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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part Fifty;; "I don't want this moment to ever end."

Wow, 50!:P
so yeah sorry, i actually wrote this part yesterday around 2:30AM, but while writing it i fell asleep, so i didnt get to complete it, and now i did, again sorry for the delay.
One more thing, i will no longer use colors for conversations because it's time consuming and sometimes when im done with the coloring at the end, they say some html error.. :/
But if you guys insist on the color let me know 3shan i use it next time,

Previously on "Across the Universe":
- Mishary's ex-Gf is a lunatic who i feel bad for.
- Mishary and i are pretending to be 'lovers'
- I'm not feeling good about this whole pretending.
- Does Mishary even like me?


3rd of September

"Who is it?" I said.

"Mishary." He said.

"Come in." I said.

"Dayouma, yalla basich noum goumay." He said.

"Haa? Shtabii?" I said.

"Aby akalmich eb mawthou3!" He said.

Another mawthou3?
now what?:/

"What mawthou3?" I said.

"Goumay awal ghaslay wayhich w badlay, ana an6erech bilserdaab." He said.

Mishary was serious.

"Inzaiiin." I said and got out of bed.

"An6erich, la t6awleen." He said.

"Ok, bs shme3na bil basement..?" I asked.

"Waiih dayoum, la ta7regeen ilsalfa, i'll wait downstairs." He said and left the room.

I was getting really really curious!

I quickly got into the bathroom and washed up.

Got out changed into a black shorts and a white Gap shirt.
I put my hair up in a messy bun and left the room.

Upstairs was so quiet.
where is everybody?
i wondered.

I got into the elevator and went to the basement.

The elevator door opened and my jaw dropped on the floor!!

"" I said as i left the elevator.

There were roses on the floor and on the pool floating.
And candels and the smell was amazing.

"Do you like it?" Mishary said.

"What is this??" I asked.

"It's for you, do you like it!?" He said.

" this because im your fake girlfriend?" I said, "But that's too much for pretending." I said.

"Who said anything about pretending, awal shay tell me, do you like it?" He said.

"Yes, it's amazing!" I said.

"Good, this is my way of telling you that yesterday what was between us, it wasn't pretending.." He said.

"Uhh..." I was speechless.


"Shh, dont say a word, let me continue.." He said as he places his finger on my lips.


I was freaking out.

"Okay." I whispered.

"I did all of this yesterday when i walked you to your room, this is just my way of telling you that i love you..." He said.

"Are you still pretending??" I said.

"NO! this is all real! I love you, no wait.....AMOUT FEEECH!" He said.

My eyes popped out.
my lips were soo dry and my heart was beating so fast!

"What...?" is all i managed to say.

"Shfeeech?" He said.

"Nothing, it's just....WOW!" I said.

"And i know you have feelings for me.." He said.

"How do you know?" I said.

"From your eyes, the way you look at me." He said.

"uhh.....ARE YOU REALLY MISHARY!?" I said.

"YES, shfeech!!?" He said.

"It's hard to believe that you.....YOU MISHARY is opening up for me, you're expressing your feelings, that never happened before." I said.

"Believe it! It's true, a7ebich w mesti3id asawee elly tabeena to prove it! i think about you like crazy." He said and held my hands.
I felt chills all over my body!

I looked at his hands and mine holding.

"How come you're telling me now!?" I said.

"I've been falling for you ever since we were kids, we used to fight like crazy, but i was doing it only to spend time with you." He said.

"Oh.." I said.

"Dayouma.....wallah a7ebich!" He said, "A7ebich, a7ebich, a7ebich!" He repeated.

I blushed.

"Say something..?" He said.

"Mishary...." I said.


Oh crap!
I was dreaming!!!! :(
Why are dreams soo much better than reality?

I woke up, still feeling a rush from the dream.

"Mnuuuu?" I said in my sleepy voice.

"Ana waleedan!" He said.

"Waleeed! come in!" I said.

"Halla dayouma.." He said as he entered my room.

