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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part FiftyOne;; "Untitled."


Previously on "Across The Universe":

- I had a very romantic yet weird dream about Mishary.
- Waleedan, Mishary, and i were gonna go out, but it was postponed.
- Yousef is getting sick of ilghurba and wants to come back to Kuwait.
- Uncle Khaled is travelling to Dubai for a few days.
- I felt dizzy and my broken arms hurted me from the pillow fight i had with Mishary.
- Haya left several messages on msn, she wanted something.
- Someone was calling me.


3rd of September

"Aloo..?" I picked the phone.
It was an unknown caller.

"Aloo hala dayouma!" Haya said.

"Ohh, haya, hii!" I said.

"Shlounich?" She said.

"Tmam, you shlounich?" I said.

"Zaina, shfeech ma tredeen 3lay bilmsn?" She said. "Mnu sa3ed il7ath illy shaqil balich w shaqlich 3anii?" She continued.

Ugh, please dont start! i thought.

"No one, knt 7a6a away a9lan w ga3da bil9ala." I said. "Who's number is this?" I asked.

"Ohh, that's my new number, i thought i sent it to you in a message!" She said.

"Ohh, cool!" I said.

"Yeah, so how are things with you and Yousef?" She said.

"Come on Haya, are you really going to start this again?" I said.

"Start what?! it was a simple question." She said.

"No, we both know it wasnt just a simple question, me and Yousef are over, khalaaaa9 leave me alone, stop meddling in my life!" I said.

"I never meddled!" she said.

"Yeah right!" I said.

"Because i care, and ask about you and your life 9ert meddling?" She said.

"It's more than that hayoo!" I said.

"What's more dayouma!? laish you hold grudges!?" she said.

"I dont hold grudges, bs you're doing it again now! y3ni why are you asking about Yousef when you know we are no longer together!?" I snapped.

"Haw? I only asked to know are you guys still friends or no, i just wanted to know how you guys ended it, on good terms or not!" She explained.

"I don't think that's relevant to you, you dont need to know that." I said.

"Okay, sorryy i asked." She said. "I just called to say hi and know hwo you're feeling after the accident and your parents going away, and how are you handeling things." She said.

I felt shwaya bad, but it's HAYA!

"Okay, thanks for checking, im doing fine il7emdellah." I said.

"Il7emdellah, you know if you need anything you know where to find me.." She said.

"Thanks, ma tga9reen." I said.

"Akalmich later, take care!" She said.

We ended the phonecall.

I left my room and went to the living room upstaiirs.

No one was in the house, i was home alone.
I felt hungry and went downstairs to the kitchen to eat something.

I walked into the kitchen, i opened the fridge and took out Kraft cheese and fresh tomatoes.
I decided to make tomato cheese sandwich.

I was applying cheese on the sandwich when i heard a door shut.

"Misharyyy?" I yelled.
"Waleeedan?" I yelled again, There was no answer.

I got scared.
My phone was upstairs, i couldn't call any of them, and i dont memorize their number, so i cant call them from the house phone.

I was scared to leave the kitchen.
I finished making my tomato cheese sandwich and sat on the chair and ate it, in the kitchen with chocolate milk to drink.

I finished my sandwich and my chocolate milk, cleaned after me, and stood there in near the kitchen door.
I was scared.

"Misharyy?? Waleeeeeedaaan?? Janouyaa?? anyone there?" I yelled.

Still, no answer.
I didnt hearthe elevator working.
but i was pretty sure someone entered the house.
That means who ever is in the house with me....might be downstairs, or he/she/it actually went up the stairs.
'ma3qoula mishary forgot to lock the door behind him?' i thought.

I held a broom from the kitchen and left the kitchen and into the dining room.
I was taking baby steps, to the elevator while holding tight on the broomstick, my hands were sweating a bit, and my lips felt dry.

I was really getting scared, and i felt like i was in some kind of a scary movie.
and i also remembered Mishary's comment on being home alone, that i should go to the supermarket and get me some tuff to do traps.
That might've movies, but reality is so much CRUELER!:P

I held the broomstick very tightly and walked into the two connected rooms, the elevator was there.

"MISHAARYY?" I yelled, my voice was very shakey. i was terrified.

There was a bit of mud scattered near the main house doorway.

I got really scared i walked and sat on one of the connected livingroom couches and picked up the phone, dailed in D's number and waited for an answer.

"Alooo??" D answered.

"D! Le7gaay!!" I said.

"DAYOUM!?" She said.

"Yesss dayoum!" I said.

"Shfeech!?" She said.

"I'm scared, i'm not home alone....i think!" I said.

"Haa? shelsalfa?? i dont understand." She said.

"Well, mishary and waleedan left and im home alone, i was sure they left, w knt bilma6bakh asaweeli a snack to eat wela i hear the door shut. The main door!!" I said.

