I slipped my phone back under my pillow and shut my eyes to finally go to sleep!

Saturday 22nd of august

I woke up and pulled my phone from under the pillow to see 4 new text messages
2 from yousef, and 2 from khalid.

I read the first two which were from khalid.
"Shda3wa ma treedeen??"
"Nemtaay? :P"

I ignord and went to read yousef's messages.
"9baa7 ilkhaiiir;*"
"Olaa, lail7een nayma? gelna namay bs mu chethyy! shalakhtay ilmukhaadaa teshilikh!:P"

I gigled, and replied with
"hehe, shasawii youm kamil mu nayma.. :$ 3alay bil3afyaa(A)!" i sent it and got up to wash my face and brush my teeth and pee.

I was in the bathroom when i heart my phone rings.

I ran out of the bathroom and it was Khalid.
ugh, shyabi, i was running for...well nothing!
I pressed on Mute and went back to the bathroom.

- S™


Cuteness said...

abaaaaai 7ada eshyabi....lazga!! Oooo yousef eshaweg :)))

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

awaal shaay its part thirty mo thirteen..:P hehehe

thanii shaaay...5alid ab6igaaaaaa...:@ !!! 3adii!??!

Silhouette Crime said...

3rd better than fourth!!

im going to read it now ;**

Silhouette Crime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Silhouette Crime said...

a7s i wanna kill khaled wayed RAZZA


Missy said...

get a prog called black list :P

Music, Happiness, Love said...

aww khaled cutiee!

Anonymous said...

oooo!!! tell me more about this program?!?!?!

I NEED ONE!!! lol:P

love ;** said...

wai3 wai3 ishyaby khalid, he is man shloun he does this I mean its clear she doesnt want him! I hate him!!

Love your writing by the way, I am beyond hooked ;)

mooooree pleaaaaase (o and is it too selfish if I asked for longer posts ;p)

Limited said...

ya7laaila yousef!! thats so sweet of him! nice way to make up ..


sayOrii said...

Nooooo ;( Very short part Bella :( ma eser :(..
anyway Nice part ;* ..
Can't wait for Some drama to happen :P

dreamGIRL said...

Cuteness: hehe, i know!:P

7aleeb KaKaw: hehe, thank you, i corrected it ;p 6egii, ekhthay ra7tich, etha tbeen asa3dich! ;)

Silhouette Crime: haha;p ee 7da razza,uff, soo clingy.

Missy: haha;p

M, H ,L: hehe, yeah he is!

Love;**: Yeah, enrafiz! hehe thank you, im glad you are!:P inshallah i promise next part is going to be a longer part. :)

Limited: Yeah, he's amazing!:)

SayOrii: Sorry, i didnt want to keep you guys waiting so i posted the part quickly, didnt have time to write a longer one, bs enshallah next part will be long enough to please all of you! (:

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i gave u the butterfly award ;)

Music, Happiness, Love said...

btw in my earlier comment i meant yousef;p i dont knw shakoo khaled;p