"Halla feek, wainik ma tbayen?" I said.

"Kanii, bs ams knt m3a 9a7bii tawa rad mn ilsufar w the whole day knt 6ali3 weyaah!" He said.

"awwh, cool, wallah fegadtik" I said.

"7alatich wallah, sh3endich elyoum?" He said.

"Nothing." I said.

"Cool, 3yal ne6laa3?" I said.

"Sure, ma agoul la2!" i said.

"Khala9 elyoum ana weyach, w mnu tbeen ba3ad eyee?" He said.

"Madrii, akeed mishary berez wayha." I said.

"Ee 9aa7, khala9 ana weyach w Mishary." He said.

"Okay, enshallah." I said.

"Ohh ta3alay, ana yay akalmich eb salfaa w nesaiiit!" He said.

I was a bit scared, did mishary tell him ?
Or did he sense something?

"Ay salfa?" I said.

"Entai sajaltay eb jam3a?" He said.
i felt relieved.

"Yeah." I said.

"Ay jam3a...?" He said.

"KU." I said.

"Waiin ay koliya?" He said.

"CBA." I said.

"9ij, w qbalouch?" He asked.

"Ee il7emdellah, ana w my bestfriend danoo!" I said.

"Cool, wallah ana ams faj2a refeejii ga3d egouli 3an iljam3a, ohwa yadres bara, fa fakart feech, gelt wain qademat w chithi, fa gelt as2al 3shan etha mu emqadmaa ebser3a cos soon esakroun iltasjeel w 3ad lazem tan6ereen ilcourse ilyay." He said.

"hehe, ee la qadamt il7emdellah." I said.

"Emwafeqa enshallah, khala9 yalla ashoufich later 3shan ne6la3, w sorry ga3adtich." He said.

"La 3adii it's no problem, ana already bagoum." I lied.

"Okay, yalla see you later." He said w he left the room and shut the door behind him.

I layed my head back on the pillow.
I totally forgot about uni, and not that it's getting close, im getting nervous shwaya.
I stayed on my bed thinking of what to wear lma a6la3 with waleedan and mishary because i couldn't go back to sleep.

I opened my laptop and signed on msn.
Yousef was on.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Hiiii! miss u!!:*

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Hii, i miss you too.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Waiinch ma tbayneen?

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Mawjouda, bs madri, i dont like msn that much.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Afaa, enzain 3al aqal dezay msg se2lay 3anii eb ghurbetii ma7aad daraa 3anii:(!

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Sorrryy wallah, How is uni?

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
its alright, bss waii3 dayoum wallah mu gader 3al ghurba!:/

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Awwh, whyy?

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Madrii wallah 7dii mu mertaa7, m3ana rab3ii m3ay, bs ham madrii a7es aby arid ilq8, 7ta ams kalamt omi ena bas7ab awraagii mn iljam3a w ared ilkuwaiit.

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Yousef, you just started, give yourself some time to adopt.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Madrii dayouma, wallah a7es bs maqmout, abii arid wallah, nafseeti ta3bana.

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
sweetie, madri shagoulik bs la testaa3yel, give yourself a time.

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Madri wallah kelish mu mertaa7, ga3ed a7awel age9 3la 3umrii,bs i cant anymore! ams lma kalamt omi te'9ayegat shway cos ehya kanat mu rathya mn ilasas ena adres bara bs 7naiit 3laiiha w frait raas'ha, w now arid, kelish my 7elwa, bs wallah dayoum 9ij 9ij ta3ban!

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
I really dont know what to say, w etha rdaiit betdish KU?

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
EE ya KU or GUST yemkin, bs elmuhim bil deera!

D [77;*] ... Mu Gader Atkhayal Hal Denya Mn Dounak! says:
Ohh, i dont know, i hope you pick the right choice!

YMK -- ABY ARID ILQ8:( says:
Thank you. ;*

kesar kha6rii shwaya..
We ended the convo and i changed my status to "Away" and left the laptop on my bed and went to the living room upstairs.