"OMG SCARY!!" She said.

"I know! shasawee?" I said.

"Hmm, talk to me here 3la ma a7ad eyeee, dam you are safe where you are." She said.

"No D khaayfa, i cant sit like that, i'm holding a broom in my hand!" I said.

She cracked up.

"Whaaat? What's funnyy?" I said.

"HAHA, a broom? mn 9ijich?? Take a weapon!! like a knife since u were in the kitchen!" She said

"Ee wallah, why didn't i take a knife?" I said and laughed.

"cos ghabeya besmellah 3la 3aqlich, rou7aay bring a knife w reday here, khalay ilsama 3shan asma3 etha 9ar feech shay!" She said

"chub ya 7mara la tkhar3eeni mani ray7a!" I said and looking around the room.

"haha, rou7aay shfeech! a broomstcik wont help you with anything!" She said.

"emballah it helps shda3wa!" I said.

"Okay, what is it, steel or wood?" she asked.

"Wood." I said.

"hmm, still, maku fayda, tenkeser!" She said.

"Danoo shasaweeE! hatha illy 6ala3 m3aaii!" I said.

"ghabeyaa, 6oul 3umrech ghabeya!" She said mocking me. "Geltlich go get a knife now, ebser3a!" She said.

"3ad shda3wa i have the strength to stab someone!" I said.

"3adiii mn ilkhar3a you will stab him!" She said.

"no, ya m3awda zain ma i stab myself bilqalaa6, la la khalaaa9 khaleena 3al broomstick a7san" I said.

"HAHA stab yourself, takhayelaaaay!" She laughed.

"D shut up, you're not helping!" Isaid.

"Enzain call Mishary or Waleed or khalich." She said.

"I cant, my phone foug, w i dont memorize their number, w khali emsafer!" I said.

"Wee, wain safar?" She asked.

"Dubai, a business trip!" I said.

"Oh, bilsalama enshallah," She said.

"Allah esalmich, al7een shasawee!?" I said.

"Madrii, u have to wait here till someone gets back mn ilguys!" She said.

"Noo, tawhum 6al3een, they're not coming any time soon!" I said.

"hmm, tbeen ayeech?" She said,

"YESSSSS!" I yelled.

"Okay waiit as2al my mom." She said.

I heard her asking her mom;
D; "Mama can i go to Dayouma's house?"
D's mom; "Sh7agaa..?"
D; "Yuma shnu esh7aga, b3d bazourha ga3da ebrou7ha bilbaiit."
D's mom; "noo maku rou7a, ge3day bilbaiit shwaya, kila hayta!"
D; "Yuma bs now barou7 bait mu 6al3a! 7ram ilbnt brou7ha w daga 3laai."
D's mom; "Gelna laa2 y3nii la22, w salmaai 3laiihaa!"
D; "enshallah, allaah esalmich

"Aloo, ma rethat." D said.

"I know, i heard." I said.

"Sorryy, shasawee.." she said.

"It's okay, ill wait here." I said.
I heard something bilma6baakh yenkeser!

"SHITTT!" I said.

"WHAAT?!" D yelled.

"Did u hear that?" I said.

"Hear what?" She said.

"The sound of something breaking..?" I said.

"No, where!?" She said.

"Bilma6baaakh! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii shasaweeeeeee!" I yelled.
Shway w i piss my pants.

"HAHA, 7yatiiii!! akeed tetwahemain shda3wa something breaks bilma6baakh, you were there." She said, trying t0 calm me down.

"No nooo, i'm positive i heard a voice!" I said.

"Enzain, me and ghazi are getting really close." She said.

"GREAT WY TO CHANGE THE SUBJECT!! reallyyyy how?" I said, trying not to think about the situation i'm in.

"I talk to him constantly on msn, he's 7da gargaa, ye9laa7lii!" She said and giggled.

"Awwh, aham shay ye9la7lii, haha cuuute!" I said.

"Yeah, i like him shwaya.." She said.

"What do u mean shwaya?" I said.

"Ya3ni i like him b3d shnuu la tagfeleen 3laaayyy wala asaker ilphone w akhaleech brou7ich!" She said.

"Chub!" I cried.

"Haha, relax, dont think, just talk!" She said.

"Enshallah, kamlaayyy, you and ghazii" I said.

"Yeah, we became close very soon, he shares same interest and he loves to eat, waaai zouqa!" She said.

"haha, aham shay loves to eat! th3eef il9bay wain ilakil erou7?" I said, saracastically.

"Goulay mashallah, he goes to the gym, bs 9ij mashallaaah yakil wayed." She said.

"Hehe, nice." I said.

"Al7een shbetsaween?" She asked.

"I dont know!" i said.

"Khala9 dayoum khalich ba6ala w 9e3day foug your room w geflay 3laich ilbab!" She said.

