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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Part FortyNine;; "Its an illusion, nothing is real this way."

Sorry for the delay, but i was helping a friend with her booth at an Exibition, so i didn't have time to log on, enjoyy;*!

Oh and sorry guys, this post won't be colorful, i'm sleepy and tired, and you guys already waited for this part, and i dont want to keep you guys any longer;*!

Previously on "Across The Universe":
- Haya is well Haya, she didn't change one bit.
- Yousef and i are officially just 'friends'
- There is definitely something going on between Ghazi & D, and i'm happy for them.
- Fajoura is throwing a DJ party, Me & D are invited!
- Mishary and i had a sweet moment then he went to his room and ditched me for...????


2nd of of September
My bedroom

I woke up to the sound of heavy machinary working.

Ughh, not a good way to start the day.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth.
I got out and changed into a black capri and a yellow spongebob tshirt with my hair up in a messy kuba and left the room.

No one was in the livingroom upstairs.
i was going to press the elevator button when i heard Mishary's voice talking on the phone.
"Khalaa9,i'll see etha fa'9ii ilyoum w a36eech khabar." i heard him say.

Hatha shnu salfeta? I wondered.
I pressed the button and was waiting for the elevator when Mishary left his room and saw me.
I was looking at his room when he opened it so i guess he sensed i heard something, his face expression was metwaheg.

without any word i got into the elevator and went down, i didn't wait for him.
It was so awkward, and i'm still pissed off how he stood me up lastnight.

I got into the dining room and to my luck, no one was on the table, but the breakfast was still there.

I gave the door my back and got seated.

I was puting cheese in a toasted bread when Mishary sneaks up behind me and scares me.

"BOO!" He said and placed his hands on my shoulder from the back.

I wasn't scared, instead i gave him a look and got back to applying cheese on the bread.

"Shfeeech?" He asked.

"Nothing!" I said.
ya3ni you don't realise ena you did something wrong?

"La akeed feech shay!?" He said.

"I said ma feeni shay, khala9!" I said.

"enzain enzain." He said and got seated.

I ate my breakfast silently.
He kept staring.

"La, dayoum, mu 6abee3ya shfeech?!" He said.

"Waaaai!! Mishary, ya3ni ilwa7ed ma yegdar yakil ryoug 3la ra7ta!?" I said and got up to leave the dining room.

"Haa? waiinn waiin ray7a?" He asked.

"My room!" I said and walked to the exit door.

"La7tha la7tha..!" He yelled.
I ignored and left the dining room and went upstairs.

I got into my room and closed the door behind me.

i was so pissed of from Mishary being COLD and careless!

I sat on the bed and switched on my laptop
I turned on some music and suddenly felt like going out.

I got up and opened the closet to look for an outfit to wear.

I didnt reply,i knew it was Mishary.

"Dayoum?" He said and knocked again.

I kept ignoring, he opened the door holding a tray with taosted bread and a glass of milk with tea.

"Shfeech ma tredeen!?" He asked as he saw me standing near my closet.

"sorry, ma sema3t." I said, carelessly.

"Hach, i brought you your breakfast, ma klaiitai shay!" He said and put the tray on the desk.

"Mu you3ana." I said.

"Dayouma, ana swaiit shay?" He said.

"No....nothing." I said.

"3yal shfeech chithi 3lay!?" He said.

"Mafeeeni shay" I said.

I was responding in a very dry esloub, i was as gold as he was.

"DAYOUM gouleelii shfeeech la a9ekich kaaf al7een!!?" He snapped.

My eyes popped out.
"Na3am?" I said.

"Sem3ateenii!" He said.

"Ma tegdar etmid eedik 3lay!" I said.

"Laa agdaar!! gouleeli shfeech ya bnaya!" He said.

"Yesterday!? doesn't it ring a bell?" I said.

"Yesterday?? shnuuu?" He said, innocently.

"MISHARYY! you said you were going to get a movie and you never came back!! i was waiting!" I said.

"Really you waited? I didn't think it was that important, ena bs chithi!" He said. "B3dain knt akalim 9a7bii jassoum, 9ayra salfa 6weela w i was helping him." He said.

"Laaa?? ok." I said.

"Shnuu!?" He asked.

"Nothing, please leave me alone!" I said.

"Mabi." He said and closed the door and sat on my bed.

I looked at him, shyaabiii?!

"Ok." I said and turned to the closet to look for the outfit to wear.

"Wain betrou7een?" He asked.

"Madrii, anywhere!" I said.

"Can i come?" He said.

"No, ma 3endik shiqil ghair enik et2atheeni?" I said.

"7ram 3laich, 3shan salfat ams galabtaii mra wa7da 3lay" He said.

