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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part TwentyNine;; "I'm officially missing you.."


No more breaks inshallah, not anytime soon atleast!!

missed every single one of you! :**

Friday 21th of august

My bedroom


I've tried calling Yousef countless times, his phone was switched off. and he signed out of Msn, how can i reach him? :S

I need to explain to him!!
I didn't tell him about Khaled, shit i'm in trouble, i thought.

My mind was too tired to function, and to think of a way..

I thought i should sleep and things will sort out tomorrow.

Friday 21th of august
My bedroom

Several Hours passed and i still can't sleep..

i made an attempt to count till i fall asleep; i failed.

I was still staring at the cieling of my room.
and all i could think about is "Shda3wa Yousef chethi 3a9aab!" i just dont get it.
What if someone just happen to call when you called? ever think about that before turning away from me?
I wanted to punch someone so bad....someone like KHALED!!

Friday 21th of august
My bedroom

Suddenly, i saw the sun shine creeping from my window.
And i was still in the same position, with my I-pod turned on shuffle.
I did not move.

I looked at the time, i still can't sleep, i guess i'm not sleeping today.

I got up, washed my face, put my hair up in a loose bun and got in my black sweatpants and over-sized Oxford jersey and yellow crocs and got into my car.

Friday 21th of august
My car

I plugged in the I-trip and played songs on shuffle.

"Breathe" By Anna Nalick started playing.

I was singing along behind my rayban sunglasses.

The streets were empty.
i got out of Qurtoba and took the firtst U-turn. i'm going to Al-ba7ar.

I was driving 200kl/h in the Gulf road.
There was hardly any cars around me.
I was singing and speeding and i didn't care about anything.

i felt good....for a while.

I parked in the Scientific centre parking lots and got out of my car.
I sat on the rock bench and stared at the sea.
Few people were passing by, but i felt so lonely.
I felt soo tiny infront of the sea.
I took a deep breath and got out my mobile out of my pocket.
No misscalls, no new messages.

I wanted to try and call Yousef but it was too early.
instead i got into my car and decided to eat something.

Friday 21th of august
McDonald's Drive thru

"Good morning, Ma'am." Mcdonald's Salesmen said as soon as i reached the 'order here' window.

"Good morning, Can i have one McMuffin meal please..?" I said.

"Sure, anything else?" He said.

"Oh yeah, the orange juice with extra ice please." I added.

"Sure, that'll be 950fils." he said.

"Okay.." I said and got a 1KD out of my wallet and handed it to him.

"Thank you ma'am" He said and handed me 50 fils change and the receipt

I drove to the next window to get my order.

I took my order and drove off.

I parked in one of the parking lots near the sea and ate my breakfast, peacefully.

Friday 21th of august
On the road

I decided to go back home, i was in the traffic light of Al-mansouriyah and Qadsiyah one.

I dialed in Yousef's number and pressed on call.

"The mobile has been switched off or is out of the coverage area, please try later."

The lights turned green, i put my phone down and drove.
The next traffic light that caught me, i held my phone and thought that i can probably text him and he'll answer me sooner or later.

"Hii Yousef, Don't get mad without knowing what's going on, please, call me asap." I pressed on send and drove home.

Friday 21th of august

Still no sign of any messages, is it me? or is he making it a REALLY BIG deal? :/

I called D.

"D!!!!" I yelled.

"Heyy dayoum!! shfeech!?" she said.

"Long story! i need your help. come over?" I said.

"Okay, give me an hour or two, i'll finish what i'm doing and then i'll come." she said.

"Okay, love you, ciao!" I said and closed the line.

I opened my laptop and signed on msn bu appreared to be "Offline."

5 poeple were online.
None i was interested in talking to.
Instead i opened the internet explorer and opened Youtube page.

I watched random funny vidoes while eating Skittles.
I almost choked on one.

Friday 21th of august

D is finally here and i told her everthing.
still nothing from Yousef.

"Ayshay, shda3wa!" D said.

"I know, ufff!" I said, "ilmushkela he's travelling in 4 days!!! 4 days!! shasawii!!" I yelled.

"Calm down, im pretty sure he'll figure that he's being a drama-king w he'll get over himself!" She said.

"I don't blame him for getting mad, bs atleast give me a chance to explain!" I complained.

"Yeah, he should!" She said.

"CALL HIM!" I jumped.

"what?!" she said.

"CALL HIM, maybe mn your phone he'll pick up?" I said.

"I thought you said his phone was turned off?" She asked.

"Yeah, thats what they tell me when i call him, bs maybe he used the divert calls?" I assumed.

"Maybe, okay i'll call." She said.

I gave her his number and she called. Mobile is switched off.

COME ON!! :/

"You know what, i give up, im not gonna try to call him, im pretty sure he got mor than 10 missU from me!" I said.

"Yeah, i think you shouldn't call anymore, give him time hal dalou3!" She joked.

"Wallah 9ij, narfaznii, ya3ni okay 3a9ib, bs atleast esma3 ilsalfa minni..!" I said.

"EE wallah khala9 entay sawaiitay elly 3laich, lama ohwa he gets over himself ra7 eyee crawling back to you." she said.

