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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Part ThirtyEight;; "It feels like a hundered years now, still can't believe you're gone."

i know this post was soo late, excuse me, i didnt finish college until this week. my apologies, but no more delays, as now i started my summer holiday! HOORAY! :D

Enjoy this part!
& thanks for waiting;*!


Saturday 26th of August
My bedroom

I logged on my MSN to see if Yousef is online by any chance,
i thought maybe he didn't buy a number from there yet,
but there was no sign of him. i let out a sigh and picked up my phone and called D.

"Heyyyyy loverr!" D said as soon as she picked up.

"Heyy pumpkin!" I said.

"What's up?" She said.

"Nothing much, is it too soon to worry about Yousef?" I said.

"What do you mean..?" she asked.

"I mean, i didnt get a message or a call from him telling me he arrived safely.." I said.

"Awwh, sweetie, it's too soon, dont worry, im sure he's fine, he probably forgot! dont jump into conclusions!" she said.

"You're right, he probably forgot!" I said.

"Yeah, to get your mind off of that, let's go out today..?" She suggested.

"Suure, where?!" I asked.

"I dont know, you pick, do you want to eat? watch movie? shop?" she said.

"Yes!" I said.

"Yes to what?" She asked.

"To all of that, i want to do all of that today!" I said.

"Really??" She asked.

"Yess, really, shop, go watch a movie, and then eat dinner!" I said.

"Sounds like a plan, but how about watching a movie first, then shopping?" She suggested.

"Whichever, i dont care!" I said.

"Great, what movies are out?" She asked.

"I don't know, we'll go and see!" I said.

"Okay, see you in 2 hours?" She said.

"Yeah, let me just ask my mom and then i'll get ready and meet you there." I said.

"No! PICK ME UP, that's the best part of this whole hangout, to drive around together!" she said.

"Alright, i'll text you before i leave my house, laters!" I said and closed the phone.

Saturday 26th of August
My bedroom

I was getting ready to go out with D when i recieved a text message.

I jumped and quickly hurried up to the phone to see the message, i assumed it was from Yousef telling me how he's alright and all, but it was a message from Haya.
I read the message;
"Hey, do you know that Yousef safaar!?"

I ignored her message and went to get out a blouse to wear.
I didnt want to wear a dress, because i thought i should wear something practical, because im going to shop today, and i need to wear pants.

I wore a beige short with a white blouse that has ruffles in the colar area, and a sleevless mustard cardigan with a brown gladiator shoes.
I decided to wear my hair in a slik Ponytail.

I was almost done, so i texted D, "Im on my way, be ready!"

I applied a little blush, eyeliner and mascara, a light pink lipstick and i got my bag and left the house.

Saturday 26th of August
My car
Outside D's house


I was listening to A9eel's song "Bas a7ebik" while waiting for D.

she got out of her house wearing a short black jeans with a cute gray blouse that had 'Ramones' on it.

she got in and we exchanged kisses.

"Bas a7ebik hatha 7athyy illy enketaaab!" She sang suddenly out loud.

"Oh wow!" I said and drove off to the avenues.

We reached the avenues around 1:35PM, we hurried up to the cinema to catch any movie that's about to start.

there was "Tropic thunder" at 2PM which was perfect, we booked two tickets and went to buy us some snacks.

I was trying to decide what to buy when i heard some guy's voice next me.

"Deema?" the mysterious guy said.

I turned to him. "Ohh, ghazii, Hiii." I said.

Ghazi is my second cousin whom i barely see, i cant even remember when was the last time i saw him, hence why he was never brought up in the story.

"Shlounich?? shakhbarich!?" He said with a smile on his face.

"Il7emdellah bkhair, ent shlounik?!" i asked, i smiled back.

"el7emdellah tmam, Shloun khaltii?" he asked.

"tmam, bkhair, allah esalmik, shloun khaltii '9eyaa?" I asked.

"bkhair il7emdellah, ambaiih, menzimaan 3anich, khubri feech akher mara bil shalaiih, bil3eed ilwa6anii, 2 years ago." He said.

"Olaa, you remember, i dont." I said, and giggled.

"Well, somethings are hard to forget, yall ana lzem amshi, ashoufich 3la khaiir yal ga63aa, w salmay 3la khaltii wayed, faman ellaah" he said.

"allah esalmik, you too, m3a ilsalama" I said.

"Somethings are hard to forget? what is that suppose to mean?" I turned to D.

"I think someone has a crush on you!" she said.

"What? no! i dont think so." I said.


"Ghazi, my second cousin." I said.

"How come i dont know he exsisted?" she asked.

"shdaranii, i barely see him" I said.

"Well, he's cute!" she said.

"Yeah, i guess." I said.

"7da cute, how old is he?" she asked.

"He's 24, and stop obsessing over my second cousin." I said.

"okay, chill, yalla order, i finished ordering." She said.

"Okay." I looked at the counter of snacks "hmm, can i have one skittles, one kinder bueno and a diet coke?" I said.