"No." I said.

"Noo? 3la shnu ? shsawaiit ana b3d?" He asked.

"uhh, nothing." I said.

shit, what was i thinking, ya3ni bagoula i heard you talking to a girl..? enzain kaifa let him talk ana shku feeh right? :/

"Haa? goulayy." He insisted.

"La wallah shay." I said. "Bs mu 7elwa ena you ditched me ams." i continued.

"I'm sorry okay? now can i come with you? wedi asoulif weyach." He said.

"Etsoulif? 3an shnu?" I asked. curiously.

"madrii, suwalif 3adiya." He said.

"Hmm, okay, i guess you can come." I said.

"Thanks, now t3alay eklaay your breakfast." He said.

"Okay, thanks" I said.

"Tawech mu you3ana." He said.

"Chub!" I said and ate the breakfast after he left the room.

I was eating my breakfast and listening to music on shuffle while thinking of what Mishary wants to talk about.
for some reason my stomache started hurting, i was getting nervous.

2nd of of September
My bedroom

I wore my white short jeans and my Ralph Lauren blue polo with italy flag.

I was applying a little blush on my cheeks when Mishary knocked on my door.

"Hala..?" I said.

"Badaltay?" He said.

"Ee" I said.

He opened the door.

"Yalla 3yal emshay.." He said.

"Okay dgeega." I said.

"Laish make-up? 7g mnu tetzayenain?" He asked.

"No one, im only putting blusher, thats it!" I said.

I applied lipgloss.

"Bs blusher haa?" He said.

"Mishary, en6erni eb your car plz!" I said.

"Haha, enzain, yalla la et6awleen." He said.

"Okay, kanii now anzil waraak" I said.

I got out my wide hairband and wore it, wore my black gladiator and got out a black LV cross bag and left the room.

I got into Mishary's Silverado and it was quarter to six.

He started the engine and we drove.

"Ha waiin enrou7?" He said.

"I dont know." I said.

"ha? mu entai elly kentai tbeen te6le3een?" He said.

"Ee bs i told you madrii wain, bs wedi a6la3 w aghayer jaw." I said.

"Tabeen enfur bilcar bs ?" He suggested.

"Yeah sure, b3dain enmur Mcdonald's ilba7ar drive thru w nakhithlena dinner." I said.

"Okay." He said.

He turned on his ipod.

The song "Aghla 7abeeba" by Rashed al-majed started playing.

"Allaah!" I said.

"Afa 3laiiich." He said.

We sang along.

"Dayoum..?" He said.

"Halla.." I said.

"Wedii akalmich eb mawthou3." He said.

"What is it?" I said.
I was a little bit scared, i don't know why.

"I used to be with this girl, she loves me, infact she's crazy about me, she's really really crazy.." He said.

"What's the problem? used to be?" I said.

"Yeah, i couldn't handle her! wallah dayoum ma agdar 3laiiiha!" He said.

"Shloun ya3ni?" I asked.
Trying to pretend this all conversation is not bothering me.

"Takhayelay etmur 3nd baitna w etha ma legat sayaartii etdezli msg wain 6ali3? m3a mnu? meta betrd?" He said.

"W that's a problem?" I said.

"Yeah, shnu y3ni teyee baitna? wain ga3deen! maynouna wallah mu 9a7yah, maskena wallah." He said.

"Tra im sorry bs you are being an ass!" I said.

"Laiiish?" He said.

"The girl is obviously inlove with you, laish you broke up with her?? because she's crazy inlove with you?" I asked.

"dayouma, entay mu mestaw3eba shkither she's crazyy" He said.

"Okay, fahemnii shloun!" I said.

"Dayoum, min kither ma et7ebnii wallaah wallaaah et6egnii mrat! w ana ma a7eb amid eedee 3laiiha!" He said

"Haa? et6egik?" I asked.

"EEE takhayelay!" He said.

"Ayshay" I said.

"ee wallah, w mra eb 3ers weld khaltii kan eb 9alat afraa7 Al-Flanii w yat w dagat 3lay etgouli e6la3 bashoufik w ent labes ghetra!! geltlaha ya bnaya ma agdaar kela reyayeel, etgouli e6laa3 aw adesh il9ala!!" He said.

"Wee wee ya 7asretyy!" I said.

He laughed to my respond. "Shfeech chenich mama 3ouda!" He said.

I giggled. "Ambaiih 7ram misharyy" I said.

"Ee agoulich takser kha6rii wallah, ma3ana i like her bs i dont love her, shasawee" He said.

"Bs you said you broke up with her 9a7?" i asked.

"Ee, bs she never gives up, she still calls w et7en wayed, w she stalks me!" He said.

"Yumaa" I said.