"Thanks sweetie!" I said.

"what are bestfriends for?" She said and winked.

"You're the best, wallaah!" I said.

"I try to be!" She joked. "I have to go now, i'll see you later, let me know what happens!" She said.
I walked her to the door, and she blew a kiss at me on her way to her car.

Friday 21th of august

Sitting in my room, feeling so empty.
there is something missing.
I seriously need to sleep.
I have a huge haedache but i can't shut my eyes without knowing what will happen next..
And i can't waste any time because i have not much time to fix this. and i'm out of chances to do so!

*BEEEP!* New text message.

- S™


Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay!!! a5eeran u posted:D i love the story!!!! umbay hes such a drama queen.. wai3 inarfiz... bs i home the msg is from him.. not 5ALID:S shyabi hal stalker:S??

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i hope its not from khaled;/

yaay welcome back!:*

Anonymous said...

laa la la la laaaa dont end it chithii :(
We missed you ;*!

Anonymous said...

yes yes it cant end... nabe more!

Zaina said...

laaaa its tooo short ;p

welcome back !

sayOrii said...

allah esam7ch! :(
mn 3 ilfayer laima al7en oo ana mu gadra a6la3 mn ilbog..

well, I hate Dema oo Khalid oo haya :P..
Khalid oo haya mala da3e ashra7 laish..
Dema .. ma7ebha cus wayed de3la! + yousif such a great man! 6awfeela! ga3datla 3ala ilwa7da laish? ;@ .. at the end ra7 emeeL uhwa bas bet6eq chabda menha walla ;@ etnaaaaaarfiiiiz..
ya tabche ya za3lana :P ;@

In love with the Blog;**** .. fav.;*(L)

7aLeeB KaKaW said...

awaal shaaaay:
miss ya... :*
thani shaaay:
shd3waa uhwa chthii imsawii drama min walaa shaay.. !!! oo yaaay inshalah a msg mina mo min 5alid !!

Limited said...

allah ysamich after this whole time u leave us with another cliffhanger .. thats just mean!!!!

i want part 30!! pleaaaaaaase? (A)

Virgo said...

wb babe we misssedd you!!!!!;*
and yallaaa nexxxt! cant waaait:D

dreamGIRL said...

Anonymous: Hehe,ee 7da zawadhaa!

M, H, L: You'll see, Thanks;*!

Anonymous: Hehe, new part soon inshallah bs i didnt want to keep you waiting any longer. i missed you too!:*

Anonymous: inshallah! :D

Zaina: hehe, thanks!:P

Sayori: sorry:P Hehe, Deema's not di3la, she's a girl, w she gets emotional. Yousef is a very good guy, bs now zawadhaa.. ;p hehe thaaanks!;* I'm honored!:O

7aleeb kakaw: Thaanks;*! ee i know, guys can be soo complicated!

Limited: hehe sorry:P! but i won't keep you waiting for long! :D

Virgo: Thank you honey! inshallah!;*

sayOrii said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOO, ma zawad'ha ;@ ..
Don't ever talk about Yousif chethyy ! :P
ay rayyaL Kuwaiti ra7
e3assib mn eli sar.. Law ehya mn alawaL gaylat'ha .. a7san! ,she just get into the guilty Spot because of the haiding khalid drama!.. Suchhhhh a giiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrL - well Bella , I agree ;p she's just a normaL girL ;p , I have my Own di3la's time :P-
I'm thinking to get into a fight Vs. Deema to get him;* LOOOOOOOOOOOVES YOUSIF;*
he Loves her to death..
wain fe nas chethy Now? ;S uuuuuuh ;(

yallaaaaaaa Sweetyyyyyy manabyyyyy Breaks ;( .. I want the End ;x

P.S; Fly Kiss to Dana;* Love her;*

Cuteness said...

I love ur story !!!!! Ooo yousef I deema eshawgoon Allah Lai farighom ;p nxt post plz lat6awleen :)))))

dreamGIRL said...

Sayori: haha, don't get in a fight with me!!:P(A) no one can take yousef from moi;)
just wait! and we're not even close to the ending;)!

Cuteness: hehe, awwwh, thank you!:*

Anonymous said...

7addich 7abaitich..
Please Nabee Part 30 bser3a..
Ma Feyye estanna aktar mn haaaik-- Galabt lebnany mn iltashweeq

Silhouette Crime said...

7abaaaaaaaaaaait il yellow crocs!!!!


Anonymous said...

ashkara intay deema?

dreamGIRL said...

Anonymous: Hehe, 7abitich il3afya sweetie;* inshallah!

Silhouette Crime: hehe ;P

Anonymous: yes i did say i'm deema in one of the parts comments, but i also said the story is a bit fabricated/

Anonymous said...

waaay :'$
akhaf he died :o
a7is its chithy :(
Ya3ny, 30th part.. he died lana kan m3a9ib or something.. AAH akhaf
post soon can't wait ;'*


dreamGIRL said...

Lilly: oh no no, don't jump into conclusions! :P :D

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Yalllaa bser3aaa nabi part 30 !!!

Anonymous said...

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