"Bsss what if he's in my room?" I asked.

"No, mu ma3qoula, cos you just heard il9out bilma6baakh." she made a point.

"9aa7, khalaaa9 yallaa basaker ilphone w barke'9 foug, to my room." I said.

"Ee yalla 3afya, w call me as soon as you get in your room, okay?" D said.

"Enshallah, yalla bye." I said. "Ed3eeelyy" I closed the phone.

I got up and held the broomstick in my hands very tight and was ready to hit anything that suddenly appears to attack me!

I was shaking, scared and terrifed.
I quickly ran towards the stairs ela this shadey man 6ala3 mn jedaamiii w i yelled and punched his face.
I didn't use the broomstick.
I dont know why, i was scared..

"AHHHHHHHH" I kept yelling when i punched the 'Human Being'

- S™


Wααy .. Ay-Ay said...

Who Was It, Who Was It?;O

Unique said...

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .... plllzzzzzzzzzz KAMLAAAAAY ... I WANA KNOW :((

plz Post ASAP ...

Anonymous said...

ive been a silent reader for a while, but i am in love with ur story. plz la it6awleen 3aleena.. it was an amazing post!

Anonymous said...

postaay plz ASAP!!! walla mndamjeen ;p

Anonymous said...

when r u going to post the looooooong post:D?????????????

63 said...

I know i never commented bs ana minzmaaan i read ur story but never commented madri laish;p
please post asap;p

Love At First Sight said...


Who is it?! :O

I think Mishary... or Khaled?

Please post ASAP!

Ty :)


Anonymous said...

Hii, shlonich?I'm a slient reader oo I read ur story bas ma kamalt.ha so lma rdait min I'll sifar I continued:p so When are u going to post the next post cuz 7ady can't wait abee a3arif mno?? I think ina mishary oo btw make it the longest post in history 3lashanii (a) plz

yooy said...

i'm a silent reader for a while now. and i am IN LOVE with your story.
wallah you have no idea how much i love your story.

Teenager At Sea said...

Who Was It?! Lol 7sas Home Alone Lma He Screeeems W Runs W Madri Shisawi;P

Miemie said...

hilarious !! laykun Mishary ;p
waiting for the next post ;***

shamayel said...

LOL OMG MNU?!!!! :o

Anonymous said...

looooooooooool when r u going to post the next post cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOL cant wait to find out mno ;p

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it's Mishary!!!
Loved the post.
Can't wait for 52 ;*


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Zarh;* said...

Mno mNoooooo!! tell me tell mee!!

Check my stories please ;*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hii guys, it's me bella!
i'm sooo sorryyy i know it's been a long time, but my email got hacked, the one i use for this blog:S and i cant sign on my blog anymore:(
So i'm doing a new email and i will put the link to my new blog here, plaese tell everyone you know, because i can't reach everyone! :'(

I will make a new email now and a new blog.

Bella-S said...

Hey guys, bella here.

that's my new blog;

Anonymous said...

Embarak 3lich elshahar ;***

W O W !
A M A Z I N G !!

Knt emsafra f twni gret a5r chm posts
9ra7a madry bs a7ss enna al7en 7adda eslobch a7la bel ktaba .. Or elqe99a ga3da t9er a7la ?? I really don't know

Mishary,ghazi and wleedan are CUTE 7bet'hm ..
Wleed 5bry feh 5a6b lish matyeben 6areha klsh 7ram :(
Emmm dano and dayouma ,, ythkroni eb bnten a7ss 7eel layg 3lehm enhm y9eron deema o danu;p
Uncle <3
Haya ****** :@!!
Emmm I think that's all ,,
Thaank u aloooot :D
Love uuu

Anonymous said...


^lol I just had the urge to say that!;p

Followers, Readers..

Bella's email has been hacked, & she created a new blog
Check it out!


Well, as you all know by now, my old blog;

Someone hacked my email and apparently changed the blog's password as well, i cannot sign on it!:(
What did i ever do to that person?! :/

Anyways i created a new one, if you are new to this blog you can go back to my old one frm the link above and read from the beginning.

I'm so sorry guys, i was trying to get back my email, that's why i took long in the post.
But tonight i will add the new part.

I missed you all!

-S™ "

PS: ^ I copied & pasted what's in quotation's from Bella's first post on her new blog.

Bella-S said...

Thaaankss aloot;**!

I feel lost:(!
I can't seem to reach my followers!:/

Anonymous said...

U BETTTER UPDATE HOE :O i miss u btw.

-ur fav cousin lola <3

Bella-S said...

Lola;;**! I miss you more!<3
you idiot, i've made a new blog cos this one got hacked, i cant update her, go to

that's my new blog!
I've been updating there;p

Anonymous said...

loool who could it be?!!!

love your post

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i love the post and your style of writing

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