"Ee wallah, 7ta lma wdaiitich il6beeb w then baitkum 3shan takhtheen your stuff kanat la7gatni w lma nazaltich ilbaiit dagat 3lai etgouli mnu hathyy!" He said.

"That's creepy." I said.

"Ee wallah, ana il9ara7a ma agdar at7amalha." He said.

"B mishary 7raaam" I said.

"Okay, bs 3al aqal i was honest, ma ga3adt weyaha out of pitty fahamtay? cos i was trying to give her a chance to change, bs she only got crazier." He said.

"Ohh.." I said.

"EE w ehya elly ams dagat, elly geltlik jassom." He said.

"Ohh..!" I said.

"EE, wallah madri shasawee metwaaheg feeha, i don't want to hurt her, w ma abee asaweelaha shay tendaam 3laiih, na mu nafs ilshabaab!" He said.

"Yeah, 7raam." I said.

"Yeah, bs do you have any suggestions?" He said.

"I don't know..i never had a guy crazy enough to hit me!" I said.

"tet6anezain!?" He said.

"No, im serious!" I said.

"Ohh, hmmm.." He said.

The song "Ma wa7ashtik" by a9eel.

"Ma wa7ashtek ya 7beeebiii ba3d hal ghaiiba il6weeelaa" I sang along.

"Legaiit'ha!" He said.

"What..?" I asked.

"Shrayech, you pretend to be my girlfriend for a while, 3la ma tehda ilaaw'9aaa3!" He said.

"Huh..? that's stupid." I said.

"Ha laiiish..?" He asked.

"Because im scared, akhaf etsawee feeni shay." I said.

"Etkhasee, ma etjeesich!" He said.

"Hmm, i dont know.." I said.

"Wallah 7adha a good idea, you'll be doing me a big favor!" He said.

"Umm....okay..?" I said after hesitating.

"YES!! thank you!!" He said.

"Haha." I said.

"I'm glad i told you, knt shway metradid." He said.

"I'm glad i could help." I said.

"W azeedich mn ilshe3er bait, mu mn muwakheethna, ya3ni 7ram akhaleeha tet3alaaq akthar mn chithi w there is no future ahead." He added.

"Ohh, maskeena." I said.

"Yalla lets pretend we're together." He said.

"Okaay? shloun y3nii?" I said.

"7beebtii you3ana?" He asked.

hearing that word tickled my heart.

"Yes 7yatii" I said.

"Shnu tbeen sweetie, amraaii tedalelaay." He said.

I laughed. "She's not here now, ya3ni shdaraahaaa, why should we pretend now?" I said.

"Waiih, kharabteeha khalaa9, ya3ni 3adii 3shan net3awaad, en3eesh iljaw." He said.

"ohh, okayy, elly ent tabeeh ya galbii, shnu meshtehee?" I said.

"3la thouqich, love." He said.

"Mcdonalds?" I said.

"ya 7alaatich w 7alaaat thouqich!" He said.

I blushed, it was real.

I blushed and smiled.

"Hey heyy, la et9adegeen nafsich wayed." He said.

kesar feeni.

"Chub" I said. "Ga3da amashee ilfilm shfeek" I said, aragi3.

"Haha okay." He said.

We got into Mcdonald's drive thru, it was almost 9.

2nd of of September
Mcdonald's drive thru

We approached the 'order here' window.

"Good evening sir." She said.

"Good evening, Can i have one Mc Spicey Meal with extra mayo inside, and i'll have one addition cheese burger sandwich." He said.

"That's it sir?" she asked.

He turned to me, "Shnu tbeen?" He said.

"Umm...Happy meal cheese burger." I said.

"6a3 hathy, laa yuba, aby mcdonalds w b3dain ta6lebeen happy meal? ghal6ana, yalla goulay shnu tbeen?" He said.

"Ummm, Big Mac" I said.

"Ee chtihi" He said and turned to the Mcdonald's employee, "And one Big mac meal....Large size!" He said.

"Okay sir, that'll be 4.400KD" She said.

He paid and we passed that window.

"Ebkaifik large size?" I said.

"Osh malich shiqil." He said.

"Enzaiiiin." I said.

"Ana abyy my girlfriend shwaya et9eer emtabteba!" He said.

"Eskit, la t3eesh ildour wayed!" I said.

"Haha, kaifii!" He said. "Mu entai 7beebtii?" He said.

"No.." I said.

"Haa? Mu bkaiifich, e7na swaiina deal!" He said.

"Enzain." I said.

"3afyah 3la 7beebti illy tesma3 ilkalam." He said.

We appraoched the next window and we took our order and drove home.

We arrived home.