I was sitting watching T.v when i saw Khali getting out of his room with a suitcase and a small travelling bag.

"Khalii, betsafer?" I said.

"Ee wallah ya bnaytii i have to go to dubai, it's a business trip, bs enshallah mani em6awel, 4 days bilkitheer." He said.

"Oh, okay, allah ya36eek il3afyah khalii, w tred bilsalama inshallah." I said and kissed his cheeks and hugged him before he leaves.

"Take care bnaytii okay." He said and gave me an envelope.

"What's that?" I said.

"It's money, for you, if you need anything." He said.

"No..khalii i cant accept this." I said.

"Yalla 3ad, you're gonna take it, and you'll use it, w 7ta law rdaiit w you didnt use them, they're yours." He said.

"Thanks alot khali." I said and kissed his forehead.

"Yalla 7beebti, estawda3taki lillah althi la ta'9ee3 wada3ehu." He said and got into the elevator.

I left the envelope in my room, in the drawers and went back to the living room.

3rd of September

I heard mishary's room door open, and then close and then i heard his footsteps.

"9baa7 ilkhaiir." He said as he got into the living room.

He looked like a total mess, in cute way.
His shaggy hair was...kesha! which made him look super cute.
And he was wearing a black khaki pants and a gray shirt.

"9baa7 ilnour." I said.

I was trying not to laugh when i first saw him.
all i could think of was the dream i had.

"Shlounich?" He said as he got seated on the couch next to me.

"Zaina you?" I said.

"tmaam." He said.

"Khali besafer now.." I said.

"I know, ams he told me." He said.

"Oh, does that happen alot?" I said.

"What, him travelling? Yeah, lazem atleat once bilshahar esafer." He said.

"Olaa.." I said.

"Yeah, bs 3adi we got used to it." He said.

"W jana wainha?" I said. "Minzeman ma sheft'ha" I continued.

"Nayma eb bait khaltii mn ams." He said.

"Oh okay, ee t3al tra eb ne6la3 elyoum, me you w waleedan." I said.

"Cool, meta?" He said.

"Madri wallah." I said.

"Inzain, waiin benrou7?" He said.

"Ham madrii." I said.

"Haa? 3yal shnu tadreeen!!?" He mocked me.

"Shdaranii, it was waleedan's idea to go out." I said.

"Waiih, etha waleed, ya3ni bewadeena mukan khayes!" He said.

"Laiish?" I said.

"L2ana ma e3aref yekhtar amakin, anyways ana mu akeed ayee, yemkin a6la3 m3a rab3ii." He said.

"Ohh okay." I said.

Waleedan came out of the elevator.

"Dayouma, sorry but can we postpone il6al3a to tomorrow?" He said.

"Uhh, sure, mishary already might not come." I said.

"Okay, good, im so soorryy bs soemthing came up with my friend w i have to help him." He said.

"It's okay." I said.

Waleedan went to his room.

"I'm gonna be home alone!" I said.

"Yeah, it's fun tra!" He said.

"Not really, i get scared, w i imagine things." I said.

"Haha, '9a7akteenii, imagine things?? like what?" He asked.

"Madriii ya3ni 3adii etha eb dark room, i imagine scary faces staring at me!" I said.

He was laughing at me.

"Chub!" I said and poked him.

"Enzain, rou7ai iljam3eya w eshteray aghraath mithil home alone, 3shan you do traps!" He said and laughed.

"Chub It's not funny!" I said.

"Wedi a7e6 camera that follows your move w entai alone, 3shan lma arid ashoufa!" He said.

"Maleee8!!!" I said.

"6ali3 3laich." He said.

He was back to the old Mishary, not the sweet talker that i was out with yesterday, and definitely not the romantic one that i dreamt about.

"I dreamt about you!" I said.
I just wanted to play around with him, i will not tell him what's the dream.

"9ijj..?! Shnuu?!" He said.

"Eee 9ij!" I said.

"Enzain shnu kan il7elm?" He asked.

"I'm not saying!" I said.