"skittles, kinder and diet coke? seriously? GREAT MIX!" D said saracastically.

"Chub, i want to save some room for dinner later." I said.

"Olaa shda3wa, we will shop first!" She said.

"I know, bs i want to be REALLY hungry and starving for johhny!" I said.

"Bkaifich you decided on johhny?" she said.

"Yes, now shutup and dont argue!" I said.

I paid, and took my snacks, and walked to the theatre.

Saturday 26th of August
The avenues

"Haha, oh my god, the kid's scene was amazing, i peed my pants!" D said, discussing the movie while we were shopping.

I laughed, "7daa, ambaiih!!" I said.
We laughed hysterically in the movie, it was soo hilarious!

We got in Topshop.

"Eeee, i didnt tell you!! Haya texted me today!" I said.

"What? shtabyy?!" D asked.

"She was saying did you know yousef safaar!" I said.

"Is she serious!? ya3ni akeed tadreen, ambaiih maskeena hathy shfeeha!" D said

"shdarani 3anha, i ignored her message!" I said.

"Good!" she said.

"Allaah this dress is amazing!" I said, pointing to a navy dress.

"Ee its cute!" D said.

25 minutes later w let topshop.
I bought 2 dresses, one top, black skinny jeans, and a necklace. and D bought 2 bangals, and one cute flat and a scarf.

Saturday 26th of August
The avenues

We were walking to the car to drop our bags before going to johhny.

I bought lots of things and it was soo exciting!

We dropped the bags in the car and headed to Johhny.

"Ohh im starving!" I said as soon as the waiter left the table after taking our order.

"Akeed! did you see what you ate bil cinema? haha, idiot!" She said.

"OH MY GOD!!" I laughed so hard.

"What?!" D asked.

"I just remembered the movie, haha, it's amazing!" I said.

"7daa, its soo funny!" D said.

The food arrived, we ate everything, literally.
There was no piece of food in any plates!

D got out her phone, "Lets take a picture of those empty plates for my facebook!"

"Facebook?! since when!?" I asked, surprised.

"Since yesterday, haha i cant believe i didn't tell you." She said.

"And why did you suddenly make one?" I asked.

"Well because i was really bored yesterday around 1AM and decided to make one, my cousin kanat et7en 3lay, w i finally gave in, ohh you should definitely make one!" she suggested.

"Laa waiih mali khelg, mara7 ajabla, whats the point?!" I said.

"Good point, bs its really fun, once you have all your friends and checking pictures, ohh and their applications and super!" she said.

"uhh, i dont know, mali khelg." I said and took a sip of my diet coke.

"You will make one sooner or later!" She said.

"I dont think so." I said. "Excuse me, cheque please!" I said.

Saturday 26th of August

"But danoo, he didnt send anything yet!!" I said, worrying sick over Yousef!

"La tkhafeen sweetie, yemkin he was tired, ilghayeb 3ethra ma3ah, dont worry, inshallah he's fine." she said.

"I can't even sleep! Im really worried!" I said.

"Its okay, just watch any movie or Tv show 3la ma etdoukheen, cos this is not helping, dont over think it, khalaa9, hes fine inshallah, stop worrying, its not good for your face!" she said.

"chub!" I said.

"Wallah, you'll get wrinkles soon!" She said.

"heyy! chub! i'll TRY not to worry.." I said "Thank you sweetie, goodnight, love you!" i said.

"Love you too, goodnight" D said and closed the phone.

2 hours of rolling in the bed trying to sleep, i couldnt.
I was constantly thinking about him.

Is he alright?
Why is he taking that long?
Am i worried over nothing?
Or did something actually happen to Yousef?

I'm going insane here!!

- S™


CuteandCuddly said...


welcome back !!!!!!

next please :P

Miemie said...

agree with Cute; but bser3a PLZ

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Starlight<3 said...

Welcome back!

& congratulations on finally starting summer.

We'll be expecting new posts soon :)


Anonymous said...

thank you for finally posting!!:D when is the next post?????? cant wait ;p

Anonymous said...

Allah Wanasa a new post of across the universe! Yalla we want next post ASAP;p And have fun in your summer holiday but please 3awtheena 3an the past days when you didnt post.
Love You;*

Bella-S said...

CuteandCuddly: Thanks, enshallah.

Miemie: hehe, inshallah. :D

Anonymous #1: hehe, okay, the new post will be posted today.

Anonymous #2: Not entirely true, some true events, but its totally fabricated, and it did not happen to me.

Starlight<3: Thank you, thank you!:D

Anonymous #3: No problem, today inshallah! :D

Anonymous #4: hehe, inshallah, i promise i will! :D w thank you sweetie!;*

Cupid ;* said...

walaht 3alaiiiich;** welcome back:* i missed your story so much

Anonymous said...

haa il part wayed row3a!! like OMG
im like a addicted to this story than my grades are falling!! =P just kiddin XD
keep it up girl

from : M!SS FOO3z

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