He was holding our orders, he didn't even let me hold the pepsi holder, he said enty 7beebtii w you dont carry anything.
I wish it was all REAL.

I was walking to the elevator.

"hey hey, waiin ray7a?" He said.

"My room?" I said.

"La la t3aalii nakil m3a ba3a'9, tadreen b3d ma tenfeti7 shaheetii ella etha jabal wayhich il7eluu." He said.

"Enshallah." I said and blushed, badly.

"Ya 7laiilich dayoum." He said as we got seated in the dining room.

"6alib a large size meal, and an additional cheese burger? mn 9ijik?" I said.

"Ee 3adii ma feeha shay." He said.

"Olaa wayed!" I said. "Mashallah." I added.

"La mu wayed, ya doub ekafeeni a9lan." He said.

"Waaii, mashallah!" I said and opened Big Mac's box.

"Haha, thekray allah." He said.

"Ha? w ana shgelt?" I said.

"Entai thekray allah w bs!" He said, beginning to enarfeznii.


"Adrii, a6afrech shwaay shfeeech!" he said. "7abeebech, ma amoun?" He said.

"emballah ya 7yatii emtoun!" I said.

"3afyah" He said and winked.

Even though it was all pretend, i was feeling happy...but i know i was lying to myself that i was 'OK' with this whole pretending, cos i know what it leads to, and i dont want to be crushed and turned down by Mishary.
I was pretty sure if we kept this act for a long time, i will fall for him, and fall hard.

"Mishary.." I said.

He was taking a bite out of his Burger.
"3youna..?" He said.

"I dont think we should keep doing this, pretending." I said.

"Besmellah tawna badeen." He said.

"I know, bs i dont, its wierd." I said.

"Why? Do you want me to promise that no one will get hurt?" He said.

"Yes.." I whispered.

"I promise...okay?" He said.

"Okay." I said.

I didn't want to argue more about this.
I finished my dinner.

"don't get up, khaleeni akhali9." He said. "wait for me." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"3shan i walk you to your room, lazem en9eer gentleman 3araftaai?" He said.

"Hehe, okay." I said.

He finished Dinner and walked me to my room.
He gave me a pat on the head before going to his room.
typical Mishary.

Well because they say "Always wear cute pajamas, you never know who you'll meet in your dreams!"

I changed into a cute Pajamas and dozzed of to sleep.

- S™


ShaikhatIlZain said...

Awesome, as usual!

Blue said...

Haha, i like the ending
O his gf ma takser kha6ri..kelish !!

Alvaro said...

I LOVE THE EVENT..! Keep writiiiiing

Love At First Sight said...

AAAAAHHHH FINALLY!!!!!! YOU POSTED!!!!! :D I have IMPATIENTLY waiting for it! :P

So ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou&THANKYOU!!!

Please post soon ... thanks ;)


Love At First Sight said...


Anonymous said...

heyy thanks for posting.. finaally:O... bas madri 7asait the whole pretending thing ghala6.. ya3ni ehya et7ib misharii.. etha et7iba she wouldn't do this.. ya3ni mafrouthh etkouun thigeela w matsawey this 7arakat.. low ana minha i would say.. 9are7ha w goulhha the truth cause lies maku things worse.. w ana mu this type of girl i pretend eni a7ib wa7id 3shan he breaks up with his girl friend.. sorry bas ana kelish ma3jibatni il7araka.. madri bas thats my opinion... w ana 7adi i love your story(:... NEXT POST PLZZ..
- Sh;*

Anonymous said...

3ashaw! Loved it a7la part bil qi9a!!!!!

Cupid ;* said...

hahaha well I hope she sees Mishary at her dreams that's for sure:p

Anonymous said...

im loving where this is going 7adi hooooked!!

keep up the amazing events

no offence bas gabil u kinda lost the it factor bas ur back oo hard!!

Anonymous said...

yalllllllllla mita next post

Anonymous said...

waiii3 mishary's GF et8ith w et'9a7ek;p 7aram kisar kha6ry;(
I like the pretending thingie w enshallah it turns into a real
relationship not pretending;s
Next post please;*

Anonymous said...
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shamayel said...

ok his ex-gf is really freaky :S she needs therapy!!!
looking 4wrd to the next part <3

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! and i'm loving the last parts,,
i keep refreshing your page every other hour haha <3

Anonymous said...

Bella where are you? we miss you:* Min ziman ma pawastay;p

Anonymous said...

Nice post =)
but Dayoums step of pretending is a bit wrong
what if her uncle or waleed heard them, what is going to be their reaction
Things need to be adjusted a bit
loved ur idea and way of writing
it all reveals ur inner personaity
Dayoums style is very nice and classy =D
waiting for ur next post

Anonymous said...

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