"GOULAY!" He said.

"NOPE!" I said.

"YAL MALEE8A!! jad goulay!" He said.

"Mabii!!" I said and smiled.

"Waii3 waii3, yal sakheefa!!" He said.

I laughed.

He took the couch pillow and hit me with it.

"Ayyy!!" I said covering my head.

"A7san!!" He said.

"Ambaiih yahil yahil!?" I said.

"Chubaai!" He said and kept hitting me.

I managed to pull a pillow and hit him.

I gotta admit, it was fun, felt like the old days when we constantly fought.
I was enjoying the fight.

"Bs bss!!" I said placing my hand on my head.

"Shfeech!?" He said.

"I'm feeling dizzy." I said.

"Are you okay? sit down!! i'm soo soorryy nsaiit about the accident!!" He said, his voice was scared.

"It's okay." I said and sat on the couch.

"dayouma, 7acheenii, are you okay?!" He said.

"I'm fine.." I said.

"Tbeen shay? ayeeblich maay something!?" He said.

"No, i'm okay." I said and layed on the couch.

"Khala9 just rest, asif wallah asif!" He said.

"Shfeek khayef!?" I asked.

"Madri ya m3awda khara3teeni, kheft wallah, tra ma 9arlich muda mn ilaccident, w you had a mild concussion ya3ni what i did was wrong!" He said.

"it's okay, i just feel dizzy now, but i'll be fine." I said.

"Akeed?" He said.

"Yes, w my arm is hurting too!" I said.

"9ij?! dayouma, goumay goumaay, awadeech il hospital!" He said.

"La it's okay!" I said.

"La yuba, goumay yalla awadeech ilhospital!" He said.

"Mishary...relax....breathe...i'll be fine." I said.

"Akeed?" He said.

"Yess, stop worrying!" I said.

"Okay." He said. "Khala9 mani 6ali3 ilyoum." He said.

"What? whyy?" I said.

"Bs, akhaaf akhaleech eb rou7ich w entay 3la hal 7ala." He said.

"Shda3waa, ambaiih mishary, im okay, goo!" I said.

"enzain, bs if you need anything CALL me!" He said.

"Enshallah." I said and got up to go to my room.

"Take care!" He said as he walked me to my room and went back to his room.

I sat on the bed.
I looked at the laptop screen, Haya talked to me, she left a few messages.
i read them;

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:
Dayouma wainich??

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:
Shfeech 7agratniii?

Hayouna. [Class Of 'o8;*] Says:
Khala9 3la ra7tich, i'll talk to you later.

What's next?
Akeed she's up to something!
Ya3ni me and Yousef are over, What does she want!!?
She keeps meddling in my life
I'm gonna kick her out of my life, once and for all!

"Ashouf ilnas fi 3younii w mn bedhum ashoufak ghaiiir.."
My phone was ringing..

- S™


Anonymous said...

I loved it:* I have a feeling that waleedan loves Dayoouma;s Wai3 Haya ishtaby;@
Cant wait for the next post.
And its ok if the conversations not colored.

Pearl said...

Haya It77uurrr!!! :@
Iff Shfee umha 7a6a doobha doob Dayoum! urgh!
ilooog dyouma And meshary Get Together.. Bss a7is it would Be too Typical.

Anonymous said...

saway ili eray7ich hun;** aww yousif kisar 5a6ri!!! w soo did mishary bs i still say shed go with yousif they are not meant to be friend they are meant to be lovers!!!

youcompleteme said...

okay I love mishary
and hate haya!!! ;S
and if khalid's back .. I'll kill himmmm cus sej akrahha! ;x

amazing as always!;*

QueenOfMyHood said...

Can't stop reading..

Love At First Sight said...

Great job!!

Next post quick-lay please!!

Thanks ;)...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE ITTTTTT!!!!! ur so amazing i literally laugh out loud on ur funny parts! Ur really good at this keep it up! New post sooooon plzz :D

shamayel said...

AAAAAAH LAA it was just a dream?